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Forum: Photographic Equipment for Sale 07-11-2018, 12:26 PM  
For Sale: Tokina 20-35mm F3.5-4.5
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 12
Views: 945
Have this lens and love it!
Forum: Pentax K-01 07-05-2018, 01:14 PM  
In praise of the K-01 for events
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 15
Views: 1,284
No issues, because an event like this is just people standing around, talking to each other. Simple to prefocus on the eyes, reframe while holding the button half depressed, and then release the shutter when the moment is right.

On the other hand - I took my K-01 to the flying field and was shooting RC aircraft. Oh boy, that was a disaster. With my K5 and an old 400mm AF lens, I get tons of keepers. With the K-01 it was an exercise in masochism - missed focus and shutter lag. The K-01 is not for "things in flight"!

Horses for courses -- one of the reasons Pentax should offer both DSLR and mirrorless cameras.
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 06-09-2018, 08:25 AM  
Ganges at Varanassi
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 44
Views: 620
I would like to nominate this photo
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 06-09-2018, 08:24 AM  
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 21
Views: 285
I would like to nominate this photo
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 06-09-2018, 08:23 AM  
Love in the afternoon
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 18
Views: 305
I would like to nominate this photo
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 06-09-2018, 08:23 AM  
Daughter Blowing Bubbles in the Evening
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 4
Views: 70
I would like to nominate this photo
Forum: Sold Items 04-13-2018, 08:00 AM  
For Sale - Sold: Pentax K-S2 (body only), black, in like new condition with box and second battery
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 0
Views: 331 Marketplace Listing

Item for Sale
Pentax K-S2 (body only), black, in like new condition with box and second battery

Asking Price
380.00 CAD

Item Location
Toronto (Canada)

Item Description
Pentax K-S2 camera (body only) with 2 batteries, charger, strap, manual and original box.

Colour of the camera is black. Shutter count is approximately 3,800 actuations.

The Pentax K-S2 DSLR has:
- weather sealing
- in-body image stabilisation (stabilizes all lenses)
- 20.2 megapixel sensor
- dual control wheels
- flip-out articulated LCD screen
- large, bright optical viewfinder
- built in WiFi
- video and still photos
- uses any of the millions of Pentax lenses

Includes the charger, two batteries, strap and original box.

This is a great camera, in like-new condition. It has been factory serviced to replace the aperture control block.

Are you the original owner of the item being sold?

Are you selling or trading this item?

Item Condition (Key)
Like New

Shipping Destinations
U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia

Shipping Charge
TBD - will advise prior to payment

Shipping Services
Canada Post

Accepted Payment Types

Return Policy & Additional Details
Used - sold as is with no warranty.

Please send me a private message if interested in the item!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 04-13-2018, 05:24 AM  
Pentax R01010 registered
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 94
Views: 9,494
Stop teasing me! It's not nice to make me drool over something that will never come...
Forum: Pentax K-01 04-12-2018, 02:03 PM  
In praise of the K-01 for events
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 15
Views: 1,284
Yesterday I shot a work event, a large group gathering with executives. Typical stuff around here - terrible lighting, lots of faces, and a request for "some good photos" for the newsletter.

Normally I would bring out a DSLR to shoot something like this. But yesterday I thought I would use the K-01. It worked out very well, and I think I will use the K-01 for all such requests in the future.

I configured the camera with a folding external flash bracket, onto which I put a Pentax AF 200FG. The FG is a sturdy, reliable little flash, and I appreciate it's simple exposure compensation dial. Combined with P-TTL shooting, it's a quick and reliable way to use flash. I connected the flash to the camera with an off-brand Pentax P-TTL cable, allowing full P-TTL communication away from the hotshoe. With the flash on the flash bracket, I could shoot both horizontal and vertical framing by flipping the arm up or down. I could also bounce the flash off the ceiling because the P-TTL cable has its own adjustable, lockable head at the flash end, where it mates up between the flash bracket shoe and the bottom of the flash.

I brought a couple of options along for lenses, in case I needed to go wide or to have more reach. But I shot the entire event with the FA 43mm, which provided nice facial closeups and moderate group shots just by zooming with my feet. The 43mm is bright enough to use as an available light lens, but popping the 200FG against the ceiling at -1 exposure gave everything a nice fill and improved the colour of the terrible flourescents.

The camera itself is un-threatening, but combined with the flash bracket it can't be ignored. I don't mind, because subjects who are aware of the camera are often more cooperative in such situations. They quickly learn to ignore it, which is the perfect balance. They pay attention, but don't ham it up.

The best part was never having to wonder about the focus point. Regardless of the care and preparation I make, shooting DSLRs at events like this I find yields about an 80% hit rate on focus. With the K-01 100% of what I shot had the focus where I want. Perhaps it's the way of shooting ... I can see and confirm the focus point on the screen before I release the shutter. Perhaps it's the AF system being able to rely on the contrast on the actual sensor itself. Either way, my results are better, and I am happier. (It could simply be the size of the viewfinder, as I have similar good results shooting with a waist-level finder on medium format cameras.)

Do you use your K-01 to shoot events or anything for other people (clients, portrait subjects, etc)?
Forum: Film Processing, Scanning, and Darkroom 04-07-2018, 02:14 PM  
Colour negative film results
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 29
Views: 1,591
I’ve seen results like this even in the last heyday of film. I had ten rolls from a vacation in Scotland ruined by processing at a Costco, circa 2002. Scanning them myself could do little to rescue the images as they were running exhausted chemistry and the negs were thin and extremely low contrast.

Since then, every important shoot goes to a local lab I trust, who has a reasonable volume of pros, students and dedicated amateurs to maintain top quality. It means paying almost $20 a roll for processing and scanning, but it’s worth it.

Black and white I started developing myself - but color I shoot infrequently and it’s usually important (weddings and portraits) so it goes straight to that lab.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 03-28-2018, 10:17 AM  
K-1 Mark II April 20th 2018 Go On Sale
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 47
Views: 6,830
Pentax has gotten lots of good press for offering the K1 upgrades. Rightly so - it supports existing customers, similar to Fuji's approach in the last five years.

But - it's also a genius move. It will keep a lot of used K1's from hitting the street, and drawing buyers who may otherwise have bought new.

I know I'm getting itchy for a K1 (or K1 II.) Before the upgrade announcement, I imagined I might buy a cheaper used K1 once the new model was for sale. But now ... I will likely look for a new K1 II because there will be fewer good deals on used K1's.
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 03-12-2018, 12:50 PM  
Has your MZ-6 / MZ-L / ZX-L mirror gear failed?
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 27
Views: 2,706
I've since taken a gamble and added an MZ-5n and and MZ-3 to the stable. So far all three cameras are still working well.

But I have ordered some replacement gears from that custom machine shop, just in case I need them one day. Too bad parts from Pentax aren't available.
Forum: General Photography 03-12-2018, 11:41 AM  
Shooting two systems.
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 28
Views: 1,583
I have shot multiple systems as I figured our what I liked. It helped that there were good sources of used gear for cheap (KEH etc.) Plus I like to shoot film as well as digital, which makes some things cheaper.

I've sampled the Contax system; the Fuji X digital system, and Nikon (digital and film.)

If I had my way, I would shoot a Nikon F3 and F100 with Pentax Limited lenses. Unfortunately, I haven't liked the results from adapted lenses (Pentax to Nikon requires a glass-element adapter that robs resolution, and I wasn't a fan of manually focussing my Limiteds on the Fuji XE1.

So I have stayed true to Pentax in large part thanks to the Limited lenses. (The Pentax bodies are good, but not the reason I stay.)

Of course this only applies to miniature formats (35mm and below.) In medium format I'm a Bronica guy!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-13-2018, 01:37 PM  
New 85mm f1.5 announced
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 27
Views: 2,799
Happy to see a new third party lens announced with Pentax K mount.

Of course this lens is a bit of a specialty item, with nosebleed pricing.

Somnium II Presale
Forum: Sold Items 01-19-2018, 12:59 PM  
For Sale - Sold: Tokina 20-35mm 3.5-4.5 K Mount Full Frame
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 5
Views: 502
Great lens, I love mine. Super sharp. I've had this in both Nikon mount (on an F100) and Pentax mount. It waits for it's natural home... on a K-1... one day!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 12-21-2017, 08:29 AM  
K3ii replacement
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 387
Views: 42,431
Mee and Twilhelm, I agree completely.

I'm not surprised by any delay here. Pentax is not a behemoth, with tons of resources to throw at the wall. The K1 is a solid DSLR that should serve well for a large percentage of users who would be in the market for a K3 III+ class APS-C SLR camera.

Pentax must be scratching their head, watching the rest of the world and marketplace shift around them.

High volume consumers are vanishing, increasingly happy with the camera in their iPhone 6/7/8/10 (which frankly are darn good.) Judging by the questions I answer at work (where folks always ask me for camera advice) there is less and less interest in carrying a DSLR system. Many people bought one, and either have no need to upgrade, or they realized they never bring their DSLR anywhere because of size and weight.

Meanwhile, pros and dedicated amateurs are warming to mirrorless, lead there by the pro mirrorless cameras offered by Hasselblad, Fuji and Sony. Pentax is left with SLR-based MF digital and full-frame 35mm digital that suddenly look outdated and clunky.

Yes, there are times you want an optical finder of a DSLR -- birding and high speed sports. But I don't personally know anyone who shoots those, and judging by Flickr the majority of folks shoot landscapes or slow-moving people (portraits.) For this majority, there are real advantages to mirrorless, and the DSLR architecture starts to look clunky and rube-goldbergian.

As a manufacturer (whether it's Pentax or Nikon) you have to look at Sony and Fuji and Hassy and think .... here's a way to make desirable cameras that cost less to engineer, manufacture and support, and/or offer a better profit margin.

If Pentax (and Nikon) aren't having these thoughts, then I worry about them still being here in ten years time.

The move to mirrorless is inevitable. It's like the move from viewfinder/rangefinder cameras to SLR cameras in the 60's. The rational drivers are too strong to resist for most of the market and manufacturers. Those with a valid reason to prefer the older technology will continue to be served, but likely only by one manufacturer who stakes claim to the legacy form. With rangefinders it was Leica. With SLRs ... who knows. But do Pentax or Nikon really want to become even more of a niche brand? Especially as they don't have the Veblen glow of Leica?

Therefore any thought of the Pentax K3 II successor being mirrorless is music to my ears.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 12-15-2017, 08:53 AM  
Tokina ATX Pro 28-70 mm F2.8 Lightroom Profile
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 1
Views: 836
Did you ever find a profile for this lens? I love mine.
Forum: Pentax K-01 12-08-2017, 06:39 AM  
is the pentax k01 still worth buying in 2017 ?
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 42
Views: 4,531
If you need to shoot action, the K-01 is probably not for you. But for my purposes, it's an excellent camera. Far from perfect, but excellent.

I had a K-5 and a K-01, and found myself shooting the K-01 90% of the time. The K-5 only came out when I would shoot aircraft, or I needed a second body. As a result, I sold both and bought a K-S2, thinking it would be the perfect compromise (more modern liveview, with a flippy screen.)

But I am getting less and less happy with DSLR technology. The inherent difficulty in keeping an optical finder / autofocus system aligned with every lens is a continual bugaboo for me, especially with fast lenses and especially with zooms (you can only fine-tune AF for one focal length, so zooms are a compromise on DSLR autofocus.) Mirrorless is not simply the technology of the future, doing away with optical finders and AF "because we can." Mirrorless offers the ability to have PERFECT focus every time, because the focus is being taken right off the imager.

I considered switching completely to a native mirrorless system (Fuji or M4/3.) But I have lots of Pentax lenses I love, and I know how great the results from the K-01 are. So I just ordered another K-01.

For the future, I hope Pentax release a K-02. It needs only three things to succeed: a slightly more traditional look; an eye-level EVF; and a flippy screen on the back.
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 10-17-2017, 06:28 AM  
Has your MZ-6 / MZ-L / ZX-L mirror gear failed?
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 27
Views: 2,706
I decided to take a chance on a ZX-L from KEH. So far so good - no problems. The bottom plate shows 2002, but also shows Asahi Optical Co. so it may or may not have the brass gear.

After having, and selling, an MZ-7, a ZX-5n, and a couple of MZ-S's I missed having a modern / late model autofocus film camera. If the gear problem wasn't so prevalent I probably would have gone for a ZX-5n again.

Fingers crossed on the ZX-L. It handles well (like all of this generation of Pentax) and the ZX-L is loaded up with all the features I need. To my ear, the ZX-L has the best shutter/winder sound of the bunch too. Maybe something about that 1/4000 shutter.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 08-15-2017, 07:13 AM  
Pentax Micro 4/3 cameras.
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 50
Views: 3,887
I never heard that Pentax was involved with the development of 4:3 or the Four Thirds Consortium. Tell me more! Links?
Forum: Pentax K-1 06-28-2017, 02:21 PM  
K-1 switching from DNG to PEF
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 13
Views: 1,638
While I prefer DNG, there is no practical difference between the two. I have factory-reset my cameras and then forgotten to switch to DNG. The PEFs play just as nicely with Lightroom, Apple products, etc.
Forum: Film Processing, Scanning, and Darkroom 05-26-2017, 06:04 AM  
How/where do you get your film developed?
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 12
Views: 1,054
I use a local camera store - Downtown Camera.

Back 10 years ago, they were "just another camera store" with a lab, not really different from Henry's (Canadian chain store) or any Mom and Pop. Toronto had well respected high-volume pro labs that serviced the wedding and professional markets. For snapshots, some people might choose their local camera store but most used the lab at the grocery store, the drug store, or Costco.

Fast forward 10 years, and almost all of the retail snapshot processing is gone, and so have many of the pro labs.

Downtown Camera have done a great job by hanging in there, and filling the gap. As they gathered more and more of the business, they have embraced the role. They promote film, they stock more film and film-based products than ever before, and they have continually improved their lab services.

Even when I process my own black and white, I bring the film to Downtown Camera for scanning. Their high-res scans are great quality, much better than I could do at home. I have a 20 x 30 inch print on my wall from a 645 neg they scanned. The detail goes on forever, I can stand with my nose pressed to the print and it looks great.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 05-15-2017, 01:19 PM  
For each Pentaxian buying K-1 another Nikon/Canon shooter jumped ship to Pentax
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 1,039
Views: 75,443
Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed this conversation.

While some posters have asked, why can't we just celebrate the success of the K1, it was the original poster who opened the door. They celebrated the K1, and then made sideways comments about features/approaches they don't like (video etc.) That opened the door to this conversation, where we could all imagine future models and what we might like to see in them.

Kudos Pentax for making the K1, I will almost certainly buy one. And all the best for the future of Pentax, I hope somewhere in that future there is a solid K-mount MILC with good execution of video and stills :-)
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 05-09-2017, 11:30 AM  
For each Pentaxian buying K-1 another Nikon/Canon shooter jumped ship to Pentax
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 1,039
Views: 75,443
K-01 was hardly a "definitive" test. MILC seems to have a split identity. It can mean:
  • Small! Cute! But still serious enough that you can change the lenses! Let's market this to women! Artsy women! But who still want to put the camera in their purse!

  • Serious MILC for the gadget head. Our customer will love adapting old lenses, will love pretending to have a Leica, will appreciate the technical prowess involved in making our cameras. Our (manly) customer is an iconoclast who will try to prove this camera does everything the Canon 5D MK IX can do!

(Please note: the sexist tone above is SARCASM, though I fear it's real inside of many camera companies.)

I believe Pentax went all-in with the first approach. The Q was the "twee-est" MILC they could make. The K-01 was an attempt to do "fashion forward" within the constraints of an existing mount.

If Pentax gets around to trying to make a MILC for the second market, I think they will do quite well. This is the market where Fuji's top-of-the-line ) and most "traditional") cameras are playing. This is the market where the Sony A7/A9 series is playing. This is where the Olympus EM1 is playing. None of these are "twee" cameras. They are big, they are serious, and -realistically- they could get away with a bigger legacy mount. These customers aren't going to run away from a cool new camera because it adds a few millimetres to the lens throat. They are already putting f/2.8 zooms on, and battery grips. Pentax could easily make a high-end, traditional-feeling MILC with K-Mount that be accepted by these users.

And to answer those who will say "but why bother? It won't be smaller!" I refer you back to my market analysis above. There are good reasons to like mirrorless. I experienced these on the K-01. They include:
  • EXTREMELY accurate focus, because you are focusing on the sensor. All AF alignment issues go away.

  • Easy preview of DOF, filters, processing. I loved shooting on my K-01 with a square crop, black & white mode with red filter.

  • Video. Enough has already been said.

Could a K-2 with HYBRID EVF+OVF do the same? Yes. But I suggest this would be MORE expensive and much riskier R&D than doing a K-02 with an EVF stuffed into the empty reflex hump of a KP or K-1.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 04-25-2017, 08:50 AM  
For each Pentaxian buying K-1 another Nikon/Canon shooter jumped ship to Pentax
Posted By filmamigo
Replies: 1,039
Views: 75,443
To be clear, I am OVER THE MOON HAPPY that the Pentax K-1 is doing well. I own and shoot Pentax, and the K-1 will almost certainly be in my future. Yay Pentax.

But I was happy to offer an alternative perspective to the second half of the OP:
Not wasting effort on gimmicks which only a irrelevant few whine about:
“Video is not our number one priority. In most cases our customers are not primarily shooting video” with their cameras, Eguchi says.
Regarding the Pentax quote: I agree with Pentax. Even I am not primarily shooting video with Pentax or any other camera. My comments are aligned with Pentax's strategy. Pentax does not need to be world-beating in video. They don't have to spend a lot of money chasing video. That would be a fools errand.

But I tire of the argument that including decent video has some big cost attached to it. Pentax (and everybody else) is using commodity parts. Pentax are already writing basic software to control the video included in those commodity parts. My basic ask of Pentax is to make the best choices they can make about the features they offer. (i.e. allowing manual exposure control, which was an early video bugaboo.)

I'd love to know what the cost of enabling video shooting on Pentax cameras has cost, amortized over each camera. Is it $5 per camera? As soon as photography went digital, every camera became a video camera by definition. No one is asking for radical overhauls that would double the production cost of Pentax cameras. Just smart choices in using their preferred hardware, therefore not arbitrarily shutting out people who sometimes need to shoot some video.

And mentioning the video-less Leica is straw man argument. Leica is choosing to offer LESS functionality from commodity parts. That attitude leads to HIGHER costs as you end up with a product that is both more customized and is amortized over a smaller niche audience. It's as silly an argument as saying "I bought a Leica Monochrome camera because I'm tired of paying for all that stupid expensive color photography technology."
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