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Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 4 Days Ago  
2020 K-mount roadmap update
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 51
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The Ultra wide FF prime certainly spikes my interest. Hopefully something like a DFA 18mm f4 (ideally WR).
I'm really craving a compact FF UWA. Tried the Samyang 14 but the one I got (new) was badly decentred and not keen to try again as the supplier was saying they would not replace another, so refunded. Would be great if the new lens was smaller than the Samyang 14 too.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 03-20-2020, 06:29 PM  
Confession game: how many lenses do you have? Why do you keep them? Which was let go?
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 86
Views: 2,875
I'm just listing lenses I'm likely to use here (I have more that I should really sell!)...

My APS-C kit (used when traveling light):
* DA primes: 15, 40 and 70mm (these are generally what I travel with my K-01)
* DA zooms DA 18-135, DA L 55-300
* Sigma 10-20 f3.5

FF Kit (what I use most):
* FA Limiteds: 31, 43 and 77mm (love these and are nearly always in my bag and what I use most)
* DFA 28-105. I like it and often used when traveling relatively light or need WR (bad weather or on beaches etc)
* Sigma 70-300. Cheap, relatively light and decent IQ
* Sigma EX 20mm f1.8. IQ a bit patchy and lens is a bit bigger than I would like but its the only viable rectilinear FF UWA I have.
* Pentax K 17mm f4 Fisheye. Great for a bit fun and smaller enough to often carry
* Tamron SP 500 mirror. Quite often take when I need longer focal lengths as its relatively small and decent quality
* Tamron SP 70-200 f2.8. Good lens but don't often use it, due to size and weight (need to be on a mission)

My biggest hole is FF UWA. Yes I could get the DFA15-30 but I walk a lot with my gear and its just too big / heavy (not to mention expensive) for my use.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 03-11-2020, 01:32 PM  
Using the DFA* 50 f1.4 on the LX
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 19
Views: 990
Thanks for posting - it looks a surprisingly good combo! I particularly like the second and last shots. Certainly benefits from the films properties (not too much contrast / better exposure latitude).

P.S. the corners of the film frame had me doing a double take for a moment (was obviously not vignetting as that would not look like that at f1.4) - LOL.
Forum: Pentax K-1 03-06-2020, 01:01 PM  
Finally!!! Got My New (to me) K1!
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 7
Views: 657
Congratulations! Sounds like you having a ball!

I remember I was thrilled in the same sort ways when I got my K-1 and I still love it. Positive surprises for me (as they were not factoring in my buying decisions) were the great feel of the K-1 in my hands, the tilty screen (fantastic for awkward compositions) and even the GPS (locating where the photo was shot). My only (relatively minor) gripe is that we have yet to see a relatively compact modern Pentax UWA lens option - for me I'm otherwise happy with the FA limiteds (and DFA 28-105 for travel + WR).
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-06-2020, 12:49 PM  
What’s stopped me from getting a K1
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 30
Views: 1,503
Only you can answer if the K-1 is for you or not and it sounds like you have worked it out and looking for some validation?

Your reasoning looks fair but the only thing I would like to comment on is your comment about heft. I went from a K-5 & K-01 (which I still have) to a K-1, and I was pleasantly surprised at how the K-1 feels in my hands. For my hands its pretty much the perfect shaped grip and the weight feels just right (and not heavy like I feared too). Even size is surprisingly close to the K-5 and I don't really nice the difference. The lenses are a factor though, if you buy modern FF lenses they are big (personally I only have the DFA 28-105 which is small enough for me) but if you have (and are happy with) the older glass (FA limiteds are wonderful on the K-1), then its a relatively compact system.
Forum: Pentax K-1 02-25-2020, 12:15 PM  
Sigma Lens 50mm 1.4 DG EX HSM on K-1 - cropped to APS-C
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 12
Views: 678
Personally I just leave my K-1 in FF mode as you can always crop the image later.
Forum: Pentax K-1 02-23-2020, 12:33 PM  
K-1II and the new HD FA 35/2
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 8
Views: 912
I don't have the HD but do have the FA 35 f2. Interesting to read the comments here as I found my FA, after fine tuning AF, to be surprisingly sharp wide open - just the corners a little bit soft (come right at f2.8). Apart from bokeh (in some situations), its nearly a match for my FA 31 I more recently acquired.
Sample variation maybe?
Forum: General Photography 02-23-2020, 12:23 PM  
Not all of us are rich
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 89
Views: 3,290
Couldn't agree more. In any case its the photographer that makes a good photo not the camera gear. I enjoy the photo challenges you see on youtube occasionally where a top notch photographer produces great photos with a rubbish camera.

That said I have a K-1, I'm not a professional and not particularly well off either. In fact I work a second (part time) job, partly for my photography budget. I got into photography many years back with a SLR (Canon AE-1 program from new) and getting back into photography with digital in more recent times, have craved getting back to FF experience again. So after the K-1 was announced I started saving for it. I love the K-1 and have no regrets buying it, but its certainly not the right camera for everyone and in fact, if there is any spare budget, spending it on better glass (doesn't have to be new as there is some amazing old glass too) is probably going to be more beneficial.
Forum: Pentax Camera and Field Accessories 02-22-2020, 03:22 AM  
D-LI90 make date
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 3
Views: 480
If its a genuine Pentax battery there is a date printed on the battery (as year and month e.g. 201912 - which is December 2019).

Not sure about buying new ones but from my experience the battery that comes with your camera is a few months older than the camera.

I don't think you will be able to purchase a battery from a late batch online but you might be able to see the date if buying in a bricks and mortar shop.

That said, if the battery has been stored properly (left charged at say between 40% and 70%), which I imagine Pentax will always do, the aging is a lot slower than in typical use (where they often get charged to 100%). So does not really matter if the new battery is say 6 months old.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-09-2020, 12:35 PM  
Passing of Yvon Bourque
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 77
Views: 5,071
My condolences to the family. I enjoyed the K-5 and K-1 books.
He will be missed.
Forum: General Photography 02-09-2020, 12:32 PM  
Recommended YouTube Channels for Photography
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 20
Views: 1,174
There are quite a few great channels. At the moment I'm particularly enjoying (Thomas Heaton, and I like the look of his photos.
Forum: Pentax K-1 02-09-2020, 12:28 PM  
Pentax K-1 vs Nikon D810 manual focusing test (K-1 wins)
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 11
Views: 973
Thats great to hear.

Focus peaking is a useful feature for sure. This only negative for me is that I'm often shooting wider apertures than f2.8 and personally for me, at f2 or wider I find the focus peaking can hinder determining best focus in LV at 100% (as too wider area looks in focus with focus peaking and becomes more hit and miss). So whether I use it or not depends on lens and scenario.

To my surprise I find the vari-angle LCD on the K-1 really good in real world use (much better than I was expecting) as it really helps with composition when you view the LCD square on.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 02-04-2020, 01:12 PM  
Have you experienced pressure to switch systems?
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 101
Views: 4,732
$350 for a 31 limited - nice!

As I'm not a professional photographer, I have not had any experiences like that but have seen some pretty draconian company "standards" for the photography that make me shake my head. It seems to me that many of such things should be guidelines and not requirements. The requirements should just be on the output ("photo suitable for reproducing X size and distribution in Y format" type thing) as the process is clearly going to depend on the photographer and equipment being used. Personally I don't use my tripod a lot (except in very low light or night shooting of course and occasionally with long focal lengths) but I'm happy with the results so far.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 01-31-2020, 01:32 PM  
What We Want Most
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 17
Views: 913
Yeah I'm pretty lucky, the hobby is well tolerated on the whole. But, of course, I do get the occasional "what?! Another lens? I thought you just got one?".
For some reason its hard to explain that no matter how many lenses you have there is always a need for another.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 01-30-2020, 05:26 PM  
70mm vs 77mm for head shots
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 34
Views: 1,559
I have the SMC DA 70, a FA 77 and Samyang 85mm.

The 77 is fantastic on the K-1 and apart from some purple fringing sometimes has superb IQ (and in particular bokeh). To my eyes I think the 77 does have an edge over the 70 for bokeh rendering.

The 70 I typically use on my K-5 and K-01 as I think in some ways it is a better fit for APS-C than the 77. Its quite a bit smaller, and generally doesn't show CA or fringing issues (which seem to be a bit more noticeable with the 77 on a crop sensor),

If wide open bokeh is not the most important factor to you then probably the DA 70 will be a good fit (and still has very good bokeh anyway). The Samyang 85 is no slouch though, and apart from not having AF, has similar wide open sharpness (but the 70 and 77 are a little bit sharper at f5.6 than the Samyang at f5.6 on my copies).
Forum: Pentax K-1 01-20-2020, 03:34 PM  
What made you decide to purchase the K-1 over the KP?
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 32
Views: 1,905
I got the K-1 primarily because I wanted to use my FA lenses with their native field of view and in any case the KP did not exist yet. The FA limiteds are fantastic on the k-1 and certainly it a big step up from my k-5 and DA limiteds. Personally I have found even the DFA 28-105 is surprisingly good given the sharpness even with 36MP resolution (and plenty of possibility to crop and scale images) - obviously not the best lens for shallow depth of field though. The k-1 also feels the perfect size in my hands
But that all said the k-p looks like a good around compromise and makes for a more compact system. I'm happy with the size of the k-1 but because of the FA limiteds.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 01-16-2020, 12:37 PM  
PC-Nikkor 28mm 3.5 shift lens adapted to k-mount
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 7
Views: 518
Thanks for posting and well done!

I have been very curious about doing similar things as sadly there are not so many choices for wide to ultra wide primes. Sadly I don't have a Lathe though.
The Leitax mount looks interesting too.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 01-12-2020, 06:14 PM  
Asahiflex-Tower w/ Takumar 50mm f3.5 on ebay - plus seek help in submitting reviews
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 7
Views: 566
Wow thats one very cool looking lens!

Unfortunately to use on more modern bodies will need a M37 to M42 adapter which apparently are not so easy to come by (and often lose infinity focus).
But obviously if you are buying a body with it, that is not a problem.

Found a link (translated to english) with some information that may or may not be helpful: Google Translate
Forum: Pentax K-1 01-09-2020, 01:04 PM  
Joining the Ranks
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 6
Views: 547
Enjoy - I don't think you will be disappointed!
I went from a K-5 to a K-1 and it was huge jump in capability for me. As others have said the crop mode of the K-1 has similar performance to the K-5 but to be honest I have not even used my crop mode since my initial tests (most of my lenses were either FF or at least covered more than the APS-C circle - so I just keep the camera in FF and crop later if needed). The only case I would consider using crop mode is when I desperately need a higher frame rate but I have almost never done this).
The biggest surprises for me with getting the K-1 was:
1. The handling of the K-1 - probably depends on your hands but for me it is a perfect fit for my hands. Weight helps me steady it a bit better too.
2. Tilty screen. I'm probably on record on these forums saying that flip / tilt screens are more of a breakage liability. Well I have certainly changed my tune. The K-1 version is very solid and odd angles it can tilt to are surprisingly useful!
3. GPS. I pretty much dismissed this as a feature I don't need but when I'm traveling its been such a great feature to keep a record of where I took the photo! But then your K-3 II already has GPS.

Everything else was as I hoped they would be - although I have not used pixel shift like I thought I would.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 01-06-2020, 01:06 PM  
HD is king
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 34
Views: 1,632
While the lack of 4K video in a camera is not a show stopper for me personally (as I shoot almost 100% still anyway), I have a reasonable sized 4K TV and certainly prefer to watch 4K streamed content (the difference to HD is quite noticeable on the TV). I suspect the only reason people still watch mainly HD is that is typically the default video size for the screen they have - however over time this will likely change as more and more monitors are 4K (which a signficant number of new monitors already are).

I gave up on Tony a while back but by all means watch but please bear in mind this channel is about 75% clickbait and 25% useful content.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 01-05-2020, 03:39 PM  
Lens choices
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 27
Views: 1,234
Well I don't have it but the DA 16-85mm is highly regarded if you are not happy with sharpness of the 18-135. Also a bit wider which is a plus.
Of course the DA 15 is good too if you like primes (I have one in my K-01 kit) and does lovely light stars at night.
Forum: Pentax Forums Giveaways 01-03-2020, 09:12 PM  
PentaxForums 100 Year Giveaway - December/January - Grand Prize Raffle Entry Thread
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 167
Views: 5,718
Yay I'm in!
Thanks for organising these competitions!
Forum: Post Your Photos! 01-03-2020, 09:10 PM  
Nature Deep in thoughts
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 14
Views: 266
Nice composition!
Forum: Post Your Photos! 01-03-2020, 09:10 PM  
Landscape Aurora
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 21
Views: 699
Wow thats a really splendid capture!
Would love to go there some day too. We rarely have any traces of the Aurora in NZ and I have never managed to be in right place at the right time to capture one.

Thanks for sharing.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 01-03-2020, 09:06 PM  
Nature Koala drinks in drought
Posted By kiwi_jono
Replies: 14
Views: 703
Great shot and good hear there are people out there looking after them!
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