Pentax 645D Review vs. Nikon D3x

Auxiliary Features

The Pentax 645D has a number of features that are expected of modern DSLRs. We have not put any of these to test but list them here for completeness.  Many of these features overlap with those of the Pentax K-5/K-7, and as such you can read more about them in our K-5 review.

Shooting Features

Image parametersA number of parameters can be set which will affect the image captured when capturing in JPEG. Some of these features can also be selected when shooting RAW; in this case the parameters will just be recorded with the image for use with the Pentax RAW converter software during post-processing:

  • Highlight correction and shadow correction (extends the dynamic range)
  • Correction for lens distortion and lateral chromatic aberration
  • Color space
  • Extended bracketing (each image will be stored as three or more files with variations in white balance, saturation, high/low key adjustment, contrast and sharpness)
  • Image tone and custom image parameters (saturation, hue, color filter, toning, high/low key, contrast, sharpness, color tone, contrast, brightness, etc.)
  • Multi-exposure (overlay multiple images into one file)
  • HDR (high dynamic recording - three captures at different exposure are combined into one image so as to increase the dynamic range)
  • White balance presets can be fine tuned
  • White balance can be manually set

Playback and Processing Features

MonochromeDuring image playback a number of image processing features are available and a new image file will be saved as a result of the processing:

  • Rotation, resize and crop
  • Digital filter
    • Monochrome
    • Extract color (leaves one color and converts the rest to monochrome)
    • Color filter (simulates the effect of a film-era color filter)
    • Base parameter adjustment - change the color tone, saturation, brightness, contrast and sharpness
    • Soft (creates an image with a soft focus look)
  • Generate an index print
  • Develop RAW images into JPEG files and set/change a number of parameters in the process
    • Recorded pixels (from 7 MP to 40 MP)
    • Quality level of the JPEG compression
    • Cutom image (color tone, contrast, brightness, etc.)
    • White balance
    • Exposure (sensitivity)
    • High-ISO noise reduction
    • Shadow correction
    • Lens distortion correction PentaxForums +Pentax Forums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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