Feb 25, 2013

Cactus LV5 Review


Capturing peak action with a laser triggger
Note: The red colour was deliberately created with a flash gel, i.e., is not due to the laser.

Have you ever wished for a shutter release assistant that could trigger the camera for you while you are attending to something else, sleep, or simply relax?

Have you ever wanted to take a photo of a rare bird while you are at work? Or capture the exact peak moment of some action; for instance, an action self-portrait, featuring yourself jumping up in the air in front of the camera?

The solution to all these applications (and some more) is a laser trigger, i.e., a device that can trigger your camera when an object obstructs the laser beam.

The purpose of this review is two-fold:

  1. Introduce you to the possibilities opened up by using a laser trigger, and

  2. provide an initial evaluation of the new Cactus LV5 laser trigger.

I (Class A @ Pentaxforums) am sure you will find the review part interesting independently of whether or not you are interested in the LV5 in particular, because of the discussion of shooting with laser triggers in general.

Table of Contents

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