Pentax K-3 Review

What's in the Box

When we look at the K-3's box, the first thing to notice is the prominent Ricoh branding on the box itself.  This reflects the recent company name change that took place: "Pentax Ricoh Imaging" became just "Ricoh Imaging" earlier this year. Rest assured that the Pentax brand name will continue being used for all current and future Pentax DSLRs and lenses; our conversation with Ricoh Imaging representatives at PhotoPlus 2013 confirmed this.  The Ricoh logo will be replacing the Pentax logo on much of the supplied paperwork and packaging, however.

Pentax K-3 Box

You'll also notice that there's also a nice photo of the K-3 on the box, which adds to its overall appeal and will help differentiate body-only kits from lens kits.  What we have here is the body-only kit.

Pentax K-3 Box: Lid Opened

Upon opening the box, you will be greeted by the traditional serial number card, manual, CD, and other paperwork.  The duration of the warranty varies from country to country: in the US, it's good for one year. In Canada and Europe, it's good for two.

Pentax K-3 Box: Opened

The box itself isn't as cramped as earlier models, which makes it easy to re-package the camera and all accessories if needed.

Pentax K-3 Box Contents

Inside the box, there are no real surprises.  The included accessories are:

  • Operating manual
  • CD with Pentax Digital Camera Utility release 5
  • Battery charger D-BC90 with country-dependent cord
  • Rechargeable battery D-LI90
  • Strap O-ST132
  • Viewfinder cover ME
  • Hotshoe cover FK*
  • Clear body mount cover*
  • X-sync terminal cover 2P*
  • Battery grip terminal cover*
  • Triangular strap lugs with protectors*
  • Warranty paperwork

* mounted on camera

It's a shame that no USB cord is included, especially considering that the K-3's USB3 Micro B connector isn't very widespread quite yet.  You probably won't have one of these in your home unless you own compact USB3 peripherals or another camera with USB3.  A USB2 cable with a Micro B connector can be used with the K-3, but it won't give you any added speed.

The operating manual is a step backwards in that the pages have been scaled down and printed two-up, which doesn't make reading it any easier. 

The supplied software (Digital Camera Utility 5) has been updated specifically for use with the K-3.  In addition to being able to open .PEF RAW files from the K-3, this software is also able to read many of the custom EXIF metadata fields used by the K-3's new features, such as the moiré removal setting.  Another nice feature of this software is that it allows you to apply any in-camera JPEG "custom image" preset retroactively to a RAW file.

Premium Silver Edition

The "Premium Silver" edition of the Pentax K-3, which was limited to a production run of 2,000 units total, comes in a larger box and includes a silver D-BG5 battery grip in addition to all of the accessories listed above.  In lieu of the O-ST132 strap, the silver Pentax K-3 comes with a special brown leather neck strap.  This strap is very elegant and it is engraved with the Pentax K-3 logo.

Pentax K-3 Silver Edition - Click to Enlarge

Click on any thumbnail below for a closer look at the silver K-3's box and strap:

Premium Silver Pentax K-3 Box

Special Edition Leather Strap

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