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Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 02-01-2018, 08:17 AM  
Game Daily in February 2018 - discussion thread
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 108
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I'm in. Hopefully I'll be a bit more dedicated on trying to get out almost every day. The unfortunate thing is that there is not a lot of outside stuff happening in Feb in NY. That said I do live in one of the largest cities in the world...
NaCl(laziness isn't an excuse)H2O
Forum: Pentax K-1 01-11-2018, 09:12 PM  
RAW+ vs. RAW vs. JPEG
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 30
Views: 2,635
I shoot mostly landscapes and floral portraits. It's VERY RARE that I need any increase in buffering capacity. It's rare that flowers move around that quickly!

NaCl(now if I was a birder trying to get BIF it might be different)H2O
Forum: Pentax K-1 01-11-2018, 07:24 AM  
RAW+ vs. RAW vs. JPEG
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 30
Views: 2,635
The reason I shoot RAW+ is that it is easier to sort during PP. My computer can view raw shots, but it takes longer. I use raw because I want to make the choices involving contrast, brightness, white balance etc. But shooting only raw slows the initial sort process down because it takes just a bit longer to open all the raw files up to sort thru them. My work flow is basically: Shoot raw +; download photos to my computer with sort by type; go thru the jpegs and make my initial sort, marking all the shots I want to keep (usually about 25%). Switch sort to name and delete all the raw + pairs I don't want. Then go and do PP work on all the shots I want to post to my photo site, FB or here. Using RAW + saves me at least 10 minutes for every 100-150 RAW+ pairs I've shot.

NaCl(it's just easier for me this way...ymmv )H2O
Forum: Pentax K-1 01-09-2018, 08:36 PM  
Metering difficulties in cold weather
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 5
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Thanks everybody for your input. I'm thinking that it was the lens. The Sigma is an old lens and the aperture actuator could have gotten frozen, and the default is wide open, which is what the shots were indicating. I don't shoot cold frequently, but often enough that I'm careful about letting gear warm up gradually and without generating too much condensation. Ironically enough the piece of equipment that I have the most problem with is the O-ME53 magnifying eyepiece. There are two lenses in the eyepiece with a space between them and they fog up in the internal space. If I've been shooting outside in the cold and go inside to shoot in the NY Botanical Conservatory, I remove the eye piece and put it in my pocket. After about 1/2 an hour I can use it again,.

NaCl(the little tricks you learn)H2O
Forum: Pentax K-1 01-09-2018, 09:25 AM  
Metering difficulties in cold weather
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 5
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I took my K-1 out on Sunday in 15F weather. For the first hour I was shooting hand held with the D FA 28-105 lens and had no problem. Battery was fully charged (I pulled the battery off the charger where it had been sitting overnight). After about an hour of hand held shooting I attached my camera to my tripod and immediately experienced a big metering issue. In Tv mode with the Sigma 70-200 EX DG (non macro) lens attached and about 6 stops of ND filter attached, the camera gave me an aperture of 22 with 2 seconds of shutter speed dialed in. However the resultant shot was massively over exposed to pure white. Tried the same shot with the same ND etc in M mode and got the same results. It wasn't a particularly bright day and I was mostly in shade. After about 10 minutes of trial and error I was finally getting decent results with 10 stops of ND filters, plus my CP filter at f/32 and 1 second shutter speed. I was using the tripod mount on the lens. I've taken the K-1 out in winter weather before but never this cold. After about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes of shooting this was the camera started metering normally again, with shot brightness reflecting the numbers listed by the camera. I will admit that I didn't think to try setting the lens to the non-A setting and using it as a manual aperture lens. Has anyone had any problems with K-1 metering in rather cold weather? There was no appreciable wind chill as the wind was almost calm.

NaCl(it's a head scratcher)H2O
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 12-26-2017, 08:50 PM  
Game Daily in January 2018 - discussion thread
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 107
Views: 4,207
I'm in too, and I'm echoing Bill above here.

NaCl(it's nice to have a theme for the week that I can ignore ;) )H2O
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 12-08-2017, 06:16 AM  
Fall Colors #135
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 11
Views: 165
I would like to nominate this photo
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 12-01-2017, 08:55 AM  
Game Daily in December 2017
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 132
Views: 4,253
I'm in. I like the idea of flexible themes. I'd probably go for one themed shot per theme week. That works best for me but the other options are also intriguing.

NaCl(the reason why I switched to Daily from Single is the flexibility)H2O
Forum: Pentax K-1 11-24-2017, 07:11 AM  
Fw 1.43
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 24
Views: 3,621
For when you are shooting during earthquakes?

NaCl(giving new meaning to the term "shake reduction" )H2O
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 11-05-2017, 12:28 PM  
Fall Colors #135
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 11
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Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 11-05-2017, 09:22 AM  
New K-mount roadmap
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 58
Views: 9,109
I think the jury is still out on the DA*55. My copy does vignette some what even w/o the hood at wide open and focused to infinity. I get the same results to a lesser degree with the FA 43 ltd. But I very rarely shoot wide open and focused to infinity. On the other hand I do not see the kind of edge smearing you are reporting on this (the 55mm) lens. I'm not saying that you don't experience this problem, only that I don't.

NaCl(I use the DA* 55 as my walk around prime and am very happy with it)H2O
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 10-02-2017, 07:54 AM  
Game Daily in October 2017 - discussion thread
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 20
Views: 1,005
After a distressingly bad late summer I'm back to shooting. I've decided to migrate over here from SIC, with my (somewhat) new K-1 I'm more interested in exploring different lenses. Also, MoVember sounds like a good idea! Won't be able to shoot today, getting a new ride, (or at least signing the contract for Subaru Outback to replace my ancient and elderly 2005 version).

NaCl(variety is always a good idea)H2O
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 07-28-2017, 06:35 AM  
Game Single in August 2017
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 110
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I'm in, the last part of this month has been a wash, I'm hoping next month will be better. At least late August is usually a bit cooler. To be truthful this challenge makes it hard to not go out and shoot. Lately I've needed all the encouragement I can get. Since this month has been big tele zoom, I think I'll go with a small wide angle prime, the inimitable FA 31mm limited. I've shot with it some with my K-1 but this will be the first time I've focused on it (pun intended).
NaCl(and my neck won't be sore after a day of shooting)H2O
Forum: Pentax K-1 07-20-2017, 06:56 AM  
looking for replacement of pin cover on K-1 battery grip.
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 10
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I don't really know where to post this, but since I'm looking for a K-1 part I thought I'd start here. After several days of intensive tripod usage (I always remove the battery grip when I'm using a tripod) I've lost the small white plastic cap that covers the i/o pin array on the battery grip. Since the cover protects the delicate pin array, I'd like to replace it but haven't found a source. I've tried Ricoh Imaging, Amazon, Adorama and B&H. It might help if I knew what it's official name is. If anyone can help I'd be grateful.
NaCl("little white plastic cover thingy" gives 0 results)H2O
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 06-27-2017, 06:00 AM  
Game Single In July 2017
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 105
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I'm in. One of my favorite ASP-C lenses is the DA* 50-135. Since I'm now shooting with a K-1 I'm going to go with the equivalent FOV, 70-200mm Sigma EX DG. This is the older non macro version. Since I featured the DFA 100mm macro in May, I'll have to pass on the macro lens, but a telephoto can be used as a close focus lens in certain situations.
NaCl(it's time to reach out and touch stuff)H2O
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 05-29-2017, 09:03 PM  
Tripod bracket help needed
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 11
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Thanks Heebie. What I'm looking for is a bracket with the tripod mount situated directly behind the camera so I can set it up so that the center line axis of the lens (and yes, it's the lens center line I need not the camera center line, I should have been more clear). I'm not sure that a gimbal head would give me that flexibility. As far as the rest of it goes, I don't think I'll need a yard stick or anything like that. I have a geared head that allows for minute micro adjustments so I should be able to exactly center the camera on the center line axis of the lens, but it's getting the tripod attachment point from the bottom of the camera to the centerline axis of the lens that is the problem. It also doesn't have to be exact exact, because multiple exposures will allow for some slight off center sloppiness. Just not the 1/4 inch or so exhibited in the explanatory photo.

NaCl(it's a difficult problem)H2O

---------- Post added 05-30-17 at 12:10 AM ----------

I may have to go this route Arjay, but I'm hoping there is an "in the field" solution. My photoshop skills are not that good, and I can see myself spending many minutes in PP work, whereas in field situation shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

NaCl(in addition I'm not particularly fond of PP work)H2O
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 05-29-2017, 08:36 PM  
Game Single In June 2017
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 141
Views: 5,326
I'm in. I originally thought to go with the DA 55*. But this talk of the A 35-105 has me thinking that way too. But I think I'll stay with my original thought. I've shot a fair amount with the latter lens in FF, and have yet to explore what 55mm means on FF. Maybe July for the A 35-105.

NaCl(besides the * lenses are so easy to use, and their bokeh is very very nice)H2O
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 05-29-2017, 04:03 PM  
Tripod bracket help needed
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 11
Views: 644
I've got a problem. I want to create radial multiple exposures around the central axis of the lens mounted on the camera. The pic below was taken hand held, I'd like a steadier platform and one where the central point was exactly the same in each exposure iteration. As you can see, the center point bounced around a bit and in addition if I didn't have to hand hold the camera, I could precisely rotate it to get a full exact 360 view. The only way I can figure it out is to get some sort of L bracket where you can situate it so that the tripod mount is directly behind the camera body on the center axis of the camera. I've looked around a bit but haven't found anything on either Adorama or B&H. Does anyone know of such a bracket? Or does anyone know of a different way of doing this?

[IMG]IMGP6379ssm by Peter Moore, on Flickr[/IMG]

NaCl(it's a fun technique but would be much more effective with a steadier and more precise platform)H2O
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 05-01-2017, 08:50 PM  
Game Single In May 2017
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 215
Views: 8,747
Warning appreciated, Thanks

NaCl(I do remember saying a few choice words about the lack of a focus limiter myself)H2O
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 04-30-2017, 04:45 PM  
Game Single In May 2017
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 215
Views: 8,747
I've shot with it a lot on the K-3 so I am familiar with that. Especially for macro work. But then again, I mostly shoot macros manually focused anyway. My K-3 had a split focus ring focus screen, it will be interesting to see how the K-1's focus tech compares.

NaCl(I even did a Single In month with it a while ago)H2O
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 04-30-2017, 05:03 AM  
Game Single In May 2017
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 215
Views: 8,747
I'm in. Since I went with the Zenitar fisheye for April, I want something different for May. You can say that ANY lens is different from a fisheye, and that is true. Several people mentioned 50mm lenses and I have an A 50 f/1.7 that has been pretty lonely, but I think I'll go with the DFA 100mm macro. After the ultra ultra wide of a fisheye I want to use something with a bit of reach.

NaCl(moderately long AND close, that should give me enough variety)H2O
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 04-21-2017, 06:31 AM  
Lens performance on my K-1
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 17
Views: 1,276
I have used the Pentax A 35-105 on my K-1 and it works very well. It actually is my go to zoom when I'm looking for a bit more reach than my Tamron 28-75. To be truthful if I could have a wish it would be a newer version of the 35-105 with weather sealing and quick shift. Auto focus would be nice also but not a necessity for me. Or maybe instead a ff compatible remake of the DA 50-135. Pentax really needs a mid range FF zoom.

NaCl(if wishes were horses...but I've still got a long list)H2O
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 04-02-2017, 10:37 AM  
Game Single in April 2017
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 307
Views: 11,220
I failed miserably in March. As I get older I have found that I'm prone to bouts of depression. IMO there is nothing so ennervating as depression and I failed to get out once in the last 2 weeks plus of March. Now that things are a bit warmer (if not dryer) and more visually interesting outside I'll be in for April. In deference to "fisheye April" I'll be using the venerable Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 on my K-1. Hopefully I'll do better this month.

NaCl(Spring is really here now and that should make it easier)H2O
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 02-27-2017, 06:46 AM  
Game Single In March 2017
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 178
Views: 7,014
I'm in. Since I decided I needed a belated Christmas/early birthday present. I recently acquired the K-1. Since I have most of the lenses everyone else has, I decided to go with one that is relatively rare at PF, the Sigma EX DG 24mm f/1.8. It is a fun lens, but like a lot of Sigma's as big as a brick, but it should balance nicely on the K-1. It also has very good close focus capabilities. I'm going to be interested in what happens.

NaCl(new body, the possibilities are legion)H2O
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-27-2017, 06:28 AM  
DFA*50 1.4 coming
Posted By NaClH2O
Replies: 3,156
Views: 265,536
There is always the Sigma EX DG 24mm f/1.8. It is a big brick of a lens but I've have very good luck with it on my ASPC Pentax cameras, haven't gotten around to shooting with it on my new K-1 that will be remedied in a few days. It's only problem is no WR. Good close focus capability.
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