Dec 14, 2020

The Integer Backpack from Mission Workshop Review


There are camera bags simply meant to hold your gear. There are camera bags meant to hold your gear and extra items, such as food or clothes.

There are camera bags meant to protect your gear from impacts, or from rain and snow.

Then there are camera bags meant to carry your photo equipment, your daily carry essentials, while still making sure the bag and its content will survive through storms, serious falls, severe impacts, and still look good doing it.

One such bag is the Integer backpack from Mission Workshop. This company specializes in bags for commuters, with a particular focus given to bikers, whether they ride a city bicycle, a mountain bike, or a motorcycle. Their bags are rugged to the extreme, meant to survive a fall from a bike without flinching.

The Integer has impressive credentials. In addition to its impressive ruggedness, it is part of the company’s Arkiv modular system. By using rails (somewhat similar to the military MOLLE standard), Mission Workshop lets users customize their bags to a great extent.

How does this translate in the field? How does the Integer backpack operate and perform? Read our review to find out! PentaxForums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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