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Forum: Sold Items 07-13-2019, 04:50 PM  
For Sale - Sold: Pentax HD D FA *70-200mm f/2.8 ED DC AW Lens
Posted By maxfield_photo
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Forum: Sold Items 01-10-2019, 10:45 AM  
For Sale - Sold: Pentax DFA 70-200 Lens
Posted By maxfield_photo
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Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 07-09-2016, 12:31 PM  
Rokinon 14mm Infinity Focus Problems on K1
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 8
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That sounds like possibly a manufacturing problem with your particular copy of the lens. Do you have another Pentax body on which you can test the lens?

When the aperture ring is set to the red 'A' it means you are allowing the camera body to control the aperture, when it is set to something other than 'A' you are controlling the aperture from the lens, and the LCD will read "F--". To use the aperture ring as your method of control you will need to set the last option in the custom menu (before Reset) "Using Aperture Ring" to "2. Enable", (or on some Pentax cameras it's "Allow" I think)
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 06-30-2016, 09:57 PM  
Happy to read the opinions
Posted By maxfield_photo
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The sharpness on that image is astounding, I think you made a good choice.
Forum: Film Processing, Scanning, and Darkroom 06-18-2016, 10:26 AM  
Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Solution (16 oz, 01/15 Expiration)
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 11
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It is known as LFN (please don't ask me what that stands for), and it is the wetting agent, not the soap component, found in dishwasher detergent. It works by reducing the surface tension of water so that it runs off the dishes, or in this case the film, rather than beading up.
Forum: Film Processing, Scanning, and Darkroom 06-17-2016, 01:06 PM  
Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Solution (16 oz, 01/15 Expiration)
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 11
Views: 2,543
I've had mine open for years, and it still seems to work just fine. On the bottle though, it tells you to make a working solution by diluting it in water. I don't do that, I would imagine that working solution wouldn't last as long. I just put a few drops in my developing tank at the end of the wash cycle.
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 06-17-2016, 09:39 AM  
Happy to read the opinions
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 17
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Yes, this is sometimes called "punch-in magnification", it can be achieved in live view by simply hitting the "OK" button. There is also focus peaking which highlights edges that are in focus so you can tell where in the scene, front to back, your plane of focus falls.
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 06-14-2016, 12:40 AM  
Pixel Shift and prints - what have you found so far?
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 5
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There definitely seems to be higher acutance in pixel shift images, and they should upsample really well due to the increased color information (i.e. less interpolation) and two stops of noise reduction compared to a shot at the same ISO w/o pixel shift.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 06-13-2016, 02:18 PM  
DFA* 70-200 hood on the FA* 80-200?
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 2
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Does anyone own both of these lenses? Can anyone verify if the DFA* lens hood will fit on the FA* lens? The DFA hood is the PH-RBM77, while the FA hood is the PH-RBC77, so I figured there might be chance that it would fit, and thus solve one of the major shortcomings of the FA* lens. I'm carefully considering both lenses, but I really don't relish the thought of the reversed zoom and focus rings on the modern lens.
Forum: Pentax K-1 06-05-2016, 09:15 AM  
K-1 media coverage around the world - post links here
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 331
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"The Pentax K-1 ($1,796.95) is the first full-frame (36x24mm) SLR from the company since it introduced the legendary LX film camera back in 1980." -Joe Farace

My PZ-1p disagrees.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 06-05-2016, 09:11 AM  
Pentax K-3 focusing screen
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 20
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Why not put your K-5 on a tripod, disable AF, and draw a nice bold, straight line on a piece of paper or posterboard, and tape it to a wall with some low tack tape? Then just focus manually, until the line looks completely straight (you might even take a second camera with macro capabilities and photograph the viewfinder of your K-5), and then check the image in live view with punch-in magnification.

I have two Katzeyes now for my K20d and my K-3, neither one required shims, and they are perfectly in focus straight out of the box. Do I still miss focus sometimes? Yeah, my eyes aren't quite as sharp as they used to be. Adjusting the diopter helps, paying close attention to what I'm doing when I'm shooting helps even more.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 06-04-2016, 10:24 AM  
Pentax K-3 focusing screen
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 20
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Changing screens is very easy for the user to do. Here is a tutorial for K-mount DSLRs (with the exception of the K-1) You may want to download it soon because Katzeye is shutting down operations, and the info may not be available forever.

In addition to the Nikon screen that Stevebrot mentioned, I also hear good things about the Canon EE-S screen, though I'm not sure where to buy one.
Forum: Pentax Camera and Field Accessories 06-04-2016, 09:56 AM  
hand-held light meters
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 32
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My meter has all the bells and whistles, so I won't bother to recommend it, but even if you don't want ALL the bells and whistles, there is one bell you should care about. There are three types of hand held meters, spot meters, ambient light incident meters, and flash incident meters (and some incident meters do both flash and ambient). I'm guessing since you mentioned the Android app you are looking for an incident meter. I would recommend getting something that does flash, or flash and ambient, but stay away from meters that only measure ambient light. They're very limited in their uses, and modern multi-segment metering usually beats them for accuracy (the reason being that the meter doesn't take into account the transmission characteristics of the lens, the profile of the sensor, filter factor, plus you introduce the possibility of operator error; TTL does all that).

I own an old analog Gossen Luna Pro, and it's a great little meter, surprisingly accurate, but it only measures ambient light, so I never really use it. Be careful when purchasing Gossens because a lot of them are like that. Several people have mentioned the Sekonic 308, and it's a nice basic flash + ambient meter, but I would add to the list a used Sekonic 358. It has a lot of those bells and whistles that you don't care for, but you can find them on the used market sometimes for less than $150 . If you see that deal, snatch it up.
Forum: Pentax K-1 06-03-2016, 02:34 PM  
Pentax K1 Pixel-Shift: How fast an SD Card Do We Need?
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 4
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Pixel shift really doesn't lend itself to fast paced shooting. It takes about 2 second to execute a shot. I would think just about any card would be ok, it's just certain cards will be able to show you your image a second or two sooner.
Forum: Pentax Price Watch 05-24-2016, 02:01 PM  
K-1 available on RitzCamera
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 13
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After David Ritz snubbed Pentax for so many years? They must be getting desperate.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 05-24-2016, 10:30 AM  
K 1 and wireless trigger and TTL
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 8
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I think Acon and Priolite make the only TTL transmitters for the Pentax system right now. I haven't used either to be able to comment authoritatively on them, but I believe the Priolite transmitter only works with their brand of studio monolight. The Acon trigger may work with the Jinbei unit you mentioned, but since they were designed mainly with speedlights in mind, you'll likely need some kind of TTL cord to hook it up Out of curiosity, why do you need HSS in the studio?

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 05-19-2016, 07:29 AM  
DA* 55mm 1.4 on K-1 good extreme corner sharpness?
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 19
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Shoot loose, crop later, and your corners will always be sharp. That's one of the advantage of owning a 36MP camera.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 05-19-2016, 07:18 AM  
Cactus V6 Radio Trigger Review
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 244
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It may work with an AF540, but I am a little doubtful. The RF60 flashguns have "Sympathetic HSS" mode, which functions a lot like real HSS mode but the power level is manually predetermined by the user. The AF540 on the other hand uses real HSS mode, which is to say pTTL based. Normally an off-camera AF540 relies on a preflash signal from an on-camera unit to tell it when to begin strobing, and how much power to use to achieve a proper exposure. It needs those two pieces of information to know what to do - when, and how much. The "starter pistol method" does provide a sync signal to tell it the 'when' part, but there is no preflash to tell it how much power to use. It's possible that the AF540 might just fire at full power in HSS mode which is, 95% of the time, what you want anyway (and the other 5% of the time you can compensate for with aperture or ISO), but my guess is it won't fire at all. I don't own a 540 to test that hypothesis. Maybe someone else can verify.

As a side note, I believe in order to get the AF540 into off-camera slave mode, you will need to do the following: 1)With the flash off and the camera on, attach it to the hotshoe of the camera. 2)Turn the flash on, and slide the sync switch to HSS. 3) Push the MCS button until the word slave appears in the top right corner of the LCD. 4) Half-press the shutter button on the camera to "register" the flash. I would recommend leaving it on channel 1 unless you are shooting an event with another Pentax user. 5) With the flash still on, remove it from the hotshoe, attach it to a Cactus V6 with the correct delay set, and position it where you want it in the lighting setup. Repeat these steps for any other Pentax flashes you want to use in your setup.
Forum: Pentax K-1 05-14-2016, 10:22 PM  
K-1 media coverage around the world - post links here
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 331
Views: 40,539
It comes complete with a disclaimer, because we're just such a rowdy bunch.

You Tube

Forum: Pentax Price Watch 05-11-2016, 10:46 AM  
Very Last Chance for KatzEye Focusing Screens ("Final Production Run")
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 98
Views: 8,728
Ordered mine for my K-3. I'm really sad to see them go, I was looking forward to getting a Katzeye for the K-1, but it seems that wasn't going to be an option anyway.
Forum: Sold Items 05-08-2016, 10:10 AM  
For Sale - Sold: Pentax 400mm f2.8ED(IF) Lens with Rear Converter-A 2X-L
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 10
Views: 1,956
Sexy. I need this lens even less than I need the FA* 300 2.8, but that fact in no way inhibits the puddle of drool from forming on my desk as I write.
Forum: Pentax K-1 05-08-2016, 10:05 AM  
Power zoom working on the K-1
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 15
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I believe there is a debug menu trick to disable the SDM in certain lenses, essentially converting them to screwdrive focus. You might be able to disable power zoom using the same trick. It's a software solution and completely reversible, the only question is whether or not it will work.

There is another way, you could put electrical tape on the powerzoom contacts of your lens. This will definitely stop powerzoom from working, but I would be worried that in the long term you might gunk up your lens or your camera, so I would try the first solution before moving on to this one.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 05-03-2016, 10:17 PM  
Cactus RF60 Not Working in Hotshoe
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 10
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I would check a few things. First make sure the RF60 is pushed all the way forward in the hotshoe. I know, it sounds too simple, but I've seen people do it. Next make sure that the RF60 is set to "L" mode for Local. Make sure the delay timer is set to 0 when firing from the hotshoe. You'll probably want to turn HSS mode off. I'm not sure if having it on will cause it not to work, but it will only do sympathetic HSS when the RF60 is in slave mode. It will not do HSS from the hotshoe since there are no TTL contacts on the foot, only the central sync pin. If none of that works, I would test your hotshoe with another flash if you have access to one.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 05-03-2016, 11:27 AM  
HSS monolight for Pentax 645z
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 9
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Do you specifically want to do hypersync, or just any method of super-sync flash? Acon, Aokatec, and Cactus are the other three options of which I am aware that will do high speed sync, which is generally superior to hypersync. Acon, and Aokatec do true pTTL HSS, albeit through slightly different methods, while Cactus does a pseudo HSS which is manual power only.

Cactus will also do hypersync, but understand that hypersyncing inherently yields uneven exposure (what I think you are referring to as "banding"). The specific strobe, and not the trigger, will determine the evenness of illumination in a hypersync exposure. Basically you want a unit with a really long flash duration at full power. For even illumination with a 645Z the flash duration needs to be longer than the max sync speed of 1/125th of a second, 1/90th would be good, 1/60th would be better. The problem is the only flash solution I can think of that comes remotely close to that would be the old magnesium 1-time use bulbs, or maybe flash powder. My recommendation? Go with High Speed Sync instead.

[edit: After re-reading the title of the thread, I realized you were asking about monolights that do HSS (which is different from hypersync, by the way). Priolite is the only one currently, so you may have more luck in the realm of speedlights.]
Forum: General Photography 05-02-2016, 01:33 AM  
Where would you go on east coast USA for fall colors ?
Posted By maxfield_photo
Replies: 51
Views: 4,356
The Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia is lovely all year round, but particularly in the fall. You can't drive for 5 minutes without finding a photo op. If you're coming from Denver you'll probably be on Interstate Highway 64 (I-64 as we Yanks call it). I'd recommend picking up the Parkway in Buena Vista, a few miles off I-64, and taking it north. If you're up for a little hike, check out Crabtree Falls along the way, and don't miss the view from Humpback Rocks, it's... not too shabby. You'll eventually come to the north end of the Parkway on Afton Mountain. There you can pick up I-64 again, and go where ever you like, New England via I-81 maybe.
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