Impact 1-Floodlight Umbrella Kit

The Individual Light Kit Components

The Light Stand

The light stand for both light kits is the Impact brand. The Impact One Flood lamp kit comes with the six foot SLS-LS6 stand. The Tota-Light One light kit comes with the eight foot LS-8AB stand. Other than the height, the stands look essentially identical on the surface. The LS-8AB seen on the right has a series of internal seals that slow the columns’ movement when the lock knobs are loosened. The real benefit to this feature is that it lessens the chance of damage to your lighting equipment.

Impact light stand

The Umbrella

The light kits come with very different umbrellas. The Impact light kit comes with a 43” white Translucent Umbrella, while the Tota-Light comes with a 27” silver Lowel Tota-Brella. The silver umbrella is designed to soften the light output, as well as to provide some highlights. The white umbrella is designed to soften the light sources without the highlights of the silver umbrella. Generally white umbrellas reflect less light then silver umbrellas.

I chose the different umbrellas with the purpose of highlighting the difference between the two lighting kits. The white umbrella included with the Impact light kit can be used as a low cost softbox, while the Tota-Light silver umbrella cannot. The silver Tota-Brella can be seen on the right below. The translucent quality of the Impact umbrella can be seen on the left. Both umbrellas have a positive stop at the top to prevent them from being over-extended. Both umbrellas are well constructed. But in my usage, for this review, the Lowel Tota-Brella shaft indented less than the Impact shaft did. The reason for this could be that the Impact umbrella is one and a half times larger than the Tota-Light, but I’m not sure. Just as a note, it is possible to order the Tota-Light with a white umbrella rather than the silver.

Impact white umbrella


Comparative photographs utilizing the silver and white umbrella are located on the next page.

The Light

The Impact light is simply a Ceramic Floodlight Socket with a reflector. The light came unassembled and was very easy to “put together”.  The hardest part was lining up the reflector to the adjustable umbrella mount so that the shaft of the umbrella could pass through both. The ceramic socket came in its' own padded box to prevent damage in transit.

Impact Flood light

The Tota-light is very different from the Impact light. The Tota-light has two gull-wing reflectors that allow for almost infinite adjustment. The gull-wings can be opened or closed to illuminate up to four walls evenly corner to corner. The light can be used with its umbrella or with gel frame. The reflector doors can be closed for travel and storage.


Now that we have a clear picture of what is contained in the light kits, let’s compare them side by side. Let’s concentrate on the differences between the light kits since they are both well-made kits. PentaxForums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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