Pentax-DA 35mm F2.8 Macro Review


The DA 35mm is a unique prime lens. The lens is a very sharp, reasonably fast, normal lens that also allows the user to capture 1/1 images with no special equipment. The lens has a remarkable build quality. The DA 35mm feels well-made and precise as you focus your image. It provides great bokeh, for the most part, throughout its range. The only flaw that the lens has, in my opinion, is in regards to its autofocus. I am not sure if it can be called a flaw, but it certainly is a quirk. I have learned to live with this particular quirk because the lens is really superb in all other aspects. I always carry this lens when I travel and have found it to be a valuable addition to my photographs.

Who is it For?

The DA 35mm is built to exacting standards and the price reflects the build quality. As previously mentioned, the lens is designed as both a macro and a normal prime lens. I believe that every photographer, at some point, should purchase a true macro lens. A macro lens allows you to capture the wonder and beauty of the miniature world. The normal lens approximates the same angle of view as the human eye (about 46°). If you take into account that the lens can be used as a 1-to-1 macro and normal prime lens, then the price of the lens is easier to justify. It is definitely worth the price and a great lens for any photographer.


Full-size sample photos can be viewed here.


 8.8 (Very Good)

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