Jul 3, 2017

Pentax KP Review


The Pentax KP is a 24 megapixel APS-C format DSLR camera launched in early 2017 as a premium mid-range model between the upper entry-level K-70 and flagship K-3 II.  Three key aspects motivate the KP's design: compactness, customizability, and image quality.  This makes it a rather unique offering; not since the K200D (2009) has Pentax had a mid-range model with a battery grip as an option.

Pentax KP with the D FA 100mm F2.8 WR Macro lens

While we still consider the Pentax K-3 II to be the APS-C flagship model due to features such as higher burst speeds and dual SD slots, as this review will show, the Pentax KP actually surpasses the K-3 II in image quality and customization options and it doesn't lag far behind the K-3 II in ruggedness.  The KP exposes the K-3 II's age, as the KP is more modern in many ways, through built-in Wi-Fi and a facelifted user interface to faster general performance. At the time of writing, the KP is selling at a slightly higher price than the K-3 II.

At this time we have no less than six current Pentax DSLRs to chose from: the 645Z (50 MP medium format), the K-1 (36 MP 35mm full frame), the K-3 II (24 MP APS-C), the KP (24 MP APS-C format), the K-70 upper entry level model (24 MP APS-C), and the entry-level K-S2 (20 MP APS-C).

With so many choices from Pentax alone, who is this camera for and how does it fit in alongside the other models?  Is the new compact body a hit or a miss? Read on to find out!

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