Jul 12, 2020

Oben CT-2491 Tripod, GH-30 Gimbal and MFR4-5 Macro Focus Rail Review


The tripod market is one of the most crowded in photography. From high-end, innovative manufacturers to inexpensive knock-offs, there is a wild variety in prices, features and performances.

In this market, the general rule is that you get what you pay for. Quality comes at a price. For instance, carbon fiber is lighter and less prone to vibrations than aluminum. Legs with a larger diameter will be more stable. Better friction control on the head will allow finer adjustments.

On the other hand, tripods are fine examples of the law of diminishing returns. Passed a certain point, an increase in cost does not correlate with a proportional increase in performances. At some point, it becomes a matter of the best value rather than the best performances.

One manufacturer trying to strike the right balance between cost and performances is Oben. Lesser known than some other brands like Manfrotto and Gitzo, Oben propose a robust catalog of products positioned strategically on the market.

Today we take a look at three Oben products: the CT-2491 carbon fiber tripod, sold as a kit with the GH-30 gimbal head, as well as the MFR4-5 macro focus rail. On paper, these items make for a versatile and reliable kit. Let’s see how well they perform in real life.

Read on to our review!

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