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Forum: Non-Pentax Cameras: Canon, Nikon, etc. 03-27-2018, 11:18 AM  
LS911 9x11 inch large format digital camera
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:p It's your potentail money ....

The reason I can never be bothered about the latest and greatest DSLR is all the LF toys I know I can get for the same money.

:confused: just to make you jealous then :p The closest thing I have to a Soviet LF lens K3II for scale (well the Apo Germinars were originally Jena GDR lenses that one is a late Docter Optics after renunification version.

Soviet lenses seem a bit hit and miss to me I like my Arasat 35mm F2.8 shift but the Helios 44M-4 I picked up an unknown Zenit at a vintage fair the other day for a fiver not so much stuck said Helios on a K3II and rapidly concluded that I wouldn't be bothering to do that again.
Forum: Non-Pentax Cameras: Canon, Nikon, etc. 03-27-2018, 09:20 AM  
LS911 9x11 inch large format digital camera
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Well it's a bit of a Frankinstiens monster to the best of my knowledge that front standard (Sinar F2 10x8) hasn't been produced for ten years, it's very much a built from bits we had to play with by the look of it, also a G Claron ? I know some people love them but there are way better choices out there. It clearly is a knocked together prototype rather than a production camera at this point.
Pretty much no one at all is still manafacturing Large Format lenses let alone ones that cover 10x8 everyone gave up as there are so many available seconhand it long ago stoped being viable to produce them and the reason I even mention it is like in smaller format when medium and large format backs started to appear it was the same old your old analouge lenses aren't good enough any more you need these shiney new digitailly optomised ones and as anything LF is small production new lenses that would cover 10x8 will be an arm and a leg. I'm indiferent to it succeding or not as is I very much doubt it will as it is not really offering anything specail enough and while you can argue that there are rich enthusiasts who will pay for things many years of reading Large Format Info suggests that very few are prepared to pay large amounts for somwthing like this there is much more a culture of doing things on the relative cheap in the LF community such as it is. For commercail applications at the moment I just can not see this having any appeal if it is not offering resolution to beat existing medium or large format view cameras what is the selling point ? Again resolution isn't everything but what does it offer that makes it uniquely worth while ?


My semi-feasible dream camera would be built around the STA1600B( STA1600 | Semiconductor Technology Associates, Inc. ). It's a 10560 x 10560 CCD sensor with 9 m pixels which makes it a 111 MPix square sensor of just under 4" on a side. The sensor seems capable of nearly 15 EV of DR so the IQ should be stunning. I'd build that sensor into the back of a 4x5 camera to create something that offers all the movements of large format in something more portable that 8x10.

I could argue that you can still get something like that from colur negative film drumscanned but am more than prepared to admit that from the point of view of instant results this is a far more practical and useable prospect I probably don't want to know how much that senor costs though.

Also the stories I hear are that for years no one has wanted to pay for the kind of work people did with movements most pros who shot 5x4 rarely use more than a DSLR and photoshop now. I've read this time and again and been told it when buying LF gear off of pros often enough about the only exceptions were high end food photographers using medium format digitail rigs with movements.


Looking at the photos on their site that is not even the front standard from a 10x8 it's from the 5x4 F2 you could use it for smaller 10x8 lenses but I really wouldn't push your luck with things like say the big 360mm F6.8 or 750mm lenses
Forum: Non-Pentax Cameras: Canon, Nikon, etc. 03-27-2018, 07:40 AM  
LS911 9x11 inch large format digital camera
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I laugh in the face of their puny modified Sinar and will be sticking to the real thing although I'm prepared to admit Provia at 330 a box does make me wince and while resolution isn't everything seriously 12MP ? Hurt your web browser you know it likes it While working with film isn't instant I did drop off a 36" drum scanned print of that off the next morning if you have your own darkroom and scanner it is perfectly possible to get reasonably fast results.
Sinar have been or at least used to sell P3 100x100mm cameras for digitail backs for some time although I believe these were / are mostly an array of four medium format digitail sensors and to be honest for lots of tasks 5x4 makes a lot more sense

I'm not aware of any such lens existing there is the old 165mm F8 Super Angulon which most people pass over for the Nikon 150mm F8 SW or 150mm F5.6 Super symmar XL or the 155 F6.8 Grandagon N if you can find one all should cover at least but the Nikon 120SW is still your go to silly 10x8 wide angle no movements to speak of though.

Given the existance of viable medium and large format rigs I can not really see this going far for the money you can get way better technical quality (in most respects at least) shooting film and as far as commercail applications are concerned the talk on large format forums for years and a few pros I have talked to is they might use large format for their own interest but they stopped using it comercailly years ago. Back in the day the area where 10x8 seemed to rule supreme was car photograph so they could produce house sized billboard posters now a lot of car advertising is apparently CGI.

From an amuteur prospective the film option would be way cheaper suitable 10x8 lenses are mostly hundreds it's only wide angles that comand really high prices, what you need to process 10x8 isn't vastly expensive cameras can certainly be yours for under 1000 and if you want to go hard core and run your own drum scanner that need not break the bank either plus some people are happy with the Epson flatbeds or stiching dslr scans.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 02-16-2018, 01:32 AM  
Adapting Y/S mount to K mount - How to??
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Having just recently rescued a 135mm F1.8 Sigmatel too but without a mount I was looking for solutions too, you can use it with an applicable T2 mount but the aperature will remain open. I got my lens in a local charrity shop and the guy who deals with cameras is quite knowledgable and claimed that he has this lens too and found it relatively simple to remove the lens backplate and disable the auto aperature mechanism.

I haven't done this myself as after a bit of persistance searching ebay I brought this purely for the ys-PK mount on it hopefully should arrive soon.

The links to info on the YS mount don't mention PK as an option but it seemed inconcievable that there had not been one made by someone although this page sugests they are quite rare

I'm now currently looking around for a Nikon mount too as I have Nikon as well as Pentax cameras but so far have only found ones attached to expensive lenses.

There is a review in the lens database this has some more information on the lens. My copy came complete with hood caps tatty box and all the original papers which include a bit more usefull info which hopefully I'll will get round to scanning and adding some where usefull.

I am also going to visit a couple of my favourite UK seconhand camera shops soon and have a look for YS mounts I get the feeling that for most of the bigger dealers it just isn't something they see or would be bothered with.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 02-14-2018, 12:58 AM  
Flucard Discontinued?
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Reading this topic the other day I felt I was reasonably lucky finding an ex dem one at LCE Worcester for 60. So was somewhat gutted when in Park Cameras on Sunday to see one for 19.99 , I brought a spare and asked if they had any others apparently they were showing two others "out the back" although the assistant felt there might only be one.
If anyone is interested their website shows no stock so if you are local pop in and ask or try giving them a call the product number is 6062110E
Forum: Pentax Q 05-22-2017, 05:34 AM  
Cosmicar/Pentax 8-48mm/f1.0-1.2 on the Q
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The Cosmicar Lenses are for TV or more often CCTV use though just because they have a C-mount it does not necessarily follow that they were designed to cover the 16mm format and in fact there are quite a range of CCTV format sizes the 8-48mm is listed for 1/2" format whereas the 12.5-75mm is listed as for 2/3" format. The diagonal of 1/2" is 8mm and the diagonal of 2/3" is 11mm

Link to a page giving a comparison of the various format sizes.

Link to Pentax Machine Vision Lenses PDF from 2012

I had a pretty good look into these last year and concluded from my point of view that for me the 8-48mm was not worth it as while it would cover the sensor of the Q10 I have it is not really capable of covering the sensor of the latter cameras at least on paper.

It is a pretty simple control box as it is a motorized zoom you need a reversible power supply to do the focus motor and zoom motor the iris control is a bit trickier as it a video iris but it kind of works it was just by the time you put it in a small plastic project box and get decent switches and sockets for the two cables the bits added up to about 30 the same price I had paid for the lenses.

I'll try and post a few pics of the monster later.
Forum: Film Processing, Scanning, and Darkroom 05-21-2017, 03:48 PM  
What quality scan for very large prints of 120 film?
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From the perspective of having made 36" wide prints from 6x7 (have 44" hp Z3100 and Screen DT-S1045AI) I found them slightly disappointing in terms of sharpness if you really want sharp and very large prints larger formats are really the answer.

I personally found the V750 inadequate for what I wanted and would generally scan 120 at 4800dpi as the maximum non headache resolution on the Screen for 6x7 although I would also regard that as beginning to reach as to what is available from most fine grained films.

It all kinda depends on peoples personal perspective on what they consider sharp and up front I'll point out that I regard viewing distance as applicable to advertising posters I want a print to be pin sharp from say one to two foot away not six feet.

As to prices of scanners it is possible to pick up Drumscanners for prices in the hundreds of dollars sometimes you just needed to be able to cope with generally the evils of Mac OS9 and obscure SSCI settings and the need to repair them yourself (mine is currently sulking sadly) I also see the Pro flat beds going for silly money these days too mostly the same caveats as drum scanners they are usually a bit smaller though well at least not the upright piano size and weight of the screen.


What you want to achieve will not be inexpensive, if you want relatively inexpensive you are going to need to do everything yourself for the sort of scans you need bureau prices would soon mount up but then it will be the same for printing if you actually want to do this have a look into what real pro scanners sell for secondhand and think about getting your own large format printer they are way cheaper to run in the long run as the larger ink cartridges are proportionally far cheaper than the A3+ machines they do take up a lot of room though.....

The Screen is hiding behind the printer and the other drum scanner on the bench is a Collogetter Pro II that was won for 123 only 8bit software though.

If you do consider the insane but cheaper do it all yourself route really make sure you do your research about the various limitations and pit falls of all the various hardware.

Forum: Pentax Medium Format 05-21-2017, 03:10 PM  
What is your 67 system lineup and why?
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I originally brought a 67II with a view to using with long lenses in Zoo's as it came up at a good price and I knew where to get the 500mm F5.6 at a good price too however as a 45mm was on the camera I gave it a whirl for landscapes too when I didn't feel like dragging the 10x8 about, at the same time I brought the 500mm I also picked up the 200mm for a good price and the automatic extension tubes then the 55-105mm made sense then some how the 135mm the 165mm and the 300mm because all can be had relatively cheaply I also picked up the 400mm F4 original then somehow ended up with a fetish for the teleconverters as I had accidentally brought the mildly unusual outer bayonet one by mistake. Other useful bits are the refconverter and the x6 finder and the external bayonet tubes. The 55-105 is probably the most used followed by the 45 and then oddly enough the 500mm for distant landscapes.

As a rule of thumb I avoid going below F22 with the 67 but on the subject of diffraction it's still there with LF and with 5x4 would generally not go beyond F32 and with 10x8 F45 but rarely needed to go there because of all the fun things you can do with movements

A 67 shot with the 500mm
The original was drum scanned at 4800dpi the original size on flickr is a bit downsized from that.

For kicks a 750mm on 10x8 at F32 with some tilt
Forum: Pentax Q 05-21-2017, 02:34 PM  
Cosmicar/Pentax 8-48mm/f1.0-1.2 on the Q
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I played with a couple of Cosmicar lenses last year, I did look into the 8-48mm but as it was mostly for the Q-S1 I passed as while it will cover the Q sensor it isn't quite rated for the Q-S1 instead I ended up with a pair of C10ZAME-2 10.5-105mm F1:1.4 lenses for 30 sold as seen both work although it cost as much to make a control box to do the zoom / focus and Iris, also a C6Z1218 12.5-75mm F1:1.8 which is at least a bit more practical to use.

I was more looking for a longer range rather than fast speeds although speeds under F4 are useful the 10.5-105mm isn't a very practical proposition while the 12.5-75mm is considerably more sensible I did find both rank for purple fringing though, but am considering giving the 12.5-75 another try as in an unscientific test the other day it did seem at least as sharp as an Adaptall 01A and no worse than the Tamron for CA which in either case was dealt with fairly well by the default settings in Camera Raw which I had not tried last year.

For me in your images above the 06 wins every time but as you say the fast aperture is of use to you.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 03-15-2015, 09:07 AM  
Pentax 67II BB-61 Focus Screen
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And another two on ebay
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 03-11-2015, 12:02 PM  
Pentax 67II BB-61 Focus Screen
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Forum: Pentax Medium Format 03-07-2015, 12:59 AM  
Pentax 67ii service manual
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How is your Russian ?

Pentax 67ii service manual ::


I got that to work don't ask me how but it does work the archive contains the 6x7 and 67II manuals.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 03-07-2015, 12:54 AM  
Pentax 67II BB-61 Focus Screen
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I went to the Chisick Camera Centre in London on Wednesday they had sold the 67 extention tubes I was looking for but looking in their window there were two BB61 screens not listed on their website priced at 39 I brought one it is very likely the other is still there.

Their contact page

I have found is quite a good way to locate some of the screens have ordered a BG60 via there price about 63 subject to import charges but still cheaper than the prices I see on ebay no BB61 on there at the moment though.
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