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Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-15-2019, 07:51 AM  
CP+ interview question suggestions
Posted By sculptor666
Replies: 129
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pentax extension tubes haven't changed since the 70's, and are only usable on lenses with aperture rings... which does not take advantage of the newest and best pentax lens designs... why no update on such an easy part to manufacture?
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 02-09-2019, 02:41 PM  
Posted By Rondec
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I like the Huelight profiles. They do work with older versions of Lightroom and are particularly useful if you shoot with a camera that isn't supported by an older free standing Lightroom version that you are still using. So, I shoot with a K-1 II and Lightroom 6. I can open its DNG files in Lightroom, but there aren't really any camera profiles other than embedded and Huelight gives me some options. Colin also releases his profiles weeks before Adobe does theirs so that is helpful too.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 01-20-2019, 03:06 PM  
The Bokeh Club
Posted By Tigs
Replies: 14,673
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Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 01-20-2019, 08:58 AM  
SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers) Trade Show, London
Posted By mee
Replies: 24
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I used to post here a lot. Now I mostly lurk here and there (hoping for actual news). After awhile you may come to the same conclusion I have, that throwing opinions left and right is largely a fruitless endeavor. A single post on small tidbits of potential news is followed by 50 pages of the same, tired arguments and counter arguments from the same people in each thread. Even when there is some kind of group consensus of what use is it? Ricoh is going to do whatever they want to do. And 50mm this is not objectively better than 50mm that.. it is just a waste of time debating subjective claims as if they are objective truths.

I will say this though. Ricoh, like any other company, doesn't necessarily have "superior knowledge of the situation" any more than Kodak did. Companies are run by people and people are fallible. Market research can be wrong just like political polls have been known to be incredibly wrong. :) Besides, these things are far more involved than just knowing the situation. Sometimes one may know the situation but not be able to react to the situation based on a number of aspects -- money, expertise, time.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 01-20-2019, 08:21 AM  
SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers) Trade Show, London
Posted By alcstudios
Replies: 24
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Good point but...…… what do you call the "knowledgeable users" AKA professional guessers that throw the exact same banter in the 180 degree direction? is that not the definition of insanity as well? :)
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 01-17-2019, 04:06 PM  
Leaving Pentax
Posted By jsherman999
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The main issue with Pentax AF is focus lock - doesn't happen in time consistently, with moving subjects, especially in low light. This is what Nikon is known for, and you can usually detect the difference even with lower-end Nikons.

To me, this has always been Pentax's biggest failing. Fix that - somehow - and you are a niche brand-with-a-bullet that can survive on IQ and charm.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 01-12-2019, 07:55 AM  
A study of photographs on flickr
Posted By volley
Replies: 33
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I believe that another difference might contribute to the perceived difference in quality between MF and FF shots.
The percentage of shots taken from a tripod might be considerably higher for the MF shots (and this leads to the question if there is a difference in perceived quality beteẃeen FF shots from tripod vs hand held?).
For sure, the modern FF cameras are offering wonderful possibilities to shot handheld. No need to be afraid to use higher ISO, effective SR etc.

But if you look for the best quality a tripod still helps in mainly two ways:

You are free to select the most suitable ISO to get the extra dynamic range and you can select the best aperture for the picture you are looking for.
For me it is even more important that using the tripod will force you to slow down. And if you take the extra effort to set up the tripod, it is more likely that you will also take the time to think a little longer about your composition.

Since I changed to a K1 I find myself using a tripod more often than ever. I might add that the moveable display of the K1 makes using a tripod a pleasure.

ABout 40 years ago I have read an anekdote in one of Andreas Feiniger's great book about photography:
When asked if he had a simple advice how to improve in photography he responded, that the most effective advice to improve your photography is an advice you will most likely not follow. Use a tripod.
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 09-29-2018, 12:17 PM  
Photokina 2018 Q&A - What would you ask Ricoh?
Posted By 6BQ5
Replies: 307
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I know.. it’s mine. I’m still catching up on backlog from 2016. Sorry the delay. :D
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 09-25-2018, 11:39 AM  
Photokina 2018 Q&A - What would you ask Ricoh?
Posted By mlt
Replies: 307
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Ask Ricoh if here s any chance of addng focus stacking to the K-1 series.
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 09-25-2018, 03:24 AM  
Photokina 2018 Q&A - What would you ask Ricoh?
Posted By H.Abendsen
Replies: 307
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Are there any efforts to bring back the TAKUMAR lens body design and name but with AF, more Aperture blades and incl. Quickshift to real smooth manual focusing?

When will we see a successor to the K3 (real successor - not a minor-upgrade-"Mark III")?
When will we see a successor to the K1 (real successor - not a minor-upgrade-"Mark III")?
  1. with highly improved writing speed to SD-Card

  2. with an massive increased buffer for raws (at least 50 raws)

  3. with an improved sensor that offers more clarity and more dynamic range, even with a loss in resolution - to improve the already excellent results of the K1

What efforts are being made to get Zeiss, Voigtlander, and Sigma to offer their lenses in the K mount?
Will RICOH Imaging speed up lens introduction?
Will they "scrub" screwdrive lenses any time soon and reintroduce all the lenses with PLM and SDM(II)?

And why the h3ck, does the new SDM dont get its own name so it doesnt get confused with the old one and therefore stop people,
from beeing surprised by disappointing AF-performance on lenses like on the DA* 55 1.4??(which is tremendously slow BTW)
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 09-25-2018, 01:34 AM  
Photokina 2018 Q&A - What would you ask Ricoh?
Posted By Kunzite
Replies: 307
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Why the slow releases?
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 09-24-2018, 11:30 PM  
Photokina 2018 Q&A - What would you ask Ricoh?
Posted By Black_Wizards
Replies: 307
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You MUST ask this one:

When Ricoh bought Pentax brand some years aog, they sad they wanted to become number one. Now, many years after, the products are great, no question about that, but the release of new products is SLOW and FRUSTRATE the consumers. Why don't Ricoh pulls more money to release more products more quickly? The difference with other brands is incredible; just look at roadmap for Nikon Z and Canon R.... New system but full roadmap for years to come and our Pentax K1 can't release 2 lenses a year.... The same for new lenses for the 645 system (it need a tilt shift at least....).
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 09-02-2018, 01:42 AM  
New Lensbaby Velvet 56mm f1.6 in PK mount
Posted By BruceBanner
Replies: 75
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Whose up for some Lensbaby Velvet 56 pics?!

First up the Lens on the K-1

A series of shots taken at the aperture points/clicks on the aperture ring/dial. Focus is on the bottle label.




@f4 (still misty but showing real potential. Remember this is sooc, no editing or sharpening, you could work wonders here in post with boosting clarity and sharpening to areas you want).

@f5.6 (the sweet spot)




You can shoot between the aperture clicks/points, this one taken somewhere between f2.8 and f4

A double exposure (composite average) in camera shot, f2 with f8

Same again, this time f11 with f1.6

This shot a combination of f4 and f5.6 but not done in camera instead in post. Only the label is f5.6, the rest of the image f4.

Ok some real pics now (edited properly of course);

Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 08-30-2018, 01:01 PM  
Photokina, Ricoh has Confirmed
Posted By Cerebum
Replies: 1,960
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I wish for a new body, maybe something taller, and not susceptible to baldness........oooh, camera body, my bad
Forum: General Photography 08-28-2018, 02:34 PM  
Featured in Feature Shoot Magazine!
Posted By frogoutofwater
Replies: 23
Views: 676
I'm thrilled and grateful that a photo editor and writer from Feature Shoot chose to write an article about a portrait series I've created about rescued farm animals. The project is called "The Barn Is My Studio." I connected with the writer through participation in Photolucida Critical Mass last year. I was one of the 200 finalists, and she was one of the 200 jurors who reviewed my work.

Soulful Photos of Animals Saved from Slaughter or Neglect - Feature Shoot
Forum: Lens Clubs 08-02-2018, 06:27 AM  
Carl Zeiss T* ZK mounts (Distagon, Planar, Makro-Planar)
Posted By serothis
Replies: 1,156
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X-post from k-1 picture thread.

This lens has some magical properties. Every so often I get a case of LBA ogle other lenses. A few shutter clicks with this lens and there's no looking back. I bought a new strobe and softbox and gave it a few test shots with my dog.

Zeiss 2/135 APO @f/8.
Forum: Pentax Price Watch 06-29-2018, 07:24 AM  
Ebay 15% everything today
Posted By vonBaloney
Replies: 31
Views: 1,719
Another Ebay coupon for everything today (US & Canada) -- 15% off (minimum purchase $25, maximum savings $100). Coupon code PERFECTDAY.

There was some confusion about these before -- you can buy more than one thing -- just "add to cart" several items and then check out once with the coupon.
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 06-07-2018, 11:04 AM  
Photo pricing help needed
Posted By R. Wethereyet
Replies: 6
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I would suggest taking a look at or iStock / BigStock etc and seeing what they charge for the file size that you will be providing to your client. That would be an indication of what she would have to pay out in the marketplace for images. Then you can use that as a starting place and decide what discount (if any) you want to apply. I assume this is a one-off situation not something with on-going opportunities so take that into consideration. Best of Luck - that is a great opportunity for having your images presented to the public.
Forum: Photographic Technique 06-01-2018, 08:06 AM  
Macro Reverse Lens Technique for Macro Photography
Posted By interested_observer
Replies: 7
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Forum: Photographic Technique 06-01-2018, 09:50 AM  
Macro Reverse Lens Technique for Macro Photography
Posted By Thagomizer
Replies: 7
Views: 818
Well thanks for posting this link. Now I don't have to blow my own horn! People on the "Show me your insects" thread might recognize some of the shots I used to illustrate this. Enjoy!
Forum: Pentax K-1 04-20-2018, 08:22 AM  
Well, my K1-II may be wasted money.
Posted By gaweidert
Replies: 36
Views: 2,926
It seems that this big bright circle of yellowish light has appeared in the sky today. Because of this I no longer need the high ISO settings. On top of that the sky has turned from a beautiful neutral grey to some sort of blue! Now all my white balance settings are screwed up. All the diffuse light is gone!:eek: How does on take pictures where there are shadows? If I had known that this phenomena was going to happen I might not have gotten the beast in the first place.

What I need to know is if this is a common or a rare occurrence? How long might it last? Will the camera still work okay? Any ideas out there? I'm so confused. Oh wait, nowadays I am always confused................................... I think.
Forum: Pentax K-3 03-27-2018, 07:44 AM  
K3 vs A6500, to switch or not to switch
Posted By btnapa
Replies: 110
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I have not used the 6500 but have owned and used the A6000. I tried to get pix of my nieces ages 2 and 5 and my K3 just refused to focus. It was very frustrating to use the Pentax system for that situation. I have since graduated to the K1 which is slightly better but no match for what the Sony can do.

I also got my brother into the Pentax system with a K5IIs to photograph his young kids. He loved the photo quality but did not like the focusing system nor did he like the lack of autofocus in video. He bought an A6000 and loves it.

Ergonomics and overall handling goes to Pentax hands down. But the focusing goes to Sony by a wide margin. If I had to photograph kids running around and I wanted to have a high rate of keepers, I would opt for the Sony. On the DSLR side Sony is matched by Nikon. I have used many of the Nikon bodies and they work circles around Pentax bodies when it comes to focusing speed and tracking, etc.

Why am I using Pentax? For the type of shooting I do, landscapes, studio and product photography, it gives me the most bang for the buck. If my photography involved moving objects and lots of action stuff, I would probably look at another system. I recently shot a Fuji XT-2 and was surprised with the image quality. And yes the focusing system was miles ahead of my K1. And I was not even shooting a moving object. I shot a bunch of stationery items and the Fuji nailed the focus whereas the K1 struggled.

I better stop now. I think I have done to much TMI. Bottom line if you want a fast focusing, tracking system, Pentax is not it.
Forum: General Photography 02-23-2018, 06:58 PM  
On Line Photography Courses
Posted By interested_observer
Replies: 28
Views: 2,203 has an online photography class each year. It's located here... It's free and at your own pace.Australia’s RMIT University has a free on line (available world wide) 4 week course that started a couple of weeks ago. I think you can catch up pretty easily.Here is a list of free photography courses....
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-22-2018, 07:26 PM  
CP+ 2018 Interview Question Suggestions
Posted By jatrax
Replies: 146
Views: 9,658
Is the accelerator chip going to be leveraged to improve AF tracking?
What is the dynamic range of the K-1 mkII and does Pentax think they can improve this in the future?
Many of the accessories like extension tubes are difficult to find for Pentax, would Pentax consider bringing things like that to market?
The current 1.4x TC is for APS-C, how can the user base let Pentax know that a FF version is needed?
With the Pentax naming convention now down to K-1 where is Pentax going to go now?
Forum: General Photography 01-27-2018, 07:43 AM  
Kickstart Pinhole Pro: Professional Pinhole Lens Includes Pentax K
Posted By Macario
Replies: 20
Views: 1,916
Skylight by Macario Gomes, on Flickr

with the K-3
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