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Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 04-23-2020, 12:30 AM  
Firmware update for Flashpoint X2 flash (Godox V1)
Posted By inkista
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Typically, Godox posts firmware updates in .rar archive files, which contain a pdf file with the revision history and instructions, and the firmware file. You may need to upgrade your WinZip software, or use something like 7Zip to extract the file from the archive.

If you're using Microsoft Edge as your browser, and you're not getting a .rar file, or the file association isn't for WinZip/7Zip, maybe try a different browser, or right-click and do a Save As on the download link.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 03-06-2020, 09:47 PM  
GODOX AD300 PRO Announced
Posted By inkista
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Just me, but I think some folks are overestimating the size/form factor without scale on product images. Robert Hall's preview video:

You Tube

shows (around the 30 second mark) that the AD300 Pro is roughly the same size as the AD200, bit bigger on volume, but shorter than the aD200+fresnel head, and thicker. But roughly the size of a large lens, and able to be stuffed into a camera bag lens slot. A mini AD400 Pro, or (more accurately) a poor-man's Profoto B10.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 02-06-2020, 03:23 PM  
I'm always confused about canon/nikon mount Yongnuo
Posted By inkista
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For the group. Obviously, if you're not using TTL gear, setting the group to TTL doesn't work. But if you have a TTL light (AD200, V1, V860II) in Group A, and a TT600 on Group B, then Group B has to be in M for the power control to work properly. But Group A can be in TTL with FEC.

I stand corrected; I don't shoot Pentax and I don't have an X2T. I mostly go off Canon Godox system knowledge, and I keep forgetting Canon has the most functionality under Godox. The X2T Canon, Nikon, and Sony hotshoes are fully TTL-dedicated; it looks like the Olympus/Panasonic, Fuji, and Pentax ones are are not. YA different-system quirk to catalog [eyeroll]. Hang on... yup. Single contact on the X1T-O and X1T-F, too. Huh. Wonder why.

That's a clever way around the pre-flash timing issues.


It would be nice to be able to mix the two with a wireless TX. The way it might work...
  • Godox X2T-P II or R2 Pro II triggered via wired PC

  • On-camera or built-in P-TTL (with or without optical slaves)

  • R600 speedlights controlled by TX

The enabling part is that the PC sync on Pentax is a separate circuit from the P-TTL sync. It only fires once and will do so at X-sync speed and below regardless of whether a P-TTL flash is active in the hot shoe.

Yeah, that might work.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 02-06-2020, 01:40 AM  
I'm always confused about canon/nikon mount Yongnuo
Posted By inkista
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Nope. They're perfectly capable of being an R2 master for the manual flashes as well as the TTL ones. You can mix group modes. The Godox transmitters are like if you had a Yongnuo 622-TX that could trigger and power control the 560/60x gear while still maintaining TTL/HSS with the TTL/HSS Yongnuo gear.

That is also incorrect. It's not full passthrough TTL, but it's not manual-only either. It's more a slave in group A. But the X2T-P's hotshoe does allow for TTL/power control/HSS for any TTL/HSS speedlight mounted on top of it, and it is assigned a group.

And HSS. And both would also work with the X2T-P transmitter, as well as the Pro triggers.


And a new AF360FGZII, AF540FGZ, or Metz 52AF is less than $150 new? :)

Your choice. I agree that until there's a TT685-P equivalent, it's hard to find something affordable if you want on- and off-camera P-TTL and something more powerful than a TT350.

But mixed manual/TTL is not an issue with the Godox transmitters. Which is, of course you think is how it works because that's exactly what the Yongnuo gear can't do. :)

AFAIK, no speedlights can be simultaneously a RF slave and an optical master or vice versa. They typically can only do one system at a time. Even the OEM gear. And none of the radio transmitters have optical capabilities of any kind.

A Godox TT685-C/-N/-S can be a radio master/slave and a "smart" optical master/slave, but Godox seems to have dropped that capability with all their latest models (AD400 Pro, V1, etc.) so I have a feeling that optical P-TTL is not going to be a thing with Godox speedlights.

But. The Godox transmitters do sync input/output switching; they have a C.Fn for that. They're not like the Yongnuo triggers that are PC output only (well, ever since they removed the PC sync port from the RF-602TX). So you can hook a Godox transmitter up to a light meter or trigger your lights via another device. And you could attach an optical slave to the sync port of a Godox transmitter, configure it as input, and trigger everything over radio from a flash burst. :)

But I think the most perverse way to mess with your Godox lights is to use the GodoxPhoto smartphone app and a transmitter that speaks Bluetooth, like the X2T-P, the R2 Pro II or the A1. :D :D No TTL/HSS, but M power control, group on/off, modeling light control, and no need to buy another transmitter to work as your in-hand remote.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 02-05-2020, 08:48 PM  
I'm always confused about canon/nikon mount Yongnuo
Posted By inkista
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However, this is a big assumption. Many of us like using flashes both on and off camera. If you want to travel light, lugging a lighting bag with you may be a no-go, vs. being able to stuff a TTL speedlight into the camera bag. Event or social shooting, or chasing kids around the house, a single-pin manual flash designed mostly for off-camera kinda sucks.

And while currently Godox doesn't have a TT685-P, I have a feeling that may be because Godox is planning on refreshing their speedlight lineup. The TT600, TT685, V850II and V860II are more than five years old as models. If Godox comes out with something better than a YN-585EX for on-camera P-TTL that you can also use as your radio transmitter for studio strobes?

And, you're also making the assumption you won't need anything more powerful or with a bigger spread than a GN 60m speedlight. But there are a lot of monolight owners who would disagree.

Well, it's not like you actually have a choice to use them in TTL or HSS, do you?

I get the Strobist mantra. But I also was envious of Joe McNally and his insanely expensive Profoto gear demonstrating how TTL, if you have TTL locking, and group ratios can be seriously nice to use. TTL lets you drag your iso, aperture, and distance, not just your shutter speed. And that's something manual-only users don't get: how quickly/soon they lock in their distance/iso/aperture settings to make the math easy. :D

Right. But two TT600 and an XPro-P would be $190. Only $60 more than your YN-560-TX, and you have HSS, and the ability to add in TTL gear, bare bulb flashes, and studio strobes, and still maintain TTL/HSS/remote power/group/zoom/modeling light control over both the strobes and the speedlights.

You throw in a DigiBee400 or something with your YN-560 setup, and you have to cable a receiver to it, and you can only sync it. You decide you want a Godox AD200, and you have to cable a receiver to it, and you can only sync it. You want to throw in a YN585EX you have, and you can only sync it, with the Yongnuo system.

And you saved all of... $60. :D

Or. You wanted to expand to more powerful, bare bulb lights with a much more pleasing and even spread than the weird patterns fresnel heads throw. As in, maybe you want to do full-length portraits with just one key light. Or you need to shoot a group of 10 people with one light. Or you need to light up a bigger space than a speedlight lets you. Or you want to shoot day for night and just needed more power.

But that's incorrect. The TT350P and V1-P are your only on-camera P-TTL choices; but off-camera you can use the TT600 or V850II for power/group/HSS control (single-pin manual flashes), and the V860II of all flavors or the TT685-C (once firmware updated) as off-camera TTL/HSS/power/group/zoom control slaves, as well as the AD200, AD200 Pro, AD400 Pro, AD600, AD600 Pro; with group/power/modeling light control AC-powered strobes in the MS, DP III, DPII, SKII, GS II, QSII, and QTII (you get HSS with those, too) series.

Godox's TTL/HSS support (except on the X1R and 350 mini speedlights) is cross-brand when the firmware's updated. I have a TT685-C. I use it in TTL/HSS on the hotshoe of my Canon 5DMkII. I also use it off-camera as a TTL/HSS slave to the Godox XPro-C on my 5DMkII; and the XPro-O on my Panasonic GX7; and the XPro-F on my Fuji X100T.

Also, an An MS300 has more power than an AD200 and cost about a third as much. About the same price as a TT685, really. It's low-end and doesn't autodump, but it's a nice inexpensive AC-powered strobe if you're going home studio.

Nah, not really. Being single-pin the TT600 can't be an HSS master. I'd actually say, get a TT600 for off-camera and a TT350-P instead of an on-camera transmitter, if you want a TTL/HSS fill flash on-camera as well as off-camera flash at the same time. But it can't do TCM (TTL locking), like the Pro triggers can.

TCM is the big reason Godox TTL for off-camera can be useful. You can shortcut all the chimpa/adjust/reshoot power adjusting or hauling out a light meter, by just using TTL to get into the ballpark fast, then flip everything to M mode with TCM to lock/fine tune the power on the lights. And you aren't plagued with the shot-to-shot inconsistency that manual-only shooters complain is the reason you don't do TTL, back before TTL locking was introduced by Profoto about five years ago. Godox and Cactus only make it affordable about two years ago, so there's a reason most folks aren't conversant with it, and still proclaim loudly that manual is all anyone would ever want; when really what they mean is they don't want to spend more on TTL.

If $60 savings is worth cutting yourself off from this fun, then more power to ya. You do what makes you happy.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 02-05-2020, 06:14 PM  
I'm always confused about canon/nikon mount Yongnuo
Posted By inkista
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Just stop.

Don't go Yongnuo. They're a mess of incompatible triggering systems. They're desperately attempting to reconcile the 622 and 560 gear with their YN-560-TX Pro, but the firmware updates aren't out; the ones that are aren't really working, and you basically can't use the 622 and 560 gear directly unless you force the 622 gear to be manual-only 60x/560 gear, and the 622s don't support Pentax TTL/HSS/power control anyway.

Just. Don't. I say this as someone who used a YN-560 with the RF-602 triggers, and later moved to the 622C-TX and 622C transceivers with her Canon gear. They were awesome systems back in the day, but trying to integrate them or use them with non-Canon/non-Nikon systems is a PITA (although yes, if you have matching Canon 622C-TX and 622C transceivers and/or 685 or other built-in 622 speedlight for Canon, you do get sync and remote M power control even on non-Canon hotshoes. Canon RT gear does the same thing). But I left Yongnuo behind when I went mirrorless.

Neither. (See below for better solution).

No point. Turn your 560 II over, and look at its foot. It only has the sync pin. That means the only signal it can receive from any hotshoe, camera or trigger, is the sync ("fire!") signal. No TTL, no HSS, no power control, no zoom. That's on the other pins. Which would only be there for Canon or Nikon on a TTL Yongnuo flash, anyway. They haven't gotten around to supporting Sony yet. They've never announced plans to support Pentax with their triggers (despite the YN-585EX).

The only YN-560 models that can be power-controlled remotely are the ones with the built-in radio triggers: the YN-560 III, -IV, -660, and 560Li (aka the YN-720, iirc. I may not. It's easy to get lost with all the Yongnuo models, and I've stopped maintaining the stackexchange Q&A where I used to track their massive model proliferation).

The only thing the IV added over the III was Tx function.The YN-660 added three groups, zoom to 200mm, and a YN-685-like exterior and controls. The YN-560Li added li-on battery pack. The only thing the RF-605 adds over the RF-603 II is group on/off control. And it's still all a mess.

Okay. Better solution.

Dump your YN-560 II; forget about add-on receivers. Get a Godox TT600 instead.

It's $60 in the US from Adorama. While Godox doesn't offer customer support or warranty replacment, Adorama (and B&H) will cover you for these things in the US. Other retailers do it in other countries. Like a YN-560 IV, it has a transceiver unit built-in that allows for remote group and power control as an off-camera flash. There's no wakeup or zoom control, but unlike the Yongnuo gear it does HSS as a radio slave if you use the Godox XPro-P ($70), Flashpoint R2 Pro II-P ($70), or X2T-P ($60) transmitter (or TT350-P or V1-P speedlight) on your camera as radio master.

And the Godox system has been integrated from the get-go with its TTL and manual gear, and its AD Witstro lights (AD200, AD400 Pro, AD600, AD600 Pro). And many of their AC-powered studio strobes are also compatible. You don't have to navigate some crazy maze of incompatibilities like you do with Yongnuo, and the expansion options are much much better. And it costs roughly the same at the low-end single-pin manual speedlight level.

Right now, Godox does not have complete support for Pentax, the way it does for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, and Olympus/Panasonic. There's no TT685-P, V860II-P, or V350-P speedlight models for on-camera TTL; But there is a TT350-P mini speedlight ($85) and a V1 round-headed speedlight ($260). And for off-camera, any of the other-flavor V860II ($180) and the Canon-flavor TT685 ($110) will be an off-camera TTL/HSS/zoom radio slave to the -P transmitters, if their firmware's been updated.

Just saying. Go Godox, not Yongnuo. They're miles ahead at this point.

See also:
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 01-23-2020, 06:51 PM  
Godox X Pro P and AF 360 FGZ
Posted By inkista
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Nope. Just to confirm what stevebrot said, the X2T is a dedicated transmitter unit, not a transceiver (like the Cactus V6IIs). The hotshoe up top is just if you want to use a non-Godox speedlight on-camera as well as do off-camera flash. (Godox speedlights have built-in transceivers, so they can simultaneously be the on-camera speedlight and radio master).

Also, there's been speculation that the hotshoe on top of the Godox X1T/X2T is not a true passthrough TTL hotshoe (since stacking other TTL transmitters on top of it doesn't work); but it's more a slave in Group A.

The only receiver unit in the Godox 2.4 GHz system is the X1R, and it only comes in Canon, Nikon, and Sony flavors, and it doesn't do TTL cross-brand (like a Cactus V6ii can).
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 01-20-2020, 07:40 PM  
Godox X Pro P and AF 360 FGZ
Posted By inkista
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Frankly? No. I've lost all hope.

When Olympus/Panasonic and Fuji versions of Godox gear were introduced, it was something like 3-4 months total between the time the first transmitter (X1T) was introduced until we had all the TTL speedlights in the system and firmware updates for all the TTL strobes (AD200, AD360II, AD600, etc.). The XPro-P was introduced in August of 2018 and we still haven't seen a TT685-P. And, with the exception of the TT350-P and XPro-P, Godox has then only introduced Pentax-specific versions of each piece of gear only for newly released models (X2T and V1). It looks like they're not going to re-release the older models, but only newer models in Pentax versions. And they never released firmware updates for the AD360II to make them fully Pentax-compatible.

It looks a lot like any "legacy" gear isn't going to be updated, but that they'll just release Pentax versions of any new models that come out in future. It may not mean anything other than a typo, but the battery pack for the V1, on Adorama is titled (emphasis mine): "Flashpoint VB-26 Li-ion Battery for the Zoom Li-ion X and Zoom Li-ion III Speedlight Flashes"

The V860II is, in Flashpoint branding, the Zoom Li-on TTL. Which uses a different li-on battery pack.

Could mean the TT685 and V860II are likely to be refreshed soonish, as these models first came out about five years ago. But, otoh, could just be a typo.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 01-19-2020, 05:17 PM  
Godox X Pro P and AF 360 FGZ
Posted By inkista
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Unfortunately, Godox sucks at integrating legacy OEM flashes into their lighting system. The Cactus V6II triggers are better for that.

Your Pentax speedlight is not directly compatible without additional gear, and with a Godox X1R receiver attached to its foot, all you can do is fire the AF-360 FGZ in sync off-camera. There is no P-TTL capable X1R receiver (it only comes in Canon, Nikon, and Sony flavors).

At this time, there are only two P-TTL capable speedlights in Godox's lineup: the V1-P round-head speedlight ($260) and the TT350-P mini speedlight ($85). Godox has never released a V350-P, TT685-P, or V860II-P. So you only have the top and bottom-tier options.

However. The Xpro-P is compatible with the single-pin manual Godox speedlights: the TT600 ($60) and the V850II ($140). While these flashes cannot do TTL, and can only be fired when used on-camera; as off-camera radio slaves to an XPro-P, you would have remote group and power control, and HSS. No remote zoom/wakeup control, no firmware upgrade capability, no remote TTL control. But. A $60 pricetag can go a long way to making that more acceptable in an off-camera speedlight. :D Given than an X1R receiver is already $40, throwing in an extra twenty to get a speedlight with a built-in radio trigger you won't forget to pack or forget additional batteries for may be worth contemplating.

If you really are jonesing for TTL in an off-camera speedlight for use with the XPro-P's TCM function, your cheapest option, aside from the TT350-P mini speedlight ($85), is to get a Godox TT685-C ($110, the Canon version) and upgrade its firmware so it can grok P-TTL signals as an off-camera radio slave. This can also be done with all the flavors of V860II ($180). But none of these will be TTL/HSS on a Pentax hotshoe, since the pin arrangement on the feet of the flashes won't match.

Godox tends to make most of its speedlights in two versions: "TT" AA-powered and "V" li-on battery pack powered. The li-on pack has roughly 3x the capactiy of a set of AAs, and can drastically simplify battery handling for high-volume shooting (say, all day events like weddings). So, the TT600/V850II, the TT350/V350, and TT685/V860II pairs of models are functionally identical, with the only difference being the power source, and (with the full-sized speedlights) the presence/absence of an external battery pack port.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 12-25-2019, 03:56 AM  
Godox XT2-P and V850II
Posted By inkista
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Actually, I'm not a Pentax shooter. That's why I tend to lurk hereabouts. I do use Godox on my Canon, Fuji, and micro four-thirds gear, and have a weird cataloging brain about the models in the system, so I can sometimes help out with Godox use details and cross-brand use.

Typically, though, for Canon and Nikon users, Godox gear is not quite as solid as the OEM flash gear at TTL accuracy/consistency, but tends to still be in the "good enough" range for most. I would expect the same with Pentax, but have no practical experience of it.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 12-23-2019, 03:39 PM  
Godox XT2-P and V850II
Posted By inkista
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Sorry. Late to the party, as usual. :) The V850II cannot do TTL either on or off-camera; it's a li-on version of the TT600.

You need a firmware-upgraded V860II (any flavor) or TT685-C (no idea why only the Canon version of the TT685 got the upgrade) for P-TTL, if you want P-TTL with an off-camera radio slave. Only the V1-P and TT350-P can do P-TTL as on-camera units as well.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 12-13-2019, 06:21 AM  
Best Flash option for Real Estate?
Posted By inkista
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Just me, but watch Scott Hargis's course on real estate photography. One of my public library systems offers free access to You might also have access through work or school.

Hargis walks you through entire shoots where he only uses 1 to 3 speedlights on travel tripods for speed of setup and movement. One simple setup is to simply use the plastic foot that comes with the flash, balance it on top of a door and bounce it into the corner of the room. You don't need a super fancy off-camera setup with studio strobes to do this but some light stands, swivels and umbrellas might not go amiss. :)

In the videos, Hargis uses old Nikon SB-26s and dumb optical slave mode, but I'd recommend getting two or three $60 Godox TT600 speedlights and an X2T-P ($60), Xpro-P or Flashpoint R2 Pro II-P ($70) transmitter, so you can use more reliable radio and have remote M power and group on/off control as well as HSS capability.

Don't go Yongnuo. There's no expansion path there, and the YN585EX requires add-on triggers to be used over radio which is one more thing to have to remember to haul with you, and one more link in the setup chain. Built-in radio is much more convenient. And over a cheap YN-560IV/YN-560-TX Yongnuo setup, the Godox setup will let you add in studio strobes, and TTL speedlights (TT350-P, V1-P), and has cross-brand TTL support if you shoot more than one brand of camera.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 11-18-2019, 05:24 PM  
Question about Neewer Vision 4 trigger compatibility with other brands?
Posted By inkista
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That's definitely NOT a Godox transmitter, so I would discount those reports.

Me, too. Neewer is the worst, since they rebrand everybody: Yongnuo, Godox, Meike, Triopo, Voking. I say trust your instincts, and go with the Visico branding.

But I wouldn't assume same-brand means the triggers are compatible (e.g., Yongnuo). I will also so it's incredibly rare for there to be cross-brand compatibility with triggering systems, unless it's just a rebrand (e.g., Godox/Flashpoint).
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 11-14-2019, 11:54 PM  
Portable Flash System for Portraits - Australia Road Trip
Posted By inkista
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Yes, with the proviso that the V860II is firmware updated for Pentax compatibility.

If money isn't any constraint, then two V1s, or an AD200 for off-camera is another possibility, but it will be a bit bulkier to haul either one around vs. a V860II. The thing about the AD200 is that it's basically the power output equivalent of three ganged speedlights and has a bare bulb head, so its character is more like using a small studio strobe, spread-wise. It can fill a large modifier better and more evenly than a speedlight, as well as pump out more light. But whether it's worth it or not is going to depend a bit on how much stuff you're willing to lug about, particularly in terms of modifiers, and how much power/coverage you need. But without any modifiers, the AD200's light, even bare bulb, is still going to be hard.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 11-13-2019, 02:40 PM  
Portable Flash System for Portraits - Australia Road Trip
Posted By inkista
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If you need an on-camera PTTL capable flash, Godox only has two options: the TT350-P mini speedlight and the round-headed V1-P. The more-typical full-sized speedlight models, the TT685 and its li-on twin, the V860II do not exist for Pentax. They may never exist. In the amount of time since the XPro-P transmitter unit has come out, both MFT and Fuji had already had all the flash models (TT685, V860II, TT350, and V350) released. It looks as if Godox is only moving forward with newer models for Pentax compatible gear, and I suspect they plan to update the older speedlights at some point.

But both the TT350-P and the V1-P can be used as a radio transmitter as well as an on-camera TTL speedlight and off-camera radio slave. They also have S1/S2 "dumb" optical slave modes built in. And the TT685-C (Canon version) and all the "flavors" of V860II can be firmware updated to do Pentax TTL, HSS, and remote power control as radio slaves. But none of them can do the "smart" optical Pentax triggering, afaik.

So if you wanted to go Godox, I would recommend ditching the Cactus V6II and 580EXII, and just get a TT350-P or V1-P (depending on your preferences to size/weight, features, and budget), and add either a TT685-C or a V860II (or hell, even an AD200 or AD200 Pro) to use as your off-camera slave speedlight. If you get the round head for the AD200, you can share magnetic modifiers between it and the V1.

Between the TT350 and the V1, the V1 is the higher-end more expensive feature-laden flash. The TT350 runs on 2xAA and is roughly a stop less powerful than the full-sized speedlights. It only swivels 270, has no recycle beep, no sync port, and no external battery pack port, and its radio master UI is kinda annoying. It's also not designed to do cross-brand TTL as a radio slave. But it's tiny and really light, and if you only need a fill flash/transmitter, it's often more than sufficient. Mirrorless shooters love it. The V1 is bigger and the round head makes it more awkward to pack, but the UI as radio master is much nicer, and it can take magnetic modifiers without a MagMod rubber band.

Flash Havoc has an overview of the Godox system as a whole you might find useful. I think there are Amazon purchase links there. You may also want to see this article, about the XPro-P. It was written before the firmware updates for P-TTL compatibility had come out for the bigger AD studio strobes and the V860II and TT685C, but at this point they're all compatible, except for the AD360II.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 11-08-2019, 10:29 AM  
EC200 Question
Posted By inkista
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Neither did I, but I remembered where to look:

The V1 version didn't fit the AD-B2 dual bracket, if you wanted to use two of them side-by-side. The V2 version does.

That seems entirely possible as the source of the varying reports on swivel, too.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 11-07-2019, 04:41 AM  
EC200 Question
Posted By inkista
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Sorry for chiming in so late.

Body/battery carry solution: Slinger belt pouch.

And the EC200 does swivel, I am told. Color me surprised; elv said it didn't on flashhavoc. You have to push in the lock button on the side to release it for swiveling. Does 180 to the right and 90 to the left. Tdoan also gave me the link to pics of the EC-200 swiveled on-camera, although he says in practice he uses it on a bracket, rather than directly attached to his X1T sandwiched in between the head and the hotshoe, as in the photos.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 11-02-2019, 03:19 AM  
Pentax verses Godox
Posted By inkista
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Uh. TT350P has 36m GN if zoomed to 105mm.
The AF 360 FGZ has a 36m GN if zoomed to 85mm.

That actually means the AF 360 FGZ is more powerful.

The higher the zoom, the tighter the focus, and the more intense the beam is.

A Canon 600EX-RT's guide number (iso 100) goes from 60m (@200mm zoom) to 26m (@20mm zoom). Nikon's SB-910 is only 34m, because Nikon measures their ISO 100 guide numbers zoomed to 35mm It's probably roughly the same power output as the Canon 600EX-RT and the Godox TT685, V860II and V1.

Also, the Yongnuo numbers are cheated. Back in the day measured everything in a consistent test setup with a light meter, and the YN-568EX was actually closer to the output of a Canon 430EX (43m) mid-range flash, than a top-end 580EX II (same as the 600EX-RT, only 58m not 60m because it zoomed to 105mm not 200mm)

IOW. Guide numbers are cheated a lot, and it's very hard to compare them apples-to-apples because of the zoom variance.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 10-30-2019, 06:52 PM  
Pentax verses Godox
Posted By inkista
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They're not the first. It's kind of like a rerun of when all the Chinese companies began making their own versions of the YN-560 (e.g., the Godox TT560, aka the Neewer TT560, aka the Amazon Basics flash). :D What goes around comes around.

Most of the copies, however, like the YN200, feel that you'd prefer a lower price tag to having a modular head and pack configuration, though, so no extension cables, fresnel heads, round heads, or dual-brackets are possible with them.

Actually, the Jinbei HD-400 was around before the AD400 Pro, and Jinbei were the first to have the bluetooth/smart app control in the transmitter (they were doing that back with the TR-Q6). The two systems are pretty comparable and contemporary to each other. But Jinbei never did more than one speedlight (a 600EX-RT clone), and as we all know, speedlights are the gateway drug to a lighting system. :) Jinbei's cross-brand support also includes Canon's RT system, which is why Canon shooters were more aware of it. But they never had an AD200 analog. Their mini strobe, the Mars3, is a pack'n'head, more like the AD360.

Unlike Godox's transmitters, though, there's only one model of TR-Q7. It has a complex pin arrangement that covers all the supported brands, except for Sony:

And they include a Sony Multi-interface hotshoe adapter in the box.

Given that Pentax's hotshoe contact placement isn't identical with Nikon's, they may need to do something similar for Pentax.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 10-29-2019, 07:18 PM  
Yn560-tx pro + yn200?? Hss??
Posted By inkista
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AFAIK, they only have plans at the moment for Canon, Nikon, and Sony support:

From this flashhavoc post:

Also, Yongnuo's YN-560III, IV, and 660 do not do HSS as radio slaves (unlike Godox's TT600), and AFAIK, there's no P-TTL version of the YN-685.

Keep in mind that unlike Cactus V6 triggers or Godox's TTL speedlights, the Yongnuo TTL speedlights and 622 system has NEVER support cross-system TTL or HSS. That is, the 622N is completely incompatible with the 622C. The only thing that talks to both at this time is the new YN-560-TX Pro.

---------- Post added 10-29-19 at 07:23 PM ----------

No. They have their own triggers and flashes. It's a separate system.

Nope. You could get a Godox XPro-P or X2T-P transmitter for the camera and a Godox TT600 single-pin manual speedlight, and you'd have HSS and remote power control over the speedlight. You could get a TT685-C and upgrade its firmware to the latest version, and you'd have TTL as well (but it's a Canon flash, so wouldn't work on the camera hotshoe). Or you could get a V1-P and use it both on and off the camera in TTL and HSS. See this article. The main problem is that not every TTL light in the Godox system has a Pentax version. While all the Witstro "AD" models will work with Pentax (with firmware updated), the only on-camera flash units that come in Pentax flavor are the TT350-P mini speedlight and the V1 round-head speedlight.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 10-29-2019, 07:09 PM  
Pentax verses Godox
Posted By inkista
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Actually, the "new Wescott" lights are Jinbei lights, and there is a system mostly based around the TR-Q7 trigger. :) on Adorama, they're rebranded as Orlit, the way the Godox stuff is rebranded as Flashpoint. But I don't think they support Pentax TTL, only Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, and MFT.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 10-23-2019, 08:32 PM  
Godox V1 round head speedlight
Posted By inkista
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It's not. The new one is stepless. Also folds up to be more compact. Details here:


Not sure why they thought having it double as an AD400 Pro Bowens mount adapter was a good thing, but what the hey.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 10-12-2019, 08:24 PM  
using a Vivitar 283 flash
Posted By inkista
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A Wein Safesync is about $50.

A Godox TT600 is $60.

for your extra $10, the TT600 has the following features:
  • < 10V sync voltage

  • Built in 2.4 GHz radio transceiver in the Godox X system, which allows for remote M power control, HSS, and Group A-E control, for off-camera use, when used with a Godox XPro-P transmitter.

  • 360 head swivel (useful for bouncing and optical slaving)

  • Manual power control (1 to 1/128 power setting in 1/3 stop increments; control wheel) [no VP-1 attachment required].

  • PC sync port

  • S1/S2 "dumb" optical slave modes

  • LCD display to show all the settings on the flash.

  • manual zoom head 20-200mm to match FoV

  • recycle beep (audible alert when capacitor is ready to fire flash)

It is missing the autothyristor/Auto mode and doesn't do TTL, though. So if you needed that (and don't want the radio triggering), a TTL speedlight, like a Yongnuo YN585EX, might make more sense.

Just saying at around the same pricepoint of the Safesync, you could just get a new 3rd party Chinese speedlight. Not the same decades-withstanding build quality as the Vivitar 283 (but then neither is the 285HV aka the 3rd-party Chinese Cactus KF-36), but quite a bit more function for the buck without the high zappage.

---------- Post added 10-12-19 at 08:25 PM ----------

Not all radio triggers, however, are 300V sync limited like the Cactus V5, V6, V6II and Yongnuo RF-603 II.

The RF-603 (Mark I) and RF-602, and the Cowboy NPT-04 triggers are limited to about 12V and can be fried by the 283. So you're gonna wanna check sync voltage limits on any triggers, too.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 10-12-2019, 07:55 PM  
Help wanted - anyone ever seen one of these? Optex VL10
Posted By inkista
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B&H specs the guide number at 18m.

Doesn't look like you can change the power, but the descriptive text mentions what sounds like S1/S2 type "dumb" optical slave:
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 10-11-2019, 06:13 PM  
Radio Triggering a Godox TT600 from a TT350p
Posted By inkista
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Do you have the ID C.Fn set on the TT350-P? Because the TT600 cannot use wireless ID codes, and won't fire if the ID code on the transmitter unit is set to anything other than 00/off.

Also, did you try channels other than 1? Radio interference is always something to consider.
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