Jan 25, 2017

Peak Design Everyday Backpack


Some time ago, after posting about the Peak Design Everyday Messenger and expressing some interest in their newly announced Everyday Backpacks, I was contacted by Peak Design with the question whether I would be willing to try one of their new backpacks once the Kickstarter campaign had ended, but before production would start, and provide feedback and a review. Since I was looking for a new backpack to replace my commuter backpack (allowing me to carry a camera too, which I couldn’t in the bag I was using), I didn’t need much convincing to agree to the proposal.

Fast forward to half October, when I received the bag in the mail. I’ve been using the bag ever since, on a daily basis on my train commute into the city of Brussels, and as a regular photography bag over the weekends (city walks, zoo visits, 10km+ hikes in some nearby nature reserves). The subsequent summarises my experience after three weeks of such use.

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