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Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 23 Hours Ago  
Thoughts on how to put my K-50 back into use?
Posted By photogem
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[/LIST]Well, if you don't use the K-70, then it makes sense to sell it.

Of course the K50 works fine with the PLM but otherwise?

Option 3 will not work fully but as well castrated. LiveView is very sensible for IR!

So option 1, which is cheap and easy

option2 stays "alive" but with more options


option 3 is working much better.

Pretty easy choice I find.

If course you possibly know that this advice would have to be expected to come from me, because I wrote the tutorials
but I just find a castrated Pentax pretty boring.
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 1 Day Ago  
Sticky: Dark exposure problems on K-30 or K-50? Discussion Thread
Posted By photogem
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Martin, I think its not a good idea to share this.
In almost all cases I know off this method led to failure in a very short time.
I have tried it in the beginning, I have a demagnetizer for tapemachine heads.

There is a blog in German just suggesting this method, it was full of commentaries writing that the problem occured again,
but most of the critical ones have been deleted (typical vanity problems of such bloggers), only 7 left.

And yet, the majority (3) warn or write about negative experiences,
a minority (2) had success and another minority (1) complain, the last minority (1) ask a question (which never got answered)

I see it like this:

1. If you invest the time/effort, then best to prepare well, i.e. get the solenoid and soldering iron and do it 100% right, because disassembling the body to do it your way is 95% of the work already!

2. Doing it your way and the 99% likelyhood that the problem will reoccur again means double work plus lose screws:
Most screws screw into plastic threads which each time get weaker!
Particular the solenoid screw itself is critical, because each actuation shakes the solenoid!
But a few other screws are critical as well. You then need to fill the bad threads with Epoxy, drill a 1mm hole into it and then hope it will hold.

But to explain it in further detail:
The plunger demagnetizes by itself when away from the body and this tiny permanent magnet!
This you can check with the tip of a screwdriver (demagnetized of course):
At the beginning the plunger "sticks" to it.
But if you wait a few seconds, it won't stick anymore.

But the main body which is made out of the same alloy as the plunger remains magnetised because it is always in contact with the magnet. So it won't lose its magnetic force. And that's one part of the problem which also explains why just swapping the plunger against one from a Japansolenoid won't help at all: Its the extra magnetic holding force of the magnet AND the main body!

I don't know if this alloy can change its magnetic properties! I don't think this is the case.
Because then high-shuttercount bodies should be more of a problem but the opposite is the case, regular constant use in general

helps to avoid or lessen ABF (some people claim to know more about it, usually those who either never saw the solenoid in real life or a few who dealt with it once or twice but right away became master-specialists, kind of similar to when you just got your driving-liscence and you think now you can start a driving-school)
Forum: Repairs and Warranty Service 1 Day Ago  
Aperture block repair K-70, finished
Posted By photogem
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The reason why you don't hear of cameras failing in the first 1-2 years is simply that there is warranty.
Then there is 1 year warranty on the repair, i.e. if it occurs again within 1 year, repair is on warranty again
(at least this should be so)
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 3 Days Ago  
Any rumors on a k-70 and kp replacement(s) ?
Posted By photogem
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Here some photos.
A K5, normal condition, not misused, no waterintrusion (that looks very different!).
Main corrosion as I have seen it sometimes also on the K3 is on the bottom part.
Second on the front-cover.
Hardly on the top or back.
Shuttercount is low on this one, just 5042!
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 3 Days Ago  
Pentax K110D not switching on.
Posted By photogem
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The K110D should have the same DC input as the K100D.

Any 6-8V DC powersupply with the correct connector should work there giving you the option to check if the body is alright.

The problem of leaked batteries which attack the contacts is quite common.
The best thing you can try is to bend the contacts and clean them well. Possibly even sand them carefully.

The bending often does the trick!

The contacts deep inside the batterybox can't be just replaced but the contacts on the battery door are ease swapped.
Any broken Pentax of the *ist-Series, K100/200D and if I recall rightly the K-m as well have the same contacts, I have swapped them a few times because I baught a lot of older Pentax bodies for the Japan-made solenoids.

But the test with a PS is helpfull first

Don't even think of disassembling your K110D for replacing the battery box. Hours and hours of work with a very uncertain outcome.
If it is finished, it has the 2 valuable Japan-Solenoids which you can either sell or use for repair of a defunct Pentax K30/50 which can be found often quite cheap.
Maybe an option?
Manual solenoid replacement Pentax K30 / Discharge flash-condenser / Solenoid choice -
Forum: Pentax K-70 4 Days Ago  
K-70 underexposure...appears to be the stuck solenoid.
Posted By photogem
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I didn't know this - thanks for the info - checked my K-70 and it was manufactured in 2020! Glad I didn't get old stock. But I guess 'mediocre' isn't very comforting. I do have extended warranty though as well[/quote]
Now, not that we get another internet-fairytale...
when was the Pentax K70 introduced?

Good source is THIS ONE
Forum: Pentax K-70 4 Days Ago  
K-70 underexposure...appears to be the stuck solenoid.
Posted By photogem
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Another sample of low shuttercount!

Was your K-70 not used for a longer period?
Would be worthwhile to know!

If you didn't buy some special extended warranty, then of course after 3 years there is no more warranty.

A socalled professional fix is not safe in a long term, because it will be the same China-made solenoid, the Japan-DSLR-Solenoid is out of production since the K-x/K-r! Warranty for repair is max. 1 yr and cases when this went wrong do show up, particular as Precision Cameras occasionally messes up things and at times retreats to very strange behaviour:
Ricoh GR III scroll wheel problem (not regarding wobbly control dial) -

Repair it yourself, it is not very difficult!
If you really can't DIY and you won't find anybody who could do it for you,
then these days I'd even consider PC35lab:
They sand/file the plunger but it is only $100 plus shipping and they seem to give a long warranty, I even heard of unlimited warranty.

Read carefully this article:
Why you shouldn't file/sand the plunger of the green Chinasolenoid but replace it -
and then it is up to you to find the best solution.

The correct conducted repair is shown here*
Tutorial/Repair Pentax K-70 with aperture-problem: Exchange solenoid -
will not only guarantee that the solenoid won't be stuck ever again but your K-70.... a great Pentax... will perform better!
The Japan solenoid fires faster, with "finely tuned ears" you can even hear the difference when it actuates.

*@jatrax: Your link is for the K-30, not the K-70!
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 4 Days Ago  
Sticky: Dark exposure problems on K-30 or K-50? Discussion Thread
Posted By photogem
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Usually the solenoid is stuck (i.e. no movement) all the time.
But in the beginning it it stuck the first shots, then gets free... but it gets worse until stuck all the time

The K20D has the correct solenoid, the K7 was the first with a stepper motor.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 6 Days Ago  
Ricoh GR III scroll wheel problem (not regarding wobbly control dial)
Posted By photogem
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IMO your case is a case for lawyers.

Anyway, trying DIY might be a sensible option.
Here you see how to disassemble it:
A guide to disassembling the Ricoh GR for sensor cleaning – Jamie Collinson

I would use Deoxit Faderlube, not cheap but it seems to be the best because it is for conductive plastics.
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 04-12-2021, 10:52 AM  
Should I be worried about my used K30 purchase?
Posted By photogem
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Then lets have some facts (all with snapshots, i.e. I can prove each single one)

I did not keep all snapshots and there were quite a few more with low shuttercount, one K50 for sure below 100, the only
young one):

K30: 4567
K30: 4566
K30: 8615
K30: 6951
K30: 9408
K30: 5495
K30: 4400
K30: 5172
K30: 6401
K30: 2430
K30: 4566
K30: 2437
K30: 3916
K30: 4410
K30: 3489
K30: 3792
K30: 5676

K50: 7530
K50: 1672
K50: 1306
K50: 4030
K50: 4100
K50: 885

K500: 6754
K500: 317

K-S1: 1910
K-S1: 3283
K-S1: 380
K-S1: 7171
K-S1: 5830
K-S1: 1270
K-S1: 6374
K-S1: 396
K-S1: 3080
K-S1: 2985
K-S1: 4809
K-S1: 6
K-S1: 550

K-S2: 9730
K-S2: 2352
K-S2: 67
K-S2: 679
K-S2: 9995
K-S2: 2352

K-70: 1806

Above 10.000 actuations we have:

1 x K70 with 11864 after 1 1/2 years (my own)

4 x K30

1 x K500
3 x K50
0 x K-S1
0 x K-S2

So, I must admit, I was wrong, I have repaired quite a few more than just 50.
K-S1 with 1910 was not used for 6 month! I know this from quite a lot bodies and logic from any intelligent engineer will right away understand why it is so.
It is a simple matter and to me (and many others) fact and not an ant and bee make believe rainbow

The figures of the K-S1 speak particular for themselves:
It was sold much more to young people who used it for holidays or at the beginning, then got comfy and used their smartphone instead.
Then "waking it up" suprise surprise.

Another pair of K-S1's within the family:
1 was used regularely, the other hardly at all.
When No 1 failed with ABF she got the other one out, it hadn't be used for a long time and had as well low shuttercount.
But right away black pictures!

I repaired both together.

The one with low shuttercount is still hardly used. But the problem never arises.

Same for my K10D, I hardly use it anymore but keep it for nostalgic reasons.
But when I try it, it works: White Japan solenoid!

So anybody trying to argue:

Bring some evidence of your own research

but stop arguing for arguments sake

It is misleading others!
We have enough misleading stuff going on during this crisis, we don't need more of it.

And those who use Marc Twains sayings should start researching as well instead of arguing with to me empty arguments.
(But maybe I missed something here and Marc Twain was a professional Pentax user!)

It is too easy to say just "no" and not involve oneself with real research.

But I will stop within this thread now, I think everything important was brought forward, let the readers deside.
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 04-12-2021, 03:50 AM  
Should I be worried about my used K30 purchase?
Posted By photogem
Replies: 57
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Well, it wasn't just me who then misunderstood your intended meaning.
When I read "blame game" I understand blame game. There is not much headroom there for misunderstandings.

Also I don't understand why moderators should get involved, this is mainly about the relation of shuttercount and ABF.
I must have missed something here?

Some have questioned that low shuttercount and low use are related to ABF.
But not because there is any evidence but because it is a guess. Based on zero evidence actually.

Fact is it is related and have have explained it.

Because it is a very important fact and it sure points out to a weakness which easely can be solved because actually actuating the aperture via a solenoid was a fantastic invention by Pentax, worked for a long time very presice and without even the slightest problems and should not just be
abolished as some demand because it allows a DSLR which is smaller and lighter.

So understanding the reason behind low shuttercount and ABF is very important for solving it in long term.

There are many dealers (on ebay and Amazon, so called market-place sellers) who sell 2.nd hand Pentax bodies.
Most of them never heard of ABF.

When they sell a body which was stored for a longer time and thus developed ABF we won't hear about it.
Simply because if you buy 2nd hand from a dealer you have a limited warranty, in Europe often up to 2 years.
Plus by law 14 days return without any explanation.
So all these won't show up in any statistics!

Rare exception:
A US member here in the forum purchased a rare pink K50 from Japan, it arrived but had ABF.
This is one of the more rare cases because return shipping to Japan is expensive.
So he asked questions here in the forum, got answers, got a good deal of his money back and repaired it himself.
As said, this is rare.

You see, it is not so much about semantic arguing but is about understanding why "young bodies" with ABF will not show up in statistics
nor anywhere else.

It is not about young bodies, it is about low or even zero shuttercount but we won't hear about it.
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 04-12-2021, 12:44 AM  
Should I be worried about my used K30 purchase?
Posted By photogem
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That is wrong!
Young means "out of factory and right away ABF"! I had that once and that is long long time ago.
We actually hardly get to know about those young ones with low shutter-count!
Simply because when that happens there is still warranty, in Europe 2 years + often another 6 month for goodwill!
So there actually might be a very lot of those "young ones"!

My K70 failed young and still had warranty but I repaired it anyway because I knew this was the better option!

about the value of statistics:
Of course we don't have the possibility to study cases via approach of the German tank problem
I personally don't care too much about statistics but research by verifying!
I have repaired at least 50 Pentax bodies and I taught students and pupils how to do it because this way they can buy Pentax bodies with ABF, repair them and thus have the chance to have very good equipment for little money.
I did that once in a university for architecture and in a high-school for Media-Art+Design + Free Art.

Quite a few became quite fit with repairing Pentax bodies, some continued to do so to finance their studies because on a low budget.

Also I had the chance to actually measure the behaviour of different solenoids and solenoids "treated or modified" (such as sanding, greasing, demagnetizing etc.)

So yes, there is some experience and I question opinions based on never actually having toughed or seen a solenoid in real live and I also don't take accounts too serious when somebody exchanged one or two solenoids, allthough this is way better than speaking out of sheer theory or using google.

So here I come @Cerebum:
It took me a few minutes to google: "cerebum K-30 solenoid pentaxforums". It was not done to blame you but to verify which experience is behind your statements. Of course if you mix up 1500 actuations with 15000 and only notice this years later when quoted, this could appear quite handy, I am not saying at all this is so though!

Anybody being a serious member in this forum questioning that a shuttercount of 1500 is not low when the camera was used many years, well.... then lets use our Pentax equipment as decoration to show off when we have guests.

I use statistics when it is useful.
One statistic is very useful, an ongoing survey in the German Pentaxians forum since Febr. 2016:
K-30/K-50 Blendenproblem ? Wer ist (nicht) betroffen? ? Pentaxians
Only members are allowed to vote and with serial-number or part of the serial-number.
Very few members just registered for voting, less than 5%!)

Results April 2021:
K30: Total of 213 and 68% developed ABF
K50: Total of 140 and 48% ABF

This survey shows some interesting "side-results" if one studies it carefully:
1. At the beginning members not taking ABF serious at all but thinking it to be totally overblown, i.e. Pentaxbashing voted proudly:
My Pentax is fine
2. Quite a few of those later "catching ABF" but did not insert their findings in the survey (Loyalty)
3. Some members catching ABF didn't vote either (Loyalty)

4. K30 was more popular

5. K30 was more hit
6. K50 results with only 48% proves, that Ricoh modified the solenoid from Dec. 2015:

This can be seen in another ongoing survey which started Aug. 2017:
K-70 wer hat (keine?) Probleme mit Blendensteuerung? ? Pentaxians

K70: Total of 51: 6% developed ABF

But this survey is not representative, I know of 3 members owning K70's which caught ABF but did not vote.

And yet, I don't think it's 6% for the K70 nor 68% for the K30.
What I know from dealers is more like 1-2% for the K70 and 30% indeed for the K30.

I would say 18% for the K50, 30% K500, 12% K-S1 and K-S2)

Anybody claiming that 30% is not much: Well, it shows that there are different concepts of what logic could mean.

But maybe I am totally wrong and have to start anew again
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 04-11-2021, 01:34 AM  
Pentax K - 70 as WEBCAM
Posted By photogem
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I would never ever recommend to use a K70 as a web-cam, nor any other DSLR.

The main reason:
If you study the mirror-up position you can see that this is strain for certain mechanical parts!

But in Video every Pentax goes into Liveview mode, i.e. the mirror is up.

If you use LV for photos, the strain is short, followed by two actuations

But in Video mode the strain is there for the length you take a video!
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 04-11-2021, 01:18 AM  
Should I be worried about my used K30 purchase?
Posted By photogem
Replies: 57
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No it didn't:

1500 shots are not plenty of use!

But then you had it repaired offically:

That means the same frustration reprogrammed, plus possibly some filing/sanding, because some of the "officials" to that.

You then got the K3 and used your K30 only for manual lenses:

K-50 under exposing. -

Meaning the solenoid wasn't used at all anymore.

Afterwards you sold your K30.

What one needs is something that is more of a statistical value as well as research and logical thinking.

The opposite has been proven, but this means to study in detail all the threads.

You mean like the Pentax Gnome Game?

Wrong: It fails often.
And just a few days ago you wrote:

I don't know if it happens that often, but could well be.

Mainly because all K30's and all K500's and most K50's were manufactured before Dec.2015 (which was the time when Ricoh used a modified solenoid and things became much better)

And the second reason, which I researched:

Because many users do not use their Pentax often but only for holidays, then it is stored away and then the owner uses it again and is surprised by sudden black pictures.
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 04-10-2021, 10:44 AM  
Should I be worried about my used K30 purchase?
Posted By photogem
Replies: 57
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It actually is now common knowledge as Christian Rock and m42man state:
Low shuttercount and long no use enhanced the risk greatly.
I had a K-S1 for repair with a shuttercount of 6:
K-S1 with 396:
K-S1 with 380:
Once I purchased a K50 from UK with a stuck solenoid from London, it was about 96 actuations.
another K50:

The "magnetizing of the alloy-mix" together with the to strong holding-force of the permanent magnet is the main reason, PET the other.
I remember once some "I know better" claiming that there is no magnetism but the tip of my screwdriver needs demagnetizing.
Which of course was infantile at the best:
The plunger sits 99,999% of its life close to the permanent magnet and thus magnetizes.
Only when actuating the aperture, it "distances itself" from the main body with the permanent magnet for the fraction of a second.

Constant use is better but no guarantee, as those know who did use their Pentax regularely and experienced ABF.

But low to no use is for sure worse.

I repaired a few Pentax bodies which have been sold from a main dealer as "ex-dem" etc.

They had filed plungers but failed again.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 04-09-2021, 12:04 AM  
k-50 Blank Photos
Posted By photogem
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With 99% certainty it is the "dark-image-syndrome", also called ABF (aperture-block-failure),
i.e. the solenoid is stuck.

You have been given already the link how to check.
If you feel alright about it, then apply DIY:
Manual solenoid replacement Pentax K30 / Discharge flash-condenser / Solenoid choice -

Don't fall into the trap of sanding/filing:
Why you shouldn't file/sand the plunger of the green Chinasolenoid but replace it -

Your K50 will perform better than it did before, when you exchanged the solenoid!

The reason why it works in video-mode is typical: In Videomode the mirror goes up and you use Live-View.
You might find out that Live-View-mode also works for taking photos, they often come out alright.
Nevertheless, if one knows how to check Exif-datas, one can see that metering was not done alright.

I have never checked more in Video-mode because I hardly use it.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 04-07-2021, 09:49 PM  
Do you recommend using a lens filter?.
Posted By photogem
Replies: 47
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Just a hint:

Instead of quoting each person individually to thank them

just click on the "thumbs-up" (like) sign, that way each person knows what you mean
but the thread is not filled up like this now.
One scrolls down kind of hoping some information (concerning the theme) would come,
but there is nothing.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 04-05-2021, 10:05 PM  
Pentax-D FA smc 50mm f2.8 Macro
Posted By photogem
Replies: 11
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I think you got too much worried that you might have damaged your AF/M switch and this worry continues.
Again: There is zero danger to your AF/M switch because it is spring loaded, if in AF position you can push the screw-drive-part back with your finger, it would be crazy if the design would be that vulnerable, the net would be full of such stories.

The D-FA50 Macro is loud because it is plastic-fantastic and ultra light.

Because it is a macro it will hunt much more than a non-macro but this is normal.
Handheld macro-photos can be a bit more difficult because if you release before the antishake had the chance to swing back into it's "resting position".
That is known and one must give this time. Because the very typical hunting of any AF-macro lens this just needs to be taken extra into acount.

Back- or front focus are easy to find out and corrected.

I think everything is very normal, but too much worry has taken over.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 04-05-2021, 09:52 PM  
Any rumors on a k-70 and kp replacement(s) ?
Posted By photogem
Replies: 21
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No photos available, but I will check later in my spare-parts storage room if there is a sample of the K5 bottom-part. Could be.

One K5II was used by a person sailing, it never got really wet but on a boat exposure to salt is quite high. But all screws were rusty as well.

One K5 was just used close to the sea, one K3 as well.

One K5 obviously had water intrusion.

The person with the K5II uses as well a K30. This one as well had all screws rusty but no corrosion inside at all.

I think the tiny gap before the WR seal comes into action can over the time collect tiny salty particles.

My own bodies never showed such a problem but I am maybe 7-14 days/year at the sea and recently only the baltic sea which is not that salty.
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 04-05-2021, 09:31 PM  
K50 aperture control failure
Posted By photogem
Replies: 3
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@DafTekno: It is with 99% certainty the stuck solenoid, study the threads Mark mentions and apply DIY, otherwise you can work only restricted with lenses allowing manual aperture setting

@ThomSirveaux: although the sanding sometimes works, you were lucky that no further problems came with it.
As you disassembled your K-50 already you know the procedure, so it is simple to do it right this time and get the Japan-made DSLR solenoid.

Then it is easy to fix the On/Off switch, if you buy a K100D, *ist or similar you can take that tiny part with the fingers from there, it fits.
You can see that part here, I haven't yet disassembled a KP but except the K-S1 that part is similar in all other Pentax bodies.
You can see, it is just one screw to get it off.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 04-04-2021, 09:57 AM  
Any rumors on a k-70 and kp replacement(s) ?
Posted By photogem
Replies: 21
Views: 1,440
maybe there as well, but mostly on the inside (backside) and particular at those places, where the front-part, back-part (which LCDS) and particular the bottom-part meet!
I guess 99% of all users never take their cameras apart, and if, more those with a solenoid inside, so K30/50/500 and K-S1/2 and rarely

K70, none of those have a magnesium body.
I am not saying this is a common issue but it happens.
One K5II which was with me for repair was from a person sailing a lot (saltwater), there is was really bad but possibly very normal for such a use.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 04-04-2021, 12:28 AM  
Latest announcements concerning K3III and K-02
Posted By photogem
Replies: 35
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Well, now we have Easter-Sunday 2021.... Easter during some crazy
Happy Easter 2021!
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 04-04-2021, 12:26 AM  
Any rumors on a k-70 and kp replacement(s) ?
Posted By photogem
Replies: 21
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I like your idea!
The minimalistic version sounds particular interesting, but also the Monochrome-Version.

Metal body is not that easy: I have come across several K5/K3's now (Magnesium Body) where the magnesium started to "blossom".
I had the same problem with a Goldring Legacy moving-coil cartridge (shipped from England, Bishop's Strotford, Herts.... 30 miles to the sea)
This cartridge has a magnesium body and the body "blossoms" (corrosion):
This is a sample of bad corrosion:
Magnesium Corrosion | National Air and Space Museum

Magnesium is very light but when it corrodes, its not very nice, WR is also in danger then.

Happy Easter!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 04-02-2021, 10:38 PM  
Latest announcements concerning K3III and K-02
Posted By photogem
Replies: 35
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It's a military stealth version
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 04-01-2021, 05:48 PM  
Latest announcements concerning K3III and K-02
Posted By photogem
Replies: 35
Views: 3,471
no-no... you got that mixed up:
It is not a follow up on the K3III but just a complete new under-water-video-camera
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