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Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-04-2019, 04:33 PM  
(Un)popular Opinion: Pentax AF Doesn't Suck
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 82
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I used to experience some focus hunting a few years back, when I was using my K5. Later on, I found that my K3 hunted a lot less and now my K1 ll has never been a problem at all. Perhaps this is due to incremental improvements in design to various lenses, especially the newer designs. Possibly this is partly due to software updates also? I cannot remember when I have had any hunting issues in the past 6 months with any of these 3 bodies. Therefore, for me, there is no hunting issue to speak of at this time. However, I do mainly concentrate on landscape type photography.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 01-21-2019, 02:33 PM  
Extremely low temperatures : What to expect and how to counter-balance it?
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 75
Views: 2,639
Two thoughts. I have heard it is an excellent idea to place the camera and lens combo in a sealed bag before you go back into a heated place. Condensation will take place on the outer of the bag and not on the camera. Leaving the camera and lens in the bag to slowly warm up is apparently the right way to go about re-setting the temperature balance. I would also recommend your considering the battery grip with an additional battery to give you a better safety factor.
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 01-21-2019, 01:43 PM  
Poll: Expired Contest Poll VOTE NOW: December 2018 "Lights" Contest Finalists
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 62
Views: 4,285
I realized that number 6 had four different type of light. There was the lighthouse, the vehicle lights, the last of the sun plus the moon. Wow!
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 01-08-2019, 01:33 PM  
Da60-250 vs dfa 70-200
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 14
Views: 983
The DA* 60-250 is a great lens for an APS-C camera except, in my experience, the SDM is a big problem. I am about to replace the SDM motor for the third time within 6 years and I am not happy. It seems to work well for 2 years and then quickly becomes problematic. I have not tried it on my K1 ll yet but expect that, with limitations, it would work well. When the SDM works well, I love this lens. Having the DFA* 70-200 means that I don't have to use the 60-250 as a FF lens. I do find the K1 and 70-200 combination to be a bit heavy when hiking and much prefer the K3 and 60-250 combo for extended trip usage.
Forum: Site Suggestions and Help 10-17-2018, 01:16 PM  
AstroTracer Article Suggestion
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 1
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To "Interested Observer" I checked out some of your photos. Very impressive. You obviously take great pride in doing your best.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 10-15-2018, 10:41 AM  
300 2.8 w/teleconv vs 150-450
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 16
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Having used the DFA 150-450 for over a year now, I can comment that this is an exceptional lens. I have used it on both my K3 and my K1 II. I also have the 1.4 teleconverter but have not needed to use it with this lens.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 10-13-2018, 10:58 PM  
Does the D-FA 28-105mm on K-1 compare favorably against the DA* 16-50 on K-3?
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 7
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My most used combo on my K3 is the DA* 16-50 but I hardly use it at f 2.8. I let the camera decide the best settings and I mostly shoot landscapes. I also have the K1 II and mostly use this with the DFA 24-70 lens. In real life, these two combo represent much the same focal distances. Obviously, the K1 has the potential for better photos because of 36 FF vs. 24 APS-C. However, I get excellent pictures from either. The 28-105 has had excellent reviews so the decision is yours. I expect that you would be happy with any of these combinations. I do find that I prefer the weight and size of the K3 combo to the K1 combo out in the field. I do however have grips on both which would affect the total weight of each.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 10-10-2018, 05:05 PM  
DA* 11-18mm f/2.8 is to have a defog option for astrophotography?
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 68
Views: 8,623
Some Pentax lenses have a MF/AF switch on them in addition to the one on the Pentax camera body. I believe that the switch on the lens is an override of the one on the camera body. If you move the lens switch, that takes preference over the body's position switch. This information is included in some of the lens instruction manuals. If you wish to switch from manual from Auto ( or vice versa ), you only have to use the lens switch. You can leave the switch on the camera body in the usual position.
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 10-10-2018, 04:57 PM  
Pentax k5 advice
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 46
Views: 1,374
For your purposes, if you were starting from scratch, I would suggest the DA* 16-50 2.8 lens for landscape work and the DA* 60-250 f 4.0 for sports purposes. If the latter does not have quite the reach you want, consider adding the 1.4 teleconverter. I have tried all these combinations and had no issues whatsoever. Don't forget to add a high quality UV and/or polarizer for each lens. I have tried several brands and find that the B + W ones work best.

Since you already have some lenses, consider the equivalents that you have and start from there.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 08-09-2018, 05:09 PM  
K3ii replacement
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 2,451
Views: 176,946
As PentaxRev mentioned, happiness can still be obtained with an APS-C sensor Pentax such as the K3 v 1 & 2. For most of us, either is more than adequate. I went the K1 II route and while I really like it, I still really like my K3 and K5 and have no issues with any of theser. Plus, the weight difference, while perhaps not significant, is still noticeable.
Forum: Pentax K-3 07-24-2018, 01:37 PM  
Anyone planning to grow old with their K3?
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 117
Views: 8,191
I purchased the K1 II recently and while I very much like it, I still have no problems with my K3 ( and my K5 ). I actually like the lighter weight of the K3 and the size being a bit smaller is also just fine. I guess it just depends upon what you like to shoot and how critical you are. I always thought that both the K5 and K3 took excellent pictures and I have had several blown up and printed and mounted. No issues. In fact, the K5 actually has more features on it than the K3, and the K5 manual is way better and more detailed. I have grips on all three bodies and really like the extra battery power. I can go all day and never worry about running out of juice. I do use some of the best lenses that Pentax makes and find this helps with colour and clarity. Also, I use B & W UV and polarizer filters and really like them. I used some other brands initially but found that I noticed a difference when I switched. In particular, I like the Kaesemann polarizers. While the K3 is no longer considered ground breaking, it still produces excellent photos consistently and isn't that what we are all looking for?
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 07-16-2018, 09:38 AM  
K3ii replacement
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 2,451
Views: 176,946
While I am as unknowing as everyone else, I suspect that a K3 replacement will likely come sometime in 2019. I also do not expect that it would be mirrorless as that would cause a major shift in other factors, something that Pentax/Ricoh cannot afford to address currently. In the meantime, all their current cameras and lenses still take very acceptable photos and there seems to be an interest in upping the quality and abilities of the next generation DA* and DFA* lenses. This should prove to be a major enhancement to the Pentax brand.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 07-04-2018, 07:52 AM  
Amateur Photographers (UK) Predicts End for Pentax
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 887
Views: 61,064
While the camera market place is certainly undergoing rapid change, I quite like the Pentax policy of going after a market where it feels it can be a real player, namely, the serious amateur who wants a well made, comfortable, reliable and weather sealed product with which to go and take still photos. It may be a niche product and there is nothing wrong with that. Downgrading a camera because it does not do video as well as other cameras is not a valid policy in my opinion since the people who buy these cameras are not doing so to get a video camera. Some of the things that set the Pentax line apart are how well every product is made, how ergonomic each item is, how solidly built they are and how competitively priced they are for what they give the consumer. Their lens lineup, while not as extensive as major brands such as Nikon and Canon, nevertheless covers all the bases that most of the intended buyers want covered. Nothing wrong with that. The low end of the camera market place is dropping out of site and these same major players are the most vulnerable. Is it not better to do some things well vs. doing many things well enough? The K1 II has been compared favourably in many aspects to the Nikon 850. Not as wonderful perhaps in some criteria, but look at the price difference!

Interestingly, at the camera stores that I sometimes visit, they do not carry Pentax product in stock but I have never heard a negative comment from the sales people about Pentax products. They do immediately offer to special order items though. In Canada, there is a 2 year warranty, something that I feel could be safely extended to the American marketplace. I doubt that it would be a major additional cost item for the distributor but would add to the perceived value and should be an additional marketing feature. Lastly, I have regularly compared various Canon and Nikon bodies to Pentax ones and every time I perceive a better made and designed product via Pentax. Thus, I do not believe that Pentax is in serious danger of going extinct in the near future. They do however have to keep developing new products as best they can.
Forum: Pentax K-1 06-26-2018, 07:09 PM  
Picture quality - how to get it bettet?
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 36
Views: 2,111
I mostly shoot handheld and use all of: K5, K3 and K1 II. Shooting outdoors and handheld has never been a problem for me. I use almost exclusively zoom lenses, but the good Pentax ones ( DA*, DFA* ) where possible. I particularly like all the new Pentax FF lenses. I have not tried the new PLM lens. I use triangulation in my shooting protocol. I grasp the camera body and lens barrel with my left hand and tuck my left elbow into my torso. My right arm is held close to my side also. Where possible, I further stabilize myself by using the side of a building, a tree trunk, or similar. I usually use ISO 100 and sometimes 200 but very rarely need higher.

I use spot metering and focus on the most important subject area for the intended photo. Doing this should help to let you know if any focusing adjustment is needed.

Outdoors, think about movement in your subject. Are trees or flowers moving in the wind? Take this into account and adjust your shutter speed accordingly.

I am only an amateur so I don't pretend to know a lot but I do try to use common sense and the above noted techniques work well for me and I suspect they would help you also.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 06-20-2018, 06:33 PM  
Roberts camera and k-3 II
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 26
Views: 1,638
So nice to hear of proper customer support. They obviously realize that true customer support is exceeding one's expectations, not just doing what was asked.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 06-20-2018, 09:51 AM  
Sticky: (Beta) Pentax Lens Compability Checker Tool
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 69
Views: 10,684
I tried this out on several lenses, including some old A film lenses and found the information to be accurate. One suggestion, can the camera section remain static so that one could more easily check out several lenses with the same body? This is minor item and I found the checking to be easy and worthwhile.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 06-04-2018, 08:50 PM  
Landscape Rundle Mountain
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 4
Views: 289
Imagine the end of May and snow is still on the mountain tops.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 05-08-2018, 08:25 PM  
Lens Storage - is this ok?
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 12
Views: 1,183
Any cabinet located in a dry area and some ventilation should be fine. As to a liner for a drawer, you could always use an oversized towel and fold it to shape. Cheap and effective. Just make sure it is recently laundered.
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 05-08-2018, 08:19 PM  
New to film. What next after Pentax ME?
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 61
Views: 3,303
For quality, value and ease of use, I would recommend the Super Program/Super A body. A good sample should be available at an excellent price and you could use any A series lens with this. If you can find one, I would suggest the A 35 to 105 lens. I had this combo many years ago and this was my favourite package. Brings back good memories. Good luck and have fun.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-28-2018, 11:31 AM  
K3ii replacement
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 2,451
Views: 176,946
On a recent vacation in Central America I was surprised by how many tourists used real cameras when taking photos. The smart phone types were mostly taking selfies but the people with DSLRs and such were taking photos of what was around them.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-27-2018, 01:18 PM  
K3ii replacement
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 2,451
Views: 176,946
Like everyone else, I don't really know what is up regarding a K3 II replacement, but I am hoping for one in 2018. There were some features about the KP that were interesting to me but I really prefer the body style of the K3. Adding these KP features to a K3 III would be, in my mind, a good upgrade. I like the feature upgrades to the K1 II and will likely order one soon as I have been waiting to see the second version of the K1, if only to feel more secure that any bugs have been eliminated. I also really like the idea of the DA* 11-18 lens and expect to order one of these when available. So, 2018 could be an expensive year for me, but also a very satisfactory one. Last year, I purchased 2 DFAs in anticipation of eventually getting a FF. I suspect my thinking is not too far off from that of others.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 01-23-2018, 10:47 AM  
Looking for first tele zoom lens!
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 25
Views: 1,371
If price is your first concern, go with the 55-300 but if long term happiness is your priority, go the PLM version. Another choice would be the DA 18-135 lens. The longest reach would be reduced, but the less the variance/multiples between shortest and longest, typically the better the images. It depends upon what you want to shoot.
Forum: Homepage & Official Pentax News 01-14-2018, 12:44 PM  
Looking Back at the Pentax Community in 2017
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 2
Views: 546
Quickly reviewing the comments so far, I see some negative thoughts about a lack of new products, innovation by Ricoh. I agree that we are due for a replacement to the K3 twins and expect that something will happen in 2018. The fact that the 645 now has a reduced list price also likely indicates some activity in this area. Looking at the major competition, Nikon and Canon are having real problems with erosion from smart phones. They have too many products. Pentax has a limited line but it is a good line. There are real differences between most models and there is a good selection of lenses. The future competition will likely be smart phone cameras and having a balanced line-up is likely the way to go, something that Ricoh seems to be pursuing.

Personally, I am anxiously awaiting a K3 replacement and the introduction of the DA* 11-18 lens. I agree with the comment that the DA* 16-50 and 50-135 need replacing with more robust versions. I have the 16-50 and have replaced the motor twice already. Really ticked off about having to do this. Otherwise, I really like this lens, it is my "go to" lens. Anyway, let's see what the first quarter of 2018 brings.
Forum: General Talk 01-01-2018, 09:09 AM  
My PentaxForums "New Year's Wish"
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 52
Views: 3,725
May all Pentaxians, and camera buffs in total, find nice and positive images to record throughout 2018.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 10-26-2017, 02:40 PM  
HD Pentax-DA★ 11-18mm f/2.8
Posted By Yoda boy
Replies: 474
Views: 55,869
The information presented states that the 50 is a new SDM but the 11-18 does not say this. I hope they both are new motors.

---------- Post added 10-26-17 at 02:55 PM ----------

Firstly, I am amazed at the number of responses to this announcement so quickly. Secondly, this is a lens that I have been waiting for and am very happy to see. I suspect many Pentaxians have added the Sigma 10-20 lens to their arsenal and this new product will be superior in two ways that most will appreciate: f 2.8 and AW. A very nice early Christmas present indeed, at least conceptually, since it looks like it will not be available until early 2018. This gives everyone time to save for this.
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