Pentax K-S1 Review

Features and Highlights

On the surface the K-S1 may appear flashy and colorful, but under the hood, it has some serious technology. Let's take a quick look at some of what it offers.

High-Resolution Sensor with Anti-Moire System

The sensor in the Pentax K-S1 has an effective resolution of 20.2 megapixels: the second-highest in any K-mount DSLR as of January, 2015, surpassed only by the 24-megapixel K-3.  What's unique about this sensor is that it has a system called the AA filter simulator.  By default, there is no optical low-pass filter, which increases the sharpness of images.  However, if moire artifacts become a problem (i.e. when shooting textiles), the AA filter simulator can significantly remove or eliminate moire by microscopically shaking the sensor during exposure.

Pentax is currently the only DSLR manufacturer employing this technology.

3:2 Rear Monitor

The K-S1's LCD screen has a 3:2 aspect ratio: the same as that of the images it captures.  This means that there will be no black bars above when viewing photos in playback mode and in live view.  It also means the images will be larger and easier to view.

K-S1 Monitor3.0" Monitor with 3:2 Apect Ratio

Built-in Shake Reduction

You will enjoy mechanical image stabilization regardless of what lens you use with the K-S1, which leads to fewer blurry photos.

Exceptional Lens Compatibility

Pentax DSLRs can use any Pentax lens K-mount launched since 1975 with no optical limitations.  Even older lenses with screwmounts and also be used with an adapter.  If you aren't sure if a lens is compatible, don't hesitate to post in our lens forum.

This opens up a world of thousands of lenses, many of which can be had at bargain prices.

Wireless Live View

The K-S1 can be controlled remotely from a PC, tablet, or smartphone with the optional "FluCard" wireless SD card from Pentax (model number O-FC1). The remote device can view the live image, release the shutter, change the focus point, and adjust basic shooting settings.  Wireless file transfers are also supported.  

Learn more in our In-Depth Review of / Guide to the Flu-card

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