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Review of: SMC Pentax-FA 645 45-85mm F4.5 by phat_bog on Thu August 4, 2022 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 18
This is the best zoom i've ever worked with on Pentax medium format. I've got two. Bought the first one 8 years ago second hand for 800EUR for the 645N and the 645D. Used it very much, so when i changed the 645D for the 645Z 5 years ago i bought a second one. Why ? because i use it so much that any mechanical or optical fault or dust in the first copy would've bothered me. Needed a replacement in case the first one failed me. But guess what , the +10 year old copy never let me down, nor the 5 year old one. No fault, no dust, they both work like charm. On the 645N you get a great 28-50mm equivalent. On the 645D and 645Z you get a 35-70mm equivalent, so a great 50mm classic with very useful extra throws in angle vision on both sides. The made in japan copy and assembled in vietnam copy are equal in every aspect. Along with the 25mm wide angle and the 90mm macro i consider this lens the best investment for Pentax MF . You can easily forget using the 45mm, 55mm and 75mm primes once you start shooting with the FA 45-85mm.

Review of: SMC Pentax-FA 645 400mm F5.6 ED [IF] by phat_bog on Sat July 30, 2022 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 9
Had a deal on this lens from a Ricoh Imaging store and didn't hesitate buying for i was eager to use it for a trip in North Africa. Moslty shot landscapes with people and some on-the-fly portraits hand held. I rate it 10 for all specs as i also had the chance to test it on a GFX 100mpx with an adapter, in manual focus, for a day and night for city shots from tall buildings using a tripod where you can fix your lens directly thanks to the collar. It's a very well balanced lens on the 645Z, the IQ is what one expects from this kind of lens. The results are very good in combination with the 1.4X pentax converter with no pp, and very acceptable with the 2X one with no pp ( for once, i had to pixel peep as my city project needed pixel peeping before printing). For now i definetly recommend this lens, i will try to complete the review with pics and soon, with some astrophotography ( where i haven't tried it yet ) .

Review of: HD Pentax-DA 21mm F3.2 Limited by phat_bog on Sat July 30, 2022 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Pentax Little Gem. This lens is versatile and amazing for street photography. Use it with a Pentax KP for city outdoor stuff and even used it on a K1ii in ff mode for a trip where size and weight mattered (corner to corner on FF would say a 22,5mm equivalent). On the K1 don't forget to use it without the hood ! :) I love the tricky hood it comes with. It avoids fingers to slip on the front lens when manual focusing for example. If you install like i did a 43mm good protector filter it helps prevent more the typcial optical flaws of every lens. The hood is also very nice for inserting 43mm ND filters (which, in 43mm, come cheap!). If you find it unsharp try some in-camera AF micro adjustements or service your camera or return the lens for another copy ? If you find the 3.2 limiting, buy a bigger, heavier, less discrete and more expensive 2.8 ? Coming from lots of large & medium format photo, i find this little lens in combination with a Aps-c or FF simply amazing.

Review of: HD Pentax-D FA 15-30mm F2.8 ED SDM WR by phat_bog on Mon December 6, 2021 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 31
Being the lucky owner of 2 copies of this lens i can only recommend it. Used the first one so much that it ended with some dust inside, but it survived sandstorms on the beaches and the deserts and very agressive storms in the ocean while boating. Even with all it has endured, the front element only has tiny scratches with no impact on IQ. I ordered the second lens by fear that the first one will let me down one day since i stressed it so much. But, that's not the case. Yet . I continue to use it in very hard conditions of weather, high or low temperatures. It's still operationg flawlessly. I am not a landscape photographer and i recommend it for also everything beyond landscape. It's a solid long lasting and very versatile lens, one of the best a photographer can have.

Review of: HD Pentax-D FA* 50mm F1.4 SDM AW by phat_bog on Mon December 6, 2021 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 33
This lens is perfect in all manners. Flawless operations, fast, solid built and sealed. Bought it since it became available in Europe, and used it since. quality is at least the same level as top notch canon L or zeiss. with the extra Pentax stuff coming with. this lens is very very well priced for what it can deliver.

Review of: HD Pentax-D FA 21mm F2.4 ED Limited DC WR by phat_bog on Mon December 6, 2021 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 7
Update of previous review: Finally received a new copy straight from Japan. The image quality is outstanding. Transitions are superb, bokeh is smooth , it's a pleasure to shoot with. It's sharp enough in corners at 2.4 already. It's an impressive lens overall, for the size and for it's weight Just one particularity strange enough: AF is perfect on KP and K1. And AF is really fast and perfect on a K-1II with old firmware but It misses loads of shots on a K1-II with the latest firmware, although there are no back of front focus issues. But this little stuff which has nothing to do with the lens itself, so, I can only recommend this lens, a good copy is what one can consider a Zeiss&Leica killer. From this point-of-view, i think the 21mm limited 2.4 lens is very very well priced. OLD EVAL : 5/10 "Wasn't going to post a bad review as i thought the lens i bought was defective or something. or refurb. Bought it from the Official Pentax Ricoh Imaging shop in paris france. Received it unsealed and in open box and without notice /manual. But The vendor assured me it was 100% new and that they were delivered like this and without notice or manual. So i belive him as he's the official vendor here.So, here's my review : BAD autofocus capabilities in different situations on 3 different cameras K1ii, K1 and KP. Worked pretty well with manual focusing. But the "feeling"i get with my Sigma Ex Dg 20mm 1.8 is much better. At 2.8 it's at least on par. The great thing about the Sigma is not only the AF which is spot on and fast, but also the aperture. I can get much more from it. It's old, it's not pentax and not limited. And it superpasses this new lens. I never expected the quality of my crazy 645 25mm F/4 on 645Z, but at least something that would surpass the old sigma, with a nice size and wr. Once again, maybe it's a QC problem. But when you buy such a lens for this price you expect the QC that goes with the price and the brand. I'm sorry for the guys, the engineers, that designed this lens."

Review of: SMC Pentax-F 50mm F1.7 by phat_bog on Wed December 11, 2019 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 97
having tested all pentax discontinued 50mm in m, f, af from 1.2 to 1.7, this is the best one without a doubt, on full frame K-1.

Review of: SMC Pentax-FA 645 120mm F4 Macro by phat_bog on Wed November 6, 2019 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 10
best macro 1:1 lens for Pentax 645 system. if you need a more versatile telephoto lens with macro 1:2 go for the 90mm (weather sealing.. etc) i ve been using the 120mm macro for the last 2 years for indoor & outdoor macro & semi macro product shots (jewelry, tissues, plastics) and can't see any flaws. it is a perfect 1:1 macro lens with a very affordable price tag for its quality and usefulness.

Review of: SMC Pentax-FA 645 200mm F4 [IF] by phat_bog on Wed November 6, 2019 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 12
if you think you need a 200mm 645 lens for your digital or film camera... go for it. it's a great performer. for a little price.

Review of: HD Pentax-D FA 645 90mm F2.8 ED AW SR Macro by phat_bog on Wed November 6, 2019 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 7
this Pentax lens is a zeiss&hasseblad lenses killer. not only in terms of sharpeness, bokeh etcetc. it has a marvelously perfect engineering in every matter. been using it for more than 2 years. under intensive studio shooting or under harsh and extreme weather conditions. think you need it? buy it and use it as much as you can.

Review of: SMC Pentax 67 / S-M-C Takumar 6x7 / Super Takumar 105mm F2.4 by phat_bog on Tue October 25, 2016 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 26
this lens became a great friend on three pentax cameras. it keeps on jumping from one to another have the smc pentax version, bought new in box in a photo shop, so payed more than usual.. i barely used it on 67. for digital bodies, adaptors are no name brand, 67 to 645 and 67 to K-1 cost 45 usd each on ebay. highly recommended lens, plenty of possibilities for a lot of situations.

Review of: SMC Pentax-FA 28-105mm F4-5.6 [IF] by phat_bog on Tue October 25, 2016 | Rating: 1 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 14
if you're shooting digital, don't even bother. one of the worst lenses out there. iphone lens is better.

Review of: SMC Pentax-FA 43mm F1.9 Limited by phat_bog on Tue October 25, 2016 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 97
Ok so this tiny lens is a huge performer. bought two. 1st was black, sold back when bought a silver one with a low serial as i wanted better optical performance. almost always manual focus it. it's a great focal and a perfectly sized lens for manual focus. only tried AF on K-1. works perfectly when center AF. IQ is stellar starting 1.9 if you plan on buying it and hesitate because of the good priced fa 50 1.4/1.7 , but you have the $ for it, don't hesitate anymore. focal length from 50mm to 43mm is a big difference. highly recommended lens

Review of: SMC Pentax-FA* 24mm F2 AL [IF] by phat_bog on Thu June 30, 2016 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 42
Bought this lens in mint condition from a pentax fan & collector after testing it. It had a lot of bad reviews and when i could finally start using it, i didn't understand why. I once had a big old sigma ex dg 24mm 1.8, on APS-C, and it was a cool OK lens before it dissapeared with my bag in a train. The Pentax FA* 24mm 2 is in another league. On full frame it is completely superior to the sigma on aps-c in terms of sharpness. This lens is one of the reasons i didn't buy the pricy ltd 31mm 1.8. Because this wide angle is as sharp. And AF is tremendously fast. And i'm in love with it's bokeh, it empasizes the subject in a lovely particular way. Yes, there's fringing , CA, wide open. So? what other lens doesn't wide open ? Yes, you can't shoot a perfect landscape with super sharp borders wide open. And it's great central sharpness will always look sharper than the borders at f4. But well focused, subjects in corners at f2 are not blurry, nor unsharp. They have an OK sharpness even considering a 36MP sensor. Shooting with this kind of wide angle requires of course much more skill and time to aprehend than a 50mm . Not only there's much more pixel data for pixel peepers, but the compositions are larger, and more difficult to acknowledge. A 35mm takes time to tame well. For this one, double the time. Once you've tamed it you'll appreciate it. Don't always trust testers like that have the lens for a little while. Better trust the guys that designed and constructed the lens +20 years ago, and the number of pro shooters that used it.

Review of: SMC Pentax-FA 645 75mm F2.8 by phat_bog on Thu June 30, 2016 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 13
Had this lens for quite some time on a Pentax 645NII and a Pentax 645D . Years ago, the duo 645NII + FA 75mm made me forget about my whole Hasselblad system on 120 film. On digital, the duo 645D + FA 75mm made me forget about the duo 645D+ DFA 55mm. I tried and tried to get accustomed to the DFA 55, but the FA 75mm still has something more. The DFA 55 is certainly a great performer, but the FA 75 is simply better for me in any situation. This lens is such a great performer that i never ever felt the need to have another lens on the 645 system. As a digital 645 user, this lens provides me everything i need for now. But as a film user, for portait work, i now prefer using the mamiya sekkor 80mm f1.9. But for the rest, the FA 75mm 2.8 outshines the Mamiya. On second hand market this FA 75mm is cheap. Grab the 1st one you can see , you won't be dissapointed.

Review of: SMC Pentax-DA* 55mm F1.4 SDM by phat_bog on Thu June 30, 2016 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

Views: 328017
Reviews: 72
A step up over any other F, FA, 50mm Pentax, A 55mm 1.2 , Takumars etc. which are, for some, really awesome. this DA* is a complete pleasure to use. High standards, great results. I also love to manual focus it. I use it on the Pentax K-1, precedently used on K3 and it was great. Now, on Full Frame, it's greater than great. If you don't want pics to have slight vignetting on the K-1, just take out the hood. With no hood it will shine in almost all situations, no loss of contrast and it's not a lens very subject to flare. If you don't use a UV protector filter, despite it's a WR sealed lens, with large amount of dust or rain, some dust can enter between the space between lens elements and body. No big deal, but on mine, the autofocus wasn't very happy about it. The only lens on the market able to surpass it for APS-C usage is the Fuji 56mm 1.2. As for the other brands i had the chance to try on other FF systems, this DA* 55 is the clear winner when wide open.

Review of: SMC Pentax-D FA 100mm F2.8 Macro WR by phat_bog on Thu June 30, 2016 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

Views: 429737
Reviews: 103
Using this lens in 2 major situations: street portrait when WR needed, and jewelry packshots. For portrait, love the bokeh. And sharpness. And blazing fast AF. An microcontrasts. everything :lol: . It delivers great shots in harsh climate conditions. For jewelry packshots, it's amazing how it handles well the reflections and abberations, while working with glass type objects, differents metals aso. Allmost no PP needed. And it's also a great lens all sharp at infinity focus. I consider this lens to be overall at least equal to the limiteds and FA* , and i'm happy Pentax has a super price tag for it, given the amazing handling and performance.

Review of: HD Pentax-D FA 24-70mm F2.8 ED SDM WR by phat_bog on Sun June 26, 2016 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 24
Ok, so i bought this lens for 2 reasons: i) i didn't like my FA* 28-70mm 2.8 not being IF ( the rotating front element bothered me) ii) i wanted something better than my almost 3 year old screwdriven excellent Sigma EX DG Macro 24-70mm 2.8, with pentax WR and better coating, as my sigma seemed to blow highlights wide open. But: It's not sharper than the Sigma. It's not AF faster either. They're equal. It's only better for highlights. And i am deceived by the WR after 2 months of usage. It has dust particle inside the rear element. And a tiny something 0.5cm white hair-like thing under the front element. The Sigma, not WR rated, survived tropical rains, salted ocean & sea water splashes, very dusty and sandy environnements and even oil paint splashes, and is today intact. But I may have a rare bad copy of the Pentax and a rare good copy of the Sigma, so i still rate the Pentax 10 all over.

Review of: SMC Pentax-FA* 80-200mm F2.8 ED [IF] by phat_bog on Thu June 23, 2016 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 21
A superb piece of Pentax engineering and optics. I still find it fun to use to powerzoom from time to time on K-1. If it fails me one day, i'll try repairing or look for the same one, as i don't see the point of replacing this lens with the new HD WR 70-200mm. AF is blazing fast and accurate. AF tracking works like a charm. Pure unfailing screwdrive The front element is top notch glass, no filter needed. The hood is compact and solid. The tripod collar is small and convenient. The built quality is awesome. The size and ergonomy are so so so perfect. Bokeh magnificent in almost every circumstance. Microcontrast is bluffing. The IQ is amazing at any range on a 36MP camera. One photographer can not expect a better zoom lens for this range and aperture.

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