Pentax KP Review

Recommended Settings

The number of settings and customization options on the Pentax KP can be quite overwhelming at first. Below we present our recommended settings where they differ from the out-of-the-box defaults.

Recommendation Reason
Recording Mode Menu
R1 AF With Live View - AF Active Area Multiple AF Points, 5 x 3 grid The default is Face Detection. The Multiple AF Points setting is more appropriate in most cases. Refer the section on focusing further on in this review
R1 AF With Live View - Focus Peaking On Focus peaking is particularly helpful when manually focusing a lens (macro work or with legacy glass)
R2 Image Capture Settings - RAW file format DNG The DNG format is more widely supported than the Pentax proprietary PEF format
R5 Button Customization - Function Dial - C1 Bracket value This is the most convenient way to turn exposure bracketing on and off
R5 Button Customization - Function Dial - C2 Sensitivity It is quite convenient to have the third e-dial control ISO
R5 Button Customization - Function Dial - C3 Outdoor view setting Makes it easy to adjust the brightness of the monitor to fit the ambient light
R5 Button Customization - E-dial Programming - M exposure mode Set Green Button to Tv shift You typically want the aperture to stay fixed when shooting, say, macro. The setting recommended here prevents the Green Button from changing the aperture
R5 Button Customization - Fx1 Button Auto-exposure lock Since the AF/AE-L button is best left to control autofocus we need another button for exposure lock. Auto exposure lock is particularly useful in M exposure mode where it enables the Hyper Manual mode
Playback Menu
Quick Zoom 8x Makes it faster to check for correct focus when zooming in on a captured image since you don't have to scroll through 2x and 4x in order to get to 8x (which is as close to 100% crop as you'll get)
Custom Menu
C1 - 1 EV steps 1/2 EV steps This recommendation speeds up changing values since there will be fewer values to select from or scroll through
C1 - 7 Bulb (B) Mode Options Type 2 First press of shutter release button opens the shutter, then press again to close the shutter. This is more convenient than the Type 1 setting, where one has to keep the shutter button depressed in order to keep the shutter open
C2 - 10 One-push Bracketing On This setting means that all bracketed frames are captured with one push of the shutter release button
C3 - 21 Save Menu Location On Displays the most recently used menu page when the MENU button is pressed again
C4 - 24 Using Aperture Ring Enable This setting doesn't harm any and prepares the camera for use with legacy lenses without an 'A' setting on the aperture ring PentaxForums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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