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Forum: General Talk 11-09-2018, 05:47 AM  
Members other hobbies
Posted By hks_kansei
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I totally understand that

I own a 99 with a 4.1:1 Torsen2
And when I can be bothered i'll be installing the 4.77 Torsen in the shed.
Forum: General Talk 11-07-2018, 06:10 PM  
What music are you currently listening to?
Posted By hks_kansei
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The other one was Heart - Who will you run to

A 12" promotional single.

But I haven't listened to it yet.
Forum: General Talk 11-07-2018, 01:46 AM  
What music are you currently listening to?
Posted By hks_kansei
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Went to a couple of record markets over the weekend, only came home with 2, one of which I bought on a whim to see what it was like.

The whim one was Tangerine Dream - Cyclone

Having now listened to it, I can say that I do quite like the musical/instrumental parts, a nice textured sound.

However..... the vocals on side A are not my thing. Lyrically they seem a bit naff, but it's more that the singer's voice seems to be trying too hard to be powerful, which doesnt really suit the music accompanying it.
Combine that with a mixing that make the vocals quite loud, and it drowns out a lot of the music.

I feel it may have worked a lot better (to my tastes) if the vocals were softened a bit, and their volume dropped to a reasonable level so as to not shove through the music.
Forum: General Talk 11-03-2018, 06:48 PM  
Not your vehicle, but it should be, and how are you going to fix this situation?
Posted By hks_kansei
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Motorcycles are used pretty much everywhere here.

I live in Melbourne, the 2nd largest city in Australia, and all of the paper mail is delivered by motorcycle.

However, I'm pretty sure every few blocks there's a big steel box that the vans come in the morning and fill with a bike's worth of mail.

So the bike leaves the post depot in the morning, does it's run, and at the end of a few blocks they stop and unlock the roadside box and grab another bag of mail.
Rinse and repeat a few times over their shift.

---------- Post added 04-11-18 at 12:51 PM ----------

I didnt realise the mailbox was right alongside the road in the US

Ours here in Aust are not, they tend to be just alongside the footpath (sidewalk) which is behind the nature strip (grassy bit between the road and footpath)

So mailboxes here are roughly 5m (~15ft) from the road.
Forum: General Talk 11-03-2018, 05:09 AM  
Not your vehicle, but it should be, and how are you going to fix this situation?
Posted By hks_kansei
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I've seen those postal van things on TV shows set in the USA a lot and have always tried to work out why they used them instead of just using a normal van?

Here in Aust the mail is delivered by either motorcycle (used to be Honda CT110, now NBC110), or by a regular old van (usually a Ford Transit or a Mercedes Vito) if it's a parcel.

Are the US postal vans electric or something that makes them super cheap to run or something? (or some other reason they're used, since surely custom made postal vehicles must be far more costly than a plain van from any car dealer)
Forum: General Talk 11-02-2018, 05:41 AM  
Members other hobbies
Posted By hks_kansei
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It used to be cars, but to be frank, i'm getting too old, and have kind of lost the passion there.

I've been getting into music a lot more these days, and have put together something that I've wanted since I was a little kid.

I now have a nice big hifi system, like I remember Dad having.

Although, i've been able to put together a fancier one than my dad had, since obviously i'm not paying brand new prices for items.

So I currently have a nice mostly Harman Kardon hifi setup, consisting of amp, tuner, tape deck, CD player, and a Marantz turntable.
Pretty much everything I need to play the common audio formats.

All then piped into a pair of Technics speakers with big old 10inch woofers that I got cheaply.

Overall the system has cost me about $300au, but sounds amazing.

So yeah, much of my time these days is spent in the back room of my current house, listening to new CDs/Tapes/LPs i've collected.
Forum: General Talk 11-02-2018, 05:32 AM  
What music are you currently listening to?
Posted By hks_kansei
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Currently it's "the Moody Boys" and the "journey into Dubland" EP

One of Jimmy Cauty's (from the KLF) side projects from back in the day.

But, tomorrow i'm heading off to a record market, so hopefully i'll be listening to some fresh stuff tomorrow evening.
Forum: General Talk 11-01-2018, 06:29 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By hks_kansei
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I'd suggest taking it to a good alignment shop and talkign with them.

A good shop will look at the tread wear, and ask you about your driving style etc and then adjust the figures to suit that.

The factory alignment specs are best used as a starting point than the "best" for the car.

No point running a fair bit of camber, which may help during hard cornering, if you spend 95% of the time cruising the highway chewing out the inner shoulder.
Forum: General Talk 10-31-2018, 07:49 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By hks_kansei
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Either tyres are really cheap, or a alignments are really expensive.

The average alignment for me is about $120au, that's for a 4 wheel laser alignment.
Even an alignment at a specialist who does mainly racecars to tight tolerances is about $250au

Last tyres I bought were $140au per tyre, for only 195/50/15
Forum: General Photography 10-30-2018, 04:19 AM  
E-Bay is weird
Posted By hks_kansei
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part of that is strategy.

Often with a desirable item you're bidding against lots of other people that may well have a similar upper limit to you.

This can mean that an item that you wanted to spend say $50 on goes for $52, and you kick yourself thinking that you'd have happily paid an extra $2 for it.

By putting in an under-max bid early, as the end time approaches you can gauge interest and see if you are outbid.
Then you can enter in bids closer to your maximum as the end nears.

My usual method is to within the last few seconds throw in a bid at my maximum, but with a very odd figure, like $52.83
the theory there being that since ebay only allows bids in dollar increments, if they have entered $53 it wont accept it, and they'll have to enter in $53.83 or higher. Since the bid has been in the last seconds the intention is that they will fumble the keys, or just be slow in entering the new figure and wont have a chance to click "bid" by auction end.

I've managed a few bargains in the past in that way.
Forum: General Talk 10-29-2018, 10:47 PM  
What book on your table now
Posted By hks_kansei
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A few on the go at the moment.

Jack Kerouac - Big Sur
been sitting on the shelf a while, I enjoy Kerouac's writing, but I do need to be in the mood for his style.

Kurt Vonnegut - A man without a country
Love Vonnegut's work, and yeah, this was his final book before he passed away. 90% of it is angry essays about what he feels is wrong with the world.

Chester Himes - A rage in Harlem
I bought a bulk lot of books at auction, and there were about 10 Chester Himes books in there. Fairly entertaining, albeit a bit dated and kitsch.
Forum: General Photography 10-29-2018, 06:58 PM  
E-Bay is weird
Posted By hks_kansei
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Ebay is odd, but great a lot of the time for cheap things.

My most recent purchases, other than a few LPs, have been an 80s CD player, and an old solid state amplifier.

The CD player was advertised with one bad picture and as "not spinning up"
I paid $25 for it, and replaced one $2 drive belt and now have a matching CD deck for my hifi.

The amplifier was also $25 and works 99%, just the treble knob isnt working.
It was just a cheap one to use on my computer since proper PC speakers tend to be quite expensive, and also not very good.
Forum: General Talk 10-28-2018, 09:46 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By hks_kansei
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That doesn't sound right at all re: tyre life.

I mean, without the ability to rotate them you'd expect shorter life than the fronts, but even so, half the life is a lot less...

Plus, 10,000miles (16,000km) is a really short lifespan...... that's a semi slick sort of lifespan. (especially since the SLK isnt exactly a heavy car is it? and i'd assume they're fairly well balanced front to rear)

Has the car had a proper wheel alignment in recent times? if not, maybe it's due...
Forum: General Talk 10-26-2018, 02:11 AM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By hks_kansei
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Yeah, the low roofline is certainly striking.

As is how low you sit in the car, you can open the door and comfortably touch the ground without having to lean.

I'll see if my friend has any public images up.

he has a few pics here, including one showing the lack of engine space.

No login required.
Forum: General Talk 10-24-2018, 09:40 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By hks_kansei
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They are a cool little car, but my god are they tiny.
It makes my MX5/Miata look like a yacht in comparison.

A friend has one, and main things i've noted:

Headroom... just acceptable for a 6ft adult. (oddly the Suzuki Cappucino is far worse headroom wise, and the Honda Beat is the best of the 3)
Legroom ok, but could do with another inch or two.

Maintenance, parts availability aside, looks to be pretty awful.
Everything is packaged in super awkwardly, the engine, despite being only a 3cyl, is tucked in the back right under a bulkhead.
The oil cap is under the bulkhead, which means you cant even top up the oil without using a funnel with a flexi end.
and yeah, a lot of items like exhaust/turbo etc are accessed via tiny little hatches behind the seats, which means removing the carpet to get to them

But, it does look super cool.
Forum: General Talk 10-23-2018, 09:38 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By hks_kansei
Replies: 1,464
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From what I remember the MGB wasn't bad legroom wise, but not great for head room.

My girlfriend used to be a mechanic and worked at an MG restoration shop, so obviously the MGB was the bread and butter for business.

I just remember all of them being pretty tight on the headroom, the MGB/C being tight, the MGB-GT being a little better with the hardtop and steeper windscreen.

And I remember the MG Midget (the later ones, not the 40s TA/C/D/F ones that were called Midget in the USA) having absolutely no headroom.
I sat in one with the roof off and remember that the top of the windscreen was at the bridge of my nose....... and i'm not super tall, about 6ft even.

(in saying that, to fit comfortably in my MX5/Miata I've replaced the driver's seat with a fibreglass fixed back one that lowers the squab by about 1.5inches)

Modern cars in general I've found are not great for space.
My GF's mum has a brand new Honda CRV, not a small car at all, and when driving that it's still fairly cramped, legroom is ok, but headroom isn't really that much better than my Miata, and far worse than my GF's Mazda 626.
Forum: General Talk 10-22-2018, 03:13 AM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By hks_kansei
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wow, interesting to learn.

Being in Aust snow is somewhat of a rarity here, it's really only found on the very top of the taller mountains.
It's unheard of for there to be snow in a built up area (other than the mountains mentioned above)

I'd never actually put much thought into it, and figured that everybody in snow prone areas of the US must have had to keep special tyres for the ice (I figure it would be unreasonable to totally shut down the roads every time there's some snow)
Forum: General Talk 10-21-2018, 11:24 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By hks_kansei
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Man, it's amazing how much the climate affects cars when it comes to rust.

of the cars at home the 'newest' one to have any rust is the 1994 wagon. And even that's only because someone was a bit overly excited with the razor when the windscreen was replaced years ago (they took some paint off and didnt seal it)

I assume the salted road thing is to melt snow/ice?

(also unrelated, but does everybody have to have a set of studded tyres/chains for winter? or is snow not that bad to drive on?)
Forum: Photo Critique 10-21-2018, 01:50 AM  
Nature Alfred Nicholas Gardens, Sherbrooke
Posted By hks_kansei
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Thank you.

Good notes, and next time I'm up there i;ll try different angles for the boathouse.

Unfortunately there's no more space to move to the right without getting wet, but I;ll try some from further left, and also from the opposite bank.

The fern I agree with, I felt it was quite weak and now that it's been pointed out I think that reducing/removing the patterns in the BG would help a lot.
Forum: General Talk 10-19-2018, 11:32 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By hks_kansei
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Most of the ready to roll kits are from the US, which makes postage costs very costly.

Main reason though is that the laws here make turbocharging/supercharging illegal (well, without also spending more than the cost of the kit itself to have it tested etc)
Doing Naturally aspirated work is also not legal, however it's a lot less obvious (when the bonnet's up you can easily see a turbo hanging off the side, but cant see head porting/shaving and bigger cams)

Mainly as well, I just like cammy N/A stuff.

---------- Post added 20-10-18 at 05:38 PM ----------

I've also heard good things about them.

And once I sell the Adaptronic ECU, if I decide to continue looking for more power, i'll very much consider an MS3.
Either that, or a Haltech.

Really depends on what has the support etc at the time.

Short term i'll just shorten the gearing to make it feel faster. There's a 4.7 (or 4.9, i forget) Torsen in the shed that I should probably open up and see if it's any good, and if it's a T2 or 2 (my current diff is a 4.1 Torsen2)
Forum: General Talk 10-19-2018, 02:57 AM  
What music are you currently listening to?
Posted By hks_kansei
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I dont think any of their albums actually had a name, other than the 2nd one which had the big pink "2" on the cover.

The rest were just "NEU!" in Red on white for the 1st, white on black for the 3rd (Neu'75 from the release year) and the last one was White on Pink I think? not sure, it was a strange very synth heavy one musically. (I think it was put together by Michael Rother after Klaus died, using leftover recordings that never made it to an album)
Forum: General Talk 10-18-2018, 02:48 AM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By hks_kansei
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Yep, still have it.
Although it hasnt been driven in a while.

A combination of not having the time to drive it, and not really wanting to take it out in modern traffic lest it be crashed into by some moron busy sending a text.
we didnt bother renewing the rego, since we figured why pay almost $1000 to register a car we didnt drive.

It's currently for sale, but so far no takers, hoping the summer weather encourages people to want to get into a classic car.

The main car my partner and I drive now is a 1994 Mazda 626 station wagon.
My partner wanted it because they're super easy to work on, reliable, cheap, and she used to own one and missed it.

A friend mentioned he knew someone selling one, and so we picked it up for $400 because it wasnt running right.
Turned out there was just a split in the intake hose making it run lean, $10 fix.

We did also replace a lot of other stuff though, like the clutch, shocks, some bushes, etc.

But yeah, that thing's a trooper. Quiet, comfy, and with the seats down it has an easy 6ft long load space.

I did also own a late model MG in between..... which was a lovely car for the brief periods it actually worked.
The MG is easily the worst car i've owned, I took a big loss when I sold it, but frankly I was glad to see the back of it.

---------- Post added 18-10-18 at 08:50 PM ----------

Also, thank you for the welcome back.

I've been lazy with photography and forums in general, so havent been online in a while.

I was without a computer for a while, and yeah, other stuff got in the way, life, work, silly cars etc.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 10-18-2018, 12:40 AM  
Battery issues with *ist-DS
Posted By hks_kansei
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I had no idea they were that cheap in the USA!

Cheapest i've ever seem for sale was au$200 (~140usd), no warranty at all.

I may just buy my next body from KEH then! (I;m assuming the only difference between a US market and AU market one would be the battery charger?)
Forum: General Talk 10-17-2018, 11:44 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By hks_kansei
Replies: 1,464
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I've still got the same car, and still enjoy it, despite a few wear and tear things popping up.

And also having done the old "learn from experience" thing.

One of the main things I've wanted to do is give it a bit more grunt, since it's noticeably lacking.

The original plan was to build the head, use some big-ish cams, and then when the bottom end finally goes boom, build that bigger (ideally bore it out ~2mm to bring it to about 1920cc or whatever the maths works out to be, but that would depend on budget)

Step 1 would always be to organise an ECU so that, well, it will actually run with those changes.
The plan was to install that and tune on the untouched engine to iron out issues, then move onto changing bits.

And here's where the problems started...

I purchased an Adaptronic ECU since they had local support, and also a tuner near me who both tunes them, and also has a name for being one of the best tuners in the state.

Turns out he was rubbish at it.
First tune the car would lean out when the throttle was applied slightly fast, it also had severe idle hunting and would often stall.

Second tune he fixed that, but at high RPM shifts it would misfire. Also on cold mornings it would flood (not just a little, i'm talking backfire out the intake, and shoot 4 feet of flame from the exhaust before hydrolocking)

Third tune he'd fixed the start, well, it started at least. But the throttle was back to how it was at step 1.... and light throttle was absolutely undrivable.

Fourth time he emailed me a few tune files with someone else's name on them and a story about "sorry for that, got the name wrong but they're your tune files i've changed" I knew that was BS, since the MX5/Miata community here is pretty small, and even though I dislike most of them, i do know them.... he'd sent me someone else's tune... Fine with that, but dont lie to me, just tell me that's what you've done.

I ended up managing to tidy up the tune a little to at least be drivable, if rough, in about 10mins in my driveway.... when looking at the tune it was all over the shop. Mainly the predictive MAP for the transient throttle settings. They're supposed to taper with RPM/Load etc.... he'd just made an arbitrary guess at 120kpa across the board (worth noting, 120kpa is positive pressure compared to atmosphere, which isn't actually possible on a naturally aspirated car)

So yeah, after all that with the tuner I just gave up on him, 4 visits, and some lies, and I still got a car that ran like garbage.

I'm at a crossroads now.
The ECU has been removed, advertised for sale, and the factory one put back, since it runs great on the un-modified engine.
But I need to decide now where to go.

Get a different, better supported ECU (and a better tuner)
Or just give up and leave the car standard and deal with it being slow.

Still looks nice at least, and now handles well again since I replaced the faulty brake proportioning valve (doesnt brake too well when the valve is stuck open meaning the rear brakes werent doing anything)
IMAG0733 by hks_kansei, on Flickr
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 10-17-2018, 11:10 PM  
Battery issues with *ist-DS
Posted By hks_kansei
Replies: 46
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DS user here too.

SAdly, it's jsut something they do as they age.
When mine was last looked at by a sercie centre they said that it wasnt about battery voltage, so much as current.

I always used to use CRV3's with alkaline AA as my backups.

One day it stopped registering the V3 altogether just as you're describing.

I was suggested to try Eneloop rechargables, as they apparently can output higher current than other batteries. Not 100% on how accurate that is, but all I know is that they worked.

Discharge rates have been fine with mine, I've not used my DSLR for a while, and the last time I charged the batteries was some time in 2017. So discharge isnt a big issue there.

---------- Post added 18-10-18 at 05:14 PM ----------

Can confirm it's not a firmware issue.
I've got the last firmware on mine, and still it's fussy with batteries.

My theory is that over time some of the components inside degrade and start to draw more power than they did when new, and that some batteries cant supply the current needed.

KInd of annoying, because the DS was the last Pentax DSLR to use off the shelf batteries (without a grip or accessory) wasnt it?
Everything after the DS went to the rechargables (which I dislike, but meh, that's business for ya)
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