Pentax K-1 Review

K-1 II Upgrade

Between May and September, 2018, authorized Pentax service centers offered a paid upgrade service for existing Pentax K-1 owners.  K-1 bodies upgraded through this service became identical to K-1 II's purchased new (in terms of specifications).  Silver K-1's were eligible for the upgrade, which means that as a result, there are now silver K-1 II's in the wild even though such a model was never produced new at the time.

Pentax K-1 Mark II following the hardware upgrad

The only difference between a K-1 II purchased new and a K-1 II upgraded from a K-1 is the camera logo.  The latter receives a "II" badge in place of the SR badge, whereas  K-1 II's purchased new of course have the K-1 II logo printed on the body itself.

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