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Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 1 Day Ago  
Do you even need a Flash Bracket if using a flash modifier such as Mogmod sphere?
Posted By Class A
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Looks very slik (sic). :)

Is changing the angle by using the ball head efficient or is cumbersome loosening and tightening required?
Forum: Pentax Camera and Field Accessories 1 Day Ago  
Fake flash chip
Posted By Class A
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You'd still have to do a lot yourself, hence DIY. :lol:

Seriously, I don't think you'll ever manage to pull this off without purchasing some gadget. You'd have to hack the digital P-TTL protocol and that would surely require some costly equipment. Perhaps another cheaper trigger would do the trick, but I don't know of any.
Forum: Pentax K-1 2 Days Ago  
K-1 Viewfinder Information Display Panel
Posted By Class A
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I'm not sure you got the message funktionsfrei intended to send.

Funktionsfrei correctly pointed out that Pentax DSLRs already have the hardware capability of adjusting the brightness of the internal viewfinder display. The cameras automatically adjust the brightness level (in at least two levels) depending on ambient light levels.

Funktionsfrei hypothesized that possibly this adaptation mechanism is broken in your camera copy; it is potentially stuck on the low setting. Do you notice the display brightness adapt to ambient lighting conditions?
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 2 Days Ago  
Do you even need a Flash Bracket if using a flash modifier such as Mogmod sphere?
Posted By Class A
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It's 2/9 of the way to the Hydra!

You Tube

(the 2/9-Hydra starts appearing at 3:50).

Use to jump to the right part.
Forum: Pentax Camera and Field Accessories 2 Days Ago  
Fake flash chip
Posted By Class A
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The Cactus V6II communicates with the camera in order to turn on its AF-assist light whenever the camera would have turned on the AF-assist light of a flash.

If you are electronically inclined, you might be able to use the voltage the V6II sends to its own AF-assist LED to control your angel eye. For the purpose of firing the angel eye whenever you take a picture, you could piggy-back on the sync-port of the V6II.
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 2 Days Ago  
Monitor Calibration, Colormunki Display versus Spyder5 Pro
Posted By Class A
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Spyder calibrators have been said to have worse inter-instrument agreement than those by x-rite. This is problematic as it defies the point of calibration if every device "sees" a monitor slightly differently.

The Colormunki Display appears to be a very good device but x-rite's best colorimeter is the i1Display Pro.

Note that colorimeters are relatively cheap and great for measuring dark tones but may have trouble with certain background light types and/or require profiles to work optimally with various display panel types. The i1Display Pro is special in that it stores its filter characteristics internally and allows software to interrogate this data.

The most flexible solution is a spectrophotometer like the x-rite i1Photo Pro2 or the ColorMunki Photo which can also calibrate printers or can be used to create emulation targets for non-standard displays such as iPads. Spectrophotometers aren't great with dark tones, though, hence one really needs both a spectrophotometer and a colorimeter (to calibrate the latter with the former)! :)

N.B., x-rite has the most idiotic naming scheme in the industry. It seems designed to purposefully disguise capabilities and confuse customers. It trumps even Sony's brain-dead mount renaming scheme.

Do you like the Color Navigator software? Any tips?

Which Eizo model have you got?

I'm thinking about getting one. I've seen one in real life and the smoothness of tonal graduations was absolutely gorgeous.
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 2 Days Ago  
New Capture One 11.2 still no K-1ii
Posted By Class A
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Whatever camera profile is used per default, you can change it to any other profile available within C1, including those from other cameras. I don't particularly like C1's profile for the K-1, so I use one made for a Sony camera to emulate Fujifilm's digital emulation of their "Provia" film.

Once you found a profile that works for you, you can make it the default camera profile for your camera.

Furthermore, you can tweak any camera profile with the colour editor and then save the result as a new ICC camera profile. In other words, you can create your own colour profiles by tweaking existing ones.

Finally, there are also systematic ways to create accurate camera profiles that aim at colour fidelity. If this seems too involved, then there seems to be a commercial alternative.
Forum: Pentax K-1 2 Days Ago  
The AF experience of any K1 owners who upgraded to Mark II?
Posted By Class A
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Pentax K-1 II vs K-1 Autofocus Test - Hands-On Tests |

Very well done comparison!
Kudos to @bdery, for being so methodological and presenting the results so nicely.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 2 Days Ago  
Don't have money to burn
Posted By Class A
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Well if the results work for you, you obviously don't need anything else.

One could say the same about images from a phone. They have their limitations, but that doesn't mean a thing if one is still happy despite those limitations.

As far as I'm concerned, the motivation for using artificial lighting is not borne out from an inability to accept what one can get with available light, but from a desire to control the lighting so that one gets the images one desires instead of those that one can live with or that somehow "work". I'm not trying to disparage your attitude, not at all. All I'm trying to say that with artificial light one has a lot more options.

Personally, I'm interested in options that create flattering light for my subjects. If one is limited to available light one either has to arrange the subject so that the available light works as intended (not an option for candid work), or has to live with certain compromises (unflattering light, flat light that doesn't create any dimensionality, etc.).

In short, as I see it, flashes are not meant for increasing light levels, they are meant to paint with lighting. As "photography" literally means "writing with light", it seems that a camera and artificial light sources are almost inseparable. When relying on available light only one practically gives away half of the authorship. :)
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 5 Days Ago  
Don't have money to burn
Posted By Class A
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Candid shots with people moving about erratically or more controlled situations (e.g., where you can keep the background framing and the subject<->flash distance relatively constant)?

Regarding landscapes, you'll probably find it difficult to achieve anything useful with speedlights due to lack of power unless you are considering low-light scenarios and multiple speedlights and even then it would be an interesting endeavour. :)
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 6 Days Ago  
Do you even need a Flash Bracket if using a flash modifier such as Mogmod sphere?
Posted By Class A
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Good idea, except that one monopod sticking out is clearly insufficient.

We need the "Hydra", featuring nine rods, each equipped with a flash, telescoping out when so required. :D
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 6 Days Ago  
Do you even need a Flash Bracket if using a flash modifier such as Mogmod sphere?
Posted By Class A
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I'm a 100% with you on hating a flash mounted to the hot-shoe of my camera. It is just too much weight in the wrong place. The centre of gravity is too high and every bit of tilt exerts force on one's camera holding wrist. The worst angle is the 90 rotation one needs for portrait shots.

Personally, I would have gotten a flash bracket with a grip as that helps to handle the heavy camera/flash combination.

BTW, if someone is really keen on the "on-camera" mounting but still wants to use an RF60X with full P-TTL HSS support, it should be possible to place the RF60X on top of an on-camera V6II and using a bit of paper or electrical tape to isolate the centre pin of the RF60X from the camera's hot-shoe. However, this arrangement puts the flash even higher up and worsens the ergonomics even more compared to plain on-camera flash.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 07-08-2018, 08:52 AM  
Announcing the first winner of our Pentax K-1 Giveaway!
Posted By Class A
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Congratulations, @SirTomster!
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 07-08-2018, 05:36 AM  
Don't have money to burn
Posted By Class A
Replies: 54
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Wow, so you pay less to get better pictures?! :) ;)

Seriously, personally, I wouldn't pay extra just to be able to pop a flash on to the camera.
  1. Off-camera lighting will typically result in much better images.

  2. Even when using bounce-flash, off-camera usage can be beneficial for improved power or consistency (when moving with the camera).

  3. If it has to be on-camera lighting for some reason, I'd recommend to get a flash bracket. I find regular camera-flash combinations unpleasant to handle (the considerable weight of the flash exerts quite some force when using the camera in portrait mode, for instance. A good flash bracket provides further purchase on the overall quite heavy camera-flash combination and fancy flash brackets even support quick re-orientation of the flash. A V6II with an RF60X on a flash bracket beats a regular on-camera P-TTL flash, AFAIC.

Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 07-04-2018, 12:44 AM  
K-1, Cactus V6 ii, and Cactus RF60X--- no TTL even after firmware upgrade?
Posted By Class A
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It's probably just the fact that you have "M" (Master) mode selected on the RF60X.
It needs to be in "S" (Slave) mode. :)
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 07-03-2018, 10:29 PM  
Metz WT-1 radio triggers coming in 2017: P-TTL, HSS, groups, studio flashes
Posted By Class A
Replies: 42
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The V6II can be powered via USB (instead of batteries) so it cannot automatically go into firmware update mode.

They could have made you press "menu" on the RF60X as well for consistency reasons, but I'm not sure that would count as an improvement.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 07-01-2018, 02:45 PM  
Pentax K10D
Posted By Class A
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For those, any cheap trigger will do, including your old Cactus triggers.

This one would benefit from a better trigger like the Cactus V6 or V6II that Adam mentioned.

These triggers would support remote power level control, which is extremely handy.
The V6II would additionally support remote zoom setting control and HSS (high-speed sync), and even P-TTL via radio for the AF540.

Another advantage of a better trigger system is that you can switch individual flashes on or off dynamically via so-called "groups".

If your old triggers are V5 triggers, they would be compatible with the V6/V6II to some extent. Any older and there won't be any compatibility.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 07-01-2018, 02:38 PM  
Flash advice needed.
Posted By Class A
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That's one option. :)

The other is to prepare very well. If you have sufficient time to get up to speed with flash photography and develop good techniques then you may be able to take good pictures. It would require dedication, though, as flash photography done badly looks much worse than regular photography, in my view.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 06-30-2018, 10:21 AM  
Development update regarding the HD PENTAX-D FA★50mmF1.4 SDM AW
Posted By Class A
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Yes, you may be right.

But that doesn't mean that one should take steps to reduce market share. ;)

I wondered whether the very enthusiastic KP review by DPReview encouraged Ricoh to believe that adding an accelerator to the K-1 would be perceived as a very welcome step forward by the tech-press as well as customers.

After all, DPReview was unusually gushing about how impressively Pentax had been able to squeeze out more quality of a sensor that everyone else couldn't use to the same level of noise-free excellence. Goes to show how inconsistent and unreliable their reviewing is, as they could have called out Pentax then and there.

Yes, I agree.

In my book, though, "very high quality" means being able to get access to the full capabilities of the sensor.
As it is, the K-1 II does not quite do that at high ISO levels, as it precludes the benefits of image stacking (e.g., in astro-photography) to be fully realised.

For some, this is correct.

For others, it isn't.

And again, there is the debate about what it means in real world terms, and there is the other debate what it does to the perception of the K-1 II.
So many incompetent reviewers and trolls. No need to feed them.

Nothing is wrong with that. But that's really not the question going forward, and you know it. :)

Same here. I'm rather keen on the new 50/1.4. It looks like they hit a home run with it. Who wants a Sigma Art lens if Pentax knocks something like the D FA* 50/1.4 out of the park?! :)

One? I can think of a large number of expressions that aren't family friendly! :)
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 06-30-2018, 09:13 AM  
Development update regarding the HD PENTAX-D FA★50mmF1.4 SDM AW
Posted By Class A
Replies: 598
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First, there is the "News" column.

Second, there is the camera guide.

Third, there is the review database.

Fourth, there are annual comparisons of cameras within their respective class. DPReview use these to make recommendations (the K-1 gets a mention in the "Landscape" category).

Fifth, cameras appear in the camera comparison tool. You may spot a model that you didn't initially look for as part of the camera comparison tool which is used in every review.

In summary, there are a ton of chances that a reader may come across a Pentax product, even if they did not set out do look for one.

I find the notion of DPReview having zero impact on buyer decisions to be absurd.

As a matter of fact, I consulted DPReview when I was deciding between a K100D and a D40 on recommendation of a shop owner. This happens all the time all over the world.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 06-30-2018, 09:05 AM  
Development update regarding the HD PENTAX-D FA★50mmF1.4 SDM AW
Posted By Class A
Replies: 598
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I hope that they know something that justifies their apparent indifference.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm still a huge Pentax fan. I'm just concerned that Pentax isn't doing as well as it could.

It is entirely possible that Ricoh does not regard this particular market as relevant for them.
Ricoh surely cannot think of the New Zealand market as being relevant for them, otherwise they wouldn't tolerate the abysmally bad New Zealand distributor that makes sure that Pentax has zero ("0", zilch, nada) chance in New Zealand.

Well, I'm not so sure.

If only a fraction of those could be persuaded to buy into a Pentax system, that could make quite a difference.

Ricoh may not be targeting DPReview readers but we all know the principles of economy of scale and how beneficial it would be for Ricoh and their customers if Pentax developed a broader user base.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 06-30-2018, 08:59 AM  
Development update regarding the HD PENTAX-D FA★50mmF1.4 SDM AW
Posted By Class A
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It is highly unlikely that the AF improvements have anything to do with the "accelerator" chip. The latter is most likely a DSP and only used for image processing.

It is likely that the "accelerator" is involved in processing the dynamic pixel shift processing but I'm rather certain that this is 100% independent from the RAW smoothing.

In other words, I'm rather sure that the RAW smoothing could be made optional without affecting anything else.

I didn't argue for the removal of the "accelerator" chip, just for making one of its functions optional.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 06-30-2018, 06:44 AM  
Development update regarding the HD PENTAX-D FA★50mmF1.4 SDM AW
Posted By Class A
Replies: 598
Views: 39,895
Dpreview receives 20,000,000 hits per months.

It is possible that no one cares about their findings about the K-1 II.
Is it likely?
I don't think so.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 06-30-2018, 06:39 AM  
Development update regarding the HD PENTAX-D FA★50mmF1.4 SDM AW
Posted By Class A
Replies: 598
Views: 39,895
I have no problem with you holding that view.

However, the damage has been done.
We can argue about the extent of the damage, but undeniably the "accelerator" issue has caused bad press for the K-1 II and it would have been 100% avoidable.

I disagree.

It is fine if someone finds their family pictures quicker to process now.
It is not fine to impose some RAW smoothing on everyone whether they benefit from it or not.

I'm not "upset".

I disagree with the notion of messing with RAW data, but I'm at least equally concerned with the damage the bad press may have done to the K-1 II sales and to Pentax in general.

Some may make that choice but
  1. the K-1 won't be around forever; didn't we first "hear" about the K-1 II by virtue of the K-1 becoming "unavailable"?

  2. what if someone likes the K-1 but reads the K-1 II development as seeing no future going forward? They could be worried about not having an upgrade path that provides clean RAW data and/or wonder about the future of Pentax if it does so badly in a DPReview.

I don't think you can just brush away such concerns.

Yes, they will, but I'm convinced they could have made more money if they had given the people to opt out of the RAW smoothing, since that would have avoided the respective bad press.

They may not be able to sink it entirely, but I think it would be naive to believe that they don't have some influence on some readers. Pentax can use every single customer and could do with some enthusiastic reporting, instead of being "outed" as a RAW file manipulator.

Please tell me how would it be possible -- for this one "accelerator" issue -- for not everyone truly being happy, if the processing were optional?

The freedom to opt in or out must make everyone truly happy.

I agree with you that people will find ways to be unhappy about something in general, but the "accelerator" business could have been easily removed from the equation! No single soul would have ever had to be unhappy about it. I guess DPReview would have criticised the default setting, if it had been "on" -- they are just childish like that -- but in this case it is clearly DPReview embarrassing themselves as opposed to a camera exhibiting a trait that can reasonably be criticised.

Anyhow, this is off-topic in this thread, isn't it?
Forum: Pentax Forums Giveaways 06-30-2018, 04:00 AM  
K-1 Raffle: Entry thread 1, 11am UTC, June 30, 2018
Posted By Class A
Replies: 64
Views: 12,181
I'd love to win this amazing camera!

In any event, thanks Adam, for the give away initiative!
Long live Pentax!
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