Feb 6, 2020

Mindshift Gear Photocross 15 Backpack review


Mindshift Gear, a part of the well-known Think Tank manufacturer of camera bags and accessories, is mostly known for their adventure backpacks. Some time ago, Mindshift Gear tried their hand at a new bag style, and released a pair of sling bags, the Photocross 11 and 13.

The Photocross approach includes several innovative features, and the bags are particularly well-suited for winter activities. However, slings are inherently limited in size and weight distribution becomes an issue with only one shoulder strap.

Seeing this, Mindshift Gear released in 2019 a third product in their Photocross line, simply called the 15. This time, the bag is a full backpack. Nonetheless, it will be immediately familiar to anyone who is used to the smaller Photocross slings.

With a rugged and weatherproof exterior, a large interior volume, and Mindshift Gear’s usual craftsmanship, the Photocross 15 has a lot to offer to photographers who carry larger lenses in active environments.

How does the Photocross 15 perform under test? Read our review to find out!

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