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Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 2 Days Ago  
Firmware update for shake reduktion in videomode. K-1 and KP.
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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Looking at the sample shots, the K-1 and the K-1ii, would both make excellent video platforms, if a damn was given about writing decent firmware.

The hardware looks to be capable of a lot more then it's currently performing.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 5 Days Ago  
Mirrorless 4k video option for Pentax lenses
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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Not what I was actually referring to.

I'm totally sick of reviewers claiming a Focal Reducer "Makes the lens wider".

A 50mm lens has a fixed 'Angle of View', regardless of what sort of camera, focal reducer, tele-expander, that the lens is attached to.

But some reviewers continue to say focal reducers make the lens wider, rather then 'reduces the amount of image circle lost by cropping'.

It's important, as some idiot somewhere will mis-understand and think 'I'll put my FF PK 50mm on my PK to E focal reducer, and that will give me 35mm on my A7s in FF Mode.

The rest of us won't be surprised to see that person complaining the lens vignettes....

The compressed image circle is what makes the lens appear faster,... and is exactly the reason they were invented for astronomers, long before photographers and cinematographers got a hold of them :D

I gutted the faux-iris out of one of these, to test on the M4/3 mount I made for my Cion. Soft edges and vignettes a touch (brightness correction in post fixes), but for a cheap unit, it's not too bad for the money - I wouldn't use it on a feature film, but on an artsy project, the soft edges are pretty pleasing.

Focal Reducer for Canon EF Lens to Micro 4/3 Mount Camera Speed Booster - to Micro 4/3 mount - Lens Mount Adapters

I grabbed the cheapo PK-EF ring from the same mob, and adjusted the locking spring to stop the lens spinning in the mount during focus pulls.

Remind me to link some footage from last weekends test shoot / showreel scene in a week or so.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 6 Days Ago  
More Video-AF Options in the next APS-C Body and per Update in K-3II, K-70, KP, K-1
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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Better Video AF (Which will lead directly to faster and more accurate Stills AF) will need faster in-lens motors, so for upcoming bodies, Pentax will need to step up the power density of the batteries, preferably without changing the form factor to retain backwards compatibility, so they will be able to deliver higher power levels to the motors in the lenses.

They'll also need to lighten any moving elements as much as possible, allowing them to accelerate and decelerate faster, which will mean needing to move to more exotic materials, such as carbon composites instead of plastics, to hold the glass elements.

Upping the clock speed and bandwidth of the processors driving the lens movement will also help.

Eye-AF is useful, but for larger scenes, motion prediction will need to be introduced, or expanded on, so that the camera can start the lens moving right as the subject starts to move, rather then following the subject.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 6 Days Ago  
Mirrorless 4k video option for Pentax lenses
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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Sometimes, it's worth the research,... :)

Recently, I've been looking at focal reducers to get 6x7 lenses in front of my Aja Cion, reading up on the Kipon Baveyes, I followed the trail of information and found, the same company that makes the optics for Kipon, is the company that makes Lenses that Arri brand as their own,.... So I'm figuring the Kipon units should be pretty good :D

Oh, thank fu,...

"Exactly how a focal reducer does it’s magic seems to confuse a lot of people. Put simply, it’s a lens in front of your lens that focuses the full frame image circle onto the smaller M43 sensor."

At least ONE tech reviewer actually gets it, that they don't "Make your lens wider".
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 02-15-2018, 07:07 PM  
K-1 and Shogun
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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That quote was referencing a discussion we had, two, maybe three years ago? :)

720p is really only good enough for streamed services now, not for production.

For those interested in Live Streaming, I can highly recommend vMix as a full-feature Live production application - basically a Vision Switcher, Replay box, and titler, all in one PC Application.

Live Video Streaming Software | vMix
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 02-11-2018, 05:32 AM  
Mirrorless 4k video option for Pentax lenses
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 45
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The Roxsen focal reducer - I remember seeing forum comments talking them down, due to lack of any sharpness at all.
Forum: Pentax K-01 02-08-2018, 05:03 PM  
How long can I record video with the K01?
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 18
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Have you looked at the Sony VG-20, VG-30 and VG-900?

They're a very good family of video cameras, that use APS-c sensors, and FF in the VG-900, and take E-mount lenses, so any manual lens can also be adapted.
The stock lenses support continuous AF, as does the majority of the Sony E-mount lenses.

The downside to them for me, may be an upside for your usage - they don't have adjustable colour profiles, only 'video' colour, you record what you see on screen, and they have a range of audio options, from the onboard mics to add-on units for broadcast balanced audio input.

They have one major downside in 2018,... HD only, no 4K.

The only current cameras with similar feature set, and that would not need post-processing, would be the Panasonic G7, G85, new G9, up to the GH4, GH5 and GH5s.

---------- Post added 09-02-18 at 11:14 AM ----------

A Pentax version of the VG-30, with the KP sensor, and Sensor Shift, Pentax colour profiles, and a high data rate all-i-frame recording format, would be stunning.

Even though I now have an Aja Cion wearing my SMC primes,.. a Pentax Camcorder of this format, would easily become my favorite go-everywhere camera.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 01-30-2018, 06:37 PM  
Mirrorless 4k video option for Pentax lenses
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 45
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Ooooooo,... Single point source, I shall investigate.

Aputure,... Tried the Lightstorm COB120 yet?
Bloody amazing piece of kit, and the softbox options are really good quality - had one on a feature film last year and matched other sources quite nicely.

Looks a little like the Roxsen version.

I ended up grabbing a low cost EF-M4/3rds focal reducer, gutted the faux iris out of to get clearance for the PK lens aperture control lever and shield, and used a new PK-EF ring.
That got me an FF look via the M4/3rds mount I engineered for my Aja Cion.
And a KA 24mm with FF coverage, in front of a Global Shutter sensor, when you have to do a handheld/on-the-shoulder shot, is amazeballs.
Forum: Pentax K-01 01-30-2018, 06:16 PM  
How long can I record video with the K01?
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 18
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I stick my K-01 on top of my Tascam DR-70D, and feed the K-01 with the Tascam's output.
The advantage, is that when I go in to edit and sync the Tascam sound with the K-01 vision, the clapper marks and waveforms on the NLE's timeline are Identical, making it very very easy to line up the two waveforms.

---------- Post added 31-01-18 at 12:19 PM ----------

He He He,... my Rode NTG-2 is always plugged in to the Tascam, and mounted on a boom arm over the talent :D
Forum: Pentax K-01 01-30-2018, 06:06 PM  
How good is the K-01 for video shooting?
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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How good is the K-01 for video?

Damn good, just plan ahead with the framing, and try to eliminate as much background detail as possible, to force the variable bitrate of the CoDec to be used in the foreground.
If you're shooting deep-focus - say a 24mm landscape with focus to Infinity, try to eliminate as much movement as possible - use a tripod and pan slow as possible.

The files, are not 'Large',...
Roughly, 100Mb per minute, and only 19megabits/sec.
For comparison, on my Cion, I can fill a Terabyte hard drive with less minutes footage then the K-01 gets on a 16GB SD Card :D
And that's in ProRes, not CineDNG Raw.

---------- Post added 31-01-18 at 12:10 PM ----------

Using Manual lenses, I get three to four hours continuous recording, 19minutes at a time.

Using DA lenses with AF and auto Iris, will use the battery life faster, but no where near as quick as a Canon, a 550D gets about 45minutes per battery, and a BMD pocket Cine camera gets about 15 minutes.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 01-30-2018, 05:55 PM  
K-1 and Shogun
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 3
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* That was on K-3.

It involved turning every display option off, through multiple menu locations, and then, NOT touching the Record button (aka the Shutter Release) or the Red Button if it's assigned to video.
IIRC, the displays across the bottom edge for exposure, etc, are turned off via the Info button on the K-1.

Also need to turn off the power saving options.

One test I've not been able to try, but you might want to have a go at, is setting the camera to Stills, M, and the Frame Size to 16:9 instead of the standard 3:2.
In Stills, M, you'd still be able to make use of the Sensor Shift.
Whether that changes the frame rate or frame size of the HDMI output, not a clue, but with all the overlays off, it would be interesting to see what sort of vision is available.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 01-26-2018, 06:01 AM  
Mirrorless 4k video option for Pentax lenses
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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Tell us more about that little fill light in the corner of the second photo?

Another advantage to the K, KM and KA series - more then 270 degrees rotation on the Focus ring on average,.. combined with a half decent Follow Focus, repeatable focus pulls are ridiculously easy.

For those without a Follow Focus, you can mark focus points on the barrel - use a white Eye Liner pencil, as it's easy to spot and easy to wipe off.

How do you go with using remote mounted Follow Focuses?
I keep finding there's no 'feel' to the movement compared to the tactile feedback on a mechanical unit on the rails, and I suck at using those remote RF follow focuses.... :D

For those using more modern lenses (L-series if you must,..) and mounting them to cameras with shorter lens flanges, there's electronic follow focuses that allow programed and repeatable focus pulls that plug directly in to the lens adapters.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 01-26-2018, 05:43 AM  
K-1 questions for Video, specifically external mic/sound suggestions
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 29
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I've tried SteadiCam Jr with a K-01,... they're just awkward enough to make me wish I'd used something like this,..
HG3D 3-Axis Handheld & Aerial Stabilizer Gimbal

I could tell a story,. of a local Cinematographer standing waiting with a Red on one of those style gimbals, while a,. poor quality, Director made last second changes after the clapper had been struck,..
Heavy, gets heavier quickly when you stand still and wait.

BTW Lauren, tried vMix yet for livestreamed events? 100% can recommend.
Live Video Streaming Software | vMix

Bought a basic E-Image tripod and head with 75mm bowl recently - 8kg rating, handles the 10kg of my Cion with Lomo anamorphic rather well, especially given it's a heck of a lot lighter then my 20 year old Manfrotto :)
This isn't the same model I got, but an example of a good 'bargain' priced unit that would do most applications with a DSLR sized camera
Professional Tripod System Fluid Video Head

Secondhand VG-20 or VG-30 would be perfect - K-to-E mount adapter would allow using already-owned Pentax lenses, so long as they have the Iris ring.

All top end Digital Production Cameras - BMD's, the Cion, Reds, Sony's, Kinefinity and Arri's, all have bodies shaped more around the heatsink and cooling fans. You can tell when the cameraop has stopped recording on many because the fan cycles up to pump more air through the heatsink.
Keeping the sensors cool that way reduces the amount of noise in the image, especially as the ISO or EI setting is increased.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 01-26-2018, 04:57 AM  
Pentax K-1, K-3, K-01 Video Limitations?
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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Record time varies according to frame rate - roughly 16 minutes at 30fps, 19 minutes at 25fps, and just slightly longer again for 24fps.
That's the point at which the data rate and the frame rate combine to hit the file size limit.

K-01,.. if you can over heat one, you've done spectacularly well. I've seen the Temp Warning symbol ONCE in the last four years, and that was working in direct sunlight on a 40+ deg Celsius day.

K-5 was the last Pentax to use Sensor Shift Stabilization - On ALL other Pentax's since, turn OFF "Movie SR",.. Tripod highly recommended, or wider focal lengths for handheld/shoulder rig use.

Auto Restart / New File,.. I believe that's an option on new Panasonic cameras, and is possible on Canon's using Magic Lantern - I for one would love a scripting option for Pentaxes that allows sequential file recording.

Rather then Premiere, give Resolve a go, it seems to do a better job decompressing the h.264 CoDec, if you shoot on the 'Muted' profile, you can recover a lot of hidden details in the highlights and shadows, and the colours of Pentax cameras are still superior - the colour accuracy in skin tones rivals cameras a lot more expensive, so long as you make sure to plan a shot to put as much of the CoDecs bit allowance in to the important parts of the image.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 12-28-2017, 06:46 AM  
Mirrorless 4k video option for Pentax lenses
Posted By PiDicus Rex
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iPhone wouldn't focus through a roll of gaffer tape. :D
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 12-28-2017, 06:38 AM  
Pentax Cinematography.
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 46
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Sorry, jokes, but also,.. I probably paid less then half the price of the FS5.

FS5 was my second choice, I took possession of a brand new Aja Cion a few weeks ago - actually in a break during shooting of a feature film I was Gaffer on, that was being shot on FS5 using Raw out to Shogun DNxHD with Zeiss Contax primes,...

Cion does DCI4K Raw 120fps Global Shutter, just add recording PC :)

Sure there are reviews that reign crap on the Cion, but if you stuck one on your shoulder, you know instantly how a camera is meant to work, un-matched ergonomics.
One of our user group has also figured out how to get the full dynamic range out, unlike the reviewers, and the Cion can easily match the colours of an Alexa, just not the dynamic range, but no camera can match the Alexa for range.

The truth these days is, there Are No Bad Cinema Cameras. There's just camera operators who need to learn to Light to match the camera.

Anyone reading this,... I'm going to be in the market for fast 6x7 primes in the new year for the Cion.

---------- Post added 29-12-17 at 12:44 AM ----------

Just on the original topic,.... I started this thread with a plan to produce some videos to show how to get the best out of Pentax bodies for video.

Beyond my high-point of finally getting my Cion, we've had a pretty horrid year at home, and it's affected all of the personal projects I had planned, putting multiple video and photographic shoots on hold, while we've looked after Mum with a cancer battle, siblings ending up injured, and the recent passing of one of our fur-babies.

Hopefully I'll get some of the already shot 'Pentax Cinematographer' videos edited and narrated in the new year, while my K-01's move to doing more Behind Scenes work while the Cion becomes my main camera with my SMC primes out front.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 10-26-2017, 11:34 PM  
Pentax Cinematography.
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 46
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I'd swap the order of the first two, but I own a Shogun,... ;)
Heard some brutal comments about artifacts in the vision from the Ursa Mini recently, but the truth is, in the over AU$5000 bracket, if you can't get good video from the camera, it's normally not the camera where the issue lays :D

Can't quite agree - the sensor is the right size for 'cinematic looks', aka, S35.

And Pentax does preserve the dynamic range better - rather then clipping and loosing high-lights and shadow detail, by ignoring the IRE signal level limits.
Then they compress it waaaay to far and loose detail :(

Set the K-3 up in Muted picture profile with the contrast down one or even two steps if you want to maximise your Post Production scope.

That, is the key, to getting good images out of any DSLR or Cinema camera.
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 10-25-2017, 06:44 AM  
Mirrorless 4k video option for Pentax lenses
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 45
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Finding a decent EF ring is the hard part, they're notoriously shoddy and leave the lens able to rotate just enough to ruin a good focus pull.

Never be too serious, it causes headaches ;)

As for the collection,... K/KM/KA in 24, 35, 50 (x3) 85, 100, 135, 200 for the primes.
I think I'm around 17 lenses for K-mount now :D
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 10-09-2017, 12:10 AM  
Mirrorless 4k video option for Pentax lenses
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 45
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Sony's FS7, FS5.
BMD's EF mounted BMPC4K, and the Ursa Mini Pro.
Panasonic's EVA1 should be good.
And my favorite,the Aja Cion.

What,.. Yes, they're all 'mirrorless',.... ;)

As for MILC bodies,... the A7s, GH4, G85, GH5 are all good, especially when paired with external recorder.
The G85 is my 'most likely', as I don't need the higher datarates of the GH4 or GH5, as I own a Shogun.

And yes, I've had SMC lenses in front of most of those cameras, IMHO they are the equal of some 'more respected' brands lenses, though the brand cache of the others tends to hurt the Pentax lenses reputation.

The only place where the Pentax lenses are clearly behind, is in Focus Breathing during Focus Pulls,... and the easy way to hide that, is shoot Anamorphic. :D

---------- Post added 09-10-17 at 06:19 PM ----------

Metabones don't support K-mount,... annoying, as they do a C/Y Speedbooster, which has Identical FFD.
Mitakon and Kipon do some models for Pentax lenses,... reviews seem to suggest the Metabones products are slightly superior.

SMC @ 4K samples,... on the Aja Cion

Shot 01 & 02 - Sigma 70-300 DG
Shot 03 - 35 F2
Shot 04 - 35 F2
Shot 05 - 50 F1.7
Shot 06 - 35 F2
Shot 07 - 50 F1.7
Shot 08 - 50 F1.7
Shot 09 - 50 F1.7 (I think)
Fire Twirling is on the 70-300 DG
Shot 11 - 85 F2
Shot 12 - 50 F1.7
Sunset - Also the 50, I think.

Forum: Pentax Mirrorless Cameras 10-03-2017, 04:58 AM  
2017 ILC mirrorless option from Pentax - FF or APSC
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 12
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I'm in Australia,... I see Canon M's everywhere :)

Mmmmm,... maybe,... more for the stills-shooters, for us Cinematography types, the LCD is far more useful then an on-body EVF.
We tend to prefer an EVF to be a seperate unit, ideally placed where our eye will be when the camera is shoulder mounted with Matte Box, Focus Rig and handles.

Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 10-03-2017, 04:37 AM  
K-1 and External Recording
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 15
Views: 1,407

I got an Atomos Shogun here, if you ever come this side of the Tasman on holidays :D
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-03-2017, 04:36 AM  
Resurrecting Pentax firmware hacking
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 721
Views: 215,122
I so wish I knew where to find it too. :)
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 10-03-2017, 04:34 AM  
Go here, do this, tell 'em about the video issues.
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 45
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Well, except for the Panasonics Menu,....

I would question that, as if the Stills have a greater width then 4096 pixels, then the Sensor is capable of 4K.
Now, the image processor, that not being capable of 4K, that would not suprise me in the least.

Looked very closely at that, and it would be an awesome camera for video, if it had Sensor Shift, and if the Slimport-HDMI worked.

100% Agree - the Anti-Video crowd don't realise just how good a Pentax is compared to other video capable DLSR's in regard to all the user interface design.

Or any camera with 2012 spec video,....

He says, a few weeks after being offered a US$2500 deal on a Cinema Camera,... soooo close,... And it's going to be wearing Pentax Primes!
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 09-19-2017, 01:57 AM  
K-1 and External Recording
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 15
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Mirroring the LCD,... so no improvement over the Analog output. :(
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 09-19-2017, 01:55 AM  
Pentax Cinematography.
Posted By PiDicus Rex
Replies: 46
Views: 3,760
Update,.... Filmed segments, then had to deal with Mum getting pretty darn sick, and currently Lighting a feature film.

Have created a new Youtube channel just for this, will be posting a video with the 'please help hit 100 subscribers' to lock in the channel name :)
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