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Forum: Pentax K-1 05-31-2019, 10:04 AM  
Post your K-1 pictures!
Posted By AZGMDale
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From a recent visit to the historic copper mining ghost town of Swansea in western Arizona. Taken handheld with the new 50 1.4, and processed/corrected in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Luminar 3. f/16 @ 100 ISO. Shot this scene at all apertures from 1.4 and liked f/16 for this particular scene. Surprisingly little diffraction at f/16 on this lens. Love it.
Forum: Pentax K-1 05-25-2019, 02:57 AM  
Post your K-1 pictures!
Posted By Rondec
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Sunset (FA 31 limited)

Cattle at Sunset by Vincent1825, on Flickr

This is the road that runs in front of my home, hence the reason it shows up in my photos frequently. Sorry about that...
Forum: Pentax K-1 05-17-2019, 05:50 AM  
Post your K-1 pictures!
Posted By ozarun55
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Regan's Pool by Arun, on Flickr
Forum: Pentax K-1 10-11-2016, 11:11 PM  
Pentax K-1 doing flying dogs and frisbees - cute stuff
Posted By clackers
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I think a Border Collie'd have a better chance of taking an action shot than some reviewers I've read. :-D
Forum: Pentax K-1 09-18-2016, 06:51 PM  
Firmware 1.30 New functions
Posted By Kiwipixter
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Yep, they have also improved the AF.C algorithm for moving cyclists. ;-)
Forum: Pentax K-1 07-07-2016, 06:42 AM  
Dpreview give K-1 Silver
Posted By Class A
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I reviewed the K-1 review by DPReview and award it the coveted Tin Award.

I arrived at my final verdict by applying ad-hoc and not reproducible evaluation procedures. My evaluation and write up changes based on what review/site I'm evaluating and what year I'm doing it, so please don't expect to be able to compare scores. I have furthermore categorised the review according to a certain scheme and will evaluate the review with respect to its category, except when I choose not to for reasons that I will not elaborate upon.

Amongst the reasons I had to downgrade the DPReview review were
  • Poor language. There really are just a few examples of imprecise/misleading wording (of which most have been reluctantly changed already) but that does not stop me from referring to all of the review as "poorly worded".

  • No dedicated menu system. I realise I can click on the topic title to bring up a respective menu and that this works well, but this is not the way I'm used to when navigating other sites. There is probably a way to improve my experience but I won't bother to check the site's configuration options because my review already states elsewhere that the site is not configurable.

  • Limited number of pages in the review. I think there are actually more but confirming that would require me to navigate to those pages and check them out. I prefer to refer to these potentially existing pages as "probably outdated".

  • Notification scheme for comments. Although this feature can be really useful and other sites don't offer it, I rarely comment myself so I find that feature rarely applicable. I'll therefore mark the feature as a negative.

  • Nested content. Within selectable pages, there are selectable images. I find this "nested content" approach confusing. It is not what I'm used to anyhow. It may work very well, if I used the approach for a while, but I prefer to penalise what is different over understanding the merits of a different approach.

  • Not configurable. The site is not configurable enough. During my review I came across a number of configuration options but I had made up my mind earlier that it was not configurable. I'm also unwilling to consult the site's help pages to check whether there are more configuration options.

  • Poor default scheme. The default scheme makes it hard to read content. I know I could easily change the scheme but my principle is to evaluate default settings.

If anyone is going to challenge my verdict and procedures, I will respond in a very defensive manner, bordering on the childish. I will make sure that there is good amount of counter aggression in my responses because everything -- no matter whether I have made factual mistakes that I will silently correct later on -- will be my readers' fault. While I will not use the term "fanboy" in writing, I will make it unmistakeably clear in my responses that that's what I think you are when you dare to challenge my views.

I have access to way more reviews than any of my readers so only I know how to evaluate reviews properly according to industry standards.

Forum: Pentax Full Frame 02-25-2016, 05:29 PM  
FroKnows Photo talking about K-1
Posted By plooksta
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I figured out a long time ago that frodontknowsh**t
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 08-08-2014, 01:06 PM  
And this is (partly) why Pentax doesn't get much love
Posted By jamarley
Replies: 130
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Can someone please take a picture of my head @ 1/500 or higher and send it back to me. i want to see what it looked like before it began spinning! :lol::lol:
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 08-28-2013, 05:53 AM  
New HD DA Limited lenses
Posted By tclausen
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Sure. Just like MPH, which really is an acronym which can mean "My Pretty Horse", cm is an acronym which really can mean "can meet", RADAR really is an acronym which can mean "Rapidly Approaching Date Assault-Rape" (and not "Radio Assisted Detection And Ranging"), and XRAY really is an acronym which can mean "Xenophobic, Racially Androgynous Youth"....

Yeah, you can redefine anything to mean anything. But that doesn't make any sense.
If you redefine a term that already has a well-established semantics, then that just creates confusion and imprecision.

So, Sandy Hancock, I respectfully suggest that you're right - where, of course, I redefine "right" as an acronym to really mean "really incorrect, genuinely, honestly, truly"

:D :D :D
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 08-28-2013, 05:33 AM  
New HD DA Limited lenses
Posted By bossa
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Not a suppository in sight either ;-)
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 04-22-2012, 09:22 PM  
Are we photographers? Or whiners? Or gear-fetishists?
Posted By Todd Adamson
Replies: 89
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I'm not trying to get people riled up here. I just want to provide some perspective FWIW (and that may be nothing to many of you) from a relative outsider's POV to what seems to me to be a largely insular community. I will be making generalizations, and it should go without saying that there are many exceptions, and more nuance than I have time to describe. But I feel like my generalizations apply to significant swaths of the forum membership. This is NOT in response to any specific thread or comment, but instead arises out of what Iím feeling has been a general and recent trend. Iíve been thinking about posting this for a long time, in fact since before the recent pricing policy change. I just happened to have time to type it out today, and yes, all of the ridiculous comments that have been spawned by the policy change probably added a little extra motivation toward me finally expressing my thoughts here.

I used to post on a lot of photography forums, most notably Fred Miranda. I dropped off of that board a couple of years ago. It's a great forum in many ways: huge membership, wide range of expertise, a lot of talent. I learned much of what I know on FM, and without it my development as a photographer would have been different, and I suspect slower. But as I settled into that community and made thousands of posts over several years, I became somewhat complacent, and sort of lost sight of why I was there. I found a couple of specific sub-forums, made some friends and got to know people. I became, for the most part, one of them. For that reason, I was slow to grasp that the forum was becoming stale for me, and then slow to figure out why.

Eventually I realized that for most people on FM (at least in the sub-forums where I participated), the driving force behind their participation had changed, or was never what it was for me in the beginning. For me, the driving force initially was to learn, and then as I became more experienced, to help others learn. Anyone who's ever taught anything knows that learning and teaching are not opposites, but rather inextricably linked. As a teaching assistant in grad school and then later in other venues, I was awakened to the fact that one doesn't really understand something well until one can effectively teach it to others, and that the process of helping others learn something invariably results in the teacher him/herself learning a surprising amount about the topic at hand. I make this digression to point out that when I say I spent time helping other photographers learn their craft, I'm not trying to lay claim to any sort of altruistic motivation. Sure, I had learned a lot on the forum, and it felt good in a way to "give back." But ultimately, jumping in and talking about what I knew, helping others fill gaps in their knowledge, lead me to a better understanding of many photography concepts, and also revealed gaps in my own knowledge that I needed to attend to. I've still got plenty of those gaps, many of which Iím sure I don't even know exist yet, and if I explore photography for the rest of my life I'll never fill them all. That's a huge part of what attracts me to the craft (or art, or whatever you prefer to call it). Creating beautiful images is a great pleasure, and seeing others do it, and learning how they do it, and why, is almost equally enjoyable. It's a fulfilling pursuit, with no end. I can always learn more, get better, alter my approach, my gear, etc.

So, UN-digressing here, that's why I was on the forum. To learn, to grow, to change, and to watch and help others do the same. Finding a good deal on a lens now and then was nice. Making a new friend was great. Getting praise for an image I created made me feel good. But all of those things were bonuses, subsidiary to the main driving force: learn; grow; evolve as a photographer. But it slowly dawned on me that that wasn't the reason many of my forum peers were there anymore, and maybe it never was. Worse yet, I realized that I had become like them in many ways, and that what brought me back to the forum on a daily basis was no longer closely-related to my above-stated "Prime Directive." I was visiting threads to indulge in microscopic analysis of the latest gear releases, or to engage in rampant speculation about what was coming next, or to see who had burned who in the current ongoing epic argument about something that really wasnít important in the long run. Said epic argument, of course, very closely resembled the epic argument of the week before, and, in fact, the epic argument of one year ago, and five years ago. These people were peeping pixels, and spinning wheels, and lusting after gear they couldn't afford, or that didn't exist yet. They were frequently throwing away money on buying and selling, even changing systems, or expending lots of time and energy orchestrating complicated gear swaps that would finally result (yeah riiiight, right?) in them being satisfied with what they owned, and of course make them better photographers. They also took a lot of time to complain about high prices, poor QC, spotty availability, etc. Whether they were Nikon people or Canon people, many of them knew better than Nikon or Canon what these companies were doing wrong, and how to fix it. If only those big companies would pay attention, they could have put together a fresh board of directors, a whole new engineering department, and a global marketing division which would no doubt bring billions of new consumer dollars to the shareholders (Yeah. Right.). What they weren't doing, was shooting. They weren't enjoying photography. I found that demoralizing.

The thing is, it wasn't just them. I was right in there with them. I got caught up in the hype, and joined the fray more often than not. I had to have an opinion, and it was always a pretty damn good opinion because, well, it was mine. I'd like to think that I was at least a little less engaged in the dumb stuff, and a little more engaged in the actual hobby/craft/art/profession of photography than some of the worst offenders, but who knows? It's difficult to be objective about your own participation; much like it's difficult to be objective about your own photographic work.

In any case I slowly became conscious of the negative side of how I was participating, and promptly decided the only solution, since I had become so integrated into the FM paradigm, was to sever all ties with the forum. No regrets there. I'll say again: it's a great place. Used responsibly, it's a phenomenal resource, with many good people. But it had become a very bad place for me, and despite all I had learned there, getting away was the right decision. Maybe I'll go back in another five years or so. Probably not.

The story of how I came round to Pentax is a long one and I won't go into it. I had some help from Ben (deadwolfbones), who is on this forum, and still on FM as far as I know. He's a great guy who seems to me to be doing photography for all the right (yes, ďrightĒ is only my personal opinion) reasons. I've found several others on Pentax Forums of whom I'd say the same. I'm not going to start listing them, because no doubt I'd leave someone out. But I'd been indoctrinated with Nikon and Canon to the extent that I barely even knew Pentax existed. I was in shock when I realized how much great, great gear was available from Pentax. I was particularly shocked when I began to see prices. Example: the FA77 is half the price of a Nikon 85/1.4. The FA77 is better in every way. I could go on, but I doubt I have to.

Coming over to Pentax Forums from FM was like a breath of fresh air for me. There was a ton of new stuff to learn, and the people, as well as the established forum resources (like the lens database), were very helpful. And after browsing and participating for a few weeks, I had the impression that among the core membership here there was a more genuine love for photography, as well as a much-reduced tendency toward gearhead know-it-all BS. This was excellent.

However, it wasn't long before I started to detect that many Pentaxians were walking about with chips on their shoulders, just ready to spring into aggressive action at any perceived slight. Many of these perceived slights didn't even seem real, and even the ones that did rarely seemed significant. Sometimes it doesn't even require anything bad to be said about Pentax; sometimes it's enough simply to say something positive about Canon or Nikon. I'm probably more attuned to this because I have a tendency to say good things about Nikon. I love Nikon. They make good stuff, OK? I shoot both Nikon and Pentax now, and love them equally, for different reasons. But saying something good about Nikon around here can lead to someone scoffing at Nikon products, or having a defensive reaction about Pentax products due to the inaccurate inference that Pentax is somehow inferior. Not a huge deal. I'm happy and confident with my Nikon gear, and if someone scoffs at it, it doesn't bother me. I don't take it as a personal attack, and it doesn't shake my faith in the brand. That's because my faith in the brand derives from using it, and seeing what it can do, and not from other peoples' uneducated opinions. I feel the same way about Pentax. It's just some stuff I use because it makes what I want to do possible, and easy, and enjoyable. Attack it all you want, it doesn't matter. I'm getting reasonable value for my money with both systems. I know the capabilities of both systems, and I know their limitations. I'm not saying I don't comprehend the attitude; I'm simply wishing it wasn't present, or at least not so overt. But it is what it is, and I suppose it's a natural response to feel somewhat connected to your gear, and to take it a little personally when someone thinks it's "not professional," or makes some other claim of inadequacy. But after spending some time on PF, I feel like this tendency arises in part because it's fundamentally ingrained at some level, in a significant number of people who post here. Even the oft-used portmanteau "Canikon," which I try hard to avoid using, is evidence of this, and a result of this. I know, most of you are probably thinking "Canikon" is just harmless shorthand to save on keystrokes. But it's more than that. It arises from, and reinforces, a sort of Pentax-against-the-world culture. It either underscores prevalent attitudes that Pentax is superior in every way to other camera companies, or promotes a persecution complex among its marginal supplicants. Perplexingly, some people seem to display both the persecution complex and the Pentax-is-the-only-true-way attitude at the same time. At best, itís lazy to lump Canon and Nikon together. Canon and Nikon are as different from one another as Pentax is from either of them. If I had my way, and could enact a wide boycott, I'd boycott the usage of the term Canikon.

Like I said, the attitude itself is not a huge bother...just unfortunate and mildly annoying. But in addition to that, and more ominous IMO, it feels like there are more and more complaint threads, more and more know-it-alls who are positive they know what's best for the future of Pentax, as well as an ever-increasing number of pointless gripe threads, silly gear-peen comments, and endless energy being sunk into speculation.

All of those things are fine, and healthy, in good measure. It's helpful to talk about the good and the bad, how we might improve things, and speculation can be entertaining to a degree. But there's a line that can be crossed. It's a fuzzy line, to be sure, and the error bars are different sizes for different people and personalities. It's not for me to say where that line lies for any specific individual. But I do think it's fair to say that if you are doing more whining than you are shooting, you've crossed well over it. If your concerns about the currently available gear, or its pricing, or the long-term corporate strategy of Pentax/Ricoh are cutting into your enjoyment of photography, you really need to reassess things. If youíre bitching more and creating less, there's no one to blame but yourself.

I really feel like this negativity I'm describing has increased in the last year or so. Maybe it's because the K-5 finally showed the world that Pentax can be for real again, and the little taste of legitimacy coming from outside the Pentax world has resulted in some grumbling because it didn't come to immediate, orgasmic fruition and Pentax world dominance. People still disrespect us. We still don't have a full-frame body. Meh. Wank. Who, among people with a true and consuming love of photography, can muster the time to give a rat's ass about such things? Maybe it's always been this way here. Maybe it just seems new to me because it took me a while to acclimate and identify what I'm talking about, and now that I've identified the suspects, I see them peeking out from every corner. I'm perfectly willing to accept that latter possibility. But that doesn't do anything to change what I see as harmful elements among the Pentax populace.

Honestly, I'm just offering my own personal insight, for whatever it may, or may not be worth. Feel free to call it misguided, obvious, pompous...whatever. This is just what I see: a substantial number of people are coming off as entitled cry-babies who don't know how good they've had it, and how good they still have it. Cranky and impatient noodlers who'd rather gripe about what they don't have than appreciate what they do. Itís not constructive. Lifeís too short, and weíre missing great photographs.

If you actually read all of that, thanks. Even if you hate me for typing it. And if it made you angry, fire off a nasty PM to Ben for his role in luring me here in the first place. ;)
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 02-24-2012, 12:40 PM  
Good news, some of my 645d images now on
Posted By harklee
Replies: 27
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Hi, Fellow Pentaxians,

I got some of my images published on the travel section of the CNN website (international edition : Travel News - Headlines, Stories and Video from International)
titled 'how to take stunning landscape photographs', although the title and content of the article are not quite what I envisioned.
It's a short article based on an even shorter interview with the editor, and I asked for a revision so don't get too upset about
the poor content. :)

The gallery contains 12 photos, 9 of which are taken with 645d. I wanted to include newest work but they asked 2:3 aspect ratio
images for the vertical, so I ended up using some 5d II images.

1, 6, 8, 11 (see below) are taken with the D-FA 25mm, which I think is a fantastic piece of glass (still not quite convinced about the
price tag). Sorry about my long absense and I will write back with newest thoughts on the past 1.5 years with 645d. Thank you.

'The Light of Sierra' (Saddlebag Lake, Yosemite National Park, California, 2011)

'A Fairy' (Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona)

'A Lucid Dream' (Rodeo Cove, Marin, California)

'Valley of the Fall' (Lundy Canyon, Inyo National Forest, California)
Forum: General Talk 01-05-2012, 10:51 AM  
"Christians for a Moral America" plan boycott of "The Hobbit"
Posted By boriscleto
Replies: 47
Views: 5,194

You Tube

Forum: General Talk 08-31-2011, 03:41 PM  
Healthcare mis-information and Canadian Care
Posted By exwintech
Replies: 105
Views: 9,571
From where I am here in Sydney, it does seem that the Americans are very good at arranging / organising / managing - just about anything, anytime - except for an "everyone is covered" healthcare system...

From what I read online (which might or might not be accurate) - the US spends about twice as much - 17% of budget - on "healthcare" as the other OECD countries - example, Australia spends about 8%.

Nothing invented by humans is, or ever will be, "perfect". So Universal Healthcare, whether in Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy - or Australia - isn't and can't be, perfect. Nor - with 62% of bankruptcies in the US being "healthcare costs" related, is the US system.

In Australia, the Medicare (universal, not just for the elderly, as in the US) - System is very good - it consistently rates in the top 3 or 5 in the world - and whatever "glitches" it does have are kept to a low minimum. It is not "totally free" (as in the UK) - heavily subsidised co-pays are made for prescriptions / medications.

However, all GP / Family Doctor / Specialist / related-workers, visits and treatments are fully free, as are hospital stays, operations, and related procedures. That includes Tests, Examinations, In-Clinic or In-Hospital, and other needed procedures.

You can choose your GP / Family Doctor, and change to any other of your choice if you want to. Unlike the UK, in Australia, GPs and Specialists are not "employed by the Government", other than some hospital staff. My own GP, like the others, runs his rooms / office as a private business - sees his patients, who present their Medicare Card, have it swiped in a reader, and sign the generated form. From that, the doctor then bills the Medicare System.

In our System "Over-Use" is kept under control by the Prescriptions / Medications co-pay method. Most Adults pay about $30.00 for a 1-month or under Prescription, regardless of "actual cost" of the medications.. For Families, Prescriptions for children are further subsidised.

Age and Disability Pensioners pay $5.60 per monthly (or under) Prescription - I'm on Disabilty Pension (Diabetes, COPD, etc) - and have 5/6 scripts a month. The "5/6" is because I'm on 24-hour insulin, and 1 script for that lasts a bit over 3-months. There are 2 scripts ("issues") per Prescription, so about 6-months total supply. (Each issue-script for 3-months is a separate Pharmacy issue - I pay $5.60 - total cost is $432.00.)

Pensioners also get a $19.00 per fortnight (2-weeks, as pensions are paid here) - Pharmaceuticals Allowance, which covers my costs.

Ambulance, including Air Ambulance / Outback Flying-Doctor, is no cost to the user.

Funding of Medicare here is via a "1.5% Medicare Levy" on all incomes. At times, very expensive items - testing and treatment devices for hospitals can be an example - are funded from General Tax Revenues.

Those who prefer and can afford additional services - private rooms and TVs in hospitals, etc, can join Medicare Private, and pay additional amounts for those things. However - the System is good enough that many quite well-off folk don't bother, and just use the standard system.

I have read on Internet (so it might not be what most there think) - that at least "some Americans" think universal medicare systems are "Socialist" - rather than the "Socialised" systems they actually are...

So do they also think that Fire Brigades, Police, Defence Forces, etc for which "everyone pays", via their usual Taxes - are "Socialist"...?

Regards, Dave.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 09-16-2010, 02:35 AM  
Its my way or the highway
Posted By Steelski
Replies: 50
Views: 12,173
This is about the Nikon/Canon/Pentax jumping ship at the sight of a body people.

Dear fellow Pentaxians.
I am a working professional photographer that lives in a country called Bulgaria. I have my own strobe studio that I use for portraiture, I shoot weddings, parties and other events. I am waiting for my big break into serious work (yes I do not consider weddings to be what I want to be doing). Above all these things I became a professional photographer because I really love doing it for myself.
I have a self taught background and really loved processing my own B&W work. It was a real pleasure!!!!!
Now I earn the equivalent of $250 dollars per wedding......and I am expensive here!!!!
Despite all the limitations of my equipment, I am able to pull of good results... better than those with full frame Nikons and Canons around me. They pride themselves on equipment and often sneer at mine.
I am under no illusion that If I were to use a more professional tool than my K20D and K10D combo I would get better results! But I can not afford two systems. You see, I am besotted with the Joy of photography. I love to take pictures!!!! Not so much process them. I know I get that from my Pentax K20D.
Its really sad that a lot of people are so struck by the specs and price of the D7000. The K-7 is described by all of its owners with words more akin to a friend than a tool.

I recently saw the DPREVIEW description of the K-7 against the D7000.
"The Pentax K7, which has slipped into the D7000's class by virtue of its current asking price, combines handling qualities of both the D7000 and the two Canons, and is arguably one of the most pleasant DSLRs of its type to hold and use."
The key word is also the last one. "USE"

I read a couple of comment that Nikon has won this round, or has beaten Pentax.
Nonsense. If you think that then you are really need to look again.
Technically they are like twins.
I see nothing to sway anyone one way or the other....
"but what about AF" I hear some scream.
You mean the dumbed down D300 array with 9 cross points, all of which smaller and clustered towards the middle. I think many need to check what the comments were when Nikon abandoned its very similar to Pentax array in the D2x.
AF was near identical with a better performance in some situations for the new D300 and some for the D2x.
We have a rather untested Safox IX+ that people are already dismissing. Its already second gen after the 645D and is said to be much faster by the few sources we have...... So lets wait and see.

Forgive me for straying but I thought I would answer that question before it was asked.

Now, the Joy of shooting. As I said before , I cling to my Pentax equipment because it gives me joy, I have shot a few other cameras that simply did not feel so right in the hand, and certainly did not give me pleasure (including a Nikon D700 and D80, Canon rebels and 40D). I have also used Pentax cameras that do the same..... the PZ-1p being a performance revaluation when I got it back in the day, but it did not feel great to use.

What strikes me is that I am willing to wait for something that I know I will like to use, and a big bunch of you are just ready to jump.
Go ahead, you are clearly just tech junkies, and for something that is likley to be a very marginal difference and a few more dollars at launch.
Go ahead and buy the Nikon primes you want. The 35mm 1.4 is nice. So is the 24 1.4 and 85 1.4.
I sit hear dreaming that I got the FA Limiteds trio before the price hike, but they are still cheaper than the Nikons.
What I am saying is that a lot of you clearly do not value the actual use of your equipment. You are very willing to give up on something that very few companies actually offer, and thats user satisfaction. I know the K-7 was not up to scratch at High ISO, and the focus was still slow at low light, I also know that the flash system needs development, as do some the lenses. Now that the camera aspect seems to have been addressed, what?.... the feeling of the way Pentax do things is gone? The K-7 which was designed like a glove is comparable to the D90 with a few more buttons? Save some money, buy your high performance Nikon and good riddance to you (although technically I think Pentax is actually a step above in some aspects)
I value the joy of photographing something. You value what???? IQ, speed, accuracy, focus point, VR, branding. If you find the D7000 gives you joy, thats good. If you value the Pentax way of taking pictures, really, is a few dollars at launch so much.. Take this into account..... the D90 launched at a street price of 999 US, its now 899, two years later.
The K-7 is now at a lower starting price than the D90, and it came out at 1150 just around a year ago.
By the time you go to upgrade, I think the K-5 will be at the same price as the Nikon.

So, take your pick.
Superior user experience or....... technically about the same but slightly cheaper at launch.
Oh and the K-r might be right up your ally anyway if you want something less for less.
In essence I am saying that you should not put so much worth in specs alone. The camera you use does not make you a better photographer, but it can be the difference between you being a happy/satisfied one to one that is not. I know you are not all professional photographers, and would advise you to follow your feeling and not so much spec sheets and prices. You do not need incrementally better performance, you need happiness and satisfaction.
As I said before, if you find that with the Nikon, GO!!!, but its much more likely you will actually prefer the K-5 if the reason you came to Pentax has not changed in the past few months.

Edit: Clarification. The title, My way or the Highway.... I am not saying you do things My way, more so looking from your personal perspective, or from the perspective of Pentax and how they intertwine. Each person has his own way, path. Each company tries to cater for that. Canon and Nikon cater for a larger performance market which Pentax has never really been part of the top tier.....excluding MF. Even with the LX, you can see trademark things like compactness and durability. I bought my PZ-1p on specs alone and regret not going for the MZ-S. Which is a very refined and crafted camera, in the vein of the K-7.
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