Jan 19, 2012

Impact XL Light Shed

Quick Review

I usually need to take pictures of small items at least 10 to 15 times a month. In the past I have photographed them on towels, quilts, and my wife’s cutting table. It is especially difficult to take pictures of shiny objects without getting unwanted glare or seeing yourself in the reflection. The best solution to take pictures of shoebox sized and smaller items is a light shed. In this review we will examine the Impact Extra Large Light Shed.

Impact Extra Large Light Shed

The Impact Extra Large Light Shed is constructed of white translucent fabric stretched over four flat spring ovals. The ovals are attached at the four edges to create a rectangle. The real advantage of the light shed is its’ ability to foldup when not in use.  Since it can be collapsed, it is portable, just collapse and take it to any on-sight location.

The Impact Light Shed is one of the accessories that you can use in conjunction with off-camera lights. The light shed can be used with a flash or natural light as well.

The light shed comes with the following:

  • Shooting enclosure
  • Two plastic translucent bases (21x21” & 21x33”)
  • White fabric sweep
  • Black fabric sweep
  • Storage bag
  • User manual

The Impact Light Shed has three sides with openings, which can be removed to position items or take pictures through. Two of the openings have dual zippers which allow you to open them in the middle to insert just your lens. The largest opening is held in place by Velcro fabric. The hardest part of using the light shed is “opening” it and “collapsing” it. Once you remove the light shed from its storage bag you open it like a book and grab the inside corner and pull out. Half way out the light shed will pop open the rest of the way. To collapse the light shed you push one edge towards the opposite edge until it lies flat. The next step is to close it like a book and put it back into its storage bag until you need it again.

The shed comes in four different sizes:

  • Small            10.x10.5x13.5”
  • Medium         15x15x23”
  • Large            18x18x27.5"
  • X-large          24x24x36"

Camera taken in Impact Light shed

The Impact Light Shed is a well-made unit that is extremely easy to use. I choose the X-Large shed because I wanted the most versatile light shed. Depending on your usage one of the other sizes might be better for you.

The XL version of the light shed is available at B&H photo for $63.95.

Review written for PentaxForums.com by J.D. Hogan

Ease of Use 
 8.8 (Very Good)

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