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Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 11-06-2011, 06:45 PM  
K10D SR issue
Posted By winglik
Replies: 10
Views: 2,456
This issue only happens when K10D's mirror is in lockup position. I can see the senor is shaking when the mirror is locked up. This happen no matter the SR system is off or on. But the SR is working fine at faster exposure. So there must be something wrong with the SR system in my K10D, I have the K-x, but K10D is a lovely camera to give up. Is there a way to permanently disable the K10D SR system?
Forum: Sold Items 10-25-2011, 06:19 AM  
For Sale - Sold: Tamrom 90mm 2.8 Macro, Tamron 10-24mm 2.8 for Nikon
Posted By winglik
Replies: 36
Views: 7,225
PM SENT 16-45mm
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 08-30-2011, 01:53 PM  
K10D SR issue
Posted By winglik
Replies: 10
Views: 2,456
Thanks all your input. I tested it compare to the K-x,That is why I figured out there is something wrong with the SR. It has nothing to do with the lens nor tripod, I tested it with few of my prime lenses and zoom lenses, and put it on a table. the results were the same. For ex, I put the K10D on a tripod/table with a 2sec timer or wireless remote mode, During the timer count down/ mirror lockup time, I can felt the SR shaking before the shoot and during the shoot, and that's the cause for the blur. But at faster shutter speed, pretty much all pictures come out alright. Any idea why the SR is messed up?
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 08-30-2011, 11:55 AM  
K10D SR issue
Posted By winglik
Replies: 10
Views: 2,456
I got my K10D, love it, but I mostly use it at day time, and I just realize it has some issue when shooting at low shutter speed and on tripod with SR off. The camera works fine with shutter speed over 1/15 sec, with or without SR, but at low shutter speed under, 1/10 sec, all images become blur, with or without SR. same issue even with SR off and on a tripod. I believe there is some issue with the SR system. because even the SR is off and the camera is on a tripod, I can heard the SR motor shaking during the timer count down and the mirror lockup duration. When I use the dust clean function, the SR vibration is very weak, and when I use the mirror lockup to clean the senor, the camera also shakes. Is this issue fixable? Thanks.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 01-19-2011, 09:37 PM  
Best Pentax KX & prime Europe travel kit?
Posted By winglik
Replies: 50
Views: 15,050
I'm also going to Europe in March, I guess the Prime lenses aren't that convenience for travel. so I'm stick with my Tamron 17-55mm f2.8 and the Pentax 55-300mm. I had used this combo for several trips before, I used the Tamron most the time. So I recommend you to get a zoom lens from 16-55mm, If you have the cash, the Pentax 16-55mm is a better choice. but I'm good with my Tamron.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 01-16-2011, 09:36 PM  
Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 vs. Tamron 28-75mm 2.8
Posted By winglik
Replies: 30
Views: 15,434
I also own both, the 28-75mm is shaper at with open, but the 17-55mm is more useful.
Forum: Pentax K-r 11-04-2010, 07:45 AM  
Upgrading from the k10d to either k-x/k-r
Posted By winglik
Replies: 10
Views: 3,416
That's True. I have the K10D and "upgraded" to the K-x last year. After one year, I wasn't satisfy with the K-x, specially with the blur image.(I tried in 2 K-x Bodies) I went back to the K10D last month, Low ISO in the K10D rocks, and I never missed the K-x. Only advantage of the k-x is the high ISO. So I guess you should get the K-r for a little more money.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-31-2010, 07:28 AM  
Poll: Pentax K-x mirror slap and/or SR blur problem
Posted By winglik
Replies: 100
Views: 51,332
After tried 2 K-x bodies (black and White) on 2 different Tamron Lenses (17-55mm and 28-75mm) on 2 trips with unsatisfied blur photos. I compared the K-x by using both lens on the old K10D, I confirmed that the the mirror slap is a real issue. When I was using the k-x outdoor with smaller aperture and exposure over 1/150, everything looked good. I guess that was why the 18-55mm kit lens works better with the k-x. But when I tried to use bigger aperture F2.8 and at exposure under 1/100, I was able to see the blur when zoom into 1:1 ratio. Same issue with SR on and off. This happened over 30% of my photos from those 2 trips. So, I guess that loud mirror slap did cause some image issue. At less When I used my K10D with the same lenses, I don't see any of these issue at all, even at exposure under 1/20. I guess that was why I went back to the K10D.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-21-2010, 10:20 PM  
K10D to K-x and still not a better photographer
Posted By winglik
Replies: 39
Views: 7,475
I have both, I have the K-x for almost 1 year, but I just went back to the K-10 none low light shots, the only advantage K-x has over the K-10 is High ISO performance. But I like the K-10 color more specially at low ISO (ISO100).

I'm planning upgrade to the K-5 after the price is drop, but I hope the K-5 will have better AF that's close to Canon or Nikon semi-pro level. If not, I will move to the Nikon D7000 for lower price and better performance.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-07-2010, 09:45 AM  
k10d or k-x?
Posted By winglik
Replies: 48
Views: 9,158
I went from the K10D to K20D and then the K-x, I actually like the K10D more.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 08-09-2010, 06:58 PM  
SMC Pentax 50mm 1.7M Vs Zeiss Pancolar 50mm 1.8
Posted By winglik
Replies: 5
Views: 7,890
I have both, the Zeiss Pancolar has better bokeh, it's very smooth. But the Pentax 50mm is much cheaper and smaller. Price on the Zeiss Pancolar is at less double of the Pentax (Pentax M 50mm K mount) and it's harder to find.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 05-21-2010, 10:00 PM  
*ist D + M42 and M Lenses?
Posted By winglik
Replies: 4
Views: 3,461
You have to change the custom setting for 'Using aperture ring' to permitted. Then you're full manual.

I got a old *ist DL, works pretty much same as K-x, focus conformation also works with Manual lens, just no SR. But the *ist still pretty nice small DSLR for beginner.

Metering in M mode is using the AE-L button
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 05-20-2010, 09:19 PM  
K-x shake - camera issue or poor technique?
Posted By winglik
Replies: 23
Views: 5,726
My K-x also has similar symptoms and it's serial number is between that range. Does any one know Pentax know about this issue, will Pentax replace/fix this for free?
Forum: Sold Items 05-13-2010, 03:11 PM  
For Sale - Sold: Pentax K10D (US)
Posted By winglik
Replies: 3
Views: 1,952
PM Sent for Sigma 10-20mm
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 05-11-2010, 10:34 PM  
K10D CCD vs. CMOS K 20D
Posted By winglik
Replies: 9
Views: 6,541
I have K-x and K10D, I still prefer the K10D color, don't know if that's the senor difference.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 04-21-2010, 09:58 PM  
New firmwares today (22 April)
Posted By winglik
Replies: 55
Views: 14,207
* Improved stability of recording image for some SDHC Memory card.

They all have the fix on the memories issue that users have experienced. I don't think there is any major upgrade on the new update
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 04-09-2010, 03:05 PM  
Should I keep my FA 50mm F1.4 or buy the Tamron 28-75 F2.8
Posted By winglik
Replies: 33
Views: 7,539
I have used both, sold the 50mm f1.4 and keep the Tamron.(Budget shooter) The 50mm is great, but has limited focal length. I have used the Tamron for several of my trips. It worked great as the kit lens replacement. (Tamron 17-55mm f2.8 also great if you need the 18mm) I think at the end all comes to what you use it for. The 50mm definitely great for portrait and low light. In the other hand the Tamron is all around and still workable at low light with f2.8. And the Tamron f2.8 is pretty sharp, one minor issue with the Tamron is the weight, it's heavier than the K2000 body. :eek: Check out my pictures at flickrs. Most are using the Tamron 28-75mm.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 04-09-2010, 02:38 PM  
Pentax Repair in NYC
Posted By winglik
Replies: 1
Views: 3,420
I had a k10D with non-mirror movement, I bring it to 2 repair shops in NYC for repair. One has no part, other just ask me to return it to manufacture for repair, both shops are popular shop for camera repair(according to Yelp). Does any one know a Pentax friendly repair shop in or around the NYC? :( Thanx
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 04-08-2010, 03:02 PM  
Macro shooting/lens on a BUDGET
Posted By winglik
Replies: 12
Views: 2,936
The extend tube or the reverse ring both works great when you are on a budget. I like the extend tube more, but only works with lens with aperture ring.(ex Pentax-M 50mm 1.7) And make sure the SR is on and you have plenty of light or a tripod.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 04-08-2010, 02:55 PM  
Yet Another K-x Battery Problem
Posted By winglik
Replies: 16
Views: 4,952
Eneloop is the king of AA rechargeable batteries, I haven't charge mine for over 2 months, and still able to took over 200 shoots. Get their $30 Starter Kits, it's worth every pennies, it comes with 8 AA, 2 AAA, charger, and other battery size spacers.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-27-2010, 09:58 AM  
K10D Mirror Jam
Posted By winglik
Replies: 3
Views: 3,091
After comparing to the K-x. I think the problem was on the mirror actuator misalignment. I think it can only be fix by a repair shop. Hope this is not expensive.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-26-2010, 09:51 AM  
K10D Mirror Jam
Posted By winglik
Replies: 3
Views: 3,091
I have a K10D, recently the mirror is jammed, When i press the shutter button, the mirror didn't move. I tried the sensor cleaning under setup menu, the mirror didn't move as well. I guess there might be something wrong with the mirror mechanism. Does any one know to fix this? Do I need to send it for repair? If so, what's estimate cost? Thanx
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-23-2010, 07:09 PM  
Pentax K-x or Canon 550D?
Posted By winglik
Replies: 92
Views: 49,832
U should compare the Canon 500D to the K-x, if you are new into DSLR, the 500D is better choice. 550D is another level higher than the K-x, Canon users are comparing the 550D to the 7D.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-14-2010, 10:00 PM  
Show Us Your Best K-X shots
Posted By winglik
Replies: 1,231
Views: 264,774
I spent a week with the Kx in YunNan China, I Tested the Low light capability for the Kx, It's pretty good at ISO 1600 with or without flash. But the SR was kind of buggy, I got alot of blurry images, even at over 1/50 sec, sometime it worked amazing well at 1/4 sec.

All pictures were taken with Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 Lens handheld.

Image 1: ISO 100, F22, 1/13 Sec @28mm

Image 2: ISO 1000, F4 no Flash, 1/13 Sec @

Image 3: ISO 1600, F2.8 with popup Flash, 1/60 Sec @28mm

Image 4: ISO 200, F2.8, 1/2000 Sec @75mm
Forum: Pentax Camera and Field Accessories 03-07-2010, 05:22 PM  
Battery for K-x (and other cameras that take AA's)
Posted By winglik
Replies: 217
Views: 77,107
I have used Duracell and $5 Rayovac AA NiMH, they were ok, but Eneloop AA are the best, it holds battery way better and longer than any other brands. I got mine Eneloop one month ago as new and it still going without a charge. So it's a must have for the K-x, Amazon has 8 AA's Eneloop for $20 right now. pretty good deal.
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