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Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 01-05-2017, 03:45 PM  
KX images on widescreen tv, help please..
Posted By WildBikerBill
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The K-01 does do multiple aspect ratios, specifically: 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, and 1:1
I have mine on my desk next to me and just dove into its menus to check.

The K-01 is the same generation as the K-30 / K-50 cameras, so they probably do as well.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 05-03-2016, 12:47 AM  
Sigma 28-105 Image Distortion
Posted By WildBikerBill
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The greater the distance, the greater the thermal "heatwave" effect will be. And you note the effect is greatest at the long end of the lens, which is when the distances tend to be the greatest as well.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 04-09-2016, 04:01 PM  
Sigma 10-20 f/3.5 vs f/4-5.6
Posted By WildBikerBill
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This is incorrect. The 3.5 has a removable hood.
I know whereof I speak because I am a 3.5 owner.
Forum: Pentax K-r 03-09-2016, 07:06 PM  
My first efforts at time-lapse using a K-r.
Posted By WildBikerBill
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Just remember this is a fast way to use up the mechanical shutter on the camera.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 12-30-2015, 11:48 AM  
Poll: For those who use a 16MP Pentax as your primary camera - upgrade in 2016?
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 117
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Resolution has never been the reason for my upgrades.
The things that have driven my upgrades:
1. Pentax *ist-DL: It was my first DSLR. It represents my transition from film to digital.
2. Pentax K-x: Vastly improved low-light performance and then new video functionality.
3. Pentax K-01: Improved low-light performance and greatly improved video functionality.

I'm pretty happy with the K-01 even if I would often like a view finder.
And this past year (2015) I purchased Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 and Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 lenses.
I'll be spending my quality camera time using my new lenses.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 12-14-2015, 07:30 AM  
Upgrading my Sony SDHC Class 4 on my Pentax Kx
Posted By WildBikerBill
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No need to wonder when info from Ricoh-Pentax is just a few clicks away.

Firmware Update Software for K-x | Software Downloads?RICOH IMAGING CANADA
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 12-05-2015, 08:02 PM  
The new K series by Pentax old brochure
Posted By WildBikerBill
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I remember first camera was a KM.
Boy was I mad at myself when I left it at the top of Yosemite Falls.

I replaced it with a K1000. By then the KM was out of production.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 11-20-2015, 12:44 PM  
SDHC Issues
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 19
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"...I used the same batteries for a while and although they are good energizer 2400mAh it's a possible cause...."

A long time ago I purchased a Pentax *ist-DL and had endless trouble with it to the point that when the K-x came out I bought it. To make a long story short, I have tried every major battery brand out there and with the sole exception of Eneloops they were trash. Most of them would barely hold charge more than a day or two and heaven forbid what the discharge rate was should you be so bold as to actually use them. I think your batteries time is up.
Forum: Pentax K-01 10-11-2015, 05:17 PM  
Pentax K-01 too big
Posted By WildBikerBill
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Thinness is much overrated. You can shrink the body, but delivering a given level of light to the sensor directly implies a given diameter/aperture to the lens. So the only way to significantly shrink the lens means also shrinking the sensor, as this allows shrinking the diameter of the lens while delivering the same amount of light per unit area to the sensor. Maintaining the same FOV then requires also shrinking the focal length. This is why u4/3rds cleans up so handsomely with small, light kit. For a given FOV, the lens shrinks significantly both in diameter and length because of the smaller sensor.

E-mount? Not so much. The sensor stays the same size so the lens diameter can't shrink, and holding the same FOV means the focal length can't shrink. So the lens size can't significantly shrink the way u4/3rds lenses can. And putting anything other than a pancake on the E-mount quickly becomes a handling problem. The combination of a moderate to heavy lens with a thin body to grip simply isn't a happy place to be. This is why I like the "thick" Pentax K-01 body. Putting a Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 lens on it is a pleasure. I doubt the same can be said of any of the NEX-3, 5, 6, 7, and A6000 bodies.

Real reasons why the Pentax K-01 failed: (I have one by the way)

1. Video industry standard audio is 48 Khz 16 bit stereo.
CD standard audio is 44.1 Khz 16 bit stereo.
Pentax, you used a very non-standard 32 Khz sample rate.
Where on earth did that bone head decision come from?

2. Pentax, you weenied out the video bitrate at 21 Mbps.
The AVCHD spec. maxes out at 25 Mbps.
You can handle more detail+motion as the bitrate goes up.
Pentax, why did you cut it short?

3. The video encoder in Pentax DSLRs so far has been class trailing with probably the worst moire, aliasing, and detail of any of the video capable DSLRs.
#2 above would affect this.

4. Hooking up a monitor/recorder to the camera automatically puts it in playback mode. There is no getting around this.
This means hooking up an external monitor/recorder in the quest for better quality means you can't shoot.
Why? Pentax, Why?

5. There is no way to monitor the camera audio levels. Not even a visual display on the LCD.

Despite all the above flaws, Pentax, you saw fit to initially price the camera as if it was a real competitor to the Canons, Nikons, and Panasonic's which did not have the above deficiencies.

6. Personal beef: If you setup the camera to shoot video in manual mode, the rear LCD display shows a very close approximation of the image your settings will net. Vary the iso, aperture, or shutter speed, and watch the image get darker or brighter in consequence. This is great. But the same does not happen when in manual stills mode. Instead what is displayed is an auto-exposure image utterly divorced from your settings. This is bad.
Why? Pentax, Why?

Please Note: Pretty much ALL the above deficiencies are really, really basic flaws. Also, pretty much ALL the above deficiencies are a consequence of firmware, not hardware. They could likely all be fixed without any hardware changes whatsoever. Which is like saying, from the get-go, they chose to fail. Which is incredibly sad.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 10-11-2015, 04:10 PM  
Sunken spaceship
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 8
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Now THAT is one beautiful image. Breathtaking.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-01-2015, 07:48 AM  
2007 quality with k-10... wow!
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 11
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Just because manufacturer XYZ comes out with a new camera, does NOT mean the one you have just turned to garbage.

I recently took my Pentax *istDL out of hibernation, put the FA 35mm F2.0 on it, and took it on one of my daily walks.
The pictures it took were just fine. Still much better than a smartphone on a 24" monitor much less pixel-peeping at 1:1.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 09-25-2015, 08:10 AM  
First attempt at DSLR video (K50)
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 29
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What you are seeing/hearing is manufacturing variance in the exact resonance frequency of the time keeping quartz crystals. I record concerts up to two+ hours in length with five cameras. I have to deal with this or there are problems! Afterwards the first thing I produce is a full length audio track. The footage from each camera is then synced to that audio track. That can mean the video gets stretched or shrunk by a frame here and there as needed. Only then does the real edit begin.

---------- Post added 09-25-15 at 11:20 AM ----------

I guess it depends on your definition of "ridiculous".

I have one of these: RØDE Microphones - Stereo VideoMic

One of these: RØDE Microphones - VideoMic Pro

And Rode just came out with this: RØDE Microphones - VideoMicro
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 08-23-2015, 09:00 PM  
First attempt at DSLR video (K50)
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 29
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Sadly, you are correct. I have a Pentax K-01 and Panasonic GH4, both of which have a mic input.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 08-23-2015, 06:17 PM  
New to DSLR and K50 video/memory cd.?
Posted By WildBikerBill
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Yes. There doesn't even need to be 4GB of empty space left. The camera will stop recording when the card is full.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 08-23-2015, 06:10 PM  
First attempt at DSLR video (K50)
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 29
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The reason to back off the saturation, contrast, and sharpness settings is because:
1. This maximizes the dynamic range the camera will handle before things crush to black or blow-out to white and...
2. Minimizes the artifacts that get baked into the footage.

If you need more saturation, contrast, or sharpness, these are all things that are better done in post during the edit.

To be happy with the audio, you are likely going to pickup something like this:
Tascam DR-70D 4-Channel Audio Recording Device for DSLR DR-70D

To be kind, the builtin mics+audio in DSLR's in general and Pentax DSLR's in particular is poor. There are frequently AGC circuits that ensure the noise is loud when the scene is in fact quiet. For Pentax, it isn't even video industry standard 48KHz sample rate but instead 32KHz. The Tascam solution allows you to
(1) Use better mics.
(2) Have better control over your gain levels.
(3) Record externally
(4) Feed the camera with that audio so syncing in post isn't a nightmare.
(5) Plug in headphones so you can monitor what you are really getting.
Forum: General Photography 08-23-2015, 05:38 PM  
Letting someone else use your camera
Posted By WildBikerBill
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That's their problem, not yours. You're already doing them a favor by being there.
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 08-04-2015, 08:41 PM  
Rented from GREAT!!!
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 7
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Sounds great because if memory serves, their Pentax gear used to be zero. They wouldn't be doing this unless they saw demand.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 08-01-2015, 01:59 PM  
$159.99 MSRP in 1969
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 13
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No, people did not have vast amounts of disposable income back then. They also did not have expensive things like smartphones and game consoles which many upgrade/replace on a near annual basis. Back then, the things they bought they kept for decades. It is this latter characteristic which I think explains the amount of vintage glass.

I remember buying my first SLR in 1977: A Pentax KM with a 55mm f1.8 lens for a whopping $150. I had that camera for roughly ten years. I forgot it at the end of lunch at the top of Yosemite Falls. When I went back to get it (I remembered within five minutes) it was already gone.
Forum: Pentax K-01 07-18-2015, 10:44 AM  
Compare the size of the GX8 to the K-01
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 18
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To many, the K-01 never did look bulky. It looks big enough you can get a decent grip even when the lens is bigger than a pancake.
Here's a quickie snap of the K-x with the kit 18-55mm vs. a K-01 with a Sigma 17-50mm f2.8.
So tell me again, how small do you want that body to be?
Forum: Pentax K-01 07-18-2015, 10:31 AM  
Compare the size of the GX8 to the K-01
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 18
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Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 07-18-2015, 08:37 AM  
Where can I send a k-30 in to be looked at?
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 6
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My money is on this person not knowing there is a menu item that needs to be switched when using manual lenses or even automatic lenses in the non 'A' position (manual aperture mode) - 'Using Aperture Ring'. It must be set to allow lenses that are not set to the 'A' position to be used.

I have a *istDL, K-x, and K-01. They all have it, but where it appears in the menus varies with the camera.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 04-11-2015, 10:58 PM  
Looking at getting a Pentax Kx
Posted By WildBikerBill
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One of the nice things about the K-x is that it runs on AA batteries instead of a manufacturer/camera specific proprietary battery. If you don't have Eneloop NiMH rechargable AA batteries, get some. Alkaline batteries don't last long and my experience with other brands of rechargeable batteries was abysmal.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 09-14-2010, 02:19 PM  
So a full plastic 35/2.4 is available at Nikkor 35/1.8 price?
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 79
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I am so glad I bought the FA35 f2.0 shortly before Pentax droppped it...
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 04-07-2010, 06:34 PM  
Pentax K500?
Posted By WildBikerBill
Replies: 20
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I've owned both a Pentax KM (film) and a K1000 (film). Purchased new.
I still have the K1000. Finished an old roll of film in it just a few days ago.

The principle differences were:
1. The K1000 had a slightly lower top shutter speed, relative to KM.
2. The K1000 does not have a depth of field preview lever. The KM did.
3. The K1000 does not have a built in self timer for delayed shots.

That pretty much covers how it was cost reduced from the KM.

I have never, ever heard of a K500.
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