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Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 10-09-2017, 12:10 AM  
Mirrorless 4k video option for Pentax lenses
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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Sony's FS7, FS5.
BMD's EF mounted BMPC4K, and the Ursa Mini Pro.
Panasonic's EVA1 should be good.
And my favorite,the Aja Cion.

What,.. Yes, they're all 'mirrorless',.... ;)

As for MILC bodies,... the A7s, GH4, G85, GH5 are all good, especially when paired with external recorder.
The G85 is my 'most likely', as I don't need the higher datarates of the GH4 or GH5, as I own a Shogun.

And yes, I've had SMC lenses in front of most of those cameras, IMHO they are the equal of some 'more respected' brands lenses, though the brand cache of the others tends to hurt the Pentax lenses reputation.

The only place where the Pentax lenses are clearly behind, is in Focus Breathing during Focus Pulls,... and the easy way to hide that, is shoot Anamorphic. :D

---------- Post added 09-10-17 at 06:19 PM ----------

Metabones don't support K-mount,... annoying, as they do a C/Y Speedbooster, which has Identical FFD.
Mitakon and Kipon do some models for Pentax lenses,... reviews seem to suggest the Metabones products are slightly superior.

SMC @ 4K samples,... on the Aja Cion

Shot 01 & 02 - Sigma 70-300 DG
Shot 03 - 35 F2
Shot 04 - 35 F2
Shot 05 - 50 F1.7
Shot 06 - 35 F2
Shot 07 - 50 F1.7
Shot 08 - 50 F1.7
Shot 09 - 50 F1.7 (I think)
Fire Twirling is on the 70-300 DG
Shot 11 - 85 F2
Shot 12 - 50 F1.7
Sunset - Also the 50, I think.

Forum: Pentax Mirrorless Cameras 10-03-2017, 04:58 AM  
2017 ILC mirrorless option from Pentax - FF or APSC
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 12
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I'm in Australia,... I see Canon M's everywhere :)

Mmmmm,... maybe,... more for the stills-shooters, for us Cinematography types, the LCD is far more useful then an on-body EVF.
We tend to prefer an EVF to be a seperate unit, ideally placed where our eye will be when the camera is shoulder mounted with Matte Box, Focus Rig and handles.

Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 10-03-2017, 04:37 AM  
K-1 and External Recording
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 15
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I got an Atomos Shogun here, if you ever come this side of the Tasman on holidays :D
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-03-2017, 04:36 AM  
Resurrecting Pentax firmware hacking
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 699
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I so wish I knew where to find it too. :)
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 10-03-2017, 04:34 AM  
Go here, do this, tell 'em about the video issues.
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 45
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Well, except for the Panasonics Menu,....

I would question that, as if the Stills have a greater width then 4096 pixels, then the Sensor is capable of 4K.
Now, the image processor, that not being capable of 4K, that would not suprise me in the least.

Looked very closely at that, and it would be an awesome camera for video, if it had Sensor Shift, and if the Slimport-HDMI worked.

100% Agree - the Anti-Video crowd don't realise just how good a Pentax is compared to other video capable DLSR's in regard to all the user interface design.

Or any camera with 2012 spec video,....

He says, a few weeks after being offered a US$2500 deal on a Cinema Camera,... soooo close,... And it's going to be wearing Pentax Primes!
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 09-19-2017, 01:57 AM  
K-1 and External Recording
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 15
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Mirroring the LCD,... so no improvement over the Analog output. :(
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 09-19-2017, 01:55 AM  
Pentax Cinematography.
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 34
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Update,.... Filmed segments, then had to deal with Mum getting pretty darn sick, and currently Lighting a feature film.

Have created a new Youtube channel just for this, will be posting a video with the 'please help hit 100 subscribers' to lock in the channel name :)
Forum: Pentax K-01 08-26-2017, 09:01 PM  
Just another "Marc Newson is a joke" thread,...
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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So I was doing some cleaning with my sister, while we take care of Mum's needs with The Big C.

And there under other things, is what turns out to be my Grandfathers Zeiss Ikon Symbolica, so I give it a clean today and look it up online,... only to find the following page with photos of the camera and it's alternative grips,...

Symbolica | Camerapedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Well, they do say the transformers have been here longer then we realize, looks like BumbleBee was hiding in a German design bureau !! :D
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 08-25-2017, 03:23 AM  
Pentax Cinematography.
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 34
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The problem with leaks, is when no one leaks the following week.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 08-20-2017, 08:46 PM  
Pentax Cinematography.
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 34
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I actually did consider which was right, but had fewer option to consider then one might think. :D

Also, S07E06,.. What The Actual Faq ??!!
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 08-17-2017, 04:00 AM  
Q & A about Pentax KP - VIDEO
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 21
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Used my SMC KM/KA glass in front of A7s, FS-7, and GH-4, thinking of buying the G85, as I have Shogun, so don't need the extra datarates of the GH-5, but could do with the sensor shift in video.

Thanks!, and, yeah, that's one of the other reasons why I'm looking at the G85.

I have a pair of push-pull style Sigma Zooms, of the same age as my Pentax Primes.
Both zooms retain focus as zoomed, and the 35-70 zoom was very nice on a mate-ette's GH4.

You've not used ProRes files in editing Tom?
Compared to the h.264, they're so much more flexible, and a PC that struggles doing multicam on four h.264 sources usually handles ProRes a lot better, so long as the drives are fast enough.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 08-17-2017, 03:50 AM  
Resurrecting Pentax firmware hacking
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 699
Views: 204,831
I'm beginning to think, it'd be easier to have a team start from scratch, with the SDK's for the chipsets, and build custom firmware from the ground up.
'least that way, we'd get features people want.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 08-17-2017, 03:46 AM  
K-1 and External Recording
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 15
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It got the Slimport Certification, so it has to be minimum 1080p out - were you able to tell if it was at 24, 25 or 30 fps?
Where did you find the Slimport adaptor?

What about any options to switch off the overlays? I tested a K-1 recently, and with all the overlays set to off, some were still there on the output.

As for DVR - I have the Shogun, and it displays info about the incoming source, but some of the DVR's, and yes, including the Shogun, some of them are really fussy about having everything input to the correct standards - the HDMI on the 645D gave a small image in the top left corner of the screen with a nasty colour streak across to the righthand edge.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 08-17-2017, 03:23 AM  
Pentax Cinematography.
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 34
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Update: Family stuff got in the way, but rather then just rebrand an old youtube, I've created a new one, just trying to get the right URL for it now.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 08-01-2017, 06:53 AM  
K-1 questions for Video, specifically external mic/sound suggestions
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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Like a local "Ted Talk' ?
Cool if it is :)

Lightweight photography tripod,... Ball-Heads are no good for video.
Neither are the tripod heads with the Tilt section off to one side - they roll sideways under load when loosened for tilting.
Manfrotto 502AH is a good place to start.

Tas's suggestions are spot on too.

For the gig you describe, before buying a separate audio recorder, I'd look at whether you can get a Mic or Line level feed from the PA system - I'm assuming there's a soundie with some sort of desk for setting the sound levels for the audience.
If there is, and if you can get a feed from the desk, with the camera input levels set low enough, you can run that in to the K-1's Mic In socket.

Now, there's a process for doing this, and it's VERY important to do it correctly, else you'll fry the Mic input of the camera.

First, buy a Line-to-Mic level Pad, or a Input Mixer.

Turn down the input level on your camera. Put the headphones on.

Take the AUX or TAPE sends from the mixing desk (or from the line out of a PA speaker), feed that in to your camera Input Mixer.

Turn the levels on the Input Mixer all the way down.

Now plug the output of that Mixer in to the camera's Mic in socket.

Now you slowly adjust the camera's input level, and the mixers level setting, until you hear clear audio with no hiss or harsh clipping (will sound like material ripping in the background of the sound.)

Take the time to do that last part slowly, and don't do it with the headphone turned all the way up - you can damage your hearing if the headphones are too loud.

I has a Tascam DR-70D recorder, in the same situation as you, I'd use it to record the PA audio, as well as using the Tascam's output to feed my camera.

Now, why did I say 'before you buy',... So you can buy either a Recorder or Input Mixer that matches the type of connections the Soundie has on their equipment.

Something like this would cover most gigs like this,..
Azden FMX-DSLR Portable Audio Mixer for Digital SLR FMX-DSLR B&H

And this is what I use,..
Tascam DR-70D 4-Channel Audio Recording Device for DSLR DR-70D

Now, the bargain basement option, for recording separate audio - if you have an Android or Apple phone, have a look at the Rode SmartLav - we've been using these to cover audio when an actor is too far from a boom mic, or locations where the boom is not practical, they work well and work reliably.
RØDE Microphones - smartLav+

You can get the person doing the presentation to wear it with the phone tucked in a pocket.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 08-01-2017, 06:10 AM  
Q & A about Pentax KP - VIDEO
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 21
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If I could find proof that the output could be recorded to my Shogun (via the certified dongle) I would have bought one already.

I think there's a lot of people underestimating how much value there is in the KP's light sensitivity for video - the Only other cameras out there that have the same useful ISO range, are Sony's A7s, A7s2, FS700 and FS7.

Even as the outgoing model, the A7s is about halfway between the price of the KP and the K-1, admittedly with FF sensor, but with No stabilization options - the 'big deal' for the Mark2 versions of the A7 range, was Sony's version of Sensor Shift.
Their works in video as well as stills, exactly the same as Panasonics on the M4/3 sensors.
(*Yes, the A7s2 got internal 4K, the A7s only does 4K externally)

Thing is, the KP is natively a "Super35" sized sensor, which means for HD footage, it matches the look of other Super35 cameras - BMD's, Red's, Kinefinity's, Arri's, Cions, Canon C-series - which in turn means it would slip seamlessly in to projects with those cameras, where the end to end workflow is HD.

The comment I always hear about my K-01, is how people love the colour reproduction.
It'd be nice to see the same colour accuracy in low light footage.
Even better if it was externally recorded 4K.

Think I'll be messaging CRKennedy to see if they want to 'sponsor' a KP based test shoot soon :)
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 07-28-2017, 01:06 AM  
Pentax Cinematography.
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 34
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Have done a couple of shoots, and got grabbed for some film work - taking the money when it there! :D

Editing away and should have some uploads soon. Has to figure what was the best way to do pieces to camera with my ugly mug too,... Going for the Driver-talks-to-camera style with a gopro clone for those, to make sure they stand out as not-Pentax shots :)
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 07-23-2017, 01:30 AM  
What do you guys do for video?
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 180
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On the K-01, all of the image profiles that can be applied to Jpegs in stills, are also applied to the video recording.

And yes, Negative image video can be very trippy.

I shot some fire twirling stuff over the last few weekends, and a short film 'interview' sections yesterday, so I'll be having some info on adjusting the image profiles and showing their effects with waveform displays, when I get them edited and posted to youtube.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 07-17-2017, 10:40 PM  
HSS on Cheap ? and Cactus V6 ?
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 83
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Write up on your settings?
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 07-12-2017, 10:14 PM  
What do you guys do for video?
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 180
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I'd take a second look at the power saving options, then file a bug report - on the G85 there's already been one firmware update to deal with the sensor movement being 'too loud' for some of the non-video-pro reviewers.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 07-12-2017, 12:57 AM  
Series of landscape&nature video's with a K-3
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 8
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Using the Live-U needs a functional video output from the camera,..... we don't have that from the HDMI yet.

ENG is great ergonomics for the work it's designed to do, it's just way too heavy to go traipsing through the wilderness with unless you're a full time Documentarian..
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 07-12-2017, 12:27 AM  
What do you guys do for video?
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 180
Views: 8,057
For me, there's a difference - 24 for film, 25 for local TV delivery. PAL country.

---------- Post added 12-07-17 at 05:29 PM ----------

Put ML on any of those three, and I'd happily shoot on them in preference to a 5D.
I can put my Pentax Primes in front without the mirror hitting the back of the lens! :)
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 07-10-2017, 06:40 AM  
Pentax K50 and video
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 7
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I wouldn't be surprised if some of the cameras between K-5 and K-3 are as low as 720 lines, depending on lighting and lenses - it's very common for cameras to not actually be capable of resolving the detail that matches the output standard of the recorded files.

When the Sony EX-1 and EX-3 were launched, there were plenty of cammo's that praised them and hung shit on the Panasonic HPX-500 series, as the HPX's used Pixel-Shift (where the Red and Blue sensors are mounted half a pixel to the side and above that of the Green sensor, synthesizing the pixels between lines from data interpolation between the Red/Blue lines and the Green lines) letting it use sensors that for each colour would only output around 800 lines, but when combined were capable of higher then 1080.
Mean while, the Sony fanboys were crowing about the "Real 1080" output of the EX series, completely unaware that they were actually 960p sensors and up-rezzed in the camera to 1080p.
JVC was doing something similar, where they'd gone 720p, and everyone else went 1080p, so they upscaled in the camera until they developed true 1080p sensors.

This is one of the reasons that 4K is so useful, as when it's down-scaled to HD on export from the editing software, it produces 1080p that is MUCH sharper then cameras that shoot in 1080.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 07-10-2017, 06:26 AM  
Nice K5 video..whats the gear?
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 18
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As I mentioned when posting the K-01 footage of the VicPol event (one where I was glad not to be driving my own car,...), there's some difference happening in the way Resolve was decoding the footage, compared to what I would normally see in other NLE's.

If anyone wants to contribute some K-5 sample,.... :)
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 07-10-2017, 05:21 AM  
Series of landscape&nature video's with a K-3
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 8
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Mate, they should be using this stuff to sell Pentax Cameras.

These shots really show of the camera well, sound is crystal clear with good balance between the live sound, the dialog, and the backing music.
Looks like you've nailed the exposure in the vast majority of shots - there's some I'd have blown out the sky more in favor of detail in the shadows, but it's a creative choice, not a technical critique.

I can see where the compression used by the site is limiting things, far more then the camera.

You should grab the original exports from the NLE, and upload them to Youtube with subtitle/caption in English.

That sort of shooting - it's another reason why we love DSLR's and MILC's for video - because carrying the mass of a large digital cinema camera and support gear out in to those locations would be back-breaking.
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