Pentax K-5 II / IIs Review

High ISO Noise Reduction

We also used our moiré test scene to compare the K-5 IIs High Iso Noise Reduction to no noise reduction.

For the images with noise reduction applied we used the cameras 'auto' setting, where individual noise reduction settings for each ISO has been decided by Pentax (it is possible for the user to customize the strength of the noise reduction for each major ISO step but we didn't go there).

The images were shot in JPG without any edits in Adobe Camera Raw other than crating a 100% crop. The images were shot in JPG in Bright image mode with default settings and no dynamic range expansion. All shots were done at F4.

Click on a thumbnail for a 100% crop.

No noise reduction Auto high ISO noise reduction
ISO 1600 ISO 1600 no nr ISO 1600 nr
ISO 3200 ISO 3200 no nr ISO 3200 nr
ISO 6400 ISO 6400 no nr ISO 6400 nr
ISO 12800 ISO 12800 no nr ISO 12800 nr

Moiré and High ISO Noise Reduction

To illustrate what noise reduction does to moiré we show the center part of the test chart in 100% cropped form matching the above test shots:

No noise reduction Auto high ISO noise reduction
ISO 1600 1600 nnrnnr 1600 nr
ISO 3200 3200 nnr 3200 nr
ISO 6400 6400 nnr 6400 nr
ISO 12800 12800 nnr

 Noise reduction smears the color pattern and makes the moiré somewhat less visible. PentaxForums +Pentax Forums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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