Pentax-FA 31mm F1.8 Limited (APS-C)


By now, you might have understood, this lens is really for enthusiast pentaxians (and other users who dare use it with an adaptor on their full-frame bodies...)

It is a very versatile prime, bright, sharp, contrasted, high quality color rendering lens. With its focal length that can be considered as a "normal" focal on APS-C sensors, it is wide enough to capture most of what you might want to shoot while just walking around, from portraits to landscape, and various other types of scenes. It quickly becomes the number one lenses you play with when you own it, and it is only changed when you need to shoot for more specific situations. If professionals and artists will certainly buy this lens, the only regret might be that for this price, the enthusiast Pentax users will have to save a lot to afford it. However, you get the quality for the price.


 9.3 (Excellent)

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