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Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 11-16-2017, 03:15 PM  
CAUTION: pentax_takumar_lens_repair_manual.rar VIRUS
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 12
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Wasn't going to go there... but, yeah. :cool:
-- sort of... ;)
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 11-15-2017, 05:44 PM  
CAUTION: pentax_takumar_lens_repair_manual.rar VIRUS
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 12
Views: 556
Sadly, newer versions of Windows hide file suffixes. So even smart people won't necessarily know it is an EXE.
Of course Windows-savvy people turn off that insanely dangerous default setting. (I was going to write "smart people", but many smart people are not going to waste their time knowing every stupid thing about every stupid thing... and Windows can be a very stupid thing at times). :mad:

Then again, both PDF and DOC files can contain malware. So I guess we're all pretty much out of luck anyway. :-(
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 11-11-2017, 05:59 PM  
lightroom 6.6 issues
Posted By amoringello
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Well it is good that exporting works fine. I would have next suggested trying to edit in Photoshop or another external editor, but exporting is just as good (or better).

Can you try going to the Performance Preferences, and turn off the "Use Graphics Processor"? Then exit and restart LR.
It could be something goofy with LR v.s. your video card/driver.
It is strange that just the developed images are the problem, which makes me think it could be a graphics processor issue -- but only slightly. At least an easy thing to check.
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 11-11-2017, 12:56 PM  
lightroom 6.6 issues
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 8
Views: 376
During import, check to see if the "Apply During Import" section has any development settings being applied.
Also, try Clearing your History, the import. See if it indicates any automatic adjustments (Although I honestly do not know if history keeps track of those settings being applied)
Forum: Pentax Camera and Field Accessories 10-29-2017, 09:04 AM  
Singh-Ray Gold 'N blue polarizer
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 9
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That is more than normal vignetting. It definitely looks like the filter ring.
It is easy to tell, unscrew the filter-set, and hold them up in front of the lens. Then move them around a bit. You'll see quickly if it is the rings, or something else.

You'll definitely see it more or less with different t focal lengths. Zoom in and you'll see less.
Bright exposures might make it less, but I don't believe I've ever seen an extreme difference. Smaller aperture might have some effect. (???)
I have a few that I used to stack regularly, and just dealt with the filter ring issue. (I did finally buy a 10-stop ND filter, and do not have the issue any more. :-) )
Forum: Pentax Camera and Field Accessories 10-27-2017, 03:55 PM  
Singh-Ray Gold 'N blue polarizer
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 9
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I hope it was that simple.
To be fair, I think Na Horuk said it first. Somehow I missed his comment when I wrote my suggestion. :-) :cool:
Forum: Pentax Camera and Field Accessories 10-27-2017, 02:54 PM  
Singh-Ray Gold 'N blue polarizer
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 9
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Are you stacking threaded filters? Some are made to barely keep out of range of the widest focal length and stacking another will vignette where the filter ring is cutting off the image,.
Forum: Pentax K-1 10-26-2017, 06:38 PM  
Wireless Auto Import within Lightroom from your K-1
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 0
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I know I've posted this elsewhere in the past but it has been spawned from discussion of the FluCard (which does not work with the K-1, and which I am no longer working on) or has been mentioned within other discussions. Anyway, I've improved things enough to make it more useable and felt it worth posting a specific thread on the subject.

Mainly photos may now be downloaded from SD card 1 or 2, and you may specify downloading DNG or JPG.
Note: the K-1 is so terribly slow, I'd only suggest using Small JPG. But the options are now available.

Another member is working diligently on an app to wirelessly control the K1, but I do not believe it can work in conjunction with Lightroom or other similar desktop applications to allow auto import of images from the K1 wirelessly to a desktop application.

This project is specifically intended to act in a similar fashion as the EyeFi cards used to do...
i.e. photos will be downloaded from the camera to a specific folder on your desktop.
The main application (e.g. LightRoom) watches that folder and AutoImports the files.
This does not do wireless tethering, and does not control the camera.

If interested, this is done in a cross-platform manner using Python. So you'll need to install that if you want to use on Windows.

The code is on GitHub. Grab the "" file

I definitely have some improvements to do. There are issues currently if you ave to shoot a full day and pile up the photo count. (see the readme)
But this gets me through most shorter photo sessions and I hope to fix this issue in the next release.
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 10-22-2017, 07:18 PM  
The next desktop/AIO for editing/workflow
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 20
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First off. No reason to switch TO or FROM a Mac or PC.
Stick with what you're used to.

But, if you do choose Mac.....
FYI, will allow you to max out a new 2017 iMac's RAM to 64GB.
I did this, but have yet to approach using a full 32GB with both Lightroom and Photoshop in use at the same time, and with some pretty large files and projects.
I would not suggest wasting money on more than 32GB of RAM for PS/LR work.
Maybe more useful if you do large video productions??? But not so much just for PS/LR.
Either way, get the minimum RAM from Apple, and go through for an upgrade. It will save you HUNDREDS of $$$.

I also upgraded to the 1TB SSD. I used to have the 1TB Fusion drive with my last desktop.
I honestly see very little performance difference between the two.
Benchmarks scream Sith an SSD... but real life usage with PS/LR does not show much (i.e. no noticeable) improvement.
I would not suggest overpricing the new box with an SSD. Go with the Fusion, as it is still a *huge* step up from standard spinning drive.

PS and LR are making more use of GPU, but most of their features are still tied to main CPU processor.
I would spend the extra on the faster processor.

I got the 5K display. AMAZING!
But, I have to zoom to 200% for a lot of work, simply because the resolution is just too high to do a lot of work.
Sounds odd, but I would probably choose the 4K if money is a concern.
Although if you did video, the extra work space on the 5K could probably let you work on 4K full res with extra space for tools.
If you do not have plans for video, 5K is probably overkill.
Forum: Pentax K-1 10-22-2017, 09:03 AM  
Wireless password for the Pentax-K1?
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 9
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iPhone doesn't understand DNG so it won't download.
You'll need to convert the image to JPG within the camera first. That jpg can then be downloaded to the phone.
I do that all the time. Sort of long winded way to do things. But it isn't too bad.

It would be nice if the software could convert on download. But I guess that would confuse some people, as well. :(
Forum: Pentax K-1 10-17-2017, 12:58 PM  
Post your K-1 pictures!
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 13,175
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This guy had a flaming whip. The colors and design were really amazing.
Shutter speed was usually pretty slow, about 0.3s and ISO only about 640-1600 since these generally gave off more light than some other items like the hoola-hoop or poi balls.
I preferred to get the blue color, so opted to allow the brighter areas to burn out. Although I think in Lightroom I probably could have recovered and colored the darker blues a bit and saved the brighter flames with a lower ISO. :-(

Forum: Pentax K-1 10-16-2017, 03:30 PM  
Post your K-1 pictures!
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 13,175
Views: 1,137,409
A few from a medieval event. Almost no lighting, and no flash. It really pushes the camera to allow decent results with very high ISO, often around 8000 or higher to maintain the high shutter speed to capture the flames properly. The K3 does well, but the K1 is even so much cleaner.
I prefer fire breathers, as they often supply much more light. :-) But None this evening.

Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 09-14-2017, 01:44 PM  
Poll: What is the most important feature in a camera?
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 49
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That was going to be my choice.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 09-04-2017, 04:50 PM  
Bright Colored Mystery Spots in JPEGs Only
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 11
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Raw file processors automatically take care of those. Shoot Raw and you won't see them. :-)
If you have to shoot jpeg, it's very normal to have a few of these.
Forum: Pentax Camera and Field Accessories 08-21-2017, 04:50 PM  
what brand wifi card would you recommend for my K1 ? is there any maz size for it ?
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 4
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I believe some cards will refuse to work in the K1 as well. The Pentax FluCard does not work.
I believe the EyeFi Mofi card I had also did not work. The older EyeFi are pretty much End Of Lifed, so not worth looking at.
Which is too bad, as the offensively slow WiFi in the K1 is insulting and being able to use a faster WiFi card would be a nice option.
Forum: Pentax K-1 08-19-2017, 05:28 PM  
Pentax K3 II vs K1 for upcoming solar eclipse
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 9
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You'll get more megapixels for the crop size on the k3 (24 vs 15). Thus I'm pulling out the K3 for this.
For the focal length, the resulting image will be quite small. Even more so on the K1.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 08-18-2017, 06:15 PM  
Will I need a special filter to photograph the eclipse, or will I be good with an ND?
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 14
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At that wide, I would say there is little sense shooting the eclipse. You won't see much of anything of value.

300mm on a crop sensor will barely cover more than the center circle on the etched glass in the viewfinder and just getting into range of making it worth the effort.
500mm-2000mm (I'm guessing FF) is recommended to get something acceptable.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 08-18-2017, 02:43 PM  
Will I need a special filter to photograph the eclipse, or will I be good with an ND?
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 14
Views: 703
I did this. It should work.
Note that I do not trust any of these with my eyes. They have the correct ISO ratings, but I do not trust that counterfeiters would have the decency to not fake that for a quick buck.
So I'll use an old camera with Live View

Of course, they have the American Flag on them. They *must* be trustworthy, right?

Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 08-03-2017, 02:43 AM  
I need help with jeweler photography
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 24
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Your K20D is probably perfectly sufficient. Get paid. Build up some savings.
When you are good enough to know what you need to go further, then spend the money on that.
Don't simply jump in buying stuff that you may later realize you never really needed.

Are you photographing for website posting? Or high end full page magazine spreads?
Very good pro style images? Full page magazine or high-detail billboard spreads? No doubt you'll want Medium format. Definitely the 645D! :-)

But on a budget? For smaller, more reasonable images? Camera body doesn't really matter as much for still photography.

Get a tilt shift lens or focus stacking rails with a good macro lens.
And follow some good jewelry photography. One is: (although most of his stuff is pay to play, he does/did have some very good free content.)
Forum: Pentax K-3 07-31-2017, 03:42 PM  
K3 Shake reduction artifact?
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 20
Views: 1,227
It shouldn't be. I leave SR on all the time, whether I'm shooting zoom or wide angle, fast or slow shutter, on or off tripod.
I have yet to see a confirmed issue... I don't believe anyone has scientifically proven this to be an issue with Pentax SR, either.

Only thought is perhaps the cold had some effect? Only time I shot that Cold, the lenses ceases to work before the body got cold enough to be an issue. :-)

Proactive comment: As one troll is likely to look up (again), I did mention seeing similar behavior of blurred images with SR some number of years ago (circa K-7, I think). I never had the issue again and never confirmed it was anything but user error at that time, either. Of course, both I and the camera's technology has improved a lot since then.
Forum: Pentax K-3 07-29-2017, 08:00 AM  
Weather resistance is a fake?
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 104
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I wish all * lenses were internally zoom/focusing. Any barrel that capable of moving in and out is going to suck water in. (i.e. the DA*16-50).
It works great for a while but if you're out in the rain, actively focusing and zooming for hours it will be damaged. It will also likely suck enough water in to damage your camera.

The DA*50-135, on the other hand, is all internal. I was out in the pouring rain, shooting an event for eight hours, and no fogging nor other water issues. I was very happy and pleased with its operation. :cool:

Any of the WR lenses will hold up better in the rain if simply hanging at your side and not actively used. That is *probably* better than a totally non-WR kit.
But don't try to use them too much without wiping them down or using extra protection. (A simple grocery bag rubber banded to the end of your lens is a cheap and perfect way to save $100's or $1000 of replacement/repair. :-)
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 07-27-2017, 07:26 PM  
K3 II image count on SD Cards
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 17
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I sort of agree with most of what you say about locking the card. I'm simply too lazy and honestly haven't had a problem in 15+ years of digital media (although it probably would be a good idea to lock the SD card and eliminate the hassle of removing those hidden files).

But thinking that the camera formats the card any differently than the computer is a misnomer. The format is well documented, understood and standardized. If the format was different, you'd have a whole host of other problems in addition to, and long before that process ever started.

I've seen big name podcasters re-iterate this, but always as "it messed up my card once. It could have been static or my poor handling of the card, but I just format in camera from now on to be safe".
Quite honestly this sort of stuff is really unsettling. These people know nothing about the technical aspect of what they are doing and admit the problem may not be related to their issue, yet they continue to propagate theses unfounded ideas.

I have yet to see one proven case where someone can show that formatting or deleting files for an SD card via the computer is any different than from within modern cameras.
Yes, circa year 2000-ish has some pretty bad stuff going on; crash when unknown files exist, requiring special database files and folder structures -- created only by formatting, else camera crashes, etc... no one does this stupid stuff any more. Pentax never has.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 07-27-2017, 01:58 PM  
K3 II image count on SD Cards
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 17
Views: 658
One more thought on the subject, if you use a Mac... do not simply use the Trashcan to delete your images from the SD card.
This will create a "invisible" folder named .Trashes on the SD card. The photos remain there until you Empty Trash *with the SD card mounted* of course.

I think Windows either deletes files, or moves them to the system trash, in either event actually clearing up memory from the SD card (if I recall back in my Windows days)

Maybe not related to your issue, but an interesting side note to be aware of anyway, should you wonder why your "empty" SD card isn't holding as many photos as you think it should. This caught me a couple of times. :-)
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 07-26-2017, 06:35 PM  
K3 II image count on SD Cards
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 17
Views: 658
Keep in mind also, that SDCards do not all hold an exact amount of writeable data. There are bad sectors that need to be mapped out at the factory. Some cards may be off by several dozen megabytes.

They should be close. You probably won't be off by more than a few shots between cards. Hopefully not a difference of more than one or two, or you may need to start taking a look at replacing the card if it has many bad spots being mapped out.
Forum: Repairs and Warranty Service 07-25-2017, 02:56 AM  
wrong exposure on K7
Posted By amoringello
Replies: 9
Views: 509
All the above first. My suggestion would also have been a factory reset if occurs with multiple lenses.

You can try to watch and see if the aperture on your lens closes down when the photo is taken. Or try the exposure preview (push the On/Off button further towards ON. It should allow the aperture to close down to your settings, (or take a photo if set to Digital preview, if so try turning off the digital preview so you can actively see the aperture stay closed as long as you hold the button). This might at least help confirm if the aperture or some other issue might be at play.

FYI, this happened to my K7 as well many years ago. Had to send for repair. :-(
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