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Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 05-06-2008, 10:54 PM  
Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 85 mm 1.8 M42 LBA shots
Posted By stoo23
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Yes,..Very Nice.

Quite different to the f1.9 85's eh !

Completely Different look.
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 05-03-2008, 09:55 PM  
"Point & Shoot" SLR?
Posted By stoo23
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Funny you know,..I was 'sucked in' by that Post's Title.

I recently purchased a Canon (Booh,..Hiss!!,, EOS 50 in Mint condition for $50.00AUS and along with the Placky 'Cheapo' f1.8 50mm (Which IS actually Damn Sharp).,..all to help a friend out 'Learning' and also Gave me access to some Nice 'L' series lenses!,

But,..I have found that I have tended to use this Camera in Much the same way as Many here would use a more 'Natural' P&S type camera.
With the accessory Battery Holder/Grip, the Camera Handles Much better than Without it.

I would Really like a Proper f1.4 50mm as I think it would Improve the Focusing Speed and accuracy, but I Regularly use this camera without EVER looking through the Viewfinder,..It's On, just Aim and Go "Schlitzka' !!,..:)

Works for Me !!
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 05-03-2008, 09:44 PM  
Using macro lenses for general photography
Posted By stoo23
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Some nice shots there!

Yeah,..I quite often wander around with my M42 50mm f4.0 Macro on.

It is actually quite a nice lens for general work.

Plus I often take Building/Architectural shots as well as Flowers, Insects etc, etc, have often found it to be a quite useful lens to have.
It produces a very nice Image,..and is a good size

Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 04-30-2008, 03:44 AM  
Still of the opinion film is better IQ than digital
Posted By stoo23
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Hi there,
Look, I make No claims to begin with, Other than I am Still Very Fond of My Spotties and Film.
For Many years I was a Hardened Kodachrome user and Yes, I have actually used the 12ASA stuff!,

Kodachrome 25 and later 64, were and Are still a Truly Wonderful Film, especially for use in Australia, as it Sure Renders scenes the way you Remember them,..Hmm,..that sounds like a Kodak add,..:)

Anyway,..I think pretty much everything you have said is completely Valid, and just thought that some observations of an older Pentaxian, who has also spent over 30 years in Pro Audio, I could offer some comments of Relevance.

Firstly, You Have 'Hit Upon' a couplke of Very Serious Issues, that Have always Greatly Concerned me re Digfital Anything,..Audio, Images,..whatever, and They are,..Noise,..and Linearity.

As for Noise,..the BIG Difference for me, whether it be Digital Image processors, or Digital Audio, is, some ways also relevant to the Hi Light 'Clipping' issue, is that, Film, (as in Analogue Audio), is Pretty Much Exclusively 'Influenced' by it's Exposure to Light, and it's Resultant Processing.
This results in it's 'Noise' as such, being Analog!, and there I mean it is 'Analogous' to It's Analog 'Input'.
With Digital however, the Noise, has Many 'Sources', but the Main difference, as with Digital Audio, is that the Noise is Not Linear, or Analogous, to the 'Input' !

What we 'See' / 'Hear' in Digital Noise 'Realms', is known in Audio circles, as 'Quaffling'!, and is the Sound, that The 'Mess' of 'Numbers', that are No Longer Linear with the 'Input' 'Signal'.

When You Exceed the Digital 'Resolution' of the circuit, unlike in say an analogue amplifier, where reaching the 'Rail' or Voltage Capabilities of the Amp produces the well Known 'Clipping', because of the way the Analog circuit works, the Distortion, or Noise, is STILL Analogous to the Source Input Signal,..AS In Film !!

The Clipping of Digital circuits, does NOT produce Linear, OR Analogous Output additions to the resultant Image and This IS a BIG Difference.

It also Relates, to The Linearity of the In Chip and Post Processing Circuits/Hardware/software etc.

To me, an example, it is Kind of Like the Difference say, between a Transistor Amplifier and a Valve/Tube amplifier.
The way the two circuits, proceed into a state of Overload, whilst Both Analog, Are Different and has a Lot to Do with the Harmonics (Frequencies) of the Resultant distortion. Transistor devices tend to produce a greater Amount of '3rd' Harmonic distortion, which we as Humans, tend to Find Harsh and if exposed to for long periods at high levels, REALLY Annoys us !!,,..Whereas Valves/Tubes, produce '2nd' Harmonic distortions, which we find Far more Pleasurable/warm/musical.

Whether Digital Audio OR Digital Imaging,..the Ultimate Differences, Are in these Areas of Linearity at 'The Limit' and in Extremes as in Hi Lites, Peaks etc.

Anyway,'s Just an observation of an Old 'Bugger', that has spent Far too much time shooting Trannies and listening to 2 inch Tape at 30 inches per second !!!

Forum: Photographic Technique 04-29-2008, 09:27 AM  
Aussie - sign up here too
Posted By stoo23
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Gee, Many Melbournians and Victorians !!

Figured I had better Add some 'Old Bugger' Sydney support !!,

Have owned and almost continuosly used my 'range' of Old 35mm Spotmatics,..some of my lenses and cameras are over 30 years old or more and WE, are still going fine, with Very dew if Any visits to the camera doctor in all those years!! :)

Realising my SP500 Could actually 'Shoot' at 1/1000, many years ago,..was a personal revelation !!!,

What can I say,..Sydney,..a Photographers Dream !!,.. :)

Have worked semi professionally Many years ago, within the entertainment industry,..but did and still do have a somewhat "Haassian" like of Buildings, Cityscapes and reflections!

Great to see so many Aussie Pentaxians !!
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 04-29-2008, 07:41 AM  
Best Pentax Film SLR
Posted By stoo23
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Quote "
Still, under the principle stated by Stephen Stills, "love the one you're with..." and that would be my beloved, 35 year-old Spotmatic.
end Quote.

Ha ha ha,..Yes,..Wonderful Era,..I still Cherish My David Crosby Solo Album !!!,..AND,..also Still use, (amongst some other Spotmatics),...MY Original SP500, Unserviced!, this Day,....and as Maxwell Smart always said,..

"And Loving It!!",..:)

30 year old Spotmatics Rule !!,..:):)
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 04-29-2008, 07:33 AM  
negative space
Posted By stoo23
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Gee,..Whilst I actually Like Both of the Photos that have recently Won and become Runner Up from the 'Negative Space' contest, I Am somewhat intrigued by Many peoples understanding of what actually Represented True Negative Space.

I was surprised by some of the submissions and thought I had really tried to only Vote for the Images that Represented the concept Acurately, which, IMHO,.Neither of these two shots do!

As I said, I am Not denegrating the represented shots, just perhaps their Validity as Winners of That 'Specific' aspect,..that being,..Negative Space.

Honestly do Not intend to offend anyone,..I was actually thinking of Entering this one,..but had to move house and just didn't manage to get it together,..but, somehow, feel My Image of Negative space,..would probably Not have Won either!,
Forum: Photographic Technique 02-29-2008, 03:20 AM  
Macro photography with 50mm 1.4?
Posted By stoo23
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Yes,.extension rings and or Extra Close-up Lenses,.or a Bellows.
Mind you the f1.4 probabvly Isn't the Best Choice for a Bellows, the 55mm f1.8 works Much better and would be the Lens of choice, (apart from a proper Bellows Lens).

Owning 50mm f1.4's and a 50mm f4.0, I would also have to suggest that a 100mm would offer an easier choice for 'Live' bugs and things, as the 'Operating distance would be greater, thereby offering less of a disturbing influence on the subject.

Beautiful shots as well, should have posted the Persons Name atleast, or a link to where you got the photos.

One needs great patience and a 'still' day !!
Forum: Photographic Technique 02-29-2008, 03:13 AM  
2x Macro converter question
Posted By stoo23
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Gee,..Can't Really Say "for Suyre,..For Sure" as such,..but considering the Overall Quality of Ricoh's Previous Lens Offerings, Probably ain't that Bad !!

Depends How Much as well ofcourse,
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 02-13-2008, 01:14 AM  
Which bodies do YOU own? And still use?
Posted By stoo23
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Ever so Slightly 'Off Topic',..but as a Reply to a couple of,..shall we say, perhaps Rather 'Pertinent' Comments !!

Jimfear wrote;
"Yes I get that a lot too, people just cannot understand that you can take photos with a film camera after digital was introduced. Btw I'd like to see someone with a DSLR produced today still use it in forty years.."

Oh Thankyou !!!,..Yes,..(Ahem),..what Model?,..from What Manufacturer?,...What Resolution !!???
Oh yeah and Can you even 'Charge' the Battery??

Someone Please show me a Digital Camera that will even WORK !,..without Batteries or an AC adapter !!!

Perhaps eBay will be 'Crowded' with sales of 'Tesla' Power transmitting devices, or Very Very Long DC Power Leads !!,..for the 'Vintage photographers,...ROFL

Having used Film ONLY for So Many Years, I Even Need an Inbuilt Meter ???
ALL My Pentax's can still Take Perfect Pictures without ANY Batteries at all !!
AND,..also somewhat 'Interestingly 'Stated',..and ofcourse Here I Do Not want to start any Film Versus Digital discussion,..BUT,..

teogin Wrote;
"I use them both. The digital more often but I think that if I want future security I use the film body."

Gee,..Really ??,,...I Wonder Why,..?
Well,..No I don't Wonder at all !!

I Do a lot of work with Architects and I have often overheard 'flippant' Digital Era comments, like,.."Oh we are thinking of getting rid of our Slide/Photo storage,...etc, Takes up SO Much Room,..etc,..We are going to Transfer everything to Digital,..etc, etc"

Oh Yeah?,..Really?,..I often reply with a couple of quick Long term storage and usage questions,..
"Really?,..what are tou intending to 'store' them on, in what Format?,..Oh yeah and the Biggie,..WHAT Resolution??"

Makes you think about "Digital" Really doesn't it?
You Know,..for all those Family and Baby shots !!

I Mean I am Currently Retrieving a Not so Computer 'Literate' friends,.."Family" Photos, from a drive, that Win XP 'Refuses' to Read,..yet I can still access the Files from within Linux.

Sorry to Rave on,..
But I have worked within the Professional Audio Recording and Film/Photography world, for a Great period of my life,..(Yes I am old !!, and come from Analogue 2" 30ips Tape machines etc) and still use and Love film !!

I have 30 odd years of Wonderful Photos, ...slides and Negs, which can still reproduce great Pictures, I Took them!
I mean Heck,..I'd say all My Old Kodachrome,..looks pretty Much Exactly How it was !!
Stable !!???,..I'll say ! Sadly Can't say the same for the Agfa Pro film I used a lot back then,..but may I say the colour 'Cast' IS artistically Interesting !!!,

I Just think, IS Really,..rather interesting,..that Film is Still seen by Many as the More 'Permanent', or 'Safer' perhaps format.

Plus,..there Is still that other 'wee' ;ittle Issue in That MY Old Film Cameras still are ONLY Limited by My Skill and the Film Speed/Resolution and I haven't had to Buy a 'New' One in Years!

And Now I'd Have to be Woking out How to sell My Recent (Insert mega Pixel Count Here) Model), to Try and afford what we have all been wanting,..a Full Frame Digital !!
Oh But Wow,..the Cost !!!

Look,..I'm Not just an Old 'Fuddy-Duddy',..But Just fearful of the Failure (Which I have Seen Far too Many Times), of the Electronic 'Gadgetry', destroying My 'Memories, or My 'Art'!!

At the Moment,..I Must say I am still, 'Blissfully' happy with My almost exclusively, 'Mechanical' beasties !!

Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 02-12-2008, 12:28 AM  
Hello from Adelaide, Australia
Posted By stoo23
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Hi from another Aussie Pentax Addict,.older Film Nut here,

Hey it's Adelwedgians, Not Adelaidians isn't it ??,

Have to agree,..Get the Grand Prix Back, is Boring in Melbourne.

Must admit, I quite Like Adelaide,..but am definitely a Sydney harbourite !!,

Be interesting to see just How many Aussies are on here,..especially, as Pentax's Were quite a Popular Camera Sales wise in Australia.
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 02-12-2008, 12:15 AM  
Hi from Townsville Australia (far north/East Tropics)
Posted By stoo23
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Hi there, from another Aussie, (Sydneysider though).

Funny though, that I had/have cameras from Waaay Back, haven't gone digital yet.

But strangely like yourself, have only somewhat recently gotten back into it, after a long term relationship ended along with a body and camera drenching in seawater, I stopped taking photos, don't really know why,..BUT am very glad I have gotten back into it!

Glad to see you are too,..Heaps of Aussies on here,
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 02-09-2008, 04:06 AM  
Which bodies do YOU own? And still use?
Posted By stoo23
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Well, I have owned and been using a lot of my cameras for quite a few years now,..with a few recent additions of suitable older gear, and some newer units.

All film, with the exception of my Sony k750i phone, and a Kodak easy Share camera I got as a Real Bargain years ago.

I pretty much Carry one of these with me almost everyday, everywhere !,

Spotmatic SP 500
Spotmatic SP 1000 (Being serviced as this is written)

Usually one of or Both
Spotmatic F's, (one needs service as it's metering has gone haywire)
Usually for B&W, My 'Baby'
Black Spotmatic SP

28, 35, 50's galore,, 105 (drool) and 135, all Later open aperture models

I Also LOVE my Japanese rangefinders !!
I often carry them, if Nothing else,..I can Only agree and add to the already well known and understood appreciation of Many of the RF's made in this Era, like the Yashica Electro G series and I Have to add that Both of the Following are Great Cameras to use and have as was said Lenses almost Too Sharp !!!, The Konica is a little Killer !!!,

I Still regularly use my Trusty old
Black Minolta 7s,...Drool,,...NOTE; This camera (along with the Older Pentax's, especially the Black one), are Great Conversation starters !!

I have met Many Very Friendly (and often 'Lamenting'), ex Pentax owners.

People seem amazed that I Still use Film and Have owned the Cameras for so Long ! AND That they are Still Working.

The Minolta, (Which IS in Very Good condition) amazes people when you tell them it was made in 1966 !!!

More recently I acquired a Virtually Brand New
Konica Auto S3
Which I am Really enjoying using quite a bit of late. (It belonged to the Father of an Old Girfriend from Schooldays !!)
It is Superbly Sharp, Easy to use and has very good metering.

Much like the Minolta 7sII's and Earlier Yashica's mentioned,...a True 'GEM'.

Now if I could 'Convert' my Canon Dial 35 to Full Frame !!,..or,..Digital !!!,,.....

The Most Modern camera I often carry and use, is a
Canon EOS-50
and I have recently acquired an M42 to EOS adapter for My Takumars.

I still feel Very comfortable with My almost as Old as Me Pentax's !!,
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 12-22-2007, 07:07 PM  
Spotmatic split image focusing?
Posted By stoo23
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I take it when you say 'Split Image', you Mean Like an Older Nikon ??
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 12-22-2007, 07:00 PM  
Black SP
Posted By stoo23
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Well,..I Just Had to Add My "Two Cents Worth" Her Re Old Pentax Ownership.

I'm 52 now and an awfully LONG time ago, when I was Only about 18 or so, a rather "well off" Girlfriend at the time, Gave me, her SP500, with f2.0 55mm lens.

It Started me on a Great Journey through Photography.

I Still Have that Camera, and it's lens!! Unfortunately the Camera No Longer Works, as we went for an Ocean Swim together (Unintended ofcourse!!). BUT,..That Lens, Has Never Been serviced,..AND I Still Use it to this Day !!!

No Fungus,..Nothing!!!

Over the Years, I acquired a few extra 'Bits',..but after stopping taking pictures for a Few years,..I have recently gotten back into it.

I Purchased an EOS 50 to help a friend Learn (and I have a friend with a Brace of L series lenses !!! drool),..BUT,..I quickly realised, that My Spotties and Especially their Gorgeous "Made with almost No Call as to Cost', are still some of THE Best Lenses Ever produced for almost ANY camera,..then OR Now !!!

To Get the Kind of Lens Quality one Got from those Older Asahi Lenses, would Require a Mortgage and Deferring buying a number of cars !!!,

I have a Brace of older Pentax's, Another SP500, an SP1000, 2 x Spotmatic F's and "My Baby", a Black Spotmatic SP !!

I also have a Problematic ESII, that Needs repair.
In Regard to ESII's,..Beware! as far as the earlier models go, they are somewhat less reliable and they use a Heap of Batteries !! They are Larger AND Heavier,..But Are Nice,..Buy Cautiously.

All the Cameras are all still working Fine,..BUT, perhaps I am Lucky in having a Pentax Specialist, (with lots of New Old Parts), to help me out. I have known this Guy for over 30 years.

Somehow, I think I will be More than Happy to Continue, with My Old Cameras!

PLUS, They ARE a Perfect Conversation Starter, whilst 'Out and About'

Funny, how all the Older and Previous Pentax Owners recall them with such Fondness and so far,..have all been really NICE People.

I think 'Happy' People bought Pentax's !!!,

Nikon Owners,..were always Just that Bit Different,..!,
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 12-22-2007, 06:34 PM  
Spotmatic split image focusing?
Posted By stoo23
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Hi There,

Well,..Never Having Owned a Spotmatic IIa,..I Cannot Say,..(but I do Find it somewhat Odd that Pentax would 'Divert' from their Normal Focusing Screen).

Most M42 Pentax's, Used a 'Fresnel' lens, with a 'Micro-Prism' Centre underneath the Ground Glass.

As Quoted from the SP1000 Manual.

"When Your subject is in Focus, the image in the microprism will be sharp and perfectly Clear. If your subject is Not in Focus, the Microprism will Break the image into Many small Dots, much like an engraver's Screen. You xcan focus your subject on Any portion of the Ground Glass"

I think perhaps Cameras Like the Fujicas, Early Minoltas and I think the Recent Voigtlanders, use a Spit Screen. Some of them, Like The Voigtlander and Fujica, (some Later Models, like 601's and 801's, also have Very Bright Viewfinders !! Well Compared to a Standard Spottie that is.

Hope that Helps.

Hope that Helps
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 10-12-2007, 06:00 AM  
M42 f2.5 135 vs f3.5 135
Posted By stoo23
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Thanks for that,..I decided against it, as to be Honest, I Really am Looking for an 85 or 105, Especially, as My f3.5 Super Multi Coated, is Really an absolutely Lovely example! I AM Extremely Happy with My lens and always have been,'s often just Nice to have that Extra bit of Speed. lol

I'd have to go and get a Whole Bunch of Larger Filters Then as Well !!,

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 09-26-2007, 07:35 AM  
M42 f2.5 135 vs f3.5 135
Posted By stoo23
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I have been offered a Super Multi Coated f2.5 135mm Lens that is in Pretty good shape.

Now I already Own an f3,5 version of the lens and am Pretty happy with it, Fact it is a damn GOOD lens,..even wide open!

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the matter, if anyone has owned both!

faster IS Nicer,..but Not unless it Performs Optically better!

I had heard WIDE open, the f3.5 was better, so perhaps the differences are small, Unless ofcourse the 2.5 has unique optics.

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 09-21-2007, 07:33 AM  
SMC m42 45 to 125 Zoom ??
Posted By stoo23
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Hi all,

Hey does anyone have any info, or Have one of These lenses ??

SMC Takumar f4.0 45mm to 125mm Zoom

I have come across one of these and I guess being The 'addict' I am,, Pocket is gettin' 'Itchy' !!

I really Only have 'Primes', apart from a Cheapo Zoom I acquired, in a 'Bundle',...SO,..a Real pentax Zoom, would be Nice, especially if it IS a Nice lens,..Oh How silly of me, if an SMC anything,..wouldn't be 'Nice' !!,..

Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 09-19-2007, 11:24 PM  
Plustek Opticfilm 7200 - Slide Film Scanner ???
Posted By stoo23
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Hmm,..Well, the Moment that is hard for me to really Say.

Main reason being, I have yet to Scan any of the Older slides I Scanned using the Polaroid, With this Newer Plustek.

Most of the Work I did using the Polaroid, was Not of My Work, but there was a Lot of it !! All Architectural !, Which, IS what I Do a Lot of, so There IS a Comparison ,..

From My initial Images, I would have to say it would appear easily Comparable in Quality at Standard, normal kind of settings.

As I said, I have yet to really 'Push' The Plustek.

I have done quite a Few Small Crops and Enlargements (In The Scanner), and am so Far Very happy with THAT Output!

BUT The Polaroid, (which has also been released under Other Brand names), DID have 4000 dpi available, at 48bit and it Certainly seemed Very Capable at High resolutions, (with resulting Very large Image files as well).

As I said I found it Slow, especially when Using VueScan, so The Plustek, using Silverfast, is, in fact, IMHO, faster to Do Scans.

I will Post My further findings,..and when I Read and Work out How to Put up some Images, I will !,..:D
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 09-19-2007, 11:08 PM  
New Plder Pentax Addict from Australia :)
Posted By stoo23
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Ah Yes !,..Thanks,..I LOVE My Primes !!!

Worked for Years with Really ONLY The 50mm and 55mm lenses.

Did a lot of Music and Entertainment Work, with a Luverly Old 200mm Lens, a Marexar I think,..which has Unfortunately, Passed on to the Giant Glass Furnace in the Sky !,

It's Funny really, as when I was Younger, I couldn't really afford the Lenses I wanted, or the Faster ones! The First 50mm f1.4 I got Early on came with a Camera I acquired, which Was and Still IS an absolutely Amazing Lens!!

The Moment I put it on my camera and looked through the viewfinder, I was amazed!,..
How Bright it was!
and I guess after the 55mm, a slightly Different View,..But OH,..The Pictures !!,

I find the f1.8 and the f2.0 also take beautiful Pictures, in fact for General 'Centre weighted' People Shots, the f2.0 is Great,..but there Really is an Element of 'Magic' happening with the 50mm f1.4.

When I was Much Younger,..I must admit I 'Dreamed' of either an Extensive Nikon setup, or a "We are Not Worthy", Leica,..(typical eh!?),

BUT !!,
As I got Older and really started to Look at The VERY Real Quality of my 'Humble' little First SP500, I began to realise what I had was Pretty darn Good !!

When I got the 50mm, I began to realise what I had was, in fact, What I had been Looking For!

There is a certain kind of 'Snap' to this lens, that is Succinctly Different, to All other Takumars I feel and I KNOW it takes Sharper Pictures than the Old 500C Hasselblad I used to use Occasionally !!

I know, I know, format differences etc,..BUT, it IS Much Sharper than those Older Zeiss 'Blad' Lenses! Although in Theory Both Planar types, the Zeiss are Very Different in Construction and Methodology to what Asahi were doing!!
Oh, but then you ALL Know that eh!?,..;)

Anyway,..Points being,..I really Do not Now Desire for Many Other cameras, or lenses Compared to the Amazing Quality of The Takumars!

I own a Canon EOS 50 and a 50mm f1.8 II, which, I did purchase Because of how Sharp it is and it's Price, or should I say "Cheapness",..Eeek,..Plastic !!
I bought it recently to work with a Friend and teach them and because another good friend has a Brace of "L" series lenses I can and Do Borrow Occasionally !!!,..Drool ! Very Nice, Fast!, Beautifully Light, Large, but pretty Manageable! easy to use,..AND Do 'Feel' like Lenses of Old!
BUT,..the Cost !!! One single lens is worth MORE than My Whole collection !!!

It Was THIS 'Tacky Placky' Canon 50mm Lens, (that seems to barely even Pay passing Homage to Manual Focusing) and looking at even the Slightly Dearer Series of Canons and the awful Kit and Midrange Zooms, that Made me realise I once again could Not afford to Buy the Quality "I" Expected, or wanted, within the Canon Range !!

This Fact alone caused me to Re Investigate my Old Pentax collection.

Funny though as a point I was making about Not being able to afford the lenses I wanted when Younger!, well, seems Some of the Prime Focal Lengths and Ofcourse Speeds of some of the Takumars, I always Wanted, are NOW Once again, Becoming Rather expensive!!,
Partly Due to the lenses and cameras being Popular with Collectors, (for Good reasons), and also NOW the Fact that The Whole DSLR 'World', has realised there are a Few Older Takumar Lenses that ARE Simply, IMHO and Obviously Many Others as well,..The Best Lenses available Now or Ever !!!,..:) DOH !!

If I were to Criticize My Pentax's for Anything, it possibly Wou;d be their Screw Mount, as at times it IS a wee bit 'Tedious', compared to say an EOS Canon etc.

Also, for someone who tends to also Like Long Exposures, (at Night AND during the Day!!,..Slow Film,, I DO Find the Lack of a "Mirror Lock Up" a slight issue and I Guess in reality, The whole Mirror 'Movement' and resultant 'Shake', CAN also Be an Issue for Longer Hand held Work.

That said, I must admit to always having been Pretty Satisfied with my work Like that, it isn't THAT bad,..just a mention !!!,..:D

Having 'Been away' as such from my Photography for so many years,..I must admit,..I Do have a seriously re awakened and Self realisation about the equipment in general!

I mean, I have 'Owned' and Used/abused some of this equipment, for Over 30 odd years Myself!
Since I stopped Taking Pictures, it has simply been Stored, and Not Overly carefully either, due to many Moves etc in Life.

BUT, I was amazed really, that Upon inspection, Everything, apart from some Very Slight Fungus and dust inside My Very Old f1.8 55, (The Seawater drenched one !!), Everything, was Still Fine!
I needed to get two of the Mirror Seals replaced and had a slight issue with One battery Compartment, (Not Unusual !!,

So I was also amazed as I have said, that all my stuff is Exactly How I remember it
I am Enjoying the Re-familiarisation as it were of Both My Past and of This Beautiful Equipment.

OK,..gotta stop Now,..I'm dribbling on My Keyboard,...:D:D
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 09-19-2007, 07:20 AM  
Plustek Opticfilm 7200 - Slide Film Scanner ???
Posted By stoo23
Replies: 9
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Hi Guys,..a relatively New member here,...

Mind you Have been taking Photos for a Long time,..although Stopped Completely for about 14 years and have just very recently taken it up again.

I Too, Had and have a Fair amount of M42 lenses and a fewOlder Pentax's.

I seriously considered Just what I could possibly afford and Be satisfied with Quality wise, and I decided to Stay with Film,...partly because I Like it :)

But I think it almost Forces you into a different 'attitude' re your shot,..well, for me anyway.

Point is, I decided to do this because I also found the Plustek at a Great Price.

As I Had a Huge stock of neg's and Trannies from before and was thinking of sticking with film for a while,..I Got one.

The Unit itself, comes with a PlugPack type PSU, USB cable etc and a Nifty little Storage and carry bag.

It Feels Solid and seems to have Kept making a Consistent 'Sound' since New !!,..:)

The Neg and Slide carriers could be perhaps made a bit better, (precision wise), but that said, I have Not had any Negs Or Trannies Move or Shift during scanning, so it seems to work OK.

The Unit also has a little Slide 'LightBox', on top, so you can get your slides in the right way, something many others Don't.

I have done Various Rolls of Differing B&W and Colour and so far, am VERY Happy actually.

One thing I have noticed Occasionally, is whilst using the Dust and Scratch removal Software sometimes, it Can beautifully Remove all the Specks, BUT Leave Long 'Error' Streaks across the Image !!

This is Not a Persistent thing, and so far has Only done that when Using The Scratch/Dust removal Software 'Built in' to The Supplied software.

Which,..seems to work Perfectly well, in Fact I have even been using it to do some quick and dirty scans and quick corrections, without bothering to go into Photoshop.

The software works well IMHO.

I have yet to use the scanner with Vuescan, but it would be as I would Imagine, with Vuescan, so I doubt I'm in for any surprises There,

In the past I have used an Older SCSI Polaroid Sprintscan 4000, which was OK,..but was actually a bit slow, especially when using Vuescan.
Well,.compared to the Software that came with it, anyway.

Anyway, as I said I am Very happy with the Scanner's Output so far.

Mind you I have Not yet Printed any Poster size Prints yet.

I will attempt to put up a link to some scans done recently with my Refurbed old Pentax babies !!!

Mind you The ONLY Thing two of them needed was new Mirror Foams!!

For the Money,..I did Not see this Scanner as a Silly Purchase. For less than $300.00, it is a Great buy considering it's output, Depends what You really want though,.as i am Sure that for Some people, this scanner May Noy be 'Up to Spec',..but then hey, Ain't a Multi thousand dollar drum scanner either !!!
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 09-16-2007, 06:23 AM  
Hi from Sydney
Posted By stoo23
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Hi there,

Just saying Hi from another Sydney Sider, although , who has re discovered the Joys of Film and His old pentax's !!

Good to see a few Aussies here.


Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 09-16-2007, 06:21 AM  
G'Day From Australia
Posted By stoo23
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Hi :)

ANOTHER NEW Member and Sydney sider here as well !!

Although I Have Re Discovered My OLD 35mm Film Pentax's and their Lenses !!

Yet to go Digital.

Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 09-16-2007, 06:18 AM  
New Pentax K10D member from Sydney, Australia
Posted By stoo23
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Hey, Hi from another New Sydney Sider! :) :)

Mind you I have returned to My Pentax Film Cameras and lenses !!,..Instead of Going digital !!!
But Do Have a canon EOS 50 35mm camera as well. and access to a 30D and some Nice "L" series lenses.

All my stuff is still taking Great Quality shots 30 odd years on !!
The takumars are all still Flawless!

Happy Snapping !!

having only recently started taking my photography Seriously again,..may I say I am Re Inspired by Film,..And B&W !!,

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