Pentax KP Review

What's in the Box

The Pentax KP body-only kit comes with these accessories: the battery and charger, the small hand grip mounted on camera, an umbraco key fitting the screw in the grip, neck strap, body cap, software CD, manual, and a number of minor items mounted on the camera itself. 

The body cap is the much improved "K II" cap which we first saw with the Pentax K-1 DSLR.  We're pelased that this premium cap is included rather tha the push-on type included with other Pentax DSLRs. The K II cap uses the bayonet mount to click securely into place. Unlike film-era bayonet caps, the K II does not apply any wear on the lens mount contacts when turned.

Another improvement is the O-ST162 neck strap, which is about a centimeter wider and thus more comfortable than the straps that used to ship with Pentax APS-C bodies.

Box contents - click image to enlarge

The initial shipments include all three hand grips as indicated by a sticker on the box:

We understand that the KP eventually will ship with the small grip only.

As a nice treat our box included a 20% discount offer on Adobe Creative Cloud.

Here is the list of all the contents:

Loose items:

  • The KP body itself
  • O-ST162 neck strap
  • D-BC109 charger
  • D-Li109 rechargeable battery
  • Region-specific AC cord
  • Umbraco key
  • Warranty information
  • Serial number card
  • Flyers advertising lenses and accessories
  • Flyer offering a 20% discount on Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Camera manual
  • S-SW167 CD w/ Pentax Digital Camera Utility 5

Mounted on the camera:

  • Body cap K II
  • Fk hot shoe cover
  • FR eyecup
  • Grip S (O-GP167)
  • Battery grip terminal cover
  • Triangular strap lugs with plastic protective covers
  • K II body cap


Ricoh Imaging's warranty coverage depends on the country in which you purchase the K-1. 

  • In the US, the standard warranty is good for one year.
  • In Canada and Europe, two years of coverage are included.
  • In Australia, the warranty is good for one year, like in the US.

Please check with your local Pentax dealer or Ricoh Imaging representative for warranty information in other areas.  Some regions offer extended warranties.

If you require service outside of the country from which you purchased the KP, Pentax service centers will honor the warranty through its original duration.  A fixed nominal fee is generally charged for such repairs (i.e. $50).

To be eligible for warranty, cameras must be purchased from an authorized Pentax dealer. PentaxForums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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