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Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 04-15-2013, 12:44 PM  
Ricoh GR - Rumoured 28mm APS-C GRD Successor
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OGL I agree somewhat with your comments in that a faster lens (even F2) would be more compelling indeed, I also am not so fond of "me too" copycats or at least manufacturers who use OEM parts to produce essentially the same product under a different name.

However the Ricoh GRD series seems t have a slight advantage in their Focus peaking (as you are familiar with GXR) and pre set focus distances for pseudo "focus trap or,Hyperfocal distance shooting.
I suppose if the forthcoming GR has any unique software OS tricks or aids over what the Nikon has it could be a boon for some users.

I am only assuming this will be the case as the past GR series seems to appeal to many street shooters.

However I do agree the mass consumer market will likely not care and shop by brand. In this way the GR looks like just another off brand equal.

Being it is a stand alone product outside of any similarities to Pentax OS I see no reason either camera could be considered by the same customer.

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 07-13-2011, 04:06 PM  
Pentax lens adavantage
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I would add that Pentax has excellent,perhaps the best overall support for legacy and manual glass by way of the metering and "Green button" So far I am not aware of any brand that can meter as easily with an M42 lens. Or of course with an M or A lens stop down to meter while TTL is wide open to focus.

So to full appreciate the feature do a search on the Pentax Green Button with manual lenses. Then find a Garage sale special on some old Pentax glass. My favourite has been the M501.7 for $45.00 CDN. It has made experimenting with primes pretty affordable indeed.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 07-13-2011, 03:55 PM  
Wide zoom or wide prime? IQ I mean
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Perhaps I can help. As I own the DA21.f3.2
In the last few weeks I owned both the Tamron SP 17-50 and Pentax DA 16-45. Sadly the Tamron went back due to one side being soft at 17 and inconsistent AF on my K10D (which is a common issue with K10D). I am certain a K-5 or K-r would be better. Anyway I kept the DA16-45 and am pleased with its performance especially at 16 which has far less distortion or vignetting compared to the Tamron.

The Tamron did have some great qualities and I wish at times it was the one that got to stay but I did not want the burden of QC issues. The Tamron has great colour like the Pentax however I will say the Tamron seems a bit sharper especially in the center. It also has good micro contrast like some of my primes. Some will not like the Bokeh (out of focus areas) however it was not the deciding factor.

After using both i have been comparing shots and use to my DA21 (and others) For the most part both zoom lenses are very close to each other in overall look however the DA16-45 is more uniform across the frame throughout the zoom range at most F stops. While I am sure you could get close to the DA21 in performance most of my 21 shots just have more detail. I have noticed this in highlight areas and distant details such as city scenes or nature landscapes.
So to me the DA21 is better at 21....However the difference is pretty subtle to the point that if i am just going for a casual walk with the wife i will just bring the DA16-45 and leave the primes and lens changing at home for more serious shoots.

As many on this forum will point out review websites like Photozone will not measure things like colour contrast or character for that matter. The differences between these lenses do exist and they do not show up in an obvious way. For me it took a while to be able to really tell but my DA21 is my street shooter go to lens.

What i can advise is while the DA primes are great your decision should include more than just maximum image quality. It should include application and convenience. For example if you are a casual type shooter a zoom may be more convenient and close enough in quality.

If you go Prime I could literally achieve most things with my DA21 DA35 and Tamron SP90. But the DA16-45 not only covers the wide end but acts as a convenient zoom option

Hope this helps
Forum: Pentax K-5 11-18-2010, 11:50 AM  
Thinking about Jumping Camps
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Hi. So does this mean you "used" them or you own them? If you own these two buying the 7D or the 60D makes sense to me.

However saying that The 7D with these lenses is quite big for someone starting out or if you are an advanced hobbyist. If I were being paid i think i would have a greater purpose and find the inner shoulder strength to lug this stuff around. So if convenience is a factor here is Pentax's strength .
I shoot mostly Primes and I can fit my K10D plus 4- 5 primes and flash in my Crumpler brand shoulder bag or my Lowepro slingshot.

To me one is not necessarily better but based on what system you want to shoot. For me it's simple the K-5 works with the lenses I own which i wont part with, Decision made!

Forum: Pentax K-5 11-17-2010, 01:31 PM  
just got my new k-5 here are my observations
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Even better is Silver FX pro. Although only B&W is is one of my fav's up there with Color FX pro

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 11-01-2010, 02:42 PM  
15mm vs 21mm for street photography
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I own the DA21, DA35 (macro) various 50's etc...
I think there are several different approaches suggested in this thread. If you are the type to photograph what is close to you or shoot at chest height letting auto do the work then I prefer the 21. However this does not always work and takes practice to not look through the viewfinder. The 35 gets you a bit more distance as does 40 or 50.
I think starting with the kit lens 18-50 or a 17-70 will let you get familiar with what focal length you like best.

After reading about some techniques online i have found a few photographers who shoot from chest height and estimate the angle. I tried this and found the best success with the DA21. I set the aperture to F8 or 11 on a bright day and let the shutter and ISO go auto.
Sometimes I simply shoot manual and guesstimate the metering depending on the scene. Sometimes I am walking and just stay as steady as I can. It is a tough one and I would do better with a cleaner ISO and I continue to practice this style of street photography.
.....The DA21 has a larger depth of field that my other lenses so it lends itself well to this purpose. But if you want to keep some distance it may indeed be too wide.

You may however prefer a more deliberate style so perhaps a longer Focal Length is better. Honestly the new DA35 f2.4L does look like a bargain and the results so far look great!

I usually check out online galleries to see what shots have the look I like and see what FL was used. It might surprise you.

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 10-27-2010, 04:29 PM  
Samyang 85mm vs DA* 55mm at F1.4
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Hi. Todd. On an APS-C camera as opposed to Full Frame i do agree that the 70 to 90 focal length is a good way to get creamy circular bokeh. Although I will agree that the optical formula does play a part so choosing your lens may be a tough call. I have no issue with the DA70's results for bokeh however the best I have at the moment is the Tamron SP90 2.8 which has a lovely bokeh.
it is in this light that I wish to suggest a few articles to help you understand DOF and bokeh and how they relate. While aperture does play a large part it is not the only factor
I found these articles quite helpful

The Online Photographer: Depth-of-Field Hell
The Online Photographer: Depth of Field Hell?The Sequel

I think the example you found on Flikr is great but Full frame is capable of a more shallow depth of field and the same 85 1.4 lens on APS-C will behave differently. Not to mention the photo was post processed quite well!

I hope this helps
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-21-2010, 11:43 AM  
K10D to K-x and still not a better photographer
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Hi SylBer. I can somewhat relate to your post. I love my K10D as well especially ISO100 which has a very smooth look and great colour. There of course are times that I could use the high ISO performance of the Kx such as fast motion or concert photography etc.
However I have learned to make use of what the K10D has and it's strengths.
It is very easy to get the impression that High Iso solves all. It certainly helps but it still does not make light where there is none.
Since My style is somewhat casual and mostly of static subjects,portraits ,landscape or some street photography I am by no means a pro or action shooter so It will be less of an issue for me and similar types.
On the other hand I look forward to testing the K5as the ISO100 on that looks to be as nice as the K10D and seems to have better dynamic range. Its a pricey upgrade but it may allow me to explore shutter speeds faster that im used to.

However based on your set-up I agree the K10D is a worthy companion. If you need to try action you can always pull out your flash.

Overall I agree though there is much more to Photography that specs and gear.

I have an agreement with myself to reach a certain milestone with my skills before a go forward with any upgrades.
However i respect that some others may have specific needs for their upgrades

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 10-21-2010, 11:04 AM  
Hoping to buy the 35LTD macro...
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I Agree for a larger working distance my Tamron SP90 is better and it also provides a different angle of view than my DA35. However saying that I have to use my Tipod more with the 90 than with the DA35 which can more easily be hand held. So while the DA35 may not be "true 1:1 macro unless right on top of the subject it may suit your style if you are a casual shooter of static subjects.
If you are serious though the 90 on a tripod is more ideal. However this can open up a whole new can of worms as you may also need ,Macro rails or a better tripod with a proper head as well as Flash ,reflectors etc.
There are some excellent macro photographers here. Im sure if you are interested in this level you can get some real answers.
I can say I am in this camp quite yet. I shoot mainly hand held with the 35 and an old Velbon tripod with my 90 and it still shakes to much not to mention the wind.

Macro is an art unto itself . Big respect!

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 10-20-2010, 11:34 AM  
Should I stay with Pentax or not?
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Hi Boris. Everyone here have some valid advice. However I personally have use'd several cameras including canon and Nikon slrs and while each have their strengths none of them took the picture for me perfectly.
When I started out using SLR's i was using my EOS400D at work as well as I borrowed my friends Pentax K100D. Coming from a point & shoot camera I expected the shots to be more instantly in focus and punchy. I did not yet fully understand focus technique or dept of field let alone what shutter speed to use for a given subject.
Needless to say I had problems similar to yours and neither Canon or Pentax made a difference.
I did find however when I got my K10D that the in body stabilization helped me with my fast 50 where the canon could not as their bodies are not stabilized. Of course this only helped certain situations.

My point is take your time to dissect your process and learn from the images of what went wrong. SLR's of all types are simply a different world and there is so much to know.
I also feel one you learn from your experience and understand what decision the camera is making and why you will know what and when to override the parameters.
A simple change such as metering mode and ISO settings can make a world of difference.
Give it time and you will do great on final thought. Even if it turns out something is wrong with the camera learning will give you the ability to tell the difference between user error and Camera malfunction. It is frustrating when you are not able to tell. Try some of the suggestions in this thread and see for yourself!

Good Luck
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 10-19-2010, 11:46 AM  
DA 35mm/2.4 - A Plastic Wonder! -- DAL35 vs FA35 vs DA35m vs A35 (many photos!)
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Thanks Frank for the review. I agree a good general walkabout is how I test a lens as well. What I can say is when i was starting out I was looking for image quality and bokeh like you have expertly demonstrated here. While I love the DA35 Macro that I ended up with the DA35L was more the price I wanted to pay for the resulting image quality. The point is that this lens to me is exactly what customers new to SLR or Primes are likely looking for and the price is right. It has its limits and drawbacks when compared to DA and FA lens built quality etc. But I think Pentax have provided users an attractive alternative for beginners and enthusiasts alike!

Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 10-14-2010, 11:53 AM  
Aperture 3 Graduated Filter Plug In
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I believe Nik Colour FX Pro will do it. There is a demo and I use it quite a bit. It however is not exactly cheap but not un-obtainable either
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-07-2010, 11:17 AM  
Ok.. I shoot 2 systems BUT I am
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Hi Kevin. I can only offer my non "pro" perspective. (apply grain of salt to taste)

I guess your decision may also rely on what system APS-C or Full Frame can best support the type of photography you most often do. Also the gear required may also have an effect.
What I know of Full frame is it can obtain shallow depth of field with ease. However this may mean using a tripod more often. The lenses may be bigger and heavier and there may be more of it?
One could speculate that a Pentax system could potentially be lighter and smaller and this for you may or may not be important.
Both systems are great and i would never discount Canon I think they make some great L Glass. If you are happier with the results of one format over another that may be the most important Factor. If both formats seem equally good perhaps ergonomics and weight are the key?

Good luck
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-01-2010, 03:47 PM  
Going from K-7 to Canon 7D
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I think it is a very fine camera and have spent some time with it and the EF50 1.4 and EF851.8 which are both great lenses.
If you have a good opportunity perhaps this is the right move based on your needs?
For me im not so sure....

First it was fast but not as fast as i expected and in fact indoors it missed focus as much as my K10 would. This is not to say it is imperfect as perhaps the conditions were imperfect or the lens was needing calibration?
My point is unless you have a specific need even after looking at the shots the result other than resolution was comparable to my K10D at full size on a monitor.
(Prints may differ)
I realize at high ISO the 7D is much better than a K10 or maybe even a K7 however the K5 will likely fare just as well and if any person was invested in Pentax glass a jump may be a costly move.

I only propose people think long and hard about these moves and make sure the real need is greater than the want.
What the 7D did not do was bestow superhuman photographic skills upon me. The images will look as good/bad as you make them. (provided your current cam is not defective or anything)

So it may be a good opportunity or perhaps the end result will be strangely similar?

I am not suggesting you stay with Pentax for brand loyalty but I have not yet been convinced that any brand can change your images in a tangible way,especially from a creativity sense..

Just an alternate view and that is all

Forum: Pentax K-5 09-21-2010, 03:33 PM  
Official K-5 Praising Thread
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I thought the K7 was fairly priced but held off in hopes to learn my K10D better and improve my exposure technique. It looks like the K5 may be my reward and I may just have to swallow the price pill as it is pretty much the dream camera in terms of spec's and size! I have considered saving some $ on a K7 but I deserve the Camera I want and this is what I want. I think Pentax knows this and they know we (enthusiasts)are enthusiastic enough to pay for what we want. Kudos to them for knowing andy pity me for wanting.
...or not

Forum: Post Your Photos! 09-21-2010, 03:27 PM  
Machinery Gas Works Park
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I love this place and Seattle in general. It is the sister city of Vancouver BC in many respects. have some shots of this structure as well however you have a nice blue sky. I will have to go back someday and get some more pics. Thanks for posting!
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 09-10-2010, 12:26 PM  
DA35 f2.4?
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In My experience the Canon EF501.8 while holding the crown for cheapest Fast 50 ever! is not my or my canon owning friends favourite by a large margin. We can all accept plastic and cheap grinding focusing mechanism but optically it does not get near as sharp or contrasty as its 1.4 big brother until F5.6 2.8 is livable but still a compromise. so Looking good on paper is wher it must remain im afraid. The Nikon Af351.8 fares much better and is the real competitor however it actually reports as F2.2 and even DP review says it needs to be stopped down a bit. So here;s hoping Pentax can beat it optically! I bet they can...
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 08-27-2010, 04:29 PM  
Already own DA35mm. Keep FA50mm f1.4?
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That is the question?
Well it depends I have both as well and i bought the FA50 before prices rose not to lose the opportunity. I also have the M50 1.7.
First yes the FL of the 35 for me is also more useful day to day but the 50 has its uses the question is whether they are worth keeping. If for example you had the DA70 or another 50 selling could be justified. I would however test your FA50 again making sure you use a hood before you decide.
I have to say though it gets used less often that I thought. The bokeh can be quite nice and smooth but is it enough? The speed advantage is mainly at best f2.0 as by F2.8 it only equals the DA35 IMO so if you need a short tele for candids then the FA50 is great.

So I have pondered this many times and I am also discovering the joys of wider focal lengths. My 21 is great but sometimes not quite wide enough.

Remember once its gone ...its gone and you will probably need it ..

Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 08-25-2010, 03:32 PM  
Is my wife's Nikon P&S Really Better than my K10D?
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If I may i will suggest a few possibilities that may echo others opinion or not. First even when shooting Raw the image tone (Bright/natural,contrast saturation etc....) affects the jpeg preview you see on the screen of your K10D As Raw has no settings applied the output into your computer will look quite bland. Actually your wife's Nikon would look the same if you could see the pre processed raw before it converts to JPEG in camera. Anyhow...What helps me is first setting the image tone to natural and setting the saturation and contrast to 0 or -1 so I am not seeing more blacks or colour that is in the raw. This is flawed of course as the K10d cant really calibrate its screen as i think the K20 and K7 can. So perhaps its a moot point..anyway the K10d's screen always look punchier as it is a jpeg not RAW you are seeing.

Import. Use a good program for Raw import. I use Apple Aperture but Lightroom is good too as well as capture one and others...heck the Pentax software is pretty good too (free)
I will usually tweak the Camera Raw setting such as boost and pre sharpening. I then do simple auto exposure or just move the slider until it looks right. Then of course I do some Auto levels to get started and tweak from there. If you don't understand levels or curves it is worth it to read up on it. I was the same as you as My Canon G7 seemed at first to have way more detail and sharpness but now I realize it was user error.

First a P&S camera has a very large depth of field so a large amount of your scene will appear in focus.
Second The SLR is capable of a more shallow dept of field so some objects will appear less sharp than others depending on your Aperture,focal length and focus distance...Confused? I was until at least a year later but it has been fun learning.

I have returned to some of my first K10D shots 2 years later and am astonished how much better I can now make them as I perfect my post processing skills.

last dont fear the P&S you can still use them its OK. I use my G7 as it is more portable to get ideas about where i next want to shoot. You may return with the K10D and perhaps bring a tripod and spend some time exploring the scene and finding the right settings.

You may also may want to start out by finding out how good you can get the K10D to look with in Camera JPEG just experiment. As others have said you may need to learn how to use the exposure compensation control to dial in + exposure as the K10D can underexpose in a bright scene.

There are a-lot of controls o its easy to get confused. i have tried several competitors SLR's from Canon to Nikon to Sony and they all have similar hang ups so its just a mater of patience

Lets just say after almost 3 years of use i am very satisfied with my trusty K10 and learning more all of the time

Forum: Photographic Technique 11-04-2009, 12:54 PM  
macro (insects)
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Hi I will throw my hat in as well as i can not resist a good spider. This spider and friends like to build across windows and in our trees and garden. They do a great job with some of the pests in the garden so I like them there. I alway enjoy how macros take you into their smaller world. No matter how common spiders are their webs continue to amaze me
Taken with K10D with Tamron sp90 Macro with FGZ540
Forum: Photographic Technique 10-29-2009, 02:04 PM  
6 Pro Photographers Share Their Most Guarded Digital Secrets
Replies: 33
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i think the use of "Less expensive" was referring to the TCO total cost of ownership which included maintenance and upkeep. However we all realize there are individuals who may not be a Pro photographer so the Price at point of purchase with be the focus and at times obsessively so as the stuff does not grow on trees much to my chagrin! To me both Lightroom and Aperture are well worth their price and are reasonably priced IMO. However there are lots of inexpensive or fee options available. Some of these options may not be as refined or well integrates etc but free is free and great place to start. For the Pro's featured in the article All used Mac (a given considering the source) and most used Nikon. This simply may be because their work can pay for a reliable workhorse and they may also be able to claim their gear as a business expense and subsequent tax write off. Who knows I am not in their position. But my friends in the Audio and film industry do this and have a much broader view on budgeting and spending for their work.
So to qualify this may indeed be expensive for some. But not all
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 09-30-2009, 05:22 PM  
Does anyone else think the DCresource K-7 review is a tad ridiculous?
Replies: 36
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I apologize if I am petty with Jeff's admitted pettiness but I do not see such a huge (quantifiable) difference in menu quality between brands and while Jeff can say what he wants I fail to share in his disappointment. I simply cant remember a time where i was tripped up by graphics or a font. I mean if Pentax added a green box to surround the text with a drop shadow im sure my keeper rate would go up no doubt!:)
And Button clutter? I think thats reaching a bit considering the Cameras he compares too. Does the D30s have less buttons? Maybe he thinks they are close together?

In reality it is a favourable review but he has let the same complaints slide for others. Perhaps he was embarrassed about liking it too much so he slipped in a few zingers!:p

Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 09-15-2009, 11:39 AM  
ISO button on Pentax K-7
Replies: 12
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I have no issue with hitting the OK button. In fact sometimes the K10/20 has just too much damn control its so flexible! A dedicated ISO button is just aligning Pentax to have what the average consumer expects. A new user looking at the K-7 sees the button and will feel at ease knowing Pentax is offering the level of complexity they would expect considering it's contemporaries. It was not necessary to add it as a separate button per se but several reviewers have mentioned it as if the function did not exist before. The psychology of marketing is a curious thing indeed as much of the decision to buy or not is based on first impressions. Losing the SR on/off was an acceptable trade IMO for example as I think it has arguably had less impact on the opinion of new customers. Other experience will vary but I am OK with the OK button but would not be bothered by a separate button as long as OK can do something else
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 09-15-2009, 11:29 AM  
K-7 face detection
Replies: 14
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I agree it is 2009 and "Jap" is no longer OK. So are several other terms. Im sure Therion did not intend it to be derogatory. Im just saying..
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 09-10-2009, 03:44 PM  
Poll: Why did you buy a Pentax DSLR?
Replies: 362
Views: 53,583
Well...After recommending C&N to a friend (based on forums and reviews) my friend listened to the good sales staff at the local shop and bought a K100D based on feel and price. I was of course perplexed. "Why would he not buy Nikon or canon?" I though to myself. I though he had made a mistake. He offered to trade cameras for a week just so I could get the feel of a DSLR which i did. That week was a revelation! Not only did i learn that I loved optical viewfinders but I was able to take some shots that my G7 would not take (such as shallow DOF) After that week the results left me feeling betrayed as a consumer as all of those reviews made the gap in qualities sound so huge like my hobbyist experience would be able to tell.
My workplace also had a K100D for a week and the CEO returned it for an XTI and that was the nail in the coffin as I personally found the XTI not only plasticy but the EFS17-85 they bought severely lacking. I overall can use the XTI and get the most out of it but overall it has never made the differences that many have claimed. After trying the K10D and the K10D in a local shop I immediately bough the K10d while on clearance and now have several lenses to boot .
In the end my friend was right about feel and Pentax just felt right it is as simple as that
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