Godox Ving V850 System Review

Operating Modes

This section describes in detail how the various operating modes work.



Manual is the mode used when the flash is mounted on a camera’s hotshoe or when using any kind of trigger (the dedicated RF-16s or via the 2.5 mm port). It is an intuitive and easy to use mode, where the user can set the power and zoom position. The flash offers no advanced functions such as second-curtain sync; this is a studio flash before anything else.

Slave 1

The first slave mode operates just like Manual, but is triggered by an external light source. The slave mode is extremely reliable and did not fail once during the tests.

Slave 2

This mode is like Slave 1 but will ignore the TTL preflash. With Pentax’s PTTL, Slave 2 performed flawlessly, timing its burst perfectly and always disregarding the preflash, just as expected.


Multi-exposure, multi-mode, or Repeat, all synonyms, will let you take multiple flash exposures during one single camera shot. The mode defaults to 1/128 power but this can be increased, limited by the number of bursts and repetition rate (marked as frequency, in bursts per second of Hertz). The number of bursts can be set between 2 and 100, and the frequency from 1 to 199Hz. The manual provides a table giving the maximum power available in relation to the frequency. The flash can be triggered similarly as with the Manual mode.

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