Pentax-D FA 100mm F2.8 WR Macro Review


The image quality of this lens is superb and the lens is very well made: it really feels and handles like a precision instrument. It is weather-sealed and can be used in adverse weather and perhaps more importantly, in environments with dust and pollen without any worry about getting dust on the sensor.

The only major drawback we could find is the lack of an aperture ring, which prevents use of bellows and extension tubes. This is probably of no concern for most users for whom life-size magnification is more than sufficient, or who would use the convenient diopter lenses to increase magnification beyond 1:1. Having a focus limiter also wouldn't hurt for when you'd be using this lens as a telephoto.

Superb image qualityNo aperture ring
Focuses down to 1:1No focus limiter
Weather-sealedNo internal focusing
Fast auto-focus 
Solid build quality 
Hood and case included 

Who This Lens is For

If you do a lot of macro photography in the outdoors or if you want a top notch 100mm prime lens for general photography you should definitely take this lens into consideration. If you do not need the weather-sealing or if you want to use a wider range of close-up accessories you could instead try to hunt down one of the earlier Pentax macros, or take a look at the Tamron 90mm macro, which is available for only $450 after mail-in rebate. Another alternative for advanced photographers is the new Sigma 150mm Macro, which isn't weather-sealed but features a tripod collar as well as internal focusing.


This lens is available for around US $850 after the price hike in the Spring of 2012. We still hold that it is worth every penny if you are into macro photography. We took off points for Value due to the lack of an aperture ring as well as the relatively high price compared to third-party macro lenses.

 9.0 (Excellent)

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