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Forum: Site Suggestions and Help 12-13-2012, 11:26 PM  
News Politics & Religion Forum Closure
Posted By lithos
Replies: 76
Views: 431,284
Woo hoo! Burn, baby, burn!

I just signed back into post this.
Forum: General Talk 06-12-2012, 05:15 AM  
Apple WWDC 2012 Live – Mountain Lion, Retina Macs, iOS 6 and much more!
Posted By lithos
Replies: 21
Views: 2,600
I am keeping what I've got. And, no, sorry, before anyone asks - me not blindly worshiping this latest fashion accoutrement from Apple does not preclude me from commenting in this thread.

Whoa, did Windows 8 get released yet?

Also, Windows 8 - again, the iGrocers keep forgetting this - is software. I guarantee you someone'll stick an optical drive in there, make it work. Software is infinitely malleable.

The Macbook Pro is hardware. It's case, as was the last will and testament of St. Steve of Cupertino, Patron Saint of Veblen Goods, Hissy Fits and Marketing, is unyielding to such endeavours as mounting an optical drive.
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 06-12-2012, 03:24 AM  
New photography show on ABC-TV (Australia)
Posted By lithos
Replies: 80
Views: 7,540
Mother of Jesus, Buddha and that Andrew G with a Canon 7s and the f0.95 in the main pic?
Forum: General Talk 06-12-2012, 12:44 AM  
So, Michael Jackson totally copied "his" dance moves and attire...
Posted By lithos
Replies: 45
Views: 18,921

You Tube

Forum: General Talk 06-11-2012, 11:41 PM  
Apple WWDC 2012 Live – Mountain Lion, Retina Macs, iOS 6 and much more!
Posted By lithos
Replies: 21
Views: 2,600
Let's see...

No ethernet, no firewire (sorry, audio and video professionals), 'cept via adapter dongles (whoops, some much for the clean design!) No optical, either. Again, that's another external drive you have to lug around with you!

High-res screen...that doesn't actually run at high-res, yet the GPU still renders at the native res. Couple with a fat 2.7Ghz i7 (3.7 with TB,) that's gonna lower the sperm counts of a lot of Macheads. Ok, so that's not necessarily a bad thing.

RAM soldered onto mobo, too.

Starting price: $2k.

I think Apple, once again, have excelled at producing an excellent coffee-shop machine, perfect for uploading your Instagram "art" and working on your screenplay at Starbucks. Oh, but you still the cachet of the "pro" moniker, even though there's bugger-all professional appeal in the Macbook Pros.

HA! Apple's "leading the pack" on EVERYTHING, yet it's only got 802.11n wifi (Asus has 802.11ac lappies out already) - and before anyone says "Yeah, but there's no other 802.11ac products out yet!", I've got one word for 'em: Thunderbolt. There were no Thunderbolt devices when Apple released it, didn't stop them harping on about it. Been, what, a year, and so far all we have is about a dozen external storage solutions and a few other trinkets, all due to Apple's avaricious locking-down of the tech, in a vain attempt to hold a monopoly (worked well with Firewire, eh?)

They've only just, grudgingly, accepted USB 3.0, something PCs have had for a while, and is rapidly becoming more popular than TB ever will hope to be. Once again, while Apple may lead the world in thinness and, um, trackpads, it's up to the great unwashed masses of the computing world to actually create a useful computing environment.

Again, Thunderbolt's one saving grace will probably be...PCs now that the monopoly is finally being broken thanks to MSI and Asus and their Thunderbolt-enabled mobos. Now the tech can actually get into the hands of people who will use it, are interested in it as something useful rather than some abstract bullet point in a keynote they can harp on about down at the café.

This balanced view brought to you by Lithos, your premiere source of reality. Any offensiveness in the preceding article is entirely your own problem. And fault.
Forum: General Talk 06-11-2012, 10:26 PM  
BBC: Turning around lives of the homeless
Posted By lithos
Replies: 11
Views: 1,044
Ah, this is what I missed about Pentax Forum's: as soon as someone posts something completely unrelated to US politics, an American will inevitably steer the conversation in that direction.

I'm going to call it Pentax Forum's Law!
Forum: Film Processing, Scanning, and Darkroom 06-11-2012, 09:18 AM  
example of exhausted fixer
Posted By lithos
Replies: 7
Views: 2,952
Yeah, that spindle that came with my Paterson...sure, um, I know exactly where that is...

Some other customer at Ted's, when he saw me buy the Paterson tank and take the spindle out and ask what it was said: "Oh. That's the spindle. You stick it in the middle of the tank and spin it to agitate the film, then about five minutes after you first use it you take it out, lose it, and never, ever see it again."
Forum: Film Processing, Scanning, and Darkroom 06-11-2012, 07:09 AM  
example of exhausted fixer
Posted By lithos
Replies: 7
Views: 2,952
That's not exhausted fixer, that's bromide drag: what is bromide drag? And how can I fix it? - B&W Photo - Film & Processing Forum

From not agitating enough.
Forum: General Talk 06-10-2012, 11:21 PM  
The new competition in Health Care
Posted By lithos
Replies: 11
Views: 1,063
Ah, the US: will spend a trillion dollars to build a fighter aircraft to protect its citizens from a threat which doesn't exist, won't spend a cent fixing a citizen's broken leg.
Forum: General Talk 06-10-2012, 11:17 PM  
Apple's Corprorate Citizenship
Posted By lithos
Replies: 54
Views: 3,959
I thought corporations were people over there?
Forum: Non-Pentax Cameras: Canon, Nikon, etc. 06-10-2012, 06:37 AM  
I wonder where Canon got the idea for this?
Posted By lithos
Replies: 29
Views: 2,452
Well, not so much an FA as an M - it's just the M 40mm f2.8 with AF and aperture control added, and that's it.
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 06-07-2012, 10:20 PM  
Holy crap! Pentax marketing stinks!
Posted By lithos
Replies: 8
Views: 1,631
They got Tubgirl as their celebrity spokesperson, I see.
Forum: General Talk 06-07-2012, 09:17 PM  
What are you packing?
Posted By lithos
Replies: 19
Views: 1,816
I'd pass, and wait for the call from Gillard to follow a SASR patrol. 'Course, if it's SASR, you're gonna be gone much longer than a night, probably.

SEALs have been done to death. Besides, I'm a patriot.
Forum: General Talk 06-07-2012, 09:15 PM  
16.7442 USD for a ticket at the cinema, what the **** happened?
Posted By lithos
Replies: 33
Views: 3,107
Yeah. But car dealers and record stores don't inconvenience me as much as cinemas and Hollywood...and make me want to "steal" from them.

TBH, it's the other damn patrons that keep me away from movies. I still have nightmares of about those idiots that brought *sandwiches*, wrapped in *foil* to snack on. And they were a large group with a *variety* of sandwiches, which were *unlabeled* so the first five minutes was taken up with "This is chicken - I don't like chicken. Where's the one with ham?"
Forum: General Talk 06-06-2012, 05:19 AM  
Update Number *Eight* of my Afghan Deployment
Posted By lithos
Replies: 21
Views: 11,325
He must've been a bouncer back in civvie street...

Great photos.
Forum: Non-Pentax Cameras: Canon, Nikon, etc. 05-25-2012, 10:13 PM  
Sony may be beyond repair...
Posted By lithos
Replies: 90
Views: 7,442
The Sony Tax is still a thing, and still exists.

For cryin' out loud, they still put Memory Sticks in their cameras!
Forum: General Talk 05-25-2012, 09:45 PM  
Update Number *Seven* of my Afghan Deployment
Posted By lithos
Replies: 18
Views: 6,745
Where's the Jesus Nut on the last pic?
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 05-25-2012, 08:20 AM  
Marketing the new Pentax Products
Posted By lithos
Replies: 38
Views: 5,452
Still moving the brooms out of the closet?
Forum: Film Processing, Scanning, and Darkroom 05-25-2012, 07:58 AM  
Best film scanner money can buy? Also an affordable one.
Posted By lithos
Replies: 3
Views: 9,168
Those Hasselblads start at about the price of a small car...apparently my uni owns one, of course, but guess what they use it for? Scanning images for a billboard.
Forum: General Talk 05-25-2012, 07:56 AM  
Time Magazine cover
Posted By lithos
Replies: 18
Views: 2,097
That lady on the cover was pretty damn hot...

Wait, Time Magazine: am I doin' it right?
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-26-2012, 12:02 AM  
Pentax USA Looking for a PR Person
Posted By lithos
Replies: 23
Views: 4,106
I added the bit your neglected to copy, Doc...
Forum: General Talk 01-06-2012, 07:20 AM  
PayPal DESTROYS a $2,500 violin and gives the owner nothing
Posted By lithos
Replies: 33
Views: 3,578
“You can use the donate button to raise money for a sick cat, but not poor people” - ah, good to see PayPal stay true to its founder's whackjob libertarianism.
Forum: General Talk 12-19-2011, 12:24 AM  
Adobe bashing
Posted By lithos
Replies: 65
Views: 4,858
If you're looking for poor functionality and bloat, there's always iTunes.

I cannot help but notice Flash only became truly crap in people's minds after the iPhone was announce. Might just be a coincidence. Or not. My money's on Apple making a play for Adobe, Adobe telling Apple where to stick it, and Steve, in his classically petty and brattish way, using his marketing skills to turn the Apple hivemind against Adobe.

(And of course Flash is crap, but I've known that since before the iPhone. Still, I've had less problems with it than I've had with Quicktime.)

Also, I love how it's acceptable for Apple to use Unix, but as soon as someone else does something Apple does, out come the lawyers.

Don't know if you've heard of it, but there's a little program called "Photoshop" that's pretty good.

But selling overpriced hardware does?

I remember Nikon encrypting their white balance data, so that if you made a RAW viewer, you'd have to pay Nikon for a licence for the decryption key...go figure.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 12-17-2011, 10:30 PM  
Ricoh "will plug a gap in the market" in 2012
Posted By lithos
Replies: 150
Views: 27,354
That's generally how marketeers think, though: Our Marketing Lineup = The Market.
Forum: General Talk 12-17-2011, 09:43 PM  
Adobe bashing
Posted By lithos
Replies: 65
Views: 4,858
This. Times a million. And Apple still insists on using Quicktime on their site.
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