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Forum: General Photography 09-26-2018, 09:53 PM  
Sticking your lens in someone's face...
Posted By calsan
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Try and take architectural photos where you want no-one in the shot. Just as you click the shutter release, several people will lunge into the frame. ie - my theory is that if people sense that they are not wanted in the shot, they will be very happy to stand in front of your camera.... and vis-versa...

So my suggestion would be to try wave people away from the scene - you will soon get all the volunteer subjects you require.
(Less sarcastically) try using a very wide angle lens and frame your shot - then wait for the right person to walk into the frame. The general public seem to be unaware of wide angle lenses - but they can tell a telephoto lens right away.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 09-09-2018, 09:59 PM  
DCU Question
Posted By calsan
Replies: 1
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That just indicates / highlights the settings you changed from the previous shot.

For example
Take photo 0001
change the aperture
photo 0002 will show the aperture in red

It also shows the settings that were changed automatically by the camera.
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 08-09-2018, 08:20 PM  
Printing at home - what's the real cost?
Posted By calsan
Replies: 18
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The OP question was about reducing printing costs, so using a CISS ink system was my suggestion.
Forum: Pentax K-5 08-09-2018, 12:26 AM  
K-5 IIs . . . stretching battery life
Posted By calsan
Replies: 7
Views: 564
Keep it warm...somehow! Batteries don't like being cold.
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 08-09-2018, 12:21 AM  
Printing at home - what's the real cost?
Posted By calsan
Replies: 18
Views: 1,240
Without answering all your questions, I can recommend this system to deal with the cost of doing lots of prints with an inkjet -
Rihac Continuous Ink Supply Systems, CISS, Printer refills Ink & Cartridges
I use a Rhiac 'CISS' system with my Epson Workforce, with the Photo Pro Pigment Inks. A small amount of technical skill and care needed to set it up and you really should follow the instructions to the letter. Delivers HUGE cost saving compared to the tiny OEM cartridge inks and quality is the same as the OEM inks too.
Forum: Pentax K-1 07-30-2018, 01:35 AM  
Inaccurate of AF points
Posted By calsan
Replies: 13
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Lens Rentals | Blog
"This lens is soft" and other myths

Most people "test" their lenses indoors - with some artificial lights on...or light coming through a window... so don't be surprised when all your lenses "need adjusting" but when you go outside, suddenly your perfect adjustments aren't so perfect... because the wavelengths of the light are different.

Anyway, just saying the factory knows more about the design parameters of the lens and where is the 'best compromise' for that lens - unless your house looks like this, I'd leave it alone: :lol:

Forum: Pentax K-1 07-29-2018, 08:23 PM  
Inaccurate of AF points
Posted By calsan
Replies: 13
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I think 99% of the time AF adjustment falls under the 'don't fix it because it's probably not broken' category.
It's unlikely that modern factories are shipping out lenses with focus adjustment so wrong that it may be better adjusted by a home user using graph paper and a ruler.

Also - photographing a flat plane - if the middle point is 'x' meters away, the edge will be 'x plus a bit more' meters away from the lens (the bit more will depend on the focal length), so this is the point of stopping down to an aperture so that it covers the area required to be in focus. Like with a 15mm lens, a subject 1m away in the middle of the frame will be about 1.5m away at the edge of frame and so you need f/11! Which is why fast and wide is not so necessary for architectural photos.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 07-03-2018, 12:54 AM  
Which lens is best??
Posted By calsan
Replies: 34
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Wildlife could be anything from huge, slow moving and fearless to small, fast, timid and nocturnal. The first you could walk up to with a wide angle and... the second might require a mortgage for the equipment.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 06-06-2018, 10:56 PM  
Amateur Photographers (UK) Predicts End for Pentax
Posted By calsan
Replies: 671
Views: 38,710

You Tube

From many years back... dp review! dp review!
Forum: Pentax K-3 04-03-2018, 12:34 AM  
Pentax K-3 II Overexposing
Posted By calsan
Replies: 12
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Something I have been generally satisfied with as a starting point for general snapshots with my K3 is:

Set exposure to -0.7
Then while processing in Pentax DCU, try setting dodging to +20%.

This gives exposures that look the same as "What I was expecting" - but this expectation comes from my previous cameras...
The K3 can be underexposed safely a huge number of stops, but any over exposure is disastrous, so I always start from -0.7.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-16-2018, 11:42 PM  
Reluctant to purchase K1 but I did
Posted By calsan
Replies: 12
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I thought it had a higher frame rate if you set it to APS crop? Out of my price range, so not speaking from experience...
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 03-15-2018, 05:42 AM  
More Limited lenses
Posted By calsan
Replies: 210
Views: 15,617
I thought the 43 came from the diagonal of 36mm (x 24mm) film.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-27-2018, 06:32 PM  
Good: New roadmap, new lens
Posted By calsan
Replies: 407
Views: 26,130
This makes sense on the face of it, but is at substantial risk of villagers (pentaxians) with pitchforks and burning torches if they do anything that slightly depletes the lens' magic. Remember the 15 limited upgrade and it's curved shutter blades ruining the starbursts! An improvement in sharpness or aberrations other characteristic might cause the loss of pixie dust and there would be riots in the streets.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-21-2018, 07:05 PM  
Ricoh announces an upgrade service for current PENTAX K-1 consumers
Posted By calsan
Replies: 258
Views: 19,136
Nope, you're right. Statistically, electronics or machines are most likely to fail when they're brand new. Also better for the environment to keep using old equipment. Even your car. Especially your car, actually! Better still, don't drive at all... ;)
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 01-28-2018, 09:18 PM  
Pentax K10D - An Anniversary
Posted By calsan
Replies: 15
Views: 1,504
Love the "flat" looking shots. thumbs up
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 12-24-2017, 01:46 AM  
Archiving antique maps and manuscripts
Posted By calsan
Replies: 18
Views: 926
In an ideal world:
The DA35 Ltd would be the obvious choice for document copying, except that it's pretty expensive.

Alternative Plan A:
You may be able to find a vintage manual focus 50mm macro. Back in the day, macros were 1:2 magnification and f/4.
So, not impressive by today's standards, but more than adequate for copying documents. Manual focus is all you need for copying work, so that's money saved!
The Pentax-M 50mm f:4 1:2 Macro would be suitable, and probably readily available.

Alternative Plan B:
Would be to buy a modern 35 or 50 macro and then sell it when you're done. You 'might' get most of your money back! ;)

Other things to note
Shoot in RAW format so you can process the files to get the best image quality.
Shoot at 100 ISO.
Either use a remote or set the timer to the 12 second mode.
Shoot a grey card first to help get your white balance correct.

Happy Christmas
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 12-07-2017, 12:50 AM  
How to test Pentax 15-30 for decentering?
Posted By calsan
Replies: 27
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At this point, I would suggest you stop doing tests and just send it back. You won't ever be happy with it and if you keep it, it will only annoy you!
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 12-06-2017, 12:07 AM  
How to test Pentax 15-30 for decentering?
Posted By calsan
Replies: 27
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Round 2
OK, to me, it just looks like the foregrounds are out of focus because they're way, way in front of the focus plane. Like on the road shot, it's clear the focal point is on the road, about a 1/3 the way down from the center of the picture. Any closer than that will be getting out of focus.
Wide angle lenses don't have any greater depth of field than any other lens. Need to stop down even more if you want such a huge focal range. Try f/16, or try taking a similar shot where you focus on a very close object in the corner of the frame - I bet that will look sharp - because the brick wall shot seems to confirm that the lens is very sharp.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 12-05-2017, 01:24 AM  
How to test Pentax 15-30 for decentering?
Posted By calsan
Replies: 27
Views: 1,300
Looks like chromatic aberration because of the contrast of the sky behind the trees.
Also, maybe the shutter speed was too slow for the trees, which could be softening the look of things. Sounds stupid, but trees just won't keep still! ;-) Try starting at 1/250 and see how it goes.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 12-04-2017, 04:33 AM  
DA 18-55 repair question
Posted By calsan
Replies: 9
Views: 558
I'd be amazed if someone here weren't willing to sell you an 18-55 for a very fair price... I think the assumption in the marketplace would be that an 18-55 isn't worth listing for sale as nearly everyone has two or three already! So it would be better to just do a wanted advert than risk your camera's mirror box with the possibility of that lens shedding parts. (Myself, I would just hold out for a 18-135, if you want a small convenient zoom lens... It's not much bigger.)
Forum: Repairs and Warranty Service 11-21-2017, 06:30 PM  
Nasty sensor accident, need cleaning / repair help
Posted By calsan
Replies: 36
Views: 1,874
It's worth pointing out that the K-10d manual, and indeed all digital Pentax manuals, has a section on cleaning the sensor. See pages 211-13

First thing in the cautions list is: "Do not use a spray type blower."
Then they list the cleaning Kit O-ICK1 as an optional accessory.

So, too late for the OP, but lesson learnt and lets hope others reading this in the future will read the manual.
Forum: Non-Pentax Cameras: Canon, Nikon, etc. 11-21-2017, 06:13 PM  
Another film SLR revival project pops up.
Posted By calsan
Replies: 64
Views: 2,362
If that's worth $1,500, then does anyone want to buy my K-X for $150,000? I'll even throw in two rolls of film.

Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 10-03-2017, 08:55 PM  
What REALLY matters in computer hardware?
Posted By calsan
Replies: 47
Views: 3,494
This doesn't matter. It were a car, driving everywhere at 100% means your engine is too small or your foot is too heavy..
But a computer isn't like a car, 100% just means the computer has allocated up to 100% of the processor to the task, because it's available. A faster processor with more cores will still get allocated up to 100%. If not, you would have to wait longer.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 07-31-2017, 06:31 PM  
Just ordered a few DA Ltd lenses! Good plan?
Posted By calsan
Replies: 22
Views: 1,588
Yep. Same limiteds that I went for. They also work well as a three lens kit with my 18-135. This has become my travel setup.
The 35ltd requires a patient approach - not much good for point and shoot applications and if you don't pay attention to focus, you will miss. But take your time and the results are amazing.
Forum: Repairs and Warranty Service 07-25-2017, 01:35 AM  
wrong exposure on K7
Posted By calsan
Replies: 9
Views: 628
Lens sounds most likely. Failing that, you could also try resetting the camera, in case you have inadvertently changed something...
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