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Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 08-22-2020, 10:58 AM  
Another snippet from Pentax HQ
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
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I hope they didn’t omit it because they want to claim the camera as being the smallest DSLR or at least very small.
They tried that somewhat with the K-1 also. But I agree there must be another more complicated reason as you suggested.

I am pretty sure they will address this decision in one of their videos.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 06-29-2020, 10:47 PM  
Pentax Aperture Block, Black Picture Problem Class Action Lawsuit
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 255
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I have that issue with my K-1 but it is the mirror who gets stuck.
I can fix it temporarily by switching to live view and the camera on and off.

The lubricant gets sticky over time and the camera seems to struggle to create enough force to move the mirror.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 05-31-2020, 03:02 AM  
DFA 85mm f/1.4 Now on Ricoh's Website
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 623
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Just want to clarify on the part being able to expose at f1.4 @ APS-C,it can be misunderstood as meaning you will get the light of the full 1.4 aperture on APS-C as you will not. Like you correctly stated it will be more like an aperture of 2.0 as you only get a portion of the light on the smaller APS-C sensor.

The only way to get nearly the same amount of light from a FF lens on an APS-C body would be a metabones speed booster afaik.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 05-16-2020, 01:38 AM  
D FA 21 Limited is one of the three.
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 636
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As they make clear in the video that one main focus in development of the lens was smooth bokeh in close range and 3D like subject isolation plus that this lens is mentioned to be a lens for snapshots (beside landscape) I would guess it will be more in the F2.0 range.

Otherwise it will be rather difficult to produce subject isolation with a ultra wide lens like this?
Forum: Pentax K-1 11-23-2019, 06:30 AM  
K-1 aperture block??
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 30
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I talked to a pentax rep today. He said it is a known issue of the lubricant of the mirror. If the camera is not used for some time it becomes sticky.
It is similar to the aperture block issue of the K-50 but that was of course a much worse problem. The K-1 problem seems to affects only a few people it seems. I told him I believe another thing adding up might be the battery which is going bad, so there might be a problem to create enough force to move the sticky mirror on the first try.

I asked him if it would make sense to send the camera in to get it fixed but he seemed rather pessimistic on that :(.
Forum: Pentax K-1 11-17-2019, 02:41 AM  
K-1 aperture block??
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 30
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Short update on my situation. So it got a little worse with now almost every time I pick the camera up the first frame will be black because of the mirror not opening. So I got the routine to try live-view after switching the camera on to see if the mirror is stuck. If the picture is black I switch live-view on / off for several times which usually brings the mirror back in position. Then it works until I put the camera to rest for some time. When it kind a freezes, which happens very seldom, I take the battery out and back in and that fixes it.

I heard that this whole problem might be connected to faulty / low voltage of batteries. I have the feeling that might be true as I noticed it is happening more frequently with one of my two batteries. That batterie also is drained faster as the other one. Both are genuine Pentax brand batteries bought with my K-1.
It could be that there is somehow not enough power to move the mirror up at some point, maybe because of friction between the moving parts, like cold motor oil vs warm motor oil, to get a car reference.
After that friction has cleared it works until it sits for a while and the friction builds up again.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 10-21-2019, 09:26 AM  
Now available in Europe: O-HC171 (Anniversary Hotshoe Cover)
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 131
Views: 7,934
Big thanks, was waiting for this and ordered mine.

Now I need to decide if I put it on my K10D in the shelf or on the K-1 with the risk of losing it outdoors xD.
Forum: Pentax K-1 08-12-2019, 03:19 AM  
Grip creaking (near IR sensor)
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 74
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I noticed I got a creaking sound when pushing the SD-card door, which happens if you have a firm grip around the camera.
I wonder if anyone else noticed that.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 03-04-2019, 04:05 AM  
Just another CP+ report [pics included]
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 142
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This year I was again able to attend cp+ on its last day (Sunday). As I knew for me there were no exciting announcements this year I could enjoy it more casually and relaxed.

I queued to try the GR III but thats no camera for me so cannot comment on that much. The touch screen is a welcome addition because it tickles down to other cameras even though focus via touch feels laggy atm.
Then I was caught by a staff member which was presenting a new 2.5D printing technique by Ricoh. They use a 3D-printer technique to give depth to a picture, even make it look like a real painting. They said their biggest picture, which they printed yet, took about 4 hours to print. The actual printer is industrial size (3 meters) atm, it is still a prototype and no price for an actual print decided yet. The actual depth for printing the 2D photo is calculated partly by algorithm and partly manually adjusted.

There are other companies using a similar technique but Ricoh is better in providing a smoother surface on the printing. The pictures looked very good, I can imagine many people buying these kind of pictures.

I got to try the new 11-18mm DA* Zoom and surprisingly it nicely covers the FF circle at 18mm. On lower focal length the black edges start to occur and you need to crop that out, at 11mm it is pretty severe. I also tried the new 35mm, it is a nice lens but comes with all the drawbacks such old lenses have, longitudinal CA, hexagonal bokeh balls, AF not so fast, no WR.

Here the zoom at 18mm FF @F9:

Here on 11mm FF @F9:

Then like JPT I stumbled over the guys with the factory custom made KP. They really enjoyed there time there and we talked and laughed a lot (so I greatly enjoyed it too). So they are enhancing several points on the KP. They have a special black coating on the lens mount which is harder and smoother than the original coating and is used originally by a famous Japanese watchmaker (I think it was Seiko). They havedifferent body colors and a flash top which is attached via the hot shoe. If you want to use a flash on the hot shoe you have to remove it therefore. Then there are the custom grips. They showed me one which was walnut and said its the same material Lexus uses for their steering wheels.
They have also a collaboration with a famous Japanese photographer and will preprogram the user-settings on the camera with that photographers preferred settings. They can use Ricoh’sresources which helps them a lot , so you might also be able to order it from the official website later I guess.
No words on pricing yet because its still in development. They will over it first in Japan and later on overseas (I complained a little that overseas people are eager to get these options too and always are second in line ;)).
Interesting fact, there were two people presenting the custom KP, one is an engineer and the other a designer.The designer told me that he designed the K-30 and the custom flash cover for the KP also inherits this long shape of the flash housing of the K-30.
Here the two guys, the left one is the designer and the one on the right the engineer. They were very commited to their customizations and gladly discussing any comments I made.

Also I saw a new Pentax baseball cap (black with big grey stitched Pentax) at the booth, these were design samples and will be probably available later this year.
At 2pm there was a presentation on the future development on Pentax products hosted in an interview style. They said the 85mm will be available next year. In fact they said that on all lenses on the roadmap xD (the 70-200F4, the large aperture wide DA*, the DA wide zoom and DFA superzoom). The interview guy also noted that the release date of the 70-200mm F4 changed from “spring 2019” to “2019 or later“. It was confirmed there were issues delaying the release of this lens.
I think they also hinted on a new camera for the 100th year release which might be the K-3 successor.

Just to increase the painful wait on the 85mm:
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 01-31-2019, 02:23 AM  
11-18 and revamped 35mm F2 on january 31?
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 1,044
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"New" full frame prime without WR is disappointing. Should be really mandatory by now. Feels like the DA Limited rerelease some years ago.
So still waiting for the wide star lens on the roadmap, hopfully this release does not postpone it until 2020 or later ...
Forum: Pentax K-1 11-04-2018, 11:43 AM  
K-1 aperture block??
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 30
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Short update on my issues:
Ok so I know now for sure that my problem is the mirror who got stuck occasionally.

I had it acting worse today, freezing the camera on the first shot while being black in the viewfinder. Removing battery, putting it back in and turning on the camera the first thing I heard was the mirror switching down.
Then the camera was working as usual.

I am almost half a year out of warranty. I will try to contact ricoh on this issue but not so much hope they will fix it for free...
Forum: Pentax K-1 10-20-2018, 11:11 AM  
K-1 aperture block??
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 30
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My K-1 developed the same problem. It started occusionally producing a completly dark first picture after the camera was in sleep mode or turned off. Now it does it for every first shot after some time in sleep mode or being turned off.

It happens on two different batteries and two different SD-cards so I think I can rule this out.
It seems like the shutter somehow does not open in time for the first shot, after that every picture is ok. Its just damn annoying because in some instances at the second shot the moment I want to capture is gone...

I wonder if thats an electronic problem.

I bought my K-1 very early (probably first batches) and took alot of pictures since then.[COLOR="Silver"]

---------- Post added 10-20-18 at 11:16 AM ----------

There is also another guy at the K-1 Facebook group who seems to have the same issues.
Forum: Pentax K-1 07-26-2018, 10:42 AM  
Rolling shutter effect when using electronic shutter
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 10
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The thing is, you want to use ES to avoid shutter shock, which in my experience can occur below 1/400 shutter speeds and therefore you need to be extra carefull and should always shoot also without ES as backup, in case you did not notice any issues while reviewing on the camera.

I had problems with a 135mm lens handheld, thats when I learned that lesson ;).
Forum: Pentax K-1 07-01-2018, 05:33 AM  
K-1 issue with green button on auto mode of old lenses
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 23
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I am really sorry, I think my false memories plus the sound of the lever fooled me in thinking it worked.

Thanks everyone for your help especially @not a number, i learned a lot.
Forum: Pentax K-1 07-01-2018, 04:50 AM  
K-1 issue with green button on auto mode of old lenses
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 23
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Ok guys, I have to apologize!

I checked this today again and even though the camera makes this noise, which I always associated with aperture closing, it does not move the diaphragm.

I guess I got fooled by the noise from that motor or spring load or whatever.
Forum: Pentax K-1 07-01-2018, 03:29 AM  
K-1 issue with green button on auto mode of old lenses
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 23
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Yes it does xD.
As already told, I have confirmed this with my K10D already.
When I press the green button there I hear and see the aperture closing temporarily for correct metering.
My K-1 on the other hand does not do this while using the same lens with same adapter.

FYI: The genuine pentax m42 to K adapters are still for sale in Japan, where I got mine.
Forum: Pentax K-1 06-30-2018, 08:13 AM  
K-1 issue with green button on auto mode of old lenses
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 23
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I noticed my old m42 Takumar lenses will not set the correct aperture while having the lens switch on "auto" und pressing the green button for metering.
This works with my old K-10D and I was always wondering why it is not working with my K-1, anyone else noticed that? Is this maybe just a setting or ist the K-1 missing something here which the older cameras had?

I just recently tried this with my SMC Takumar 135mm F3.5 using the genuine Pentax m42 to K adapter.
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 03-20-2018, 11:44 AM  
? re: value of pixel shift and printed output
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 11
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PS removes moire has less noise on same ISO value and better colors.
I think these are all noticeable in larger prints.

Btw. you can shoot handheld PS with the K-1 at good light and steady hand, or just support on a wall etc. just like you would shoot pictures with long exposures without SR ;).
Forum: Pentax Full Frame 03-12-2018, 06:42 AM  
K-1 Mark II: Accelerator unit frees up processing power for autofocus?
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 31
Views: 4,820
Yes it will.
Read the dpreview review of the KP on the high ISO performance.
They improve color and contrast in cost of slightly less details (saw only the comparison on ISO 25.600 live so can not comment much on lower ISOs).

If you are worried about this you should wait until the K-1 II reviews arrive.
Forum: Pentax K-1 03-11-2018, 02:27 AM  
Poll: K-1 upgrade circuit board or not?
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 120
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I asked for 4) at CP+ and the answer was no I am pretty sure this applies to 5) also.

The accerator chip is just a unit before the CPU, as they did not change any of the other infrastructure I would not expect any changes on buffer rate.
Forum: Pentax K-1 03-11-2018, 02:20 AM  
I had a thought...
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 10
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I had the board exchanged because of an faulty micro hdmi port at my K-1.

Shutter count, as well as file numberings were reseted as everything else.
Forum: Pentax K-1 03-08-2018, 02:43 AM  
Video Mode - Still changes Aperture in AV mode
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 4
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I tried it and it does do the same on F4.

And it happens always at a distance of 4 ft an the focus scale, on all F stops I tried.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 03-06-2018, 05:35 PM  
Short CP+ K-1 II Impressions
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 44
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Judging from the answers of the pentax interview it was confirmed that all the changes of the image data are made before the regulat picture pipeline on the very raw data.

Hope Adam has the opportunity to do some Astrotracer tests for example at ISO 1600 and compare the raw files if there are some stars eaten or not.
Forum: Pentax K-1 03-05-2018, 12:57 AM  
Video Mode - Still changes Aperture in AV mode
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 4
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Thanks for the reply.

Makes sense and that is what I thought too but at least in manual mode there should be a way to force it off?

Usually one is expecting to see a darker exposure if that happens in manuel mode.
Forum: Pentax K-1 03-05-2018, 12:02 AM  
Video Mode - Still changes Aperture in AV mode
Posted By Snakeisthestuff
Replies: 4
Views: 763
Hi, I have recently noticed a strange behavior in the video mode of my K-1 which I try to understand. Maybe someone here can help me with it.

I use my DA* 55 in manual focus in video mode in AV mode with fixed aperture of 2.0. When I focus in/out I hear an aperture change at one point, I think it happens everytime at the same focus distance. So I looked in front of the lens and indeed there is an aperture change.
Actually it happend in every mode, even in manual mode.

Is this a bug or do I have to check a special setting to disable this?

As I try to avoid any clicking sound, so its not recorded on the audio track, this is really annoying.
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