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Forum: General Talk 06-11-2022, 03:09 PM  
What book on your table now
Posted By lesmore49
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I'm reading another Craig Symond book.

This book is 'World War Two at Sea: A Global History' .

I so enjoyed ' The Battle of Midway', a book I picked up from the local library, that I bought World War Two at Sea.

I would highly recommend his books, if you are interested in reading detailed, well written books on naval history.
Forum: General Photography 06-11-2022, 03:05 PM  
Forum membership longevity
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 74
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I agree. I enjoyed Paul's (Monochrome) posts. I learned a lot from him via the Pentax Forum. He is a very generous individual, a good man.

Les (Bob)
Forum: Post Your Photos! 06-08-2022, 12:52 PM  
Abstract Sparkling
Posted By lesmore49
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Nice shot. Great use of bokeh and clarity. Well done.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 06-08-2022, 12:51 PM  
Machinery Harley-Davidson
Posted By lesmore49
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Very nice shot of that modern Harley V-twin. V-Rod ?

Liquid cooled, not air cooled, designed by Porsche. All accounts said this was a terrific engine, but for some reason many HD riders didn't cotton to it, preferring their older design, air cooled V Twins.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 06-08-2022, 12:49 PM  
Machinery Go Charger!
Posted By lesmore49
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Of course over here in North America, we never did see any of these Aussie Chargers...although I may have seen one. Think they had an inline hemi head six...with overhead cam ? Interesting specs for that engine.

Kind of reminded design... of the inline OHC, six that Jeep brought out for the original Wagoneer.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 06-08-2022, 12:43 PM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
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Out here on the Northwestern Great Plains...or prairie provinces as we call them, in the 1950's/'60's we never had many of the traditional Land Rovers. I recall just two in my burg.

One was owned by a highly regarded radio announcer , and he said on air...'he had to be behind the microphone at 3:30 am Winterpeg...he needed a Land Rover to ensure he could fight through snow drifts left by our not uncommon prairie blizzards. '

The other one, owned by a pro photographer who worked at the same publishing company that I did.

I had a ride in it once in the winter. It was about -25 F , cold, wintry, snowy...and that was just inside the Land Rover. :lol:

The heater/ defroster was overwhelmed by our deadly winter. Or maybe his heater/defroster wasn't working well. It was also noisy...but then it was one serious truck, not a Cadillac.

I recall a staff meeting at the publishing company. The photographer asked the publisher ...'when the company parking lot was going to be plowed out ? ' The publisher replied...'well it's not that bad...and then added...'why do drive that thing. you recently bought (referring to the Land Rover). "

The photog replied..." I need it to get in and out of the parking lot ! " a chorus of laughter from the rest of the staff. :lol:

I like the original Land Rover, tough as nails, unique look, go anywhere ability.
If I was wealthy, I think I would like to have an older one resto modified. A hard top '60's LR, with the Rover V8...which as many know, was originally designed, made and used by Buick. But maybe not. Some LR aficionados would probably denounce me for modifying it...sacrilege don't you know, old bean. :D

I know I could just buy a '90's Land Rover Defender, which some of this model featured the Rover V8...and that might be the way to go...but first off I need lottery winnings. :D

I wouldn't use mine as a Chelsea tractor. My wife and I, and also our son and me, do like to go out on country back roads...looking for abandoned iron and wildlife to take pix with, using of course my Pentax gear. Some of these excursions go through pretty rough territory, where having 4WD/AWD, additional traction aide settings, ground clearance and truck type tires to work our way through unsavoury road conditions. The Defender would be right for the job, although our large Chevy SUV does a very good job of ploughing through unimproved roads now.

LR bought the rights from General Motors, to manufacture this great, small V8, and modified it , to meet Rover needs. I think Rover did a great job and of course there were many Rover V8's that were used in other British vehicles.

We had a 2007 , 6 passenger, Buick sedan that had the Buick 3800cc , 90 degree V6, which came out in the early '60's...and was available in many forms....and it was related to the Buick/Rover original design, etc..

That Buick of ours, was a great car, very torque rich and could really move that 4000 pound Buick of ours, out quickly.

The Bujick 90 degree V6, during it's life was supercharged, turbocharged, carbureted, fuel injected...used in Indy race cars, was the 'big motor' in Jeeps for awhile. Jeep bought the rights to to this engine from GM in the 1960's, used it, then GM bought the rights, etc...back from Jeep in the '70's and used it for years. In fact it was the basis in turbo form, for one of the fastest American Muscle cars of the '80's. The late, lamented Buick GN-X.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 06-08-2022, 10:56 AM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 97,171
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Don't know why I never though of that method. I could of used bits of sausage meat to conceal the dreaded pill. Willy was smart...but he could never avoid the temptation of meat. :D

We don't have dogs anymore, due to allergies of family members...but I sure do miss not having a canine around the place.

Our daughter and her partner have a rescue dog. He's from the northern part of our province and the vet says has Siberian Husky and some Greyhound in him, amongst other breeds. He looks like a typical Canadian sled dog, which I'm sure some of his ancestors were, as he is from near a northern community that used to run sled teams, still do a bit I think.

I get to walk him every so often....

I have seen him in fenced dog parks...where he can run to his heart's content. His speed, endurance is something to behold. When he accelerates from a dead is as if he 'explodes' off the starting line. a marvelous dog and a real part of the family.

As you can see I'm a dog lover.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 06-08-2022, 10:47 AM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
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Makes me think back to the grain trucks we had on the farm. The F700, the International, the '48 Fargo....all with manual transmissions, 3 pedals, three levers...shifter, E brake, box lift control lever.

Thinking about manual transmissions. My first ten vehicles that I owned....from when I was 16 to 30 years old...were all standard transmissions. I got my first automatic in a new Buick, as I was working in the centre of a city and getting tired of pushing in the clutch, shifting in grid lock conditions every day.

Nowadays it's hard to get a manual transmission in cars or light trucks and most young people, don't know how to drive a opportunity for them. In North America, anyways.

My 30 something son, is able to, as he has driven a few standards (Dad showed him how :D) and he rides a motorcycle....BMW G/S.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 06-08-2022, 10:36 AM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 97,171
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Back in the '70's I got a small rescue dog. Got him from a couple I knew, that ran a dog hair clipping place. The woman did some of her dog clipping at a vet and apparently, another woman had dropped this dog off at the vet, said I don't care what you do with him, but all I know is that I don't want him.

The vet kept him for a couple of weeks, but couldn't find a home for him, so the dog's future wasn't promising.

He was about 7.5 to 8 pounds, around 2 years old, pure white, pink nosed, part poodle, part West Highland much as anyone at the vet's could guess.

He was definitely a one man dog, small in stature, but absolutely huge in personality. He took to me, and I took to him immediately. He was an intelligent, very strong willed, Type

Because of his personality, I called him Will....but mostly Willy. Think his previous name was 'fluffy'....:o

I have lots of stories of this little force of nature, many of the stories still make me smile and chuckle. He was a funny dog, but not intentionally so.

When he was older, he had an infection, I took him to the vet, she gave me some penicillin pills, to administer to him each evening. It was like a Punch & Judy show, just trying to get a pill down his throat. After a week or so, he wasn't getting any better. and while cleaning my place, (I was a bachelor at the time) I noticed a little pile of penicillin pills, deposited in a pile behind my couch.

I realized the little devil, had been not swallowing the pills, but spitting them out, hiding them behind my couch.

Well, back to the vet.

I explained what he was doing and the vet, said ok, I'll try liquid penicillin, and give you a syringe to shoot it down his gullet.

I tried that. Some of the time, he would be able to spit it back in my I took to wearing my workshop safety glasses...I mean who wants dog medicine in their :D

The liquid penicillin worked...although it did have a side effect.

Willy had longish white hair, and the penicillin gave him the 'runs'......

So there he was...a white 'square' of a dig...a pink muzzle from the pink coloured penicillin that he had managed to spit out...a white, vanilla coloured mid section....and a brown a side effect from the meds.

To this day....I can't look at Neapolitan ice cream, without thinking of Willy, me and the pink penicillin. :lol:

BTW, I did try to keep as clean as I could during this little adventure. :D
Forum: General Talk 06-07-2022, 02:16 PM  
What book on your table now
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 1,135
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I'm reading a book entitled, 'The Battle of Midway, by Craig Symonds, who is a Professor of American Naval History at the U.S. Naval Academy. It is a well written, lucid history that examines both sides in this, what I would call 'epic' battle...that was fought many decades ago in the Pacific.

It is not a good side-bad side type of popular history, but is a fair look at why, who and when. And where.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 06-07-2022, 02:13 PM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 97,171
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I like my ice cream...Neapolitan. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry.

I've got a story about my little dog, who was my near constant companion,....penicillin in liquid form...side effects...and Neapolitan ice cream.

The story ended happily, but it may not be for the squeamish.

I'm not sure everybody is 'ready' for it.

However, I will bow to demand..either way. :D
Forum: General Talk 06-07-2022, 11:09 AM  
Nostalgia from your childhood - a camera, a computer, a toy ?
Posted By lesmore49
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My Matchbox / Dinky toys from England. This would be back in the 1950's.

My dad made me a garage, quite large, had fuel pumps, a showroom with two 1/18th scale early '50's Hudson Hornets in the glassed in showroom, an outer inclined ramp, to a roof parking lot and a service area with a large garage door, folding, with glass wooden framed panels which lead to a main floor service area for cars.

It was wonderful, unfortunately it went to a cousin when I was about 11.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 06-07-2022, 11:03 AM  
Food Cheese, you said ? Sample of Quebec cheeses.
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 9
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I'm a cheese fan. Canadian prairie cheese, Dutch, French, British, German. As long as it is not do I say this....''rarefied'...:D I usually like it.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 06-07-2022, 10:59 AM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
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I've always been a student of history. In my studies and readings over the years, it is hard to determine what is a fact, what is a myth, what is mere opinion, carefully crafted as 'fact'.

In the last decade or so, there have been a number of 'fact checkers, myth busters....some of them have credibility issues. Some of them have hidden and not so hidden agendas. As far as government agencies...assorted media...newspapers, radio, TV...movies, is always wise to subject them to an examination with a fine tooth of course I would to so called fact checkers.

Back in the '60's-70 I worked for a publishing company, and the stuff I saw in local TV, newspaper, radio. Enough to turn my hair a premature gray. :eek::D

It has been a life long always be alert, don't take things at their face value....and do your best to separate the wheat from the chaff....and there is a lot of chaff out there.

And therein lies the dilemma. All these questions of.... Who, What, When Where, and can they be answered with any semblance of confidence for the average citizen, that he/she is getting the real story.

I've always read, listened to, watched a lot of media, media I like, but also media I don't like or keep a balance.

This is a habit I developed back in my 1950's - '90's short wave radio listening days. Many countries, especially the big powers would have English language, national radio stations....UK, USA, USSR, Cuba....the list goes on.

I could hear each country's 'interpretation' of the same big story....of the week. All would be equally convincing, all would be logical...and most were the polar opposite of what the other 'fellow' had to say.

So, the ability to develop a accurate B.S. meter is essential in these modern times....and I always try to remove my innate bias ...from the mix. Am I completely successful ? Probably not, but I give it my best shot.

There I go again. Digressing. :lol:

Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 06-02-2022, 10:25 PM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
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The US Secret Service say that FDR did use Al Capone's armoured car.!&&p=74a4d1228e1cea2dea11ba03f29b64172301ec54188d9...RhdGlvbg&ntb=1
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 06-02-2022, 08:38 PM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
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I don't remember. At my age in 1951, I didn't know cars very well.

Later on (1959 I think) , I think the Queen and Phillip were again in Winnipeg and if memory serves me correct it was a big GM luxo convert. Usually what would happen back then, a car dealer would provide a convert from his stock, and it would invariably be a luxury car convert.

My wife's grandfather, who was an early Canadian bush pilot....and as a result was honoured to meet the Queen. She was driven to the event in a vintage Rolls-Royce....provided by a local car collector.

I think if Prince Phillip had his druthers...he would of always gone with a Land Rover. He was quite a fan. :D

Now, lodged in my deep, dark memory recesses....when Elizabeth's parents came for a Canadian tour in 1939, they had a Buick-McLaughlin....which was the Canadian market Buick of the time.

I think the American President's car...has generally been switched back and forth between Lincoln and Cadillac.

Another memory of mine, knocking around my relatively empty brain didn't FDR....have the first presidential armoured car...which had previously been Al Capone's former car ? Was it not confiscated by the U.S. Treasury Dept. , due to Al's non payment of taxes ? :D
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 06-02-2022, 04:34 PM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
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Congratulations to the Queen.

I recall the first visit of the Queen and Prince Phillip to my fair city, in 1951. I was just over two years old. I only recall a very limited number of things from this age, and I think I do recall this...because my parents told me what famous personages would be visiting our city. I've always had high regard for both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.

I remember the Queen and Prince Phillip, being chauffeured , in a parade, in an open car. I can't recall the car make, but probably it was a large Cadillac or Buick convertible.
Forum: Vintage Cameras and Equipment 06-02-2022, 03:54 PM  
Compact M42 body with excellent ergonomics
Posted By lesmore49
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I've had my Pentax S1a since 1968. I bought it new ($ 159.00 CAD) , along with the 55 mm Takumar F 2 lens, and a Sekonic light meter, which I paid the princely sum of ten dollars Canadian.

I worked in a publishing company, and the publisher told me that I had to make myself more get a good 35mm camera, either a Nikon or a Pentax and learn how to use it. So I did. My S1a.

I used it , those first three years, as a work tool. Using it in -35 degrees on the Alberta / Manitoba/ Saskatchewan prairie.....inside cattle corrals....dimly lit offices...with no flash, just some 400 Tri-X B&W film that I pushed to 800 ASA or get a publishable shot.

It never let me down, took excellent photos, endured bumping and rough handling in everything from De Havilland Bush planes, sliding around in a camera case in my old V-Dub air cooled cars....around my neck while riding horseback....etc.

I still have it. It still works. I still have my old Sekonic light meter, which also works...and my gray card...which I still use to get meter readings.

This little S1a, the Sekonic the 55 mm lens...I would never part with any of this package. It partially earned my daily crust decades ago. Hard to believe, but I regard this fine mechanical / optical device very warmly. It is part of the family , has been for over half a century.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 05-31-2022, 10:09 AM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
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My wife and I watched a great show on the Rural Channel last night. It was about famous songwriter , musician and singer Don McLean.

It was about his life, his songs, his music.

There was a period of time, around mid '60's to around 1971, when a lot of singers/musicians/groups came to my youthful attention.

People like Don McLean, Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, CCR (John Fogerty), the Guess Who (Burton Cummings/Randy Bachman), David Clayton Thomas, James Taylor, etc....who IMO...were wonderful performers. I still have their records, tapes, CD's...which I don't listen to, enough.

I saw Don McLean back in the '70's at an old Vaudeville 'palace' . There he was. McLean, a mike, a stool and basic stage lighting. But what a performance.

American Pie, Vincent, Starry, Starry night, etc. Think I drove my Chevy to the Levee...after the show...fortunately the Levee was dry. :D
Forum: Post Your Photos! 05-22-2022, 08:20 PM  
Machinery DA*300 Meets BMW M3
Posted By lesmore49
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Nice pix. The 300 much like a 3D effect.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 05-22-2022, 08:17 PM  
Machinery Loafing in Amboy, CALIFORNIA. Old National Chloride tanker truck.
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 4
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Nice catch of a very old Ford truck. Not far from my place, is an old, shut down garden cdentre. Behind the chain link fence is a 1954 Mercury M 750 'Big Job' truck, with a large box mounted on the frame.

Richard, as you probably know, being a fellow Canadian, the Ford motor company of Canada for many years built Canadian market only, Mercury trucks. The Mercury trucks were the same as their Ford twins, with only trim differences.

My family had a business, back in the 1960's and when they needed a work truck, they bought a new 1968 Mercury M 250 (3/4 ton) pickup...with the Ford 300 cube inline six and three on the tree manual transmission.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 05-22-2022, 08:09 PM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 97,171
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My wife did some beekeeping for awhile. It was years ago, during her U. days, when she was working on her degree in Micro Biology.

As an aside, I don't think biology gets anymore micro then a bee...but what do I know. :D

She doesn't raise bees /harvest honey anymore, but does take great delight in gardening.

Interesting to note that your seasonal allergies ceased, after your mom started keeping bees. My wife is allergic to pollen, etc. I don't know if she had these allergies, when she was involved in bee keeping. When she raised bees, it was before my time.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 05-22-2022, 08:00 PM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 97,171
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Congrats to your son, and what a fine family pix celebrating your son's achievement. :)
Forum: Post Your Photos! 05-21-2022, 02:09 PM  
Nature Common Box Turtle, close up
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 10
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Lovely pics of those wonderful little animals. The Box Turtle.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 05-21-2022, 02:06 PM  
why I won't buy a k3 (Warning: Satire Thread)
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 97,171
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I got my driver's license, in 1965. I had two bikes, a motor scooter, and a 125cc motorcycle. Both 2 stroker single cylinders.

Regular gas, which back then was measured using the British Imperial gallon up here, cost me 26 cents Canadian per gallon. I had a day a week...which paid me about $ 1.75 an hour....and I worked 8 hours.

I was a high school student.

Now, as I speak, gas costs me $ 1.87 CAD per liter.
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