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Forum: Pentax K-1 02-13-2019, 10:42 AM  
Post your K-1 pics with vintage glasses
Posted By cyberjunkie
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A comparative between a modern, expensive, fast zoom (Sigma EX DG HSM 2.8/24-70mm), used at f/4, and a very old preset prime (Spiratone/Sankor 2.5/105mm) used almost wide open.

Sigma EX DG HSM 1:2.8 24-70mm @f/4
K_1_6854 by spaulein, on Flickr

Spiratone Tc 1:2.5 105mm @f/2.8
K_1_6911 by spaulein, on Flickr
K_1_6912 by spaulein, on Flickr

Spiratone Tc 1:2.5 105mm @f/2.5
K_1_6896 by spaulein, on Flickr

It is quite evident that the old tele is better suited for portrait use.
It is smooth and sharp at the same time... :)
Forum: Pentax K-1 02-12-2019, 04:43 AM  
Post your K-1 pics with vintage glasses
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Another one with the Vivitar.
There is some glow wide open, but I don't dislike it.

Vivitar Series 1 1:2.8-3.5 28-90mm @f/2.8
K_1_7016 by spaulein, on Flickr
Forum: Pentax K-1 02-12-2019, 02:00 AM  
Post your K-1 pics with vintage glasses
Posted By cyberjunkie
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I started testing the Komine-made Vivitar Series 1 "stovepipe".
So far I have used it only in low light at full aperture. The results are in line with the impressions reported by other users on the "User Reviews" section of this site.
Good sharpness, pleasant bokeh, good resistance to flare.
Here are two examples.

Vivitar (Komine) Series 1 1:2.8-3.5 28-90mm
K_1_7040 by spaulein, on Flickr
K_1_7031 by spaulein, on Flickr
Forum: Lens Clubs 02-10-2019, 01:15 PM  
The Sigma Lens Club- All lenses
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Backstage of Chinese New Year 2562, Chiang Mai

Sigma EX DG HSM Macro 2.8/24-70mm @f4/70mm
K_1_6854 by spaulein, on Flickr
Forum: Pentax K-1 02-09-2019, 11:16 AM  
Post your K-1 pics with vintage glasses
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Chinese New Year 2562, Chiang Mai
A lovely backstage story shot with one of my new favourites, the Sankor-made Spiratone 2.5/105mm.
These pictures are shot wide open, with very little PP.
This lens is definitely a great solution for portraits: despite being single coated, and used without hood, contrast is good, sharpness is more than sufficient, and OOF areas are rendered in a lovely way.
Judge by yourself

Spiratone Tc 1:2.5 105mm @f/2.5
K_1_6879 by spaulein, on Flickr
K_1_6878 by spaulein, on Flickr
K_1_6880 by spaulein, on Flickr

Another one from the same backstage, this time stopped down one click to f/2.8.
I love the mix of sharpness and glow that gives a sort of "make-up effect". This lens really shines for portrait use.
The rendering of the skin can be better appreciated checking the Flickr original at full size.

Spiratone Tc 1:2.5 105mm @f/2.8
K_1_6891 by spaulein, on Flickr
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 02-06-2019, 12:15 AM  
Kiron 28mm F2 MC or SMC K Pentax 28mm F3.5 ?
Posted By cyberjunkie
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You summed up the situation very well..
I agree with pretty much everything.
I add just a few info.

The Vivitar 2/28mm is a good lens in both versions. Some say the Komine is better, some prefer the Kiron. Neither of them is cheap. It's a good thing you remembered the Petri 2/28 (also available as Cosina), cause it's easier to find at a decent price.
I add two optics to your list:
Soligor C/D P 2/28mm (Tokina, serial starting with 1)
Chinon Multi-Coated 2.8/28mm (Tomioka or Cosina, green lettering, elliptic reference mark)
The former was never made in PK mount, the only compatible option is the M42. It is fast, very well made, and has good IQ. Not cheap, though.
The latter is very cheap, relatively well made, and has good sharpness at landscape distances. Close up it gives swirly bokeh wide open, showing that it's not optimized for short conjugates.
The main difference between faster (f/2) and slower (f/3.5) lenses is mainly about ease of focusing in low light and close up background separation.
Sharpness is not related to the max aperture. The two SMC Pentax (f/2 and f/3.5) are quite similar stopped down, or used for landscape. I believe the very expensive f/2 has an edge at close distance, because of its design.
In the end the choice of the right objective depends on what kind of use is planned, and of course to personal taste. If bokeh is of no concern and low light photography is not your thing, a relatively cheap lens won't show its low cost in the final image.
After experimenting with countless vintage lenses I realized that most lenses are quite good, and even the weaker ones can do well after some PP.
Forum: Pentax K-01 02-05-2019, 09:20 AM  
Post your K-01 pics with vintage glasses
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Chinese New Year, Chiang Mai

Auto Yashinon DS-M 1:1.7 50mm @f/1.7
IMGP3156 by spaulein, on Flickr
IMGP3165 by spaulein, on Flickr

Nailing the perfect focus is not so simple with the lens wide open. I could have done better :( The focus in the first picture is on the food at the forefront, not on the girls.
Overall rendering and bokeh are very good, and the multicoating comes useful shooting at night with strong light sources.
I still have to find a Tomioka fifty that disappoints. I'd love to try the Pancolar f/1.4 MC, but I tested a good number of 50/55mm lenses in M42 mount: the Tomiokas are definitely in the same league of the Takumars, at the very top.
There are a couple of bokeh queens that render OOF areas even better, but if sharpness is also taken into account, the two families of lenses really shine.
Forum: General Talk 02-04-2019, 03:23 PM  
Your latest acquisition
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Beautiful LX, in perfect conditions.
Mine has plenty of brassing, but last time I checked was still working like new.
Bought it that way, it came from a pro who switched brand when it became clear that Pentax would not release another camera of that level.
The system of interchangeable finders is a beauty in itself.
I would bring this extraordinary camera back into action, at least every once in a while, if only I had my Canon scanner here. I have no darkroom, and if I have no way to digitise the film there would be no point using analog.

I appreciate your choice of three primes for the LX.
If the Vivitar is the Kiron version, I have them all, and all are very nice lenses.
I guess we share the same taste for fast vintage primes... :)
In particular I am very fond of the Soligor. Nice bokeh, very good lens for tightly framed portraits.

I thought I found a strange Auto Takumar 5.6/200mm, but later I found out that the vendor misdescribed the lens.
It is the first version of the early preset 200mm, marked "Takumar" and not "Tele-Takumar".
It is slow, but it's tiny and should have practically no CA

Asahi Op. Co. Takumar 1:5.6/200

Forum: Site Suggestions and Help 02-04-2019, 05:28 AM  
Pentax Takumar user reviews
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Sorry, sorry, sorry.
The vendor described it as "Auto Takumar". Just got the pictures: it seems that the word "Auto" is nowhere to be seen on the lens!
The beauty ring is engraved as such: Asahi Op. Co. Takumar 1:5.6/200 (serial starting with 95).
I should have waited and checked the pictures before sending my dumb message.
I goofed :)

Forum: Lens Clubs 02-04-2019, 02:38 AM  
Carl Zeiss T* ZK mounts (Distagon, Planar, Makro-Planar)
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Yes, it will. For macro only.
If you want the lens for general use, the only solution is to remove the bayonet and replace it with a Leitax one.
It needs some sanding if I remember correctly.
Forum: Pentax K-1 02-04-2019, 02:22 AM  
Post your K-1 pics with vintage glasses
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Two more pics from the same session.
The Soligor is sharp enough, but even using a tight hood (I had to crop the extreme corners) it still needs a bump in contrast.
The bokeh of the Spiratone/Sankor is quite peculiar, and fits very much my personal taste. YMMV, I guess that the evaluation of bokeh is a very personal thing... :)
Whatever your taste, this little preset tele does not disappoint. Not at all! The originals (on Flickr, resized to 50%) reveal good resolution, even wide open.

Spiratone Tc 1:2.5 105mm @f/2.5
K_1_6744 by spaulein, on Flickr

Soligor MC Wide-Auto 1:2.8 28mm @f/5.6
K_1_6796 by spaulein, on Flickr
Forum: Pentax K-1 02-03-2019, 03:32 PM  
Post your K-1 pics with vintage glasses
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Beautiful pics, with one of the few vintage (extreme) wide angles that are not thrashed by modern designs.
I had it for a short while, back in film times.
Sold it (and the 4/20mm M) when I bought the Pentax-A.
I regret having sold them. Both.
Back then I saw optics only as picture taking tools, I didn't collect them as I do today.
Well, I had already started acquiring old large format lenses... just a few :)
I didn't need many lenses for my 35mm SLR cameras, just one for each main focal (or specific field of use). So I saw no reasons to keep more than one 20mm.
Now I don't have the same restraint :)
I like to experiment with old optics. I buy some of them because of their "weird" rendering, some others because I like the way they look.
The Flektogon 2.8/20mm looks gorgeous, with its huge front glass. To me it looks like the archetype of modern extreme wides.

Speaking of nice looking lenses... I used two of my recent acquisitions to shoot some pictures at the Flower's Festival in Chiang Mai.
Both look very aesthetically attractive to my eyes, and their look/construction was a consideration in buying them.
The first is a Sankor-made black/chrome zebra tele: Spiratone Tc 1:2.5 105mm (T-mount, bought a new PK ring for it)
The second is a Soligor 1:2.8 35mm in PK mount. Was advertised as Tokina, but I believe it was made by Sun. The large front (55mm filter thread) and the aluminium ring at the mount side, together with the good quality of the build, make this lens an interesting acquisition and a pleasure to handle.

Here is how they look on my K-1.

And these are a few pictures, shot with the two lenses at different apertures.
Spiratone Tc 1:2.5 105mm @f/2.5
K_1_6754 by spaulein, on Flickr
K_1_6745 by spaulein, on Flickr

Spiratone Tc 1:2.5 105mm @f/4
K_1_6761 by spaulein, on Flickr
K_1_6760 by spaulein, on Flickr

Soligor MC Wide-Auto 1:2.8 35mm @f/5.6
K_1_6771 by spaulein, on Flickr
K_1_6791 by spaulein, on Flickr

The Sankor 2.5/105mm has a divine bokeh, IMHO. I regret having shot just a few flower shots wide open.
Stopped down to f/4 it gets sharper, but the bokeh is still mellow enough to tell this optic apart from any modern lens.
I am starting o see why he comments I have found online are so positive! :)
I need to find a small metal hood of the right length. The foldable rubber hoods that I use with other optics are too bulky for this one. It would be great to find one that can be fitted reversed, for ease of storage/transport. Any suggestion?

The Soligor was used with the rubber hood shown in the picture. Fully extended i vignettes in the extreme corners. I had to crop the photos because of that.
This lens is no as great as the other. I expected a little more sharpness at f/5.6. The performance is more than decent, but contrast, sharpness, saturation of the colours need a little bump in PP.
The mechanical quality is very good, almost at Takumar level, however I see no reason to choose it over similar Pentax/Takumar options.

I use Lens Tagger to edit the EXIF of pictures taken with fully manual lenses.
This time I made a mistake. If you check the originals on Flickr you'd see that he last two pics are wrongly tagged. I'm too lazy to fix it... just be aware that the Soligor is a 35mm, not a 28mm.
Forum: Site Suggestions and Help 02-03-2019, 02:26 PM  
Pentax Takumar user reviews
Posted By cyberjunkie
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I just acquired an Asahi Pentax Auto Takumar 1:5.6 200mm
To my surprise, I have seen tha this lens is missing from the list of the reviews.
The are the Takumar and Tele Takumar preset versions (together), but no mention of the "Auto".
If the optical design is the same, all three versions should be mentioned in the existing review.
If the design is different, a new entry should be made.
I already added a couple of reviews of third party lenses that had no previous entry. If I test this new Takumar long enough to write a review, I would like to have a place where I can enter it.
Best Regards
Forum: General Talk 02-03-2019, 11:12 AM  
Your latest acquisition
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Well, I hope it will clean up nicely :)
The front ring could be just an accessory, and I have the intention to make it perfectly round, and possibly even blacken the inside with matt black paint/marker.
I have used that Industar only for close range subjects, and I have never used it on digital cameras. My example was bought new LONG time ago, back at the time when jewish russians came to Rome with no hard currency... so they brought lenses, and sold them in exchange for convertible currency, before proceeding to Israel or the USA.
I should test it on digital full frame.

Regarding the bokeh... to be sincere I hope the bokeh will be quite good, as with most preset Komura or Kyoei short tele lenses.
Forum: Pentax K-01 02-03-2019, 11:03 AM  
Post your K-01 pics with vintage glasses
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Beautiful daughter. Nice portrait.
Great lens (I'd love to own one :) )
Forum: General Talk 02-01-2019, 10:16 AM  
Your latest acquisition
Posted By cyberjunkie
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This is the last of the three old preset tele lenses I am still waiting for.
I still have a few expensive objectives at the top of my wanted list, but I have already spent too much, so I must limit my purchases to affordable lenses.
I have a special liking for Komura/Kyoei/Sankor preset tele lenses, the shorter the better.
It's an interesting field also under a collector's point of view, cause there are not many info about these lenses, especially regarding the optical designs and the changes that happened over time.
If you like old MF lenses, and keep an eye on the forum, maybe you have seen my recent posts on the big Komura and Sankor threads.

The lens pictured below was described on eBay as Voigtlander (?), Leica mount.
In fact, the same lens is almost always seen in LTM mount.
I have a very similar one myself: a Super Acall 3.5/135mm in Leica mount, with the original viewfinder.
The same lens was also sold as Komura, only in LTM mount, AFAIK.
Don't ask which of the two is a rebrand because I still have to make up my mind, and maybe I never will... :)
Though I have a strong opinion about something else: this lens was misrepresented.
I don't think it's a Leica mount cause: 1) it has a preset ring 2) I see no rangefinder coupling 3) the rear glass is too close to the mount
Could be either missing the mount, be an M42, or even be an M44 Miranda screw mount.
My hope is that the right answer is the No.2. It's quite likely but not certain.
There is a strange chrome ring on the front of the lens. I have seen it many times in pictures I found on the Web, but I have no idea if it was originally there or it's a separate accessory. Maybe it's an adapter for "Series" filters to standard mount, or the other way round. Let me know if you have any clues.
Interestingly, there are plenty of diaphragm blades but they are made in a way to have a star shaped aperture. It's a feature in common with some Komura lenses.

Kyoei Optical Co. Acall 1:3.5 135mm

Forum: General Talk 02-01-2019, 06:18 AM  
Your latest acquisition
Posted By cyberjunkie
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The good old days are long gone.
Now eBay/PayPal charge high fees. Money transfers to friends (that used to be free) now are charged outrageous fees.
I'd happily ditch eBay if only I could find an alternative...

Regarding shipments from the UK, for the kind of lenses I acquire these days (mainly cheap old preset teles, I'm kind of broke) I found that the best solution is "Royal Mail International Signed". Of course it is too expensive for dirty cheap accessories, but it works fine for low cost lenses.
It is traceable, safe (never had a lost parcel), reliable, just a tad slower.
Some people are put off by the lack of insurance, but I guess that few of them really know how insurances work. If they knew, they would be less concerned. :)
According to my personal experience, the only items that got damaged were either very heavy or very badly packaged.
I have seen parcels that were CRUSHED, but the lens inside was still fine.
Job lots or very heavy items are more likely to be victims of mishandling. Smaller parcels were always fine, at least in my experience, even when it seemed that they had been through an ordeal.

At the end of the day the most important variable is the human one.
If I buy anything that is posted non-traceable, I wait till the end to ask for refund, then I wait to the end of the 15 days. A few times the parcel arrived almost two months later!
The same way, if I ask for non-insured shipment, I am ready to take the risk myself, and I would never complain if the goods get damaged (unless the packaging was a real disaster).
Unfortunately honest buyers pay the price of the misdeeds of dishonest ebayers.
It is understandable. What I find more difficult to understand is that very very few vendors seem to be willing to make exceptions, based on the feedback status. I have more than 1000 feedbacks as a buyer. Spotless. 100% positive. Despite this, I almost always get the default answer, even when I am willing to take all the risks upon myself.
I find this lack of trust kind of saddening...

---------- Post added 01-02-19 at 03:42 PM ----------

I see, I thought you started with the 50mm.
Yes, very good lenses, fast and sharp, but huge.
The macros are not as big as the others. I agree with your choice, among the macro lenses the 70mm is said to be the best, and according to my experience it beats the 50mm by a long stretch.
Forum: Pentax K-01 02-01-2019, 05:12 AM  
Post your K-01 pics with vintage glasses
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Some time ago I started a thread on the sub-forum dedicated to the K-1 full frame.
It continues to get new posts, so I guess some people find it interesting.
It is titled "Post your K-1 pics with vintage glasses".
Of all the APS-C DSLR's made by Pentax, the K-01 is probably the best suited for shooting with vintage manual focus lenses.
There is no risk to damage the camera (or the glass) because the rear of the lens protrudes too much inside the camera.
I use vintage lenses almost exclusively with the K-1 and K-01. There is already a thread where forum users can see examples of the "character" of many old lenses on full frame. Now there is such a place for those who shoot with the K-01 mirrorless.

I start with two photos taken last night at a concert in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The lens is a nice Tomioka-made Yashinon 1.7/50mm. Being a DS-M series it's multicoated, but lacks the A/M switch. I used one of those black rings that allow infinity, but have an internal flange that depresses the auto pin. This way it is possible to shoot with the lens stopped down.
Due to the very low illumination level, I had to shoot most pictures wide open, at 3200 ISO (and in most cases also under-exposing)

Auto Yashinon DS-M 1:1.7 50mm @f/1.7
IMGP3093 by spaulein, on Flickr

IMGP3086 by spaulein, on Flickr
Forum: General Talk 01-31-2019, 09:57 AM  
Your latest acquisition
Posted By cyberjunkie
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I don't use filters because I often look for uncommon lenses. I prefer to try my luck and ask the vendor if he's willing to agree to ship abroad, or allow me to bid on a "ad personam" basis.
When the answer is no, I often keep track of the auction anyway, and regularly see the item sold for much less than the usual market price.
If you sell a Vivitar to americans only, or a Schneider to germans only, of course you are restricting the sale to an audience that very likely won't be eager to overbid, cause the item is not so uncommon locally.
It is amazing to see that non-pro vendors are so scared by international sales. I guess it's a telltale of the times we live in.

Overpriced shipping charges are so common in certain countries that it becomes the rule.
One time I bought an Helios 44-2 from Russia, from a vendor who had just registered. He sold me the lens for a "local" price, and charged the shipment the real cost (around 3 euros, IIRC). Well, eBay revoked his account because the price and the shipment charge were too low! He asked me to contact eBay after receiving the lens, but it was too late :(
Overcharging is so common that the honest vendor becomes a scammer...

Regarding shipping charges and taxes, the worst solution for the buyer is eBay's "Global Shipping" option.
Is is more expensive than most other options, and you have to pay taxes IN ADVANCE. On both the cost of the item and the shipment charge.
Never paid taxes on items shipped economy. Even traceable options like USPS First Class International (from the US), registered letter (from the EU), Royal Mail International Signed (from the UK), etc, etc.
Vendors are offered Global Shipping as the default option, as far as I understand, and most of them are made to believe that other choices are complex or even unreliable.
IMHO eBay has slowly become more and more unfriendly, to both sellers and buyers, for example with raising eBay and PayPal fees, or pushing vendors into using Global Shipping.
This is what happens when a single company dominates the market. Those who want to buy used photographic equipments at an international level have no alternative. At least none I'm aware of...

Nice lens!
I have seen some beautiful pics you have taken with the 28mm.
I guess you are very satisfied, and decided to continue with the same series of lenses :)
It all started with the EX DG 1.4/50mm, IIRC.
I started on the same path with the 50mm, but I am too broke to follow with the 28mm. Would be a great acquisition. Maybe soon...
I am not sure I need the 24mm, but I'm curious to read about your impressions.
I have the Samyang 24mm, that is not AF but is a very good lens. AF is not so necessary at that focal length, though I have seen that is very easy to trust the DOF too much, and end up with images that are not properly focused. It happens that I am misled by what I see in the viewfinder, and find about that only after, on the screen of the computer.
Forum: General Talk 01-30-2019, 01:05 PM  
Your latest acquisition
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Thanks for your feedback.
Unfortunately cement problems are complicated and/or expensive to fix.
Normally it's worth it only for very valuable optics.
Even if you are handy enough to tackle the problem yourself, and manage to devise a mechanism to keep the elements centered (like using three Porro prisms from binoculars), the main obstacle is separating the elements without damaging them. The cement used in the sixties seems to be quite nasty.
I guess that even as a DIY project, it's worth the time/effort only if you have a rare, expensive objective in very good state of conservation.
In reality minor separation problems have almost no impact on image quality. At most it's just a touch of flare. It's a different thing if it's crystallized Canada Balsam, or if some nasty fungus has seeped inside the separation.
From the way it looks, your 135mm should work fine, maybe even better than most of the others you already have! :)
The optical design you posted reminds me of other fast Sonnar variants.
There is a Soligor 1.8/135mm, one of the lenses I'd like to find, that has brought the Sonnar design to such high max aperture using a 5E/3G design, with a central cemented triplet.
I could not easily tell the project of my 105mm from the reflections, and it's too clean to open it. I will check the YS version cause it's very dirty and I am afraid I will need to remove the elements for cleaning.
There are little info about these lenses. It is fascinating to find out about their design.

I love the "silver "T-mount of your lens.
These old rings look so much better than the cheap (and poorly made) black mounts available on eBay from chinese vendors.
I'd love to find vintage PK mounts, but they are rather expensive and not so common.
PK mounts that don't use insulating paint even allow to use AV mode. I find them very practical.

Regarding the performance of the 105mm, if you wait a little I'll post some test pictures in the thread dedicated to K-1 and vintage lenses.
Forum: General Talk 01-30-2019, 07:56 AM  
Your latest acquisition
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Yes, these little lenses are heavy! :)
I don't understand one point in your description.
The problem you can't get rid of, is it inside a cemented doublet (cement failure), or inside a lens group (air spaced) that you can't open?
Regarding the design, is it like this? ( (( | ) or possibly ( (( ( | ) (respectively 4E/3G and 5E/4G)

I have two Nissin/Sankor made lenses in Italy, unfortunately I never checked the optical design. Maybe the 3.5/135mm is a triplet.
I like them so much that recently I went on a buying spree, targeting specifically Sankor lenses. More on that later...
According to my personal taste, the preset versions are among the most beautiful lenses I have seen. Especially one of the various zebra styles is absolutely gorgeous.
Your zebra version looks beautiful too. I have a couple of Sankors that look more or less the same.

Performance wise, they seem to be a mixed bag. The 105mm is highly praised, the 135mm's seem to be good, the longer focals are more controversial.
I have seen the 200mm in f/3.9, f/4 and f/4.5 versions. Never found very positive comments about them. It's a pity, cause they look really beautiful, and most of them also have a tripod collar (which is welcome, but not so common in that focal length).
There are longer focals, of course: 300mm, 400mm, and maybe ever longer. I am afraid CA could be a major problem with them.

I already posted a picture of my 105mm, and commented on its state of conservation.
I have been lucky so far, so I decided to take a couple of risks that I would never had taken if the lenses weren't so cheap :)
If I make mistakes it won't be so terrible, I am interested in these lenses as both collector's items and picture taking tools, if one can't be used it will go on the shelf.
The latest lenses I bought off eBay had terrible pictures: not detailed, the mount not shown, the glass not shown, etc.
Once I asked for a photo of the glass, and this is what I got! :)

Other than it was probably used at the immigration to take pics of fingerprints :) you can't really tell how bad it is and if it would clean up or not.
So I decided to give up further investigations and just trust my gut feelings.
I also gave up all the vendors who didn't agree to ship USPS First Class International (from the US) or other economy options (from elsewhere).
If a lens comes cheap, but the shipment is two times as expensive, or more, it would make no sense to pursue this kind of blind purchases.
To all of you, fellow pentaxians from the US: I don't know if you realise how lucky you are. Living in Asia makes everything way more complicated :(
eBay's Global Shipping option is a nightmare, and by the way most vendors don't even ship outside the country!
To all those who live outside the USA, the EU, the UK and possibly Canada... well, you have my sympathy :)

Here are the eBay pics of the two Sankors that are (or should be soon) on their way to my P.O. box.
One is the "auto" version of the 2.5/105mm. Most likely it should be the same design of my preset version, but the barrel is shaped quite differently, so it might well be that the design got changed. I will check about that. Btw, the M42 YS mount by itself could justify part of the expense.
The second is a 2.8/135mm. The vendor asked TWICE if I really wanted to buy it, wrote that it was old, that was non refundable... but he also stated that the lens looked almost like new. The photos (with the cap on!) seem to confirm it.
Interestingly, the lens comes with its battered cardboard box and original papers.
Fingers firmly crossed, I'm waiting to discover what lies under the caps :)

Accura Diamatic YS 1:2.5 105mm

Accura Supertel Tc 1:2.8 135mm

Forum: General Talk 01-28-2019, 10:28 PM  
Your latest acquisition
Posted By cyberjunkie
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Sharp. Sharp. Sharp :)
If you have macro tubes (or bellows) it's a perfect solution to reproduce drawings or documents, digitise old slides, or take pictures of small objects, up to 1:1 reproduction ratio.
On eBay you can even find adapter rings that allow to use the lens reversed, to break the 1:1 barrier and still retain impeccable image quality.
Give it a chance as taking lens, you won't regret it
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Your latest acquisition
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Yes, I did.
I always keep an eye on this thread :)
Nice catch!
The only 6x7 wide angle I have is the old 55mm frying pan.
I have a special liking for the 120mm soft focus. I shot the best portraits ever with that lens.

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Your latest acquisition
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I promised myself that I would concentrate only on my beloved short preset teles, preferably Soligor, Komura or Nissin/Sankor made ones.
I'd like to find the super fast ones, or at least as fast as possible... but the fast ones don't come cheap, so my hope lies on the occasional stroke of luck.
I just received a Spiratone Tc 1:2.5 105mm, Sankor made, preset, beautiful zebra livery, highly valued as a portrait lens.
It comes in Nikon T-2 mount, so I have to wait for a cheap chinese PK T-mount adapter that should arrive quite soon.
It is really like new, despite the old age. It looks almost unused.
I was the sole bidder cause the item was badly described: the title of the auction mentioned only the Spiratone tele extender that was attached to the main lens, no reference to the most valuable part of the bundle, the objective itself!
I can't wait to get the mount, so I can try the lens and see if it deserves all the praises I've read online.

I didn't look for this zoom on purpose, I just came across it by chance.
I told myself I really didn't need it, and should have refrained from bidding.
I found the excuse that I would bid so low, that i was practically sure it would sell for more.
Unexpectedly it didn't happen. So now I'm waiting for one of the few vintage zooms I wanted to buy in the past, but for a reason or another never materialised.
After I rationalised that I really don't need it, it came almost by itself :) And it's even in PKA mount! :)

Vivitar Series 1 f/2.8-3.5 28-90mm

From the reviews on this site it seems it's one of the best "standard" zooms of its time.
When the illumination is very low AF zooms start to hunt. Both my "silver" Pentax-FA f/3.2-4.5 28-105mm screwdrive, and my Sigma f/2.8 24-70mm HSM, hunt like crazy at night, especially with fast moving subjects.
If I have to resort to manual focus, I prefer to use a responsive, well damped focusing ring of an MF zoom..
Well, I guess that next time I'll find this kind of conditions the Vivitar could be prove useful.
At the long end is longer than the Sigma, and should match the IQ of the Pentax... at least from what I found in the reviews.
I hope all the positive reviews will be confirmed by practice... :)

I suggest to use a micro-bubble plastic foil, and a screw clamp/fastener around the perimeter of the filter thread, to avoid deforming the barrel. That filter thread vise can really push hard. Better counteract its force with something holding off on the outside.
It's an interesting instrument, I have one in Italy and one in Thailand :)
It's really needed to open a bent lens from the front, but it must be used very gently. First time I used it I exaggerated :(
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Your latest acquisition
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I like the way that Panagor looks, and I think Panagors can be great deals... but it's not Komura :)
I am a Sankyo Kohki/Komura collector, and I started the big Komura thread on forum.
No Komura lenses had that kind of aesthetic, and Panagor does NOT share the same serial system with Vivitar.
Could be Komine, or Sun. Most Panagor lenses were made by Kino (Kiron), but in this case I'm dubious. Could really be Komine-made, like the two Panagor Macro lenses (55mm and 90mm) that were sold during the same period (the PK mount and the barrel style scream late seventies).
A careful examination of the lenses listed on the "Vivitar 28mm bestiary" page could give the final answer.

I have a special fascination for rebranded lenses, like Soligor and Vivitar, and I've spent some time trying to figure out the original lens makers from the serial numbers.
Soligor lenses can have the same first digit of the serial, and have different provenance. It depends on the length of the serial, I found a few new "rules" myself (for example Y + four digits means Fujita, not Tokina or Sun).
I guess the same could apply to Vivitar... but Vivitar serials are more mysterious, and personally I haven't figured out anything. I tried to find which maker made the Vivitars with serials starting with "19", spent a lot of time comparing pictures, but I still have no clues :(

Btw, I have never seen a Komura-made Vivitar. Well, never seen a Schneider-made one either! I wouldn't take the famous Vivitar serial list as gospel :)
Very few Komura lenses were sold under other brands, and most of them were in LTM mount (like Soligor, Kyoei Acall, Super Acall, W Acall, Bittco/Vemar, etc).
I have just seen a Telesar in SLR mount (Exakta) that looks practically identical to a Komura... but it's not a common sight. Most rebrands were in Leica screw mount.

---------- Post added 25-01-19 at 10:19 PM ----------

I have that lens. Should remember to give it a try on digital full frame.
Unfortunately the two generations of FA zooms (plus a couple of odd Tamron/Pentax) have a much worse build than the F line.
Pentax-F lenses, albeit plagued by an almost unusable manual focus ring and apparently quite wobbly, have old-school innards.
There are weak spots too, IIRC the 70-210mm F has an optical "cell" encased in a plastic mold (if fungus gets inside it's un-cleanable), but on average the construction is as good as the AF motors of the time allowed to be.
I think that a few F and FA zooms are still very usable, even by today's standards, especially if bulk and weight are of concern.
I bought a couple of SMC Pentax lenses for cheap, knowing that they had haze and fungus. They cleaned up nicely.
I would be more careful with AF lenses. I tried once with a Pentax-F, and I have been fortunate that the fungus was not in the wrong place! With a Pentax-FA I found that there was an unaccessible/unrepairable cement separation! :(
In general, better refrain from buying "project" AF lenses.
Though I don't see any reason to refrain from buying a gently used example, especially if it can be returned.
It takes a lot of use to wear off the plastic parts, if there are no "accidents".
Yes, those I own are wobbly and most seem to be rather poorly made, but I guess they won't self-destroy anytime soon... :)
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