Pentax KP Review

Image Playback and Development

During image playback the down button on the four-way controller opens up a set of menu icons that allows for editing the image in various ways. The playback screen shot to the right shows the hint in the lower right corner that the down button will open up a menu. Removing color moiré or applying digital filters are two examples of editing functions that can be applied after the image is captured as illustrated below.

Fuction for removing moiré Function for adding a digital filter

Development of a RAW image is also available and is accessed through the second but last icon:

One can develop one image at a time, a selection of images, or all images in a folder, so this development process is quite flexible which is nice to see.

The image processing parameters that are available when shooting JPG can be also be applied during the conversion of a RAW image to JPG:


The built-in post-processing features of the Pentax KP leave nothing to be desired. Even RAW pixelshift images can be processed after the shot and that even with or without motion correction. PentaxForums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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