Apr 22, 2012

Pentax O-GPS1 GPS Unit


The Pentax O-GPS1 unit is a small accessory unit that attaches to any K-01, K-5, K-r or 645D (or newer) camera flash hotshoe and provides geotagging of images (latitude, longitude, elevation), an electronic compass, and a simple navigator function.  The GPS function also has the option of keeping the camera clock up-to-date. It was announced in June, 2011 and made available shortly thereafter.

On the K-5 & K-r, the unit also provides an Astrotracer function that allows the camera sensor to act as a simple equatorial mount for astrophotography. This allows for exposures of up to five minutes without incurring star trails on the photo.

Pentax O-GPS1 Box

The O-GPS1 mounted on a Pentax K-5

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