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K-01 FAQ

In this section, we answer several user-submitted questions directly, even if we may have already touched on the same topics elsewhere in the review.

Does the K-01 support manual controls in movie mode?

  • Yes.  You can adjust the shutter speed, aperture, and sensitivity before and during recording.  You can select the desired mode via the menu or info screen.

Does the K-01 support autofocus in movie mode?

  • Yes, but only by pressing the AF button (not the shutter release button halfway).  There is no confirmation of AF.


What is focus peaking?

  • Focus peaking is a system implemented in electronic viewfinders which aids you in focusing manually or to determine whether or not proper focus as been achieved.  Portions of the image that are in focus are highlighted in white.  Zooming in on the image in live view (or using AF autozoom) helps improve the usefulness of focus peaking.

Does focus peaking work in video mode?

  • Yes.  We recommend remapping the red button to toggle focus peaking as it's otherwise quite time-consuming to access the setting.

How clear is the LCD in bright sunlight?

  • The LCD is no better than that of Pentax DSLRs and it is hard to see the edges and corners at times.  Overall, it's usable, but certainly not as good as an optical viewfinder.  We recommend disabling the info display to make the image clearer (press the info button twice and then select the appropriate option).

How does the K-01 handle with larger lenses?

  • The heavier the lens, the harder the camera is to hold.  It's fine with lenses such as the DA 18-135mm or DA 55-300mm, but if you try using it with heavier lenses, it will get tedious to hold at eye-level.  This is where an articulating screen would have come in handy.

How is the buffer size?

  • The buffer size is unlimited assuming you have a fast enough SD card.  However, the K-01 can only sustain 6FPS for 6 frames, and thereafter the framerate goes down to 2FPS.  In RAW, the K-01 can only shoot at 1 FPS.

How fast is the K-01 AF system?

  • It's adequate for prime lenses and typical zoom lenses with relatively short throw.  It's not quite as good as phase detect, however, and really has a hard time with long tele or macro lenses.

Is the K-01 good for action photography?

  • Unless you plan on switching over to movie mode for the purpose, the K-01 isn't very good at capturing moving objects as it offers no continuous AF mode, and the AF tracking feature is fairly poor.  The K-01 does have a "release priority" custom function setting, which essentially allows you to release the shutter before focus is locked.

How long does the battery last?

  • Because the K-01's LCD is always on, the sensor is always running, and the AF system has to turn the lens more than on a DSLR, it uses significantly more power than the K-5.  If you're out on a long shoot, you can easily drain the entire battery, so you may want to consider keeping a spare.  According to the official specifications, it can take 500-600 shots, though we believe it's more of a function of how often you shoot compared to how much composing you do.

Pentax D-LI90 Battery

Can you enlarge the image in live view with manual focus lenses?

  • Yes, by pressing the OK button.  You can then change the enlargement by using the scrollwheel.  You cannot enable/disable focus peaking while the image is enlarged.

Can the statup K-01 logo screen be disabled?

  • Yes, and this will greatly lower the amount of time you'll need to wait for the camera to start up.  Go to your settings menu and select the LCD Display option.

K-01 startup screen

Is there visible display latency?

  • Generally, no.  Live view has been greatly improved over that found in the K-r and K-5, and there is hardly any latency under normally shooting conditions.  When it is dark or when you select a high ISO, however, the image does get a little bit choppy.

Does instant review work in continuous mode?

  • Yes.  The image is shown after a very short delay and the camera recovers quickly should you stop shooting.

Does the K-01 support manual lenses?

M 50mm

Does the K-01 overheat?

  • After about an hour of shooting in 25C weather, we were unable to get the sensor to overheat.  However, the grip did get quite warm as the battery drained, which was a minor nuisance.

Can the functionality of the green button be switched with that of the red button?

  • No.  See the manual for a listing of what each button can do.

Does the K-01 support hyper program?

  • Yes, but you can only change the shutter speed or aperture - not both without having to go into the button customization menu and changing your hyper program setting.  You can also set the K-01 to perform a "P Shift" instead.

Does the K-01 support TAV mode?

  • Yes.  Set the mode dial to M and leave the ISO setting in auto.  The LCD will indicate that the camera is in TAv mode.

Does the K-01 support Sv mode?

  • Not directly.  You have to change the ISO via the menu.

Can you disable the auto LCD dimming?

  • Yes.  Uncheck "power saving" in the settings menu.

Is the K-01 too heavy?

  • While it's not exactly a compact camera, we find the K-01's body to be very well-balanced and easy to hold.  With the 40mm XS lens attached, it's certainly not as deep as other leading mirrorless cameras could be.

Why can I not select ISO 100, or ISO 25,600?

  • To enable ISO 100, make sure you don't have manual shadow/highlight correction enabled (you can check this via the info screen).  To enable ISO 25,600, enable the expanded sensitivity range via the third custom function menu setting.

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