Mar 3, 2012

Old School Ideas for Digital Photography

Part 1

I started taking photos during the 35mm film age so I consider myself old school.  I embraced the digital  age head on with the purchase of a K10D over four years ago and have never looked back to the good old days of film .  However, there are quite a few old school ideas that transform well into the digital era.

Pentax MX - Old School

Use a tripod.  Great for using your camera in low light when you don’t have high ISO capabilities.  Great for maximizing lens sharpness.   If your tripod does not have a bubble level, buy a level that will slip onto to your hot shoe.  You’ll spend less time post processing crooked images.  On your camera body make sure you turn your shake reduction switch to off when using a tripod.  I use a travel tripod by Velbon that was discontinued several years ago.  Now I would opt for the Benro Travel Angel.

Use a low ISO.  I do not shoot at above 400 ISO.  My K10D doesn’t have high ISO capabilities. Does this limit me.  Yes, in some ways but the type of photography I take doesn’t require high ISOs.  Colors are richer looking at a low ISO.   Noise is not an issue.  As mentioned,  I use a tripod and have done quite well with low light photos at ISO 400.

Carry your camera instruction manual with you.  Strange as this may seem you never know when you will need to reference it.  But don’t carry a heavy hardback copy.  Download the PDF version and load it into your tablet or phone.  Our camera database contains links to the PDF manual for every Pentax DSLR.

Use a film changing bag for switching your lenses when outdoors.  Dust is the enemy of your digital sensor and what better way to protect it than to change your lens inside the bag. 

Recyle 35mm film cans.  Since they usually throw them away, you can pick them up for free at stores that still develop film.  Those nice film canisters are great for storing extra AA  batteries for your flash.  I have a camera bag that has nylon loops in the top compartment for 35mm film.  I keep batteries in the can and have them in my bag at all times. PentaxForums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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