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Forum: Pentax Forums Giveaways 12-14-2014, 03:50 PM  
3 Million Post Giveaway: Confirm your entry!
Posted By pesao
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I need iiiit!
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 11-21-2014, 04:38 AM  
DA 15 or 21? Help me decide.
Posted By pesao
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I have the 21, it's a good all around lens.

If I'had just a zoom, like 18-135, I'd take the 21, because it improves a lot the image quality of a kit zoom lens, expeciali at wider focals, like under 24mm. I have the da 16-50* and at 21mm, f3.5, I have to say that there is not such a difference between it and the limited. But I can use the limited as a substitute of the 16-50 when I want to stay light and compact, tanks' to its "all-pourpouse" focal lenght. Two steps back, three steps forward, and it's like a standard zoom.

But if I had the 31 limited like you, I'll take the 15, because of it's a much more improvement of your visual angle, and you can use the 31limite as an "all around" lens to substitute the 18-135 with the very best "general photos" image quality from pentax (assuming that there are better image quality lens but only for specific use... for exaple the 77limited). Between 31 and 21 milliemeters there are less radical change of prospective than between 21 and 15. 31 and 21 are norma-wide, 15 is a "WIDE". So, I think the better completament of your tools is the 15 in pair with 31mm (and 77). If, like me, you had to choose just one good prime for generical use, the 21 is the one (and it has a very very fast AF too, on k5 it runs, k3 it flyes!!!).

Onestly, the 21 is not such a "woow!" lens as the other limited you have... 77 43 and 31 have a so "unique" and "spectacular" image rendition that the 21miss. It is just a good prime. And, for it's focal lenght, non such a "champion" because of even if it's not fast (3.5 real t-stops) it's not so sharp in the corners form wide open (but neither the 15mm is, I heard), I have to say that the most "prefered" feature engineering this lens should have been the compact size... and optical parameters seem a bit sacrified for it. Even if the angle of view is almost the same, the 21 is not the "apsc 31 limited", of course. It's more a "Street photography" tool, where compactness and weight are the most important features, and the.

PS: for archytectural shots, I think the 21limited has a bad distorption to be a 21mm for apsc, and I have to say it's a kind of "moustache" difficult to correct.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 12-22-2013, 05:44 PM  
Interview with Chief Sales & Marketing Officer / Ricoh Imaging Japan
Posted By pesao
Replies: 464
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Sometime I would like to focus on the poiit of view by we look at the market situation, as a member of pentaxforums.

Sometimes I feel like it's a kind of Pentax brand fanatic...and thi interview feel like a joke, a marketing trap, and a "YOU ALL ARE MY K-BAJONET SLAVES... YOU ARE NOT BRAVE ENOUGHT TO SWITCH BRADN! BHHUAHUAH!"

...but when I subscribed and registered, obviusly after reeding the rules of this web site, I thougt the target of fhis virtual place is to support each other, in terms of help, share know-how and informations, to make our experience of users and customers, better...

...but sometimes I feel like this is a place made to make easier outing of a fanatic-feticist love for a brand...

I'm a bit confused.

I don't want to set up a a war, I'm a pentax entuxiast user from 10 yeasr, but I take care most of "customers interests" than "pentax good name" because we put money, insted they (Ricoh first of all) eanr it. More I use and live Pentax experience, more I think that I should share the bad with the good part of this way of ph. living. I don't want to celebrate Pentax Co. or make them a free marketing campaign... I want to make customers and potentials buyer more and more consciuous about the positive and negative aspects of that peculiar brand. Criticis, for ma, is the best way.
As apsc, Pentax is the best, except for AF and assistenc, sistem, for semi-pro users. The offer of lenses and acceosries may not be totally professional, but can satisfy most of amateurs and some apsc-pro users. But still leaks of a really pro assistance. A PRO could easly be not satisfaied, and even damneged, by Pentax actual sitaution of service. I HAVE to say it, after 10 yaers. My will to be usefull for others photographers is stronger than my feticistic and "self-satisfating" complex of self celebrata my alternative choiche of ph. gear.... I'm not a fanaitc, I'm a ph. semi-pro and full amateur.. I well know Pentax strenght as I well kown Pentax fails. And, in the general trand of self-masturbating about "I'm a Pentax-Nikon-Canon user... I rulez" I think that a critical way is better than the common "I want to tell everybody how I spent well my money and how cool is my ph. gear". I may be wrong, but I'll go on this way, because if I had found on my way some more people like me, I probably had spent in a better move my precious money, to get better photos or more price/performance ratio gear. Fanatis is just egosist. Critiscim, if argued, is a kind of mutual support. All that "9" "k-3 af is fantastic" "you are just another anti-pentax user" helps only the ego-feeding of users who write it, to felle better about their insecure choiche.
Even if I'm a 7 post user, I'have been a pentax player for ten years, I have more thano 1000 post in the forum of my country, and I spent too much time and money looking foreward an hoped and waited resolution of pentax's weakness, bui I can't wait no more, I want to speek in the most explicit way, becouse I express that part of users that are a bit disappointed for some issues, and if Pentax want to sell well (it'a a company, not a ONG), they should get the feedback of users, first of all in place like this global forum. I'm not against Pentax, I'm for users, customers, money-spenders... Pentax for me is a comany before than a self-celebrating brand-religion. Tha's me, sorry!

And reading this kind of interview, after years of bla bla bla, Hoya Ricoh &Co. periods, it's strating to be frustating... Money and time are direclty connected factors, and Pentax "bla bla bla" in Ricoh version is just onother way to make me wait...

I can not express the most of pentax users, but I can say I espress just a part, and I have the same right to speak as every one else here, even if I'm critic with only 7 posts. Criticism is an aid to customers, workers, users... and I'm one of them, and allways prefer to be on that side, than on the frustrated side of fanatics.

I love Pentax, but it's making me cry a bit, loosing money and wasting time, so, if I can argue my opionion and the convenience of switch sistem, I don't feel wrong, but just a critical thinker who could make other think deeper about their money and their needs.

Pentax is just a trademark, ph. gear... no t a religion... if I understood this website.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 12-22-2013, 12:58 PM  
Interview with Chief Sales & Marketing Officer / Ricoh Imaging Japan
Posted By pesao
Replies: 464
Views: 47,691
Nikon made a mess with the d600 sensor dust issue...

but just in a year, or less, they put on the market a d610, without the problem...

...who bought the d600 at the beginning, assumed the risk of every new product...

but who has Nikon gear had not to wait for 5 years to get a issue free gear... the while I'm still waiting for DC AF motor on the STAR lenses...

that's the problem with a "little" company... and that's whay I feel right when sayng that spendig money on things like petax Q or pentax K-01 is a mess for the DSLR users of Pentax...
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 12-22-2013, 12:54 PM  
Interview with Chief Sales & Marketing Officer / Ricoh Imaging Japan
Posted By pesao
Replies: 464
Views: 47,691
Honestly, you set up a post full of prejudice, based on the number of post an user have... maybe in the while you were on the forum I was otuside, far away from the PC or MAC, enjoing my ph. and using Pentax gear... from 10 years.

Web cheating is not a reference in real world, man.

I don't care aboute excuses... from crying customers or from well payed marketing directors... they respectively are just words-frustrated and word-seller phenomenoss.

The PRO (supposed to be) product level of Pentax, like STAR line, has a substandard AF sistem, and, if Pentax is or is not a great or big company, i pay for it, and if it's not working as it's supposed to be in the market, I can switch to a competitor, if I need or I just desire. But if my Penta PRO STAR EXPENSIVE TOP OF THE LINE zoom has a bad project issue, like the SDM failure and SDM substandard AF speed, it's not just a "peculiar disvantage of the brand" but it's such a customer lost of money, if I payed a PRO level price, and I have a very high probability to suffer the issue, I need money to fix even if it's a clear project vulnerability, and I have to wait for months. It's not a PRO level of service and gear quality, even if the optical quality is good... but a slow or a broken AF gives an optical quality worse than a smartphone camera, simply because it miss the shot I wanted to get.

Simply, take it easy, don't try to hope Pentax will be back a real copetitors for colossess like N and Canon... on that, I completely agree with you, even if I just have 5... ops... 6 post... I should be a genius!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 12-22-2013, 08:46 AM  
Interview with Chief Sales & Marketing Officer / Ricoh Imaging Japan
Posted By pesao
Replies: 464
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I agree with you, but I have to say:

- that SDM is a bad Technology, seems to work only on fixed focal lens or bigger one. Too many issue, many total failures, slow and sometime miss the focus, expecially on zooms (16-50 is dramatic, 50-135 just a bit less but it's even worse, because it's a very very bad on such a masterpiece of rendition... and the 17-70 problems is also critical, because it's a very good zoom, the one every one should consider to buy. Only 60-250 seems to work good, but slow). The DC is a good

- that for pro-users Pentax has to improve even the customer care and tecnical assistance... or it will be just a "toy" FF, not for workers, they can't wait 3 month to get back and repaired their everyday stuff frome esotic countries.

- that if pentax has not a pro gear like FF sistem to put in the hands of a famous ph., no low-consciousness customers may think it's a really good producer, and so not will be pushed to buy it instead of others famouse one... Pentax neither do a viral marketing to catch the attention of common poeple.... if you want to develop a modern AF, more and better lenses, professional accessories, etc. etc. you have to find the money to do it, and if you don't invest in marketing, you'll never get it.... 8 years and we still have an OBSOLETE AF MODULE, Amateur flash sistem, a lens line-up slow and very "strange"... etc. etc. ...Pentax is still going on for the old useres who want to keep working the K stuff they already have and so don't want to move to onother sistem... Q7 or k01 are non-sense innovation, STOP WASTING MONEY IN SUCH A RIDICOLOUS WAY, pleas... improve AF seriously and put DC in every lens in the place of SDM... I'm worried that Ricoh is on the same marketing mood of pentax digital era... while Olympus and Fuji are reinventing themselves in the way I think is working. FF is not the only issue with P.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 12-22-2013, 08:03 AM  
Interview with Chief Sales & Marketing Officer / Ricoh Imaging Japan
Posted By pesao
Replies: 464
Views: 47,691
Honestly... simply frustrating.

We are like orphans...

If someone feels the need or the whish of a FF body... now we can get one with just the price of a good star lens...

enought of "waiting"... Pentax is no more a great mainstream producer... and even if Ricoh or Microsoft or Samsung will buy it, it will never be again the old one.

Time is changing, pentax users... and if you want to evolve with it, let's enjoy the excellent apsc pentax offer without crying, or change gear without crying for the money loss and the "life collecting pentax gear". Afeter the K-5 half-revolution, we all waited too much, and what we get is the k-3, it is out there, that's it, if it's ok for your needs and desires, take it someday, or it's the perfect moment to choose a change right now...

Nikon d700... d610... Canon 6D or 5dMarkII... sell your pentax gear and get it with a good zoom or some good fixes! Or keep your pentax stuff and use it on a good K5II-s or a very good k-3.

If only k-3 has a professional AF sistem, I'll have no doubt to stay... but right now I need a better AF and I'm going to move, keeping the k-5 and just a pair of glass for "free time" light shot.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 11-02-2013, 04:29 AM  
The DA limited is 20-40? and WR?!
Posted By pesao
Replies: 1,331
Views: 164,917
Let's see what we have here:

20 - 40mm... perfect focal lenght for street ph. and all around reportage,,, but let me say... I can do it with the 31limited 1,8 (may be the same size but FA, no quick shift focus, no DC) or with the DA-L 35 2.4 (cheap built, no WR, no DC) or 35 Limited (no DC!)

F/ 2.8 - 4... to be a "hight leve zoom" it's not much, but it's because of the "compact" limited format. I' hope that the 2.8 is not only at 20mm but last until 35mm al least. And it HAS TO BE very very VERY sharp from 20 to 40mm and from center to borders, at total aperture... I'm still disappointed with ma 21 limited "3.2" and "not razor sharp" situation until f5.6. Tha't why I HATE pancake lens and prefer a compromise between size, maximum aperture and sharpness tha privilege the last quality.

limited format in a zoom... perfect for street ph. and reportage as a compact light allaround zoom lens

DC AF motor... perfect! Silent, fast, efficient... on the 18-135... it may be even faster on a 20-40mm compact zoom!'s such a perfect silent AF for Street ph. and reportage

WR... great feature for an allaround compact lens to bring allways with you

HD... a better coating on a zoom is a great improvement of immage quality... and if it may be a step better than the still unbeated SMC... it will do very very well!

PRICE...?!!! ...I hope It will not be over 1000$ or I'll choose a 21+31+40 limited used without any exitation.
Forum: Pentax K-3 11-01-2013, 03:14 AM  
K-3 User Reviews
Posted By pesao
Replies: 84
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Congratulation for yours new toys, and tank's for your first impressions.

The two most interesting innovation was the AF and the 86k pixel rgb metering and multi zone white balance.

It's so good to read about AF improvement. It's easy to say it's better than k20d and k-x... simply because it was a really bad AF compared to competitors. Many says that the k5 has a great AF... but that's not true, it has an AF as good as the Nikon d90 in general use, and a lot worse in tracking and low light use... the simple 5000d of my girlfriend overpowered it so many times. It's frustrating. I tried the k5IIs and I can say it's much better just in low light, with the great -3EV sensibility, but for "action" ph. it still has a big gap on the market.

I was really considering of pass Nikon because of that AF issues... I waited from k-x to k-5II and nothing happened... maybe this is a final prize for my patience and frustration, as a non pro users. I waited so much for k-5 and was very disappointed. So I said "wait for k-3" and it took 3 years... twice the time... ok ok... Full Frame rumors... keep the system (I have many full frame optics) and wait... finally I hope in something that change the trend substancially, not little by little. I'll wait 3 months more and see how better this new Safox... and if a brand new D400 is coming out... because of crisis I have to start working with my photographic passion, and I need the mosto good Af on the market for APSC.

Even the new metering sistem is a very needed upgrade... it was obsolete.
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 10-31-2013, 02:48 PM  
Finally I found time to...
Posted By pesao
Replies: 5
Views: 455
...register me as a user of this great resource for the Pentax users... the best, for sure, and, not like other brand, absolutelly managed with impartial judjemant even if it's a "fan" place...

fan but not fanatics... that's absolutelly GREAT!

The same pentax forum of my own country is not so onest at all, many time I can not explain my disappointment with a problem or an issue, without beeing misunderstood or, worse, neglected as a decent opinonist.

I read this website for many year, taking so much from it in terms of experience, guide and common feelings... and now I feel the need to give the little experience I growed in this time.

My English is not so good, so I hope you all will be patient with all the mistakes I'll do for sure.

I'm a student and a part-time worker, in Naples, Italy. A big town (2-3 milion with the interland), a wonderfull place for social and street ph., the kind I shoot most of all.

I'm more a ph. amateur than a "hardware" and "stuff" feticist... but I have a little family story tha makes me a pentax lover...

Once upon the time... at least 8 year ag˛, looking for an old album of ph.s, I found, under a ton of album, a Pentax ME-Super with the 28 50 and 135 M series (entry level... 2.8, 1,7 and 3.5)... it was the gift my great father gave my father for it's marriege with my mother. With it my parents shooted all the magic moment of my early family, includede my first 3-4 year and 1th year of my youger sister... than we moove to another house, cause of a "running away" because of a "Mafia" issue... and so the Me-Super disappeared in the transolcation... after al least 20 year I discovered it, as I just told you, and, after a little minor fix by a professional repairer here in town, I started my ph. passion... just a yaer later I bought a k-x in a double kit... and so on until now... wishing a k-3 because of the FXXXXXXXG AF system of Pentax, so bad for my kind of shoots... I'm allways tempted by moove to Nikon because of it's marvellous AF.. but I'm still here...!!!

Bad for you!
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