Fujifilm X20 Review


For reference we present a brief overview of the menus. The main menus are called up by pressing the Menu/OK button in the center of the four way controller.

Shooting Menu

The shooting menu has four top-level pages:

Many of the settings are covered elsewhere in the review. Here we shall elaborate on just two of the settings from the first page:

  • Image Size: Here you select resolution (L (12 MP), M (6 MP), or S (3 MP)) and aspect ratio (4:3, 3:2, 16:9, or 1:1).
  • Image Quality: Here you set whether to soot in RAW, JPG, or both, and which of two JPG compression levels to use, Fine or Normal

Playback Menu

The playback menu has two pages:

Setup Menu

Finally we have the set-up menu:

Quick Menu

The Q button brings up the Quick Menu which allows adjustment of those settings that likely are the most frequently used.

 The Quick Menu gives easy access to the following:

  • Top row
    • Indicator for current shooting mode (here P for program). The mode cannot be changed on this screen
    • Sensitivity (ISO)
    • Dynamic range expansion
    • White balance: Select Auto or a preset. This is quite superfluous since there is a dedicated button for white balance and fine tuning of same
  • Second row
    • Noise reduction strength. "0" means default value, not OFF. NR cannot be turned off
    • Resolution (12-6-3 MP) and aspect ratio
    • File format and JPG compression ratio
    • Film simulation
  • Third row
    • Highlight tone
    • Shadow tone
    • Color density
    • Sharpness
  • Last row
    • Self timer. Superfluous since there is a direct button for this
    • Autofocus mode: Area as selected by user, auto, and tracking
    • Shake reduction
    • Brightness


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